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Intel Commander Murdered

525th Brigade Crest

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Lt Colonel Roy Tisdale, commander of the battalion supporting the Army's 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade at Fort Bragg, NC, was shot to death on Thursday by one of his soldiers during the Commander's pre-holiday safety briefing. Tisdale was shot three times in the head and twice in the chest before other soldiers tackled him - during which the shooter was shot in the head;  the shooter is listed in critical condition.

The shooter, who had served with Tisdale on his security detail in Afghanistan, was facing court martial charges for theft of tools and and equipment valued at roughly $1,700 -- which, on conviction, would have likely resulted in a Dishonorable Discharge and incarceration at the Fort Leavenworth Detention Barracks.

An underlying and persistent problem   (c) Veterans Today
Sadly, the Army has suffered a very large incidence of violence in the wake of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, much of it attributed to PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] derived from both combat as well as living in a violent environment over which the soldier has no control -- whether it is from the enemy [often not- or ill-defined], allied soldiers who might unexpectedly turn on you, or worse, from your own comrades.

Ultimately, much of the problem stems from soldiers not having a clear understanding of what the role of the US is in the Middle East.  They are there, supposedly, to fight for the US; yet, Saddam was dislodged and executed, and the Iraqis hate the US now and have seemingly allied with the Chinese and Russians -- yet we remain in Iraq footing the bill, and under siege from Islamic extremists.  Our soldiers witness one extremist element bombing the other, killing women and children in the name of Allah.  They don't understand, but they are helpless witnesses to this senseless killing.

In Afghanistan, our soldiers continue to fight the Afghans with whom we were allied to fight Soviet invaders.  Now, many of these same freedom-fighters are designated "terrorists" as Taliban or Al Qaeda.  Our soldiers are not welcomed by the locals, and are periodically attacked.  Some of our soldiers have committed atrocities, not only failing to "win the hearts and minds of the people", but ensuring that Americans will be remembered for brutal and unforgivable acts. 

Ultimately, the US soldier doesn't understand the US presence, and neither do our officers.  Senior officers there have shown little in the way of leadership qualities, instead pandering to the Administration.

As always, there are Leftist elements intent on pitting our soldiers against their officers, not unlike occurred in Viet Nam in "fragging" incidents. 

So, our soldiers, unable to identify the "enemy" are told that US officers are the visible enemy. 

Even our Administration [Department of Homeland Security] has joined in to identify our returning soldiers as "potential terrorists".

We executed the object of our war in Afghanistan on national TV to bolster the Administration's re-election campaign, and yet, we remain there primarily as targets.  Ostensibly, we are "protecting" our allies there, but our allies recognize that when we do pull out, they will be at the mercy of the Taliban and Al Qaeda -- leading to clandestine alliances between our allies and our enemies.

Stuxnet - Now a Russian asset?
We are now being pressured by one of our Allies to declare war on Iran to protect this Ally, which in the past, attacked and killed our intelligence and military personnel.

This same Ally has been negotiating with Russia for favored military and trade arrangements, while simultaneously working with the US to develop the Stuxnet and Flame computer viruses to attack Iran's nuclear program. The virus has now been "accidentally" released and is apparently moving about the Internet undetected.  We have to wonder how many of the secrets we shared with our Ally have now been shared with Russia.

In the end, there is no excuse for the shooting of the Military Intelligence Commander at Fort Bragg.  There is, however, a pattern that is developing which should be examined and remedied.  Congress needs to engage, perhaps after the November elections, in Executive Office decisions to initiate war. 

LBJ created the circumstances for the Viet Nam war with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution based on a US Navy incursion [on LBJ's orders] into North Viet Nam's territory. 

We invaded Iraq the second time on the [false] advice of our Ally that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. 

We invaded Afghanistan to find and capture Osama bin Laden, to end his terrorist activities.  Instead, he was captured and executed without interrogation, ostensibly wasting any opportunity to learn about his subordinate commanders, his strategy, and his linkages to other nations giving him support.

We bankrolled, provided weaponry and Naval Air support to NATO to attack a non-belligerent Libya, so Europe could gain access to Libya's oil deposits.  Libya is now engaged in a civil war amongst rival factions vying for ultimate power; atrocities are rampant as belligerents engage in a revenge bloodlust.  The benefit to the US: Zero!

We continue to pursue war as a foreign policy tool, and sacrifice our young, our best and brightest -- and our ideals in these adventures.  Our soldiers don't know what to think, and patriotism seems now confused with "terrorism" -- so our troops are understandably bewildered -- and embittered.  Completely bewildering has been the kid glove treatment given to Major Hasan after he killed 13 US Military personnel and wounded 29 others nearly three years ago.

Worst of all, our troops have no means of expressing themselves, since to seek psychological or psychiatric counsel means the end to a soldier's career,   In the end, their frustrations build, and the troops explode and commit atrocities against our "enemies" or innocent villagers, or against their own comrades or officers -- whom they are told are their enemies. 

Historical footnote:

Fort Bragg is rated as the largest military base in the world, and is home to the 18th Airborne Corps, the 82d Airborne Division, the Special Forces headquarters, the Army Special Operations Command, and the 1st Corps Support Command.

The 525th Brigade, formed in WWII as counter-intelligence and interrogation unit, has had an evolving mission since its return to Fort Bragg in 1948 and currently has elements deployed to Afghanistan.  [I take a special interest in the 525th since I formed and commanded an MI Detachment [FORSCOM Intelligence Training Detachment] from its personnel in 1975.]

