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Feinstein: Vets Are Dangerous!

Vets all have PTSD; Don't Let Them Have Guns!                                                   []

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In the wake of Mr obama's 2014 State of the Union speech, Conservatives [and even Joe Biden] were stunned that the President could stand before the world and attempt to lie so eloquently that his audience would not notice.  But, the Congressional audience of Democrat Congresspersons and Senators appeared positively in rapture, as they swooned and appeared almost orgasmic as they cheered each new phrase that the reincarnation of Jim Jones read from his teleprompters.

But, subsequently, analysts began picking his speech apart, identifying all the fabrications in the speech, but we'll let you read through those at this link.

In the meantime, Conservatives, in preparation for the 2014 elections, are preparing a list of positions and statements by prominent Democrats which may enlighten voters about the dangers posed by these charlatans.

In this post, we highlight Senator Diane Feinstein's declaration that our Military Veterans, who include myself and other members of my family, are by her definition, mentally unfit and thus should not be allowed to own guns of any sort.

She was/is concerned that our Vets are all impaired by PTSD, a unique disorder arising from the perils of war, which include seeing their comrades wounded, maimed, and or killed, or, participating in the wounding, maiming, and/or killing of enemies or even innocent by-standers in combat.

Tom Lea's The Thousand Yard Stare
As one Vet advised, Democrats have relabeled a temporary [and sometimes permanent] condition which has been around since Man first waged battle against others.  In past wars, there were other labels, such as battle fatigue or the thousand-yard stare, etc.  PTSD results from exposure to the brutality of war; having experienced war, Vets tend to seek a non-violent resolution to conflict.  They leave it to Democrats to seek violent solutions.

Folks, War ain't pretty. 
Hollywood's version of war - which the Democrats promote - is that soldiers take a bullet, clutch their chest, and murmer "Momma" and die quietly.  Or, they hold their hand over the hole in their side and gamely say, "Don't worry about me, I'll be ok!" and then they miraculously recover-- which makes it easy for politicians who are not Vets to approve limited actions or "interventions", etc., and to approve the appointment of political hacks such as Leon Panetta to make strategic decisions involving our troops and diplomats.

What Hollywood omits, of course, is all the shrieking, crying, scrambling, shaking, crawling and wailing as combat victims announce to their comrades that they have just lost an arm, a leg, an eye, or their lower jaw to a bullet or shrapnel, or try to stop the blood spurting from severed arteries, and their comrades attempt, often helplessly, to respond in any manner, often in more shock than their injured comrades.  Witnessing the impact of heavy weaponry is also a fairly devastating event, such as watching live humans shriek while they melt in front of you after being covered with a fresh coat of flaming napalm, or, as in Rwanda, watching locals butcher each other with machetes, or being ground into the mud by passing UN tanks.

These are scenes the average American, particularly Senator Feinstein, is likely not going to witness in a lifetime, but, the average combat Veteran will more than likely witness, or become a part of, during his or her Service deployment.

Let's keep in mind that it is the politician, like Feinstein and her Democrat colleagues, who have been so anxious to send our troops into combat -- most recently, we witnessed their eagerness to engage in Syria.  And, once we deploy, it is difficult to convince our politicians to recall our troops from combat since these politicians get so many campaign contributions from our very patriotic Defense Contracting Community [populated with so many Academy grads], so very anxious to generate profits from weaponry and services to support these wars -- the objectives of which have been so elusive to those who study them.

We have sacrificed thousands of our troops in Iraq to return Kuwait's oil wells, and then to overthrow Saddam, who dared to threaten our rather questionable ally in the Middle East, and then to replace our highly effective A-Teams in Afghanistan with a huge US/NATO presence to hunt down Osama bin Laden [who actually died many years ago] with a massive military presence which has indiscriminately killed thousands of Afghans and Pakistanis.

Of late, our fearless Leader From Behind ordered the invasion of Libya to overthrow Qaddafi [once an enemy, but more recently the purveyor of useful intelligence on terrorist organizations -- but immune from Saudi influence] most recently declared the need to send in US troops to Syria to ally them with al Qaeda -- our sworn enemy, against a dictator who is waging a war against his citizens.

