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Burma: Next War?

Burma:  Can we successfully turn this country into our next war zone?         [CIA]

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In our never-ending pursuit of new battlegrounds to justify the purchase and implementation of the latest high-tech weaponry to kill off select new enemies, it appears we are arming the Burmese military, to umm, protect Burma from umm, evil-doers

Surrounded by the non-threatening states of India, China, and Thailand, Burma has successfully isolated itself from outside interference -- until now.

Should we invade?                      [Encyclopedia Britannica]

Lets face it, if the Nips couldn't defeat the Burmese during World War II, and the Chinese couldn't develop a strong enough Communist insurgency after World War II to convert it, and the Burmese military declared Martial Law to keep the population in check, somehow, we doubt that there is an external threat the Burmese have to worry about [screw this kumbaya name of Myanmar!].

Let's do a quick review of Burma's history.
Irriwadi River Valley
Early on [9th Century] the Burmans [thus the name Burma -- not Myanmarans] moved in from the Tibetan Empire and what is now Yunan Province in China and down through the Irrawadi River valley and bumped out the earlier settlers.  They created the Pagan Kingdom, which settled most of the open area of the valley and developed the Burmese language and culture and established Buddhism as the primary religion.

Things went well until the Mongols galloped in; you may remember Ghenghis Khan who made a name for himself by annihilating entire civilizations, but also, by promoting the Uyghur culture - which is now causing the modern Chinese no end of annoyance.

But, the empire thrived with the infusion of new blood and the rise of the Taungoo Dynasty, and became the largest empire ever in Southeast Asia.  But, by the 19th Century, the peace-loving Brits who conquered much of Asia with their corporate army of the British East India Company, sought control of Burma's natural resources of teak, gems, and a variety of minerals.

Now today, Burma is our target because it has, surprise: natural gas and OIL!

So, we are about to assert our Noblesse Oblige and figure out a way to start a war by assisting the Burmese military protect the country from -- you guessed it -- Terrorists.  Now, these terrorists would just happen to be the ethnic folks whose environments have been destroyed and whose assets have been seized by -- the Burmese government. 

Kachin Tribe [aka: Terrorists] in Ceremonial Dress

And, by God! it is our sworn duty to help protect the Burmese government from these heathens in the Burmese heartland.

How dare the Kachin, Shan, Kayah, Karen, and Mon challenge the Burmese government and military. 

Why, they're acting like the Native Americans did against their federal government!

Now, the one area the government ignores is the eastern portion of the country where the poppy flowers flourish, and the Nationalist Chinese [the Kuo Min Tang] operated their heroin factories to create the Golden Triangle as a pivot point of Southeast Asia, and the couriers of their product via the infamous Black Helicopters which US forces were prohibited from shooting down.  Officially, we allowed/supported/promoted/participated in this narcotics trade because Nationalist China was/is/might be our Ally, and could be a challenge to the PRC at some mind-numbingly remote point in the future.

America needs to invade Burma!
So, here we are, in the early stages of the 21st Century; we've pretty much destroyed much of the Middle East to placate Benjamin Netanyahu and AIPAC to protect Israel; and we have made ourselves the designated enemy of the our former friends and allies: Iraq, Iran, Eqypt, Syria, Afghanistan. Lebanon, Libya, -- and that list just goes on, doesn't it.

But, we need enemies.  We tried to get involved in Syria, but the American people told their Congresspeople that they would be drawn and quartered if they involved us in another Middle East war to satisfy Netanyahu.

And then, North Korea was our designated enemy, but, that nonsense simply couldn't gain traction since they fired the only missile in their inventory into the Pacific, falling a thousand miles or so short of its target, and we had so much firepower in South Korea that the war would have been over in a matter of minutes; and you damned well can't make a solid profit in a 30 minute war! Besides, it's difficult to draw out a land war that only took 30 minutes to complete.

Flirt with that blond again, I dare you!

We'd start a war with China, but we owe them too much money, and they'd foreclose on our Capitol and the White House, and Congressional pensions; and, as for Russia, Putin told obama that if he started anything with Russia, Putin would bitch-slap him worse than any beating Michelle had ever laid on Barack. 

We can't fight the Pakistanis, since they helped stage the bogus killing of Osama bin Laden, and if we invaded them, they'd rat out obama on that scam. 

The Indians?
Nah! They manage most of our computer systems and cloud storage, not to speak of almost all of our Help Desk Call Centers -- and who would process all our orders for Amazon and Best Buy.

And there you have it.  We're almost out of enemies and places to stage a war.

The solution? 

Why Burma, of course. 
It has a ready-made insurgent population as pissed off as our very own Native Americans were because the government screwed them out of their lands and resources, and relegated them to Third Class Citizen status.

And, look at that landscape.
Why, it's ideal for tank warfare, and our West Point grads could reenact any number of World War II battles [well, they'd have to get the Chinese to play a proxy war so we'd have someone to fight], and, by golly, we'd need a whole new generation of counter-insurgency aircraft -- and these would be, you guessed it, the phenomenally expensive F-35, which costs nearly $200 Million per plane.
That wouldn't be an issue were it not for the fact that drones have made both the fighter and the pilot obsolete.

Bottom Line: 
Will we sell arms to, and join forces with the Burmese Army to wage a war against the Burmese citizens?

Umm, there's megabucks worth of oil and natural gas there!
What do YOU  think!

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Academy Rape: Rite of Passage?

Preserving the Integrity of the Naval Academy Football Team -- the Victim is Guilty!