The 525th has an unusual mix of specialized intelligence personnel who have served in a variety of unusual areas around the world, responding to unique national tasking.  I was proud to serve with this unit in the 1970s, and was extremely proud to command my detachment of the best Intelligence professionals in the Army.

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EO - National Emergency

EO 13159:  National Emergency justifies Martial Law        (c) Newsweek

Click here for text of EO13617 

Since taking office, President Obama has signed 145 Executive Orders which by-pass the Congressional Oversight and Legislative Process, and which empower him with significant authority to abrogate the Constitution -- unless Congress challenges him.   

The President Legislates

Executive Orders become Law if Congress does not challenge them within 30 days.

Executive Order 13159,
issued 25 June 2012:

"... the nuclear proliferation created by the accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material in the territory of the Russian Federation continues to constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and [I] hereby declare a NATIONAL EMERGENCY to deal with that threat.

We emphasized the terms "continues" and "NATIONAL EMERGENCY" since they tie to previous Executive Orders and national security legislation which authorize the suspension of basic rights under the US Constitution. 

1)  Continues:
The cited "dangerous" nuclear materials have been under Russian control for more than 50 years; they have remained in essentially the same locations and configurations for those five-plus decades.  Why have they suddenly become more of a threat today than they were last week.

2)  National Emergency:
If these conditions have existed, without incident, for 50+ years, how do they achieve "national emergency" status overnight?  At the height of the Cold War, when these materials were mounted on missiles aimed at the United States, they did not constitute a "national emergency"! 

Why now?

Holder Indictment = Obama Impeachment
Has the Administration just noticed these materials?

Are they set to detonate at midnight? 


Does the Administration need a distraction from the Fast&Furious scandal before it reaches Impeachment standards?

Essentially, the declaration of this "NATIONAL EMERGENCY" empowers the President to authorize
1) Martial Law in the US
2) Federal seizure of natural assets (e.g., oil products) -- and the companies which mine, grow, process, and distribute them
3) Federal seizure and regulation of the Internet and cell phone communications
4) Suspension of Habeas Corpus
5) Application of the provisions of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act against US citizens who can now be defined as threats to US national security.

We reviewed this scenario in recent Blog Posts:
Obama's Private Army
Martial Law in the US:  Obama's Radical Transformation?

Let's take a look at recent Executive Orders and post-9/11 legislation to see what the threat from the Executive Office to US Citizenry is, based on this declared National Emergency:

The Police will tell you how to think  (c) SodaHead

EO 13603 National Defense Resources Preparedness

The Washington Times summed it up as follows:"... in case of war or NATIONAL EMERGENCY, the federal government has the authority to take over almost every aspect of American Society, to include food, livestock, farming equipment, manufacturing, industry, energy, transportation, hospitals, health care facilities, water resources, defense, and construction -- all of it would fall under the full control of Mr Obama [during a National Emergency].

EO 13556 Controlled Unclassified Information

Establishes White House control over "sensitive but unclassified" [SBU] information produced within the US Government in the name of "National Security".  Essentially, this EO gives the White House the authority to block the release of any information designated as SBU  -- in the event the White House does not want it released [e.g., correspondence relating to AG Holder in the Fast&Furious scandal.

[In the past, sensitive but unclassified information was designated "For Official Use Only"; this EO creates a new, and undefined category for the convenience of the President and to deny transparency].

Cyber-Security:  Admiral McConnell, former Director of National Intelligence [now VP of Defense Contractor Booz Allen] advised:
"US intelligence agencies have unique capabilities that can help protect American companies from cyber espionage and attack, but it will take a crisis [read National Emergency] to change laws to allow that type of cooperation."

We addressed this issue in our Blog post [2/12/2012], noting that Admiral McConnell views the US Constitution as an impediment to national security.
[ ]

We'll tell you what websites you can view
SOPA [Stop Online Piracy Act]   proposed by Rep Lamar Smith (R-TX)], but blocked by Rep Issa
In order to counter on-line piracy, SOPA would authorize:

1) The restriction of free speech through blogs [e.g.,],
2) Blocking domain names from internet traffic [e.g.,],
3) DOJ shutdown of web sites without Due Process
4) Seizure of private citizens' cloud content if hosted by DOJ-designated violator

PIPA [Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act proposed by Sen Patrick Leahy (D-Vt]; blocked by Rep Issa1) Blocks internet access and sharing of digital property.
2) Creates new restrictions on freedom of speech on the internet
3) Authorizes government monitoring of individual IP addresses

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare]

Authorizes a Private Army appears on page 1,312 of the 2,500 page Pelosi-sponsored ObamaCare ["you can read it when we pass it"] which restructures the established and well-regarded Public Health Service [PHS] which is headed by the Surgeon General -- who answers only to the President.   Activation of this Private Army would be authorized in conjunction with a "National [Health] Emergency."  If activated, the Department of Defense would come under the direction of the Surgeon General "... to maintain order and protect the public health."
[ ]

Protect Children From Online Pornographers Act of 2011 [proposed, Lamar Smith (R-TX)], but blocked]
Would authorize:

1) Access to an individual's internet history without "probable cause" merely on the basis of "suspicion" of wrong-doing [not clearly defined]

2) Warrantless Searches -- thus, what the Government couldn't get under the Patriot Act, or the NDAA, it could obtain via this legislation.