Now, we thought that nonsense had been put to rest, but, we've learned that, even after a massive protest by the American people against such a deployment, the Administration is now supplying weapons to al Qaeda rebels, and sending in "advisors" to assist them in overthrowing the Syrian dictator -- who, by the way, the Saudis are interested in displacing.

And, after all that expense and human sacrifice, the Iraqis hate us, the Afghans hate us, the Libyans hate us, and now, the Egyptians - our strongest supporters and allies in the Middle East distrust us because Mr obama supported and manipulated the successful election of President Morsi with the assistance of the Muslim Brotherhood -- represented in key positions throughout this Administration, to include [former] Secretary of State Clinton's personal advisor.

But, we've digressed.
Feinstein, Boxer, and Pelosi         []

Returning to Senator Feinstein, we think the voters of California [at least those who are registered and US citizens] should take note of the utterings of this hateful shrew and her cohorts [Pelosi and Boxer] who gather with her to stir the cauldron of hate so appropriately depicted in that memorable scene from MacBeth.

No, Senator, we disagree with you and your repeated Gun Control proposals, and particularly your declarations that all our Veterans likely suffer from PTSD and should therefore be barred from purchasing or owning a firearm.

We suggest instead you resign your seat in the Senate and spend some time as a volunteer at a VA hospital to learn first-hand from Veterans what PTSD is, and what the effects of war are.  You'll find very few Vets with violent tendencies -- well, at least not as violent as yourself or Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polar Reversal - A New Equator?

Follow the bouncing Jet Stream                   [Wikipedia]
[Originally posted in 2014 based on unusual weather events: reposting today (17Jan2019) based on weather extremes]

New Update [5 Feb 2019]
In a Forbes article today, geologist Trevor Nace advises us that the Magnetic North Pole has moved much more rapidly than in the past.  We've discussed this in the past [see below].  The official location of the "... magnetic poles is determined by the  World Magnetic Model, which is the basis for Navigation, Communications, GPS, etc., around the World."

Fifty years ago, the Magnetic North Pole meandered about 7 miles per year.  Recently, it has moved at 34 miles per year, with estimates as high as 45 miles per year,  -- North, towards Russia [some estimates put it well within Russian borders already].

Why the concern?
In earlier reporting, based on geologic historical records, the magnetic poles flipped only about six times; Nace, a geologist, ups this figure to "... 183 times in the past 83 million years."  That's a major change in professional estimates - a hint of massive change in the near term.

Magnetic Pole movement affects the navigation calculations of NASA space travels and launches, Federal Aviation (FAA) air routes and directions given by Air Traffic Controllers, and, of course, GPS signals, which could guide you into a cornfield as you head for the local bar.

Captured in the ice with a mouthful of grass
Now, the imminence of a total flip is academic [i.e., the pros have no clue]; the last official flip was 780,000 years ago, and, there are no geologists around today who witnessed it -- so they have no basis for a prediction.  

Officially, based on fossil records, there appears to be no catastrophic damage as a result of such a flip, but, it would appear there were a few unpredictable consequences.  

As it happens, melting glaciers have revealed an Ice Age which appeared virtually overnight, capturing a Mastodon intact, with a mouthful of un-swallowed grass.  Given that, there were few, if any warning signs which would alert animal life that something dangerous was about to occur.

Among other issues, some folks have projected we're on the verge of another Ice Age, similar to what occurred in Europe between 1300 and the 1400s and in North America in the 18th Century, during which residents walked across the frozen East and Hudson Rivers into New York City.  

Currently, we've had some input from informed scientists who are concerned that we are currently in a Magnetic Polar Reversal, which could explain the weather changes; the issue now is, at what speed is the Reversal taking place.  If we are in the Mastodon situation [caught with a mouthful of grass and frozen in place], we're essentially screwed.  If we have some warning, it may still come in a speedy fashion during which we can prepare.

