Monday, April 20, 2020

Wuhan Flu - China's Cover Operation

Is there more to this Pandemic than meets the eye?

Our reputation is that of "Conspiracy Theorist", which we embrace since all 
the conspiracies we've reported on later turned out to be validated, and accurate.  
We bring credibility to that term.

In the case of today's China Wuhan Flu, we'll venture the hypothesis [i.e., a conspiracy theory] that China's leadership has been functioning along multiple parallel paths on the Corona Virus Pandemic in order to achieve different objectives.

A) 5G, New Mobile Technology

1)  5G uses higher-frequency bandwidths across the radio frequency (RF) spectrum.
An electromagnetic (EMF) radiation exists as a spectrum of different wavelengths and frequencies, measured in Hertz (Hz).

Electric Power Lines operate between 50-60 Hz, at the low end of the spectrum, while microwaves, for example, escalate into the Megahertz (MHz), Gigahertz (GHz) and Terahertz (THz) spectra which collectively make up "non-ionizing" radiation.
[That translates to some possible damage to the human body, e.g., cancer, but hardly noticeable.]

2)  Above this lie the petahertz and exahertz spectra, which include X-rays and gamma rays. These are types of ionizing radiation, which mean that they carry sufficient energy to break apart tissue molecules and cause significant damage to the human body.  This is where the 5G RF becomes dangerous.

Disintegration of the human structure, ranging from DNA disruption to brain cancer to the disintegration of human organs have been attributed to the G5 RF emanations.

B)  Deployment of 5G in Wuhan

1) The experimental deployment of 5G in Wuhan, had the unintended consequence of slowly dissolving the organs of local residents according to local doctors [now disappeared].  The survivors were shunted off to instant hospitals with bars on the windows and locks on the outside of the doors - to prevent the patients from escaping, or having relatives or passers-by witness their agonizing deaths.

2) Meanwhile, the experimentation with the Corona Virus as a biological warfare weapon, and was released as a cover story for the mass G5 deaths. Manydeaths were attributable from the Wuhan Virus, but, that would not account for the massive number of deaths, early on, with the subsequent cremation of thousands of bodies [recorded by satellite].

C) Hong Kong Protests 

1) This movement, akin to the Arab Spring, gained daily momentum, even after China shut down reporting on the protests, arresting and disappearing protest leaders.

   2) The protest movement spread to Mainland China, capturing the imagination of a large portion of the newly created wealthy Chinese Middle Class which had become used to their wealth and independent thought process and living style, not unlike their brethren in Hong Kong.
So, they took up the protest movement as well, and China's leadership saw this as a potential governance problem

3) The remedy to these protests and an unruly Middle Class was an excuse for a total lockdown. What better methodology than to unleash the virus already to blame for the 5G debacle, forcing potential protestors into their homes in high-rises, then welding shut the gates to ensure none escaped a slow death of starvation.  And, no Media is allowed for coverage of these imprisonments.

4) The Hong Kong government no longer allowed any Media coverage while miscreants were rounded up, incarcerated, and/or executed after enduring a bit of torture.  We don't have a status report on these prisoners arrested on 18 April 2020.

5) Mainland China suddenly erected huge hospitals, virtually overnight, to house and treat Corona Virus victims - or were they? the hospitals had bars on the windows, and locks on the outside of the doors, and people who looked perfectly healthy were recorded being dragged into these hospitals - which seemed more like instant prisons. And, the nearby crematoriums worked overtime.

D)  Wuhan Military Logistics Center

1) Meanwhile, the Corona Virus "Pandemic" has served as a major distraction from the Chinese Military buildup in the Pacific - supported by the Wuhan Military Logistics Center.  New ships reach the Pacific Ocean via the Yangtze River.

2) This wartime buildup there has been undisclosed since Wuhan has been closed off due to the "Pandemic" - thus there is no news of this military activity while journalists and diplomatic/military observers have been distracted by the "Virus".

Meanwhile, China has appointed its top military biological weapon expert to assume command of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

3) The Chinese military build-up was taken seriously by the Pentagon, which removed its entire inventory of B-52 bombers from Guam, and moved its Combat Carrier Group to Guam to treat the crew for Corona Virus issues, while positioning the Group for an impending military action by China.