The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes the President or a military commander to define or designate a US person as a terrorist, and authorizes:

 1)  Assassination of US Citizens
 2)  Indefinite Detention)  Arbitrary Justice (the President decides the trial venue)
 4)  Warrantless Searches
 5)  Secret Evidence for prosecutions (withheld from defendants)  
 6)  Prosecution of civilians for ill-defined War Crimes; federal officers are immune)
 7)  Secret Courts [i.e., Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA)]
 8)   Immunity from Judicial Review for federal agents and judges who violate federal law.
 9)   Continuous electronic surveillance of citizens in general for "National Security.
10)  Extraordinary Rendition (moving US citizens to another country for interrogation)

The Patriot Act
Suspends any and all Constitutional Rights for Terrorists or their US supporters, to include suspension of Habeas Corpus,
Right to Counsel,
Trial by Jury,
All Civil Liberties

1) Warrantless searches of home, business, internet/phone/library/financial records
2) Seizure of personal assets, to include financial accounts and home
3) Imprisonment outside the US
4) Warrantless surveillance, to include "roving wiretaps"
5) Secret trials [at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court]
6) Immunity of federal law enforcement officers for unlawful actions

-- But, that applies only to Foreigners -- unless you're designated a US terrorist under the NDAA.


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Rodney King - RIP

Rodney King's Legacy                                            (c) Telegraph

Finding Rodney               Roadmast3r
Rodney King died this weekend.  Another "victim of racism" at the young age of 47.

He drowned in his home swimming pool, purchased with his $3.8 million legal settlement against the LA Police who were recorded beating him when he was 25.  Rodney was reportedly "under the influence" when he stumbled into the pool.

Rodney led an unusual life.

By the time Rodney was 23, he had been married and divorced twice, and fathered three children.

Begins adulthood with robbery/assault  (c) Courier Tribune

Fifteen months before the beating incident, Rodney had robbed a  store in Monterey Park, California, where he beat the store owner with a pole, stealing $200 in cash.

He was caught, convicted, and sentenced to two years, but released after serving only one year.

On March 2, 1991, Rodney and his pals Bryant and Freddie had consumed large quantities of alcohol while watching a basketball game on TV, after which they jumped in Rodney's car heading down the freeway, where he caught the attention of California Highway Patrol officers because of his high rate of speed.

The police pursued, but Rodney feared that a DUI arrest was a violation of his parole and would mean a return to prison for the completion of his two year conviction for robbery and assault; so, he stepped on the gas and attempted to flee by exiting the freeway and driving through neighborhoods at speeds clocked at up to 80 mph, and estimated to be as high as 115 mph -- which attracted the attention of several LAPD police cars and one police helicopter -- before he was cornered after the eight mile chase.

Estimated speeds 115 MPH in neighborhoods     (c) ABC Action News
The police ordered the three occupants of the car to exit, and Rodney's pals did so, were cuffed and led away.  Rodney initially refused to exit, but eventually did so, giggling, patting the ground, waving at the helicopter, and then reaching behind himself to grab his butt cheeks.

As Rodney was not complying with the order to lie on the ground, Sergeant Stacy Koon ordered four officers to "swarm" Rodney to subdue and cuff him -- during which time he threw two officers off his back and hit a third in the chest, knocking him down. 

The violence of his resistance led the police to believe Rodney was on PCP, which causes the user to become completely irrational, violent, and exhibit extraordinary strength.

Still fighting after Taser (c) NYPost
SGT Koon then ordered the four officers to withdraw, after which he fired a Taser into Rodney's back, momentarily stunning him; Rodney then lunged at one of the officers, who struck Rodney with his baton, knocking him to the ground.

Rodney again got up, causing the other officers to move in and begin beating him; Rodney continued to try to get up, causing the police to try to kick his legs out from under him to wrestle him to the ground.

Eventually, it took the combined efforts of all seven police officers to subdue Rodney, after which they dragged him to the side of the road to await an ambulance.

Five hours after the incident, blood and urine tests revealed that Rodney had consumed both drugs and alcohol, and his blood/alcohol reading was .19 -- more than double the .08 threshold  for a DUI.

The bulk of this incident was recorded by George Holliday from the balcony of his nearby apartment.  The video was shown by KTLA-TV, and was then picked up by national and international networks which aired edited segments -- leading to official charges of police brutality and, later, under the Clinton DOJ, federal Civil Rights violations charges, and Rodney's lawsuit.

Jury:  Police Not Guilty
In the LA Criminal Court, the jury found no evidence of police misconduct after viewing the video and hearing the testimony of the police and witnesses; the judge dismissed the charges.

Federal charges on SGT Koon and another officer resulted in their convictions for violating Rodney's Civil Rights [not further defined].

His civil suit against Los Angeles won him a $3.8 million award; and Rodney subsequently announced his engagement to Cynthia Kelly, a juror in his civil lawsuit against Los Angeles.

Following the acquittal of the criminal charges against the police officers charged, the Black community broke out in riots, expressing their outrage by smashing storefronts and stealing merchandise ranging from TVs, to microwaves, to refrigerators, and torching stores.

Outrage over Rodney King -- whoever that was      (c) ABC

The riots resulted in 53 deaths, 2,383 injuries, more than 7,000 fires, damages to 3,100 businesses, and about $1 Billion in financial losses.

Many store owners did not reopen, creating significant unemployment, and undermining the local economy for years.

Sympathy riots with similar damage, injuries, looting, and financial loss occurred in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.

Most rioters and looters had no idea who Rodney King was.