This flip could explain what happened to ancient civilizations, to include the residents of Antarctica, whose structures and plant life are now becoming visible through our enhanced technology.

We'll update, as needed.


[original post in 2014]
As some of you may have noticed, the temperatures recently dropped somewhat below their seasonal lows. 

Now, much as we are willing to believe this is a plot by the energy companies to rob us again [even though natural gas prices have suddenly skyrocketed], it is not.  And, oddly, this event is not a result of Global Warming [Al Gore has been mysteriously absent in the absence of any such evidence --
and we're now focusing on "Climate Change" [previously known as Global Warming].

So, what's causing this weird weather.

Our meteorologists have seized on the Polar Vortex to explain this annoying phenomenon, and if you'll follow the bouncing Jet Stream in the illustration above, you'll note that it circles the upper portion of the globe with air currents generated by warm air rising and mixing with Arctic drafts, creating a counter-clockwise motion.  The Jet Stream is then affected by cold air masses pushing down from the Arctic, and by moist, warm air masses pushing up from the tropics.
Normal Polar Vortex               [NOAA/Washington Post]

Now, normally, the Polar Vortex is trapped inside a mini-Jet Stream tagged as the Polar Night Jet, and the effect is normal and seasonal.
Cold Air Tsunami?                         []

Occasionally, though, an atmospheric wave will break the Polar Night Jet fence, and we'll see a cold air mass escape and give us a rush of cold air.

In this case, it was more like a Tsunami -- and as you can see from this image, it pretty much covered all of North America.

[If you look carefully, you can see Mexico peeking out from under the southwest part of the wave.]

Indonesian Volcano exploding this week
In the midst of this cold air scientific explanation, the Left Media immediately raised the specter of Global Warming, noting that "...humans dumped billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the the atmosphere...". 
"Ergo, that causes Global Warming, which causes ice storms."

Now, there is some accuracy in that.
However, as we've noted in the past, for every pound of carbon dioxide humans pump into the atmosphere, Mother Nature pumps a trillion pounds with each of her volcanic eruptions.

So, we'll ignore the Leftist rhetorical nonsense [although we do agree that humans should cut back on their pollution -- particularly the Chinese, whose pollution is saturating our Pacific Northwest!].

To clarify, weather patterns are cyclical and vary every 20 - 50 years.

Climate generally refers to a static set of variable weather patterns which fall within an established range.  And, weather patterns change for a variety of reasons; for example, after the European settlers arrived and displaced most of the Native American farmers, their land then became overgrown with trees and vegetation, and the resulting increase in oxygen lowered the temperature, which in turn, lowered the temperature range significantly.  A few years ago, Iceland was blessed with a massive volcanic eruption, which followed eruptions by several other volcanoes, and Earth was enveloped in a blanket of dust -- and sulfuric acid mist.

But, we digress.
What else are we looking at to explain the shift in our Solar Vortex which is freezing our buns off.

We've discussed in the past a theory which encompasses both Global Warming AND [ta daa!] Climate Change -- but, unfortunately, it has little to do with politics, and everything to do with Geomagnetism, a real concept of which few are aware, much less conversant. 

[If you went through a Military Boot Camp, you were taught to read a map, and learned that Magnetic North was different from True North; so you had to compensate a few degrees on your Army map to adjust for the direction in which the needle pointed to find "True North" on the map.] 

So what!
Liquid nickel-iron around an irregular solid blob core

Well, on a geological scale, the inner-core of the Earth is an irregular spinning blob of hot [think in terms of Sun-surface-hot] nickel-iron alloy, about two-thirds the size of our Moon.

That hard blob is surrounded by a spinning liquid blob about 1,400 miles thick, and this lies about 1,800 miles below the surface of the Earth.

The combination of all that spinning [Inner vs Outer Core] creates a magnetic field, and in turn, creates sort of a giant magnetic axis -- with a North Pole and a South Pole.  But, because the core is irregular, the magnetic poles are not exactly opposite.

Another So What!

