Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syria - Center of the Universe

Syria:  Currently, the Center of the Universe                                  [Flicker: 2914708371_e7c70fc155_b]
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We are poised on the brink of World War 3 because, a year ago, President Obama drew a red line in the sand as a warning that the US wouldn't tolerate President Assad using chemicals against his citizens.  We're sure there were biochems used against the population, but, we're not sure Syrian troops ordered those massacres. 

Why would Assad risk that action since he's been winning the civil war without desperate measures; on the other hand, the "Rebels" would have everything to gain by using the biochems they found in a warehouse recently to conduct these attacks on civilians; the "international outrage" via this false flag action would draw in the USA for certain!

According to intercepts of senior military officers, the Syrian military hierarchy was bewildered at the recent attack which killed more than a thousand civilian women and children, with no one pegged as giving the order.  This followed earlier incidents in which investigators suggested that "... Rebels had prepared and used chemical weapons on numerous occasions.

Since drawing his red line in the sand, Mr Obama has been vacationing, playing golf, entertaining basket ball stars, and generally ducking press conferences and questions about Benghazi and the latest scandals in his Administrations; and, let's not forget, it was only a few months ago that Mr Obama wished to declare war on North Korea, but, that kind of fizzled once we determined that North Korea's artillery wouldn't quite reach the outskirts of Seoul, and North Korea fired off its only missile, which plunged into the ocean somewhere off the coast of North Korea.

And, there have been so many bizarre crises which Mr Obama has busily tried to use to outlaw private ownership of guns; Aurora and Sandy Hook, both with SAG performers, and of course Trayvon - the little  [6'2" 165 lb street fighter] Black child murdered by a White [Hispanic] guy just because he bought candy.  So, Mr Obama has been busy and unable to monitor the ongoing crisis in Syria -- and, well, he doesn't even have time to get his morning Intelligence Brief - and none of the White House staff quite grasp what the NID is; so, really, the White House is kind of like an echo chamber these days.

And, Mr Obama has also been busy replacing the numerous Cabinet members who flew the coop immediately after the election so they wouldn't have to testify about Benghazi.  Leon Panetta has disappeared into far off California, and Hillary is whirling around getting ready for the 2016 Presidential election [Obama hasn't told her yet he's running for a third term].

So, here we are, a year later, Benghazi remains alive in the Internet discussion and on the agenda of Congressman Issa [R] and Senator Wyden [D], but we've segued into a new crisis of Obama's making: Syria.

How did we find ourselves on the verge of WW3?

Well, there's been a civil war raging in Syria [see map above] since 2011.  Various countries, to include the US, Turkey and Israel saw this as an opportunity to neuter Syria's Assad as a political player in the Middle East. 

Some may recall that President Assad sent his storm troopers into Lebanon some eons ago to assist Israel in destroying it as a political/financial player; civil war ensued, and Lebanon ceased to exist as a modern entity, and Syrian troops became the occupying force.  And Israel was safe.

But, Syria was interested in creating a nuclear power system which might also produce the ingredients for  a nuclear weapon to use on its neighbors such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.  So, the neighbors sought to neutralize it.  Israel launched an air attack and destroyed Syria's nuclear facility, committing an act of war and violating international law, and killing countless civilians in the process -- and no one paid a bit of attention; rather, they cheered.

But, all that is in the distant [sort of] past, and we've been casually following the civil war which gained momentum following the Arab Spring.  And early on, we admired the students and family men who broke out their muskets and stones and rebelled against the Syrian dictator Assad.

And, amazingly enough, we had covert operatives whispering to the rebels that weapons would magically appear for their use against Assad.   So they solidified their resistance, and recruited new allies, and created a formidable force -- and Assad turned his military loose on the rebels and the Syrian populace at large with a vengeance, creating hundreds thousands of refugees, not to speak of tens of thousands of rebel and civiliarn corpses.