Perhaps the only positive of this incident and the subsequent riots was the creation of DOJ's Community Relations Service, consisting of experts skilled in working with communities inflamed by real or perceived racial situations [e.g., Trayvon Martin].

It was highly successful in this endeavor, quelling countless racial tensions around the country, until President Obama restructured it with his own appointees who forced the experts out and used its budget for personal travel and "executive conferences".  The CRS still exists, but with little more than an internet presence.


1) In 1993, Rodney smashed his car into a wall in Los Angeles and was placed on probation.

2) In 1995, he was arrested for hitting his wife with his car; he was also sentenced for Hit & Run.

3) In 2003, he was arrested for speeding, running a red light, DUI; he crashed his car into a house.

4) In 2007, Rodney claimed that unidentified assailants shot him with a shotgun [birdshot]; they reportedly were trying to steal his bicycle.

5) Rodney appeared periodically on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, apparently to highlight his drug and alcohol addiction, and to "reestablish" his relationship with his family[ies].

6) He is regarded as a hero in African American culture.

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Watergate Revisited

The Watergate - Political Stage       (USG Photo)

We have made a few editorial updates to this 2012 post from since it appears 
Mr Kissinger is still not dead and continues to influence US foreign policy
 at the highest levels.  We had presumed he had been permanently
 removed from this arena, but apparently, some in the 
Trump Administration regard him as credible.  
We regard him as the major representative of the DEEP STATE!

Click here for related story [Washington Post]

The Washington Post, losing readership faster than Mr Obama is losing his Democrat supporters, is revisiting Watergate, perhaps to distract voters from the gaffes, corruption, scandals, and Intelligence leaks of their beloved incumbent President.

Haldeman, Mardian, Parkinson, Ehrlichman, Mitchell

In this feature story, Woodward and Bernstein declare that Nixon was evil incarnate and, they were not only right in their coverage, they underestimated what a bad guy he really was!

They obviously want to relive the glory of their singular, if orchestrated, investigative reporting.

But, was it a real event, or a Byzantine black op?

Apparently, neither reporter ever realized that Watergate was a Kabuki Drama, and that they were merely performers being guided by a highly skilled group of Intelligence officers, with the plot orchestrated by the greatest spook of all:  Vernon Walters, the invisible Director of Central Intelligence.

So, if Watergate was a political orchestration, what was the real purpose, and why go through such a convoluted process?

In short:
The goal was to dislodge Henry Kissinger, perhaps the greatest threat to US national security in the 20th Century.

To understand this goal, a background scenario is necessary:
[we'll keep it as short as possible]

Nixon felt his place in history was to normalize relations with China.

He brought Kissinger, the Little Professor, on board based on Henry's academic credentials, his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, staff consulting with the NSC, and, he was a protege of Nelson Rockefeller [who had his own ambitions for the White House]; Henry played the part of pontificating intellectual to Nixon's naivete and ambition. 

Kissinger was Nixon's well-connected political Einstein.  Nixon gave Kissinger free rein, and chose not to challenge his unilateral decisions in pursuing Nixon's China Policy -- even though Kissinger's personal decisions and actions were systematically undercutting the US Military and destroying US intelligence operations around the world - as part of the Deep State.

Nixon dreamed of open relations with the People's Republic of China to

1) Neutralize the PRC as a US potential adversary
2) Enhance the PRC as a USSR potential adversary
3) Create a viable trading partner for US goods and
     services benefiting both countries

The vulnerability of the process was that Nixon turned over the negotiations for these goals to Kissinger, whose reputation and ego far exceeded his actual capacity.

Vice President Ford accurately pegged him as a pretentious little twit with a phony accent [Kissinger's brother, a cab driver, spoke harsh Brooklynese]; Pentagon and State Department officials regarded him as a loose and dangerous cannon.  But, Nixon backed him, which gave him all the power he needed to get things done, no matter what the cost.
And, Kissinger used his position to block access to Nixon, and to impose "Presidential Directives" on all elements of the Intelligence and Military Communities -- without the knowledge of Nixon.

Kissinger launched his personal diplomatic campaign in 1970, at the height of the Viet Nam War, to open discussions with China, bypassing -- but not unmonitored by -- the CIA and the State Department.  Kissinger chose not to use existing CIA or State Department contacts, assets or special resources to initiate discussions, but fumbled around trying to connect via "friends of friends" at foreign embassies -- thus becoming the laughing stock of international diplomatic circles. 

His amateurish maneuvers squandered a century of State Department inroads and expertise, and CIA's direct linkage to Mao's inner circle which dated back to a World War II OSS operation
[Operation Dixie Cup -- in which US officers advised both Mao and Chiang figuring the US would be pals with whomever ended up in power].  [As luck would have it, that OSS officer's son [Willis Bird, an Army Intelligence agent], was the escort of Kissinger during the historic visit to China.]

Henry, you are indeed a naive simpleton!
China had mastered diplomacy over a millennium and was light years ahead of Kissinger.

Eventually, Zhou en Lai, tiring of Kissinger's clumsy and amateurish efforts at diplomacy, contacted him and opened discussions -- in which Taiwan was deemed an expendable ally, and Viet Nam and all of Southeast Asia was declared by Kissinger [in a subsequent letter to Zhou]  to be of no further interest to the United States. 

Kissinger, not a skilled diplomatic negotiator, but apparently feeling he was the reincarnation of Machiavelli, gave away the farm and got nothing more in return than what Zhou was already willing to offer for free.  Zhou wanted revenue from international commerce, and normalizing relations with the US would serve that purpose.