With all that subterranean activity and molten metal movement, periodically, there's a hiccup -- and presto-chango, the Poles reverse.

Magnetic North Pole has shifted 1,000 miles
No one is sure how long this process takes, but our geologists have evidence that complete reversals have occurred no fewer than 20 times.

The intervals have ranged from as much as 50 million years, to as little as 100,000 years; the most recent reversal was 780,000 years ago -- so, theoretically, we have roughly another 200,000 years to go --
but maybe not.

During our last Ice Age, about 41,000 years ago, we had a quickie, called the Laschamp Event, and they're still trying to figure that one out, along with its impact on our geomagnetic field -- and our climate.

In a little over 100 years, the Magnetic North Pole has moved Northwest by about 1,000 miles. Up until 2000, that shift had been at roughly five miles per year. Recently, the pace has advanced to about 25 miles  per year, or one degree every five years.

What they have been noticing is that over the last 150 years [that's a lot closer than 200,000 years], there has been a deterioration of 10-15% in Earth's geomagnetic intensity -- and the pace has been accelerating.

But, our official geologists advise that the
"...rate of decrease and the current strength are within the normal range of variation."
We're not sure what they regard as "normal".

As the little boy says, while pointing at a tree, at the end of a Bones episode:
"What's that mean!"

Well, I'm no geologist, but, I did stay at a Holiday Inn once, and I have been recognized as a Professional Smart Guy by the CIA, the Senate Sub-Committee on Intelligence, and DOD, so here's my theory based on reading a bunch of books and science stuff.
[My theory has been attacked by other educated guys -- but we'll let you draw your own conclusions.]

The value of True North is essential only as a reference point on a map -- or a library globe.

But, the declination of the Globe with reference to the Sun is what gives us our weather patterns.

If the Poles shift, would the Equator also  shift?
If the declination of the Globe [Earth] were to shift its exposure to the Sun by a few degrees, the Polar Ice Cap exposure to the Sun would increase, and melting it, causing large masses of Arctic air to shift -- in turn, affecting the Polar Vortex.

The result is that the Polar Ice Cap seems to have tilted slightly towards the Sun and has been melting for a number of years  - which partially explains Global Warming/Climate Change

That would then raise the water temperature, altering oceanic and weather patterns originating from the North Pole.

Thus explaining our odd weather in the last 10 years [massive tornadoes, mega-hurricanes, warm winters, brutal summers, droughts, etc.], and, plunging temperatures causing cold air masses to flow across half the Earth.  

Has the declination of the Earth changed?
According to NASA, two relatively recent events did change it a bit; one was the 2004 Tsunami, and the other was the massive earthquake in Chile in 2010.  The NASA scientists explained that 
"... the key to the declination shift was the location of the quake, and the fact that the fault sliced through Earth at a steeper angle, making the Chile fault more effective in moving Earth's mass vertically and hence more effective in shutting Earth's figure axis."

What happens when the Magnetic North Pole fluctuates?

Here's how far the Polar Vortex shifted in the first week of January 2014.  Note the shift from near the North Pole to central Canada.

The shift is not permanent though, and the Vortex is receding, indicating the Earth's axis may be a bit wobbly, and the Poles are unstable and possibly shifting faster than we'd like.

Massive waves struck 
Europe's West Coast [AOL]

The question that our geologists should be asking:

Are we in the process of another Polar Reversal
If so, what's the time frame we're looking at?

A century?
50 Years?
5 Years?
1 Year?

Or, are we measuring this process in terms of months -- and would that be why our government has been building underground facilities and highways?  

Possibly to manage affairs if our surface becomes ice covered -- like Antarctica?

Stay tuned.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Obama - the Cheapskate

Other Peoples' Money is Fun         [Glenn McCoy]

Click here for related story [The Reliable Source (WP)]

We learn from the Washington Post's Reliable Source that Michelle Obama's birthday party is scheduled for 18 January 2014 at the White House.
Is that Valerie Jarrett orchestrating in the rear?