The promised weaponry was covertly arriving from Qaddafi's warehouses in Libya, having been liberated by Libyan rebels, and then inventoried and repackaged by covert operatives from a foreign government we won't name, because "shhhh", it's classified, and JimmyBob Clapper might get upset. 

But, that operation fell apart in September 2012 when a political scheme hatched by Mr Obama's inner circle  to kidnap the US Ambassador to Libya -- to be exchanged for the Blind Sheik -- went awry, and the Ambassador was killed -- and candidate Obama failed to look Presidential -- but won anyway.  The most awkward moment came when, during the "spontaneous demonstration" the contingent of Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians were caught on video shouting to the Libyan security forces:
"Don't shoot! Morsi sent us!"

Truck-mounted ZSU-23
Libyan security personnel subsequently advised that these Egyptians had materialized suddenly in a pick-up truck with a ZSU-23 anti-aircraft gun [not something you can hide under the seat] to fire into the compound, supported by heavy machine-guns, RPGs, and night vision goggles -- items you wouldn't expect to find folks in a "spontaneous demonstration" carrying  -- but which might have come from a military warehouse in Benghazi.

The results you all know now; dead diplomats, dead SEALs, and US diplomats and Military personnel terrorized by "special" FBI agents who threatened that they would be tried for treason if they said a word about what they knew about Benghazi.

But, we digress. How does this relate to Syria?

Well, the US Ambassador was miffed when he learned about this covert op [of which he was posthumously accused] of directing, and traveled to Italy to report it to Washington.  The weapons were being shipped to Turkey, loaded aboard a large cargo ship, supposedly to be furnished to the Syrian rebels.

But, instead of reaching the rebels, the weapons ended up in the hands of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.  So, in addition to furnishing such advanced weaponry, the covert program also furnished to our terrorist enemies shoulder-fired SAMs [surface to air missiles] which they can use to shoot down our military fighter jets, transports, and helicopters [as they did in Afghanistan] - but now they have a fresh and unlimited supply, thanks to our "covert" operatives from Benghazi.

So, Pat Buchanan asks:
"Whose war is it?
"It is Shia Alawite vs Sunni, Muslim vs Christian, Kurd vs Arab, Islamist vs Secularist.  Backing Assad are Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia.  Backing the rebels are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, al-Qaeda, foreign jihadists, and the Muslim Brotherhood."

It sounds fairly similar to the entangling alliances evident prior to WWI, touched off by the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, which sucked all of Europe -- and the US into a deadly war in which millions perished -- but no one won.

What can we expect if Mr Obama launches his attack on Syria?

1)  Missile/Drone strikes: Military and Government targets "surgically" destroyed with hundreds/thousands killed in collateral damage.

2)  Missile attacks on US ships in the Mediterranean with dead and wounded Sailors and Marines
----These two ships which are ready for the salvage yard will likely take [false flag] strikes
     a)  The USS San Antonio (LPD-17)
     b)  The USS Nimitz
----Their demise will be a windfall or Defense contractors who will compete to build replacements

3)  Collateral damage will likely include exploding biochem weapons, releasing the poisons in an uncontrolled manner, killing hundreds, if not thousands more Syrians.

4)  Assad government topples, resulting in chaos, resulting in al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood control and an imminent subsequent threat to Israel, which the US will be expected to protect.

5)  Iran steps into the vacuum to install Sharia Law into Syria.

6)  Russia gains leverage in the Middle East, and the Gulf States then are at risk.

7)  The US puts "boots on the ground" for "Peacekeeping" and  "Nation-building", and to direct supporting counter-insurgency operations, establishing the US as an "Occupation Force".

8)  And, the US is once again mired in a Middle East conflict -- for another ten years.

Or, Congress can "Just Say NO" dammit!

As a reminder:
The amateurish Covert Action in Benghazi has now supplied al-Qaeda with a vast array of advanced weaponry; expect it to be used against US and allied military and civilian targets for the foreseeable future.