Recently released National Archive documents recorded Kissinger's unilateral concessions to Zhou on 22 June 1972:

In Kissinger's words:
"... the US respects its Hanoi enemy as a 'permanent factor' and probably 'the strongest entity in the region'.  And, we have no interest in destroying it or even defeating it."
[underline added for emphasis]

This was well over a year before Congress, via the Case-Church Amendment, declared the end to US Military involvement in Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia in August 1973 --  and nearly three years before Saigon was turned over to North Viet Nam in 1975.

In the interim, more than 1,000 US troops were killed -- fighting and dying for no purpose.
[Particularly annoying to yours-truly was my brief status as a POW in Laos during August 1973 -- well after Henry had sold out the US Military to the Chinese.]

Zhou would have been perfectly content to simply open trade relations with the US.
Had Kissinger consulted the CIA or the State Department, he would have learned the PRC commercial link with the West had been thriving for years via Hong Kong.  Zhou, of course, could not pass up the opportunity to exploit Kissinger's obeisance, extracting as many concessions from Kissinger as he could, and enjoying every minute of the charade.

All of these negotiations were monitored by US Intelligence -- to the great frustration of Richard Helms [DCI] and William Rogers [Secretary of State].

Kissinger offered all of SEA to the PRC

Among the needless concessions, Kissinger agreed to not only turn over Southeast Asia [including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore] to Communism, he also agreed to shut down all US Covert intelligence operations -- to include agent nets throughout the region which had been accurately reporting on military and political issues since World War II.

At the time, we had fully functional and reporting agent nets throughout Indo-China, to include penetration operations throughout the North Vietnamese Army, agents inside the Chinese training camps in Burma, and penetrations into the mainland Chinese training camps which fed the insurgency in Thailand and Malaysia. 

In February 1974, Kissinger directed that all such operations would cease immediately; he ordered all Intelligence operational personnel from the region. 

He used the Church Committee directives as his justification, but those required only that the Intelligence Committees be briefed on the existence of such operations -- not that they be terminated; termination was Kissinger's unilateral decision!

CIA's Guerrillas [a Group Mobile]
Not only did Kissinger close down all these highly productive clandestine and covert operations, he did so with the startling proviso that there would be no attempts to maintain any sort of contact or means of reconstructing the nets in the future -- by  "Order of the President" 
[an edict of which Nixon was unaware].

Such actions were unheard of in the history of diplomacy and espionage, and they put the US at a major political and military disadvantage both in the region as well as on a global basis -- from which the US has never recovered.

No country unilaterally gives up its intelligence advantage and can expect to survive. 

Among the consequences were the loss of all intelligence feeds on insurgent operations emanating from China targeting Thailand and Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines,
as well as the loss of continuous reporting on American POWs held in Laos, Cambodia, and Viet Nam after the Viet Nam War.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Kissinger became Nixon's personal ambassador to the Shah of Iran, with the objective of manipulating the world oil market -- and its pricing, and increasing Israel's stature in the region, thus upsetting the Arab world and undermining Middle East regional stability.

The Shah, pre-Carter

Kissinger again by-passed both the State Department and CIA in his manipulations, and, pandering to the Shah,  shut down all US unilateral intelligence operations in Iran, exposing US operations, methods and sources, and forcing the CIA to work solely in bilateral operations with Savak -- Iran's Intelligence organization known for its brutality.

By shutting down the CIA in Iran, and curtailing all negative reporting on Iran from other US intelligence organizations, the US became isolated and singular in its ignorance of the growing revolutionary forces within, and without.

Aside from alienating the Intelligence Community, Kissinger cut a deal with the Shah by posing no objection to the Shah's abruptly doubling the price of a barrel [BBL] of oil.  In Kissinger's words to Iranian diplomat Ardeshir Zahedi
"Tell the Shah 'you can push [us] as much as you want [on oil prices]".
[Kissinger later claimed this concept was all Nixon's idea, when it was, in fact, his own version of foreign policy to influence Middle East oil flow, and to protect Israel.]

The US had no clue about the Ayatollah's power -- thanks to Kissinger
Thus, the growing popularity of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran went virtually unnoticed and unreported, and Khomeini's international support was downplayed - by Savak, which filtered all US reporting on Iran. 

The result: 
the US was the only country surprised by the overthrow of the Shah and the Revolution which brought in the Ayatollah, changing the balance of power forever in the Middle East, and opening the door to political power for radical Muslim Mullahs and radical Islamists -- a political dilemma which may lead to a global war.

The unforeseen consequence of this diplomatic blunder was the displacement of the Shah, who would then be replaced by Saudi Arabia as the dominant force in the Middle East. [Jimmy Carter would later covertly offer to return the Shaw to Iran for trial in exchange for release of US hostages]

The Director of Central Intelligence [and CIA], Richard Helms, was by-passed by Kissinger, who succeeded in excluding Helms from the National Security Council and access to the Oval Office.  A series of leaks -- believed to be via Kissinger -- regarding CIA activities and operations, made their way to the Media - resulting in Media-hyped scandals leading to a series of Congressional investigations. 

Ultimately, the Church Committee established Congressional oversight over CIA's operations, severely restricting the capabilities of the US Intelligence Community -- albeit with a few positive reforms.  With Helms disgraced by the flood of leaks about the CIA, Kissinger had Nixon demote Helms and reassign him in 1973 as Ambassador to Iran -- where Kissinger could control him.  And, leaving a gap in CIA leadership.