[We're not sure if she'll attend, or if she'll still be "vacationing" in Hawaii -- sans spouse.  Lots of unconfirmed rumors about divorce lawyers and such these days.]

The curious things about this event are the
1) Title:  "Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert"
2) Caveat:  EBYC [translated:  Eat Before You Come]

Miss Manners would likely not approve; but it appears the head of White House protocol was long ago banished to the basement of the State Department where he has lived in anguish since the arrival of the Obama Bunch -- demonstrably devoid of any sense of dignity.

So, what's the deal?
The music is apparently provided gratis, and the grazing "eats" are likely cheap -- maybe from the Costco discount bin?

Why so cheap when the White House has an annual expense account of $169,000?
Hmm.  Mr obama may be following the Jimmy Carter "cheapskate" pattern; i.e., of the expense account funds that he doesn't spend -- he gets to keep 100%, tax free.

Given that he's spent almost nothing on entertainment since he's been in office -- at least since the Salahi gate-crashing incident, he's accumulated about $676,000 so far -- tax free.  Three more years in office and he'll have another $500,000 or so, give or take a few bucks to be spent on pot parties and golf outings at Cape Cod.  Now, to be fair, $100,000 per year is budgeted for  travel -- but, we've yet to see an accounting for that expense since everywhere he travels, he's claiming its for official business; and he'd burn through $100,000 in a few hours flying around on Air Force One.

Of course, Jimmy Carter is on record as collecting almost every penny budgeted for his Presidential  expense account.  Do you remember ANY White House functions while he was in office -- or for that matter, if the lights were ever turned on?

But, let's not forget that Mr obama's salary is $400,000 per year.
But, since he lives in subsidized housing, gets his meals for free [no need for food stamps], his kids get a free ride at the local private school, his local travel is covered by the White House limo service -- what does he spend his money on? 

Certainly not medical care; the ACA registration site rejected him because the tax rolls gauged his Social Security number to be bogus -- so he had to have a "special registration" by a staff member.  But, not to worry, he gets free medical care at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland -- while he signed off on an increase in fees that Military members and retirees have to pay for their treatment.

So, his before-tax income since he's been in office amounts to about $2 Million, plus the non-taxable expense account of another million or so as a parting package when he finally leaves office; his total bank account should be in the $4 Million range -- after taxes.

Not bad for a guy whose personal history and citizenship remain opaque -- and whose associates include designated terrorists, and who was adamant about supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in the Syrian Civil War.

Now, keep in mind, this is the President who insists that you tighten your belt to make ends meet at budget time. and who has spent millions of dollars on his personal [business-related, of course] vacations at Cape Cod, Spain, Hawaii, etc.

It makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Levinson - CIA's Dupe?

Bob Levinson - Captive in Iran?                    [The Guardian]

Click here for related article [Washington Post/AP]

Robert A. "Bob" Levinson, a retired FBI agent and a US private investigator, is in the news again as the CIA admitted its involvement in his contractual employment as a spy.  He was arrested in Iran in March, 2007 at an Iranian resort on Kish Island, ostensibly to meet with an "admitted murderer" -- supposedly to gather information on the Iranian regime to be turned into intelligence.

"Handler?" [Facebook]

His "handler" was reportedly Anne Jablonski, a CIA analyst and an expert on money laundering, arms smuggling, and organized crime.  Jablonski hired Levinson as a "contractor" for $85,000 to research the Iranian regime, sort of undercover.

To be clear, Jablonski is not, nor was she ever a trained or experienced case officer. 

And, like Valerie Plame [who illegally hired her husband as a contractor] she was never a covert operative,

So, there's an interesting twist.  It doesn't follow the old Mission Impossible script of:
"If you are caught, the Secretary [NFI] will disavow all knowledge" --
even though the "Secretary" obviously authorized the mission.  The Secretary, in 2007, would have been General Michael V. Hayden [USAF], CIA Director and former Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and probably would have gagged at this Operations Plan.