Kissinger then assumed the position of Secretary of State after forcing the resignation of the highly skilled diplomat, William Rogers.  The Intelligence Community recognized that Kissinger's elevated status gave him unprecedented power to destroy intelligence and subvert National Security.  He had succeeded in displacing the Director of Central Intelligence as well as the Secretary of State, thus becoming Nixon's principal foreign policy advisor and his only link to the international community.

This was the basis for the Watergate Conspiracy, which was already well underway.

Kissinger was completely insulated since he could, and did limit access to the President, so any attempt by anyone outside the White House to persuade Nixon of Henry's destructive actions would be short-stopped, and the messenger would be terminated.

Vernon Walters
[Meet the REAL Deep Throat]

To help maneuver Helms out of the way, Kissinger brought in as Deputy DCI, Vernon Walters, the affable Military Attache' in Paris who had smuggled Kissinger into Paris for his secret meetings with North Vietnamese officials.  As DDCI, Walters could manage the CIA while Helms was distracted by Kissinger's political intrigue.

Walters was one of the most respected officers in the Military and in the Intelligence Community,  having been a key operative in the OSS during WW2, and notable for creating operations which remain classified even today.

Kissinger presumed Walters to be an ally since he commiserated with Kissinger on CIA problems.  Once installed as DDCI, Walters was accepted at the Oval Office, and the White House advisors liked and admired him because of his jocularity and intellect. 

Coincidentally, J Edgar Hoover died, conveniently (he had been in excellent health but succumbed to a Breitbart-style heart stoppage), a month before the break-in, thus he was unavailable to lead an FBI investigation into the Watergate event.

At the suggestion of Helms' Deputy Director, Nixon appointed L Patrick Gray, an inexperienced DOJ lawyer, by-passing Mark Felt [later to be dubbed (mistakenly) as Deep Throat].  

As acting Director of all US Intelligence agencies, Walters ensured that the FBI was kept out of any meaningful investigative role in Watergate; instead, he personally provided a programmed feed to the FBI's new Director Gray.

What no one realized was that Walters was orchestrating the entire Watergate debacle, including the leaks to Bob Woodward, and even to Mark Felt.

The anomalies of the scandal, though crystal clear to Intelligence officers, never got in the way of the Washington Post reporting.

The Event [aka: The Sting]:

On 17 June 1972, five men were arrested for breaking and entering the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate complex. 

    a.  They were discovered after a well-meaning but inept building security guard found the
         door to the office repeatedly propped open with tape -- which he removed, each time
         re-locking the door, and each time, the tape was replaced and propped open again
         -- guaranteeing their discovery.

    b.  Cash found on the burglars was somehow connected by the FBI to a GOP Reelection
         Committee Slush Fund. [Interesting forensics there, even for today's experts and technology.]

    c.  The burglars' expertise included senior career intelligence officers notable for their
         experience in second story Black Ops, to include weapons, demolitions, surreptitious entry,
         PsyOps, special security, money laundering, espionage, and assassinations.
         Why were highly skilled, senior level intelligence operatives involved in a simple break-in?
         These guys were all highly experienced spooks, e.g.,
        (1) G Gordon Liddy, a former FBI agent, directed "The Plumbers"
               to break in to the DNC Watergate office.
G Gordon Liddy
         (2) James McCord had been an FBI security expert and
               also headed CIA security;  
         (3) Frank Sturgis, with 30 years experience, had served as
               a Marine in WWII, operatin behind enemy lines. He ran
               covert operations in Communist Berlin, and infiltrated
               Fidel Castro's inner circle.
        (4)  Bernard Barker, was a veteran of Operation 40,
               the Bay of Pigs, and Cuban Secret Police.

   d.  Nixon commented, upon learning of the event:
       "It sounded preposterous.   
       The whole thing made so little sense.  Why in such a
       blundering way?  Anyone who knew anything about 
       politics would know that a 
       national committee headquarters was a useless place place to go for inside
       The whole thing was so senseless and  bungled that it almost looked like some 
       kind of set-up."

Cub Reporters 
Breaking News
  e.  Two Washington Post reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, just happened to be assigned to Night Court to witness the five burglars being charged.

       (1) Oddly, the intelligence operatives, who had lived both covert and clandestine existences and were completely used to subterfuge, cover identities, arrests, torture, and lying their way out of similar situations, blurted out that they worked for the CIA. 

      (2) Standard procedure in this type of situation would have been a quick phone call, a release in anonymity -- and then to disappear forever.

      (3) Instead, trained, experienced professional spooks spilled their guts in front of two cub reporters, without any prompting, much less an inquiry by the judge.

     (4)  The only conclusion, from an intelligence perspective, is that these Plumbers had purposely made a series of highly visible blunders and left a paper trail that a Cub Scout/Reporter could have followed, creating a highly visible story for them to report.

Spookdblog debriefing Ben Bradlee 
at the National Press Club

Thus, the bait was set, Woodward and Bernstein ran with it, Ben Bradlee blessed it [perhaps in collusion with Walters] and the story grew legs.

Each time the story got stale, our erstwhile reporters were fed some new tidbits and leads; meanwhile, Congressmen and Senators were urged into outrage and action, until finally, Nixon was forced to resign.