In this case, it was reportedly not an authorized mission at all, and all the blame has been laid at the feet of proactive "analysts".  The AP [Associated Press] reports, perhaps with tongue-in-cheek, that General Hayden was not briefed on the operation, and that the Deputy Director for Operations (DDO) - now called the National Clandestine Service Director], was not involved.  Rather, we are to believe, the Directorate of Intelligence [the Analysis division] managed this operation.

Now, even though this was an incredibly amateurish operation, fraught with such massive risks which would outweigh any possible gain, we are reluctant to lay the blame fully at the Intelligence Directorate. 

Shh! We're Secret Agents
We look at the National Clandestine Service [DO] Directorate which has been on a downhill slide for decades. 

The Deputy Director of Operations [DDO] who may have launched this ill-conceived operation would have been "Gina", notable for her alleged torture of detainees in a secret prison in Thailand, and later destruction of waterboarding videos; what she lacked in clandestine operational experience, she made up for with a vicious touch.

[Used to be, all such Clandestine Service operations were never disclosed, although the Washington Post and AP seem to have a host of details.  Rest assured though, the secrets of CIA are safe with the Media, which identified Gina in full.]

We'll equate the Clandestine Service to the Keystone Kops on multiple levels, first because the level of amateurism would be laughable were it not for the repeated failure of their missions resulting in the outing, and subsequent imprisonment or death of their recruited assets, but also because far too many of the case officer cadre have been drawn from the Law Enforcement Community [e.g., DEA, ATF, FBI, etc.].

The mission of law enforcement officers is to catch the perps.
Their view of clandestine operations is to recruit a "confidential informant" [CI] to rat out the bigger fish.  The concept of developing deep cover operations seems to have been lost over the years as the Clandestine Service became a paramilitary and super-police organization -- managed by political hacks.

Recent CIA chiefs have been incompetent, publicity-seeking political hacks [e.g., Tenet, Panetta, and now Bennet], and Methods & Sources have been publicized on national TV and in Hollywood scripts.

The police concept of keeping the identity of a CI secret escapes them, and the CI is generally viewed as "expendable" because the CI and all associates are regarded as criminals who should be punished.  [Watch Dexter for examples of how police handle CIs.]

Today's CIA concept of "Clandestine" equates to paramilitary chest-thumping and self-aggrandizement; and then going public with details of the operation -- often via the White House SitRoom.

(Gina Bennet wrote a book about her operational role in the CIA, and even appeared on Oprah.)

The Old School operations took years, and sometimes decades to develop, and they often lasted for decades before being closed down.  But, even the Old School was prone to screw-ups -- but, that's a story for another time.

There are several basic operational rules which govern the clandestine operations business;
here are two: 

Rule 1:  Risk vs Gain.  

a) Define the Gain
b) Can the information be collected by other means?
c) How large a support network is required?
d) What special skills [e.g., language(s), appearance, education, technical training, etc.] are required?
e) How much Risk is involved in gaining the information sought?
f) Ultimately, how much blow-back can we expect if this op is compromised?

Rule 2. Limit Knowledgability

a)  Define the Risk
b)  Operation is planned by a small group of highly experienced professionals
c)  Operational Plan is created in broad scope; details are not released
d)  Compartmentation of operational components is paramount
e)  Briefs are on a strict "Need-To-Know" basis only
f)  When the operation is complete, share only the intelligence, but don't disclose methods or sources
      -- especially to the White House, or to Hollywood!

Now, getting back to the gist of this case, which we reckon to be FUBAR!

We'll take a different view of this goat rope which seems to have been managed by amateurs.

Broken rules:

a) Never send an individual with a visible record in the Intelligence Community [e.g., the FBI] into a  hostile environment -- no matter what his cover (private investigator?).

Super Spook Archibald   [FaceBook]

No matter how clever we may be, foreign intelligence services are quite adept at tracking spooks, active and former.  They know and have extensive dossiers on all known intelligence/security operatives since this information is collected by both friends and foes -- who frequently change sides.

Within hours of his appointment as the new head of the Clandestine Service, Francis Archibald was outed by the Pakistanis and the Washington Post, complete with his home address and history of previous assignments -- and his Facebook page.

b)  Coordinate with the country or regional CIA Station Chief [COS]. 
He/she would like to know what's going on in his/her area of operations [AO] since any intelligence activity -- clandestine or covert, may need support, or may impact on other, ongoing operations.
[Notably, Valerie Plame (a self-proclaimed covert operative) followed none of the rules, nor did she consider using available CIA assets to collect the intelligence for which she contracted her husband.]

b) When you do send in an asset, provide back-up surveillance and a rescue team in the event things go sour.  [The local COS can handle such support.]

c) Develop a plan that includes a communications link so that the back-up team can maintain contact.

d) Have a back-up plan to rescue your asset if he/she gets rolled up.

There's a lot more to the process, but, if you watch any of the spy shows, you know the routine.
[Actually, don't watch 24, easily the least credible of any intelligence program on TV.]

In the Levinson case, the operation appears to have been the most slipshod in recent history!

But, we digress.  There's more to this fiasco that doesn't add up, so,
as Ricky used to say to Lucy,
"You got some 'splainin to do!"

Levinson was reportedly contracted to collect data on the Iranian regime.

This violated all the rules, but most of all "Risk vs Gain".
-- Every month, thousands of folks visit Iran who could be debriefed after they return.  If they are rolled up and interrogated by Iranian Intelligence, there is plausible denial since no one from USI contacted them prior to their visit.  On their return and debrief, they could give informed and detailed information far more accurate than a retired gumshoe could since they had both placement and access - and a clear understanding of the Iranian culture and government, which Levinson did not.

-- Levinson was a known entity among the international law enforcement and intelligence communities, meaning that he was highly visible from the moment he bought his international airline ticket with his passport until the moment he mysteriously "disappeared."  Assume all foreign agencies are populated with double agents who service their governments, opposing intelligence services, and the criminal element -- much the same as in the good old USA.

Levinson couldn't have been more visible if he had worn an international orange jumpsuit with a giant FBI badge pinned on his back.  AND, he was meeting with a declared criminal on Iranian soil; chances are, Iranian security folks had this guy on their radar.

So, let's float a possible alternative to this very odd scenario.
Was it, Is it a scam?
The CIA has reportedly paid Levinson's wife, Christine, at least $2.62 million for her plight.

How is it that "an unknown source sent the family a 54 second video of Levinson" dressed in an orange jump suit, holding up a series of professional looking signs, one of which declares:
"This is the result of 30 years serving for USA" -- although his FBI career was only 28 years, which indicated he was adding a few years as a contractor.  Oddly exact for an Iranian propaganda video.

Now, if Levinson HAD been captured by the Iranian Intelligence Service [VAJA], propaganda videos would have been published early on in which he'd have been made to declare all sorts of things, to include statements condemning the US, and of course Israel.  The Iranians would have had a field day exploiting this capture, but, that didn't happen. 

Instead, we are to believe he was held incognito since 2007, without any effort to exploit him.
Makes no sense.

Possible scenario [purely speculative, of course]:
Levinson concocts this scheme, perhaps with his analyst "handler" to fake a capture; disappear, and then pop up via an odd video begging for help from the US government -- but, with no real propaganda theme other than a reference to "Guantanamo". 
The profit comes in US Government payments to his spouse in the amount of $2.62 million.

Oh, and the CIA analyst, Jablonski,  now works in the private sector [reportedly for RDC - a risk management company], while her CIA boss, Tim Sampson, now works for Homeland Security.
[Do you feel more secure now?]

It's a non-sequitur from start to finish.

1) We know first-hand what it is to be captured by the bad guys, having spent a bit of time in the hands of the Communist Pathet Lao in Laos in 1973.  If Levinson actually was captured by the Iranians, we commiserate with his suffering.
2) An account referencing the decline of the CIA following the Church Committee's investigation is available in an earlier blog on the Iran Hostage Rescue operation as depicted in the movie ARGO