[As a sidelight, the Impeachment investigation included Hillary Clinton's Obstruction of Justice in which she concealed exculpatory evidence from Chief Counsel Zeifman; so, it seems her political corruption record goes back to Watergate]

Kissinger, the intended target of this scheme, nimbly exited the Oval Office "Conspiracy Group" to the safety of the Seventh Floor of the State Department, where he could claim ignorance of the alleged plot and crime.

Although Kissinger escaped removal from White House power, his true power base, Nixon, was neutralized.

Even so, he continued to influence foreign policy, but he was not afforded special status by President Ford, who made it a point to regard Kissinger as nothing more than a bothersome popinjay.

Such events, once set in motion, are subject to the Law of Unintended Consequences.
The CIA was not spared its dismantling and the gutting of the Directorate of Clandestine Services, first by Kissinger, and then by his successor and protege, Zbigniew Brzesinski; and finally, Carter's DCI, Stansfield Turner, delivered the coup de grace by firing 800 Clandestine Service operatives.  By the time Reagan took office, the US Human Intelligence capability had been virtually destroyed.

There are those who believe that Nelson Rockefeller played a role in manipulating the situation to dislodge Nixon and open a path through which he could take to the Oval Office [i.e., as Vice President].  There may be some truth to that premise, but, Ford did not win reelection, closing that door to Rockefeller, who later died unexpectedly of "heart stoppage"-- perhaps of the Breitbart Syndrome.

Predictably, Kissinger continues to pontificate on foreign policy and influences the Media, though most experienced policy-makers regard him as a buffoon.  At the first hint of an international crisis, he has been known to show up at local TV stations, demanding that they interview him.  Many now ignore him.  

[Update: he apparently has advocates in the Trump Administration, which throws us into a panic!]

Kissinger's legacy:
1)  The Domino Theory fulfilled, to include the Communization of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia 
      -- notably the Killing Fields leaving millions of dead and suffering in Cambodia].
2)  Middle East turmoil immersed in Muslim extremism which is spreading throughout the 

     Middle East and Muslim countries around the world.
3)  Destruction of the US strategic capability in clandestine and covert Human Intelligence

     eliminating predictive intelligence in the Middle East and the Far East.

The KGB could not have been more effective in 
destroying the US Intelligence capability
 if they had hired Kissinger themselves
-- but, maybe they did!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

US Fleet Attacked?

Click here for related story [Gold Coast Chronicle]

Early, unconfirmed reporting indicates US Navy Fifth Fleet ships came under attack yesterday [8 June 2012] in the Straits of Hormuz.  The reports were reportedly passed to the Gold Coast Chronicle from eye witnesses, indicating several casualties.

The US Navy denied the incident occurred, and advised that its ships passed through the Straits of Hormuz without incident.  [Move along folks, nothing to see here.]

[Two conflicting, unofficial reports placed the USS Enterprise first in Midway, and alternately in Norfolk during the reported attack.]

Fifth Fleet battle formation (USN Photo)
The Fifth Fleet is expanding its presence in the Persian Gulf -- doubling the size of its Manama base in Bahrain.  A recent increase in Iranian military exercise activity in the region has heightened tensions.

Tensions aside though, last month the Iranian Navy intercepted pirates attacking a US cargo ship.  A seemingly friendly act by a "hostile" navy.

We would suggest that, if the incident did in fact occur, the US Navy carefully examine hand held photography plus overhead imagery of the attacking jets, plus all radio intercepts and ELINT, to track the origin of the attack fighters.

The attack came, coincidentally, on the 45th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty by jets Israel announced were launched by Egypt, but which turned out to be Israeli jets.  This would be an anniversary not yet forgotten by the Chief of Naval Operations

45th Anniversary of the Israeli Sneak Attack

We note this historical fact in light of Mr Netanyahu's continuing call for a US military attack on Iran to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

However, US and Israeli intelligence and military officials have affirmed there is no such threat, never was, and likely never will be -- particularly following the disruption of Iran's nuclear research facility through the introduction of both the Stuxnet and the Flame viruses.

The USN didn't buy "mistake" story
So, let's not rush into a war that might very well have been initiated as a False Flag operation by the Israelis.

We would hope the Israelis would not be so arrogant as to think they could get away with a second attack on US Navy ships -- without massive retaliation.  

Then Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Tom Moorer never forgave them.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Leaky Oval Office

The FBI will find the leaker [psst, he may have an X in his name]                            (c) Rogue Media

Click here for related story [The Hill]

He screwed up again!

The House and Senate Intelligence Committees are outraged over unauthorized leaks about intelligence operations.  The result of these leaks is that the operations, operators, methods and sources have been compromised. The FBI has been unleashed to find the leaker.   Senator Feinstein, Chair, wants to create new legislation to prevent further leaks. 

Umm, Senator.  There is plenty of legislation in place. Don't create more. Read the National Security Act of 1947.  It defines and provides penalties for unauthorized disclosures, from minor infractions up to Treason.  No new legislation is necessary. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed in 1953 for their unauthorized leak.

Director of National Intelligence, Jim Clapper, wants to give everyone with access to Top Secret Codeword information a CI Polygraph.  That's a swell idea, but in Congress and the White House, staffers WITH clearances routinely pass sensitive information to their friends and family -- who then, sometimes pass it on to the bad guys.   
[The names Tip O'Neil and Ted Kennedy immediately spring to mind.]

We recall that Private Manning is in prison for the unauthorized release of restricted State Department cables; he will likely not be released any time soon, and there was, briefly, consideration to charge him with Treason.

Hello, NYT! I have another story
So, where did these leaks originate?

Hmm.  Each leak follows the same pattern, designed to gain the maximum publicity for President Obama, and apparently designed to demonstrate that he's a cool dude and knows how to nail the bad guys -- AND as an added bonus, the leaks demonstrate he is a "Friend of Israel." 

When the NYT runs this story, you'll be a hero!

Could the leaks have come from the White House; perhaps from Mr Axelrod?

Unfortunately, our Attorney General isn't about to move on these issues. 

So, Senator McCain has called for a Special Counsel to investigate.  

[We recommend Patrick J Fitzgerald since he did such a bang-up job investigating and indicting the last White House Leaker.]

We believe that an equal amount of energy and diligence should be followed as was employed to find out who "outed" Valerie Plame -- the bogus "spy" [in reality, she was just an Admin flunky] who fraudulently used CIA funds to underwrite her husband's boondoggle to Africa and deliver his classified report to the New York Times?    It shouldn't take a task force to figure this out; we'd suggest that Mr Axelrod be queried first; perhaps he could provide some leads.

[And, didn't Scooter Libby fall on his sword and go to jail to mollify the Mainstream Media and the Democrats?]

So far, the White House intelligence leaks have blown several key operations.

Can I get this DVD for my friend in NY?
In the now famous operation, the Source who provided the location of Osama bin Laden, enabling the SEALs to zap him, followed by international publicity showing the actual operation along with the White House Sit Room, and Obama sitting on the floor looking totally bewildered; possibly because he was just in from the golf course.

The result of that publicity put the SEALs in the cross-hairs of the terrorists, and put their families in danger as well since attacking families is normally how our operatives are neutralized. 

33 Years in prison for helping the US

The Pakistani doctor who fingered Osama suddenly found himself pictured on international television and on the front page of thousands so newspapers -- and the target of Osama's followers.  He was arrested and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

"My lieutenant works for the CIA?"
In another leak, the details of a penetration operation were disclosed, revealing the Target, the Source's relationship with the Target, how the Source had accessed the target, and finally, the follow-on action to eliminate the Target.

All that was missing was the identity/description of the Agent Handler, but that won't be hard for the bad guys to figure out since all they have to do is backtrack all the Source's contacts and narrow the search that way.

So, the cover of the Agent Handler/Case Officer is blown -- a professional intelligence officer who spent years putting this operation together and refining a "cover identity" to support this operation.

All those years of work, the thousands of man-hours by support agents, analysts, and cover specialists  -- blown!  For an instant of publicity for our POTUS - aka: Commander in Chief.

(c) Forbes

Finally, we come to one of the more spectacular intelligence operations, the creation and implementation of Stuxnet, the Virus Worm that disabled the Iranians' alleged nuclear weapons R&D centrifuge program -- the one for which Netanyahu insisted that the US declare war on and attack Iran -- possibly starting World War 3. 

So, the US creates this extraordinary mechanism to disable Iran's R&D computer servers, eliminating the need for a needless attack on Iran and putting our troops in harm's way -- once again to protect our Middle East Ally, amazingly enough, the details appear in the New York Times. 

(c) Veterans Today
The operation remained a secret during the Bush Administration, but, apparently, it became fair game for Mr Obama's reelection campaign.  In this disclosure, and front page story for the NYT, once again Sources and Methods were revealed.

The virus was introduced via a thumb drive brought into the Iranian facility by a recruited Agent, who likely suffered an untimely interrogation and death shortly after the NYT story.

So, an operation that took years to design and create, Access Agents it took years to identify and recruit, train, and support, and the operation itself were all compromised for the benefit of the President's reelection campaign. 

As a footnote to this compromised operation, we learn that our Ally, Israel, which participated in this operation, is believed to have modified the virus, and later inadvertently released it into the Internet -- endangering global IT systems.

We won't venture into the dangers of developing operations as sensitive and potentially disastrous as this with our Allies.  That's a topic for an entirely different discussion.

But, perhaps in an ironic twist,  IBM reports that the even more dangerous virus - Flame - which we described in a separate post, co-developer Israel now has the second largest number of infected computers.

But, we digress.

We were talking about unauthorized disclosures of intelligence information, to include Methods and Sources.

Presidents have been releasing classified information for as long as we've had intelligence operations.  The purpose has always been to manipulate our enemies, and sometimes our allies, using information gathered by our most sophisticated operations.

We recall our first exposure to this when we delivered the morning intelligence brief to a senior Army officer at the Pentagon.  He read the report -- classified at a Top Secret Compartmented level, and then pointed to exactly the same story on the front page of the New York Times. 

The Sources and Methods were not revealed, and the intelligence was simply tied to "...a senior White House official".  The impact of the disclosure of the information caused the Soviet Union to terminate what they thought had been a covert activity.  That is how the "Official Leak" system is supposed to work.  Nothing was compromised, but the Soviets knew we had the capability to monitor their activities.  Their dilemma was that they could not be sure HOW we knew -- which made them extremely paranoid, a bonus in the disclosure.

NSA  Headquarters      (c) Wired
In the current cases, the White House has not only publicized the operations' product, they have disclosed, or rather, publicized Sources, Methods, Access, and the full range of Operational Details, destroying the potential for continuing or enhancing or expanding the operation; the leak endangered all personnel, US and foreign, directly or indirectly involved in the operation.

This is not only stupid and clumsy, it verges on Treason.

As yet, Mr Obama sees Intelligence operations as merely campaign tools.