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We discovered today, in the "local news" section of the Post, that the US Military judicial system [aka: UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)] is taking a new turn -- and a disgraceful one which will seriously degrade the quality of life of Military personnel from this point forward.

Briefly [with comment]:
A female Midshipman at the US Naval Academy alleges she was raped by three of the Academy's football players at an off-campus party about two years ago [apparently, the judicial process has slowed a bit since we were on Active Duty].  Two of the three defendants no longer face charges [apparently their talents on the football field outweighed the merits of the investigation -- and we all know how important Navy football is to the national defense program.]
The third defendant, Joshua Tate, is represented by a lawyer who demanded access to the victim's medical and mental health records covering her post-trauma period.
Defendants Bush, Tate, Graham       []

Astonishingly, the judge, COL Dan Daugherty, [USMC's chief judge] has agreed to release portions of those records to the defense attorney.

[Note:  Midshipman Joshua Tate was found Not Guilty; lesser charges of lying to investigators, etc., were "dropped".  
Penalty:  Dismissal from the Academy.  
The Rape Victim:  Forced out.]

According to court documents, the rape reportedly occurred at an off-campus drunken bash, and the victim was serially raped after she had passed out.   After she reported the incident, she came under fire from team-mates, classmates, and Academy administrators, with allusions that it was her fault.

Some issues here:
1) How frequent are these off-campus drunken bashes, and do faculty attend as well?
2) How is this conduct conducive to the development of Military Leadership?
3) Are female officer cadets at risk simply by virtue of their sex and naivete when they enter a US Military Academy?
4) Are Academy football players automatically exempt from criminal penalties?
5) One of these defendants was commissioned and reportedly serving on active duty; would you want your daughter serving with/near/under his supervision?

[Was the standard set back in 1991 with the Tailhook scandal in which 83 women were assaulted by Navy and Marine officers?]

But, so much for the confidentiality of medical records and doctor [psychiatrist] - patient confidentiality.

It is precisely the potential of such breaches of privacy that has traditionally prevented our Military personnel from seeking psychiatric counseling for PTSD issues; the fear, of course, is that their promotion, assignment, and career potentials would be obviated should their superiors, peers, or antagonists gain access to their medical records.

Aside from the initial reaction of disgust in this trial in which the victim is now on trial, we turn to the greater question of the breach of privacy for Military members.

Recognizing that our Military personnel endure considerable stress in combat and combat support, and even in such administrative support positions as manning nuclear missile sites, it's a given that they need to be able to relieve their stress periodically through counseling with a shrink, preferably a Military doctor who understands the environment and levels of stress these troops face.

There are two factors to consider.
1) The needs of the individual to release their mental demons and deal with them in a constructive fashion in order to function effectively.
2) The needs of the Service to ensure the member is sane and can function effectively.

Tom Lea's Thousand Yard Stare
If the individual has developed the Thousand Yard Stare, or the modern version PTSD, the individual needs to be assisted and led to an effective recovery process.

If that works, the individual can continue to be an effective soldier.  If not, the individual should be removed from duty until recovery is complete.  Untreated, we see incidents such as that of Staff Sergeant Bales, who inexplicably left his compound in Afghanistan and slaughtered 16 Afghan civilians in their homes. 

We'll add here that most individuals who have endured combat or the stress of surviving in a combat environment have routine psychological issues which would be judged abnormal by civilian shrinks. 

Think in terms of watching friends and comrades unexpectadly blown apart, legs and arms flying, gaping stomach wounds, blood spurting uncontrollably, sucking chest wounds, shrieking, scrambling, clawing, and shaking uncontrollably; these are a few of the scenes in combat. 
[I was once on an evac plane and found myself the only passenger with two feet still attached; mine were ankle deep in blood from the other passengers.]
But, even those non-combatants in the general battle zone undergo stress.
[My father was targeted by the North Koreans for kidnap and assassination, and barely escaped a close encounter; other incidents plagued him in nightmares for decades after he retired]

So, fear of death and/or dismemberment, or any number of military-related demons tend to make our Military a bit different psychologically than your average American.

When they get the shakes from those fears, they need someone to talk with and relieve themselves of these stresses so they can function normally [well, sort of].

With that as background, and with the awareness that the one thing at which the Military bureaucrats are highly skilled is undermining and screwing over the careers of earnest soldiers and officers by inserting secret notes in their files, Military careerists are cautious as to what they allow in their personnel files.
[I recovered my files via the Privacy Act and found astonishing hand-written notes by officers with whom I had done administrative battle (oddly enough, they were all Academy grads)].

If the individual seeks mental health counseling, and details from such discussions are recorded and passed to the the Military hierarchy, the doctor-patient relationship is abrogated, and the individual, particularly NCOs and officers, can see their careers slide into oblivion -- with no legal recourse since the process is often terminal before the individual becomes aware of it. 

So, what's at stake in this trial?
A Marine JAG officer who recognizes his potential for promotion to general rides on not offending a host of senior officers who are Academy grads who dearly want to ensure that the miscreants drafted to play football for the Academies are never hampered in the pursuit of a successful Academy football season, will put on the best show possible to assure the public that there remains, in fact, some level of ethics in the Military judicial system -- but don't count on it folks.

As a footnote, think in terms that these midshipmen -- all of whom admitted to egregious conduct, once commissioned, will serve as officers in the US Navy, commanding enlisted personnel.

A quick fix is to charge them with "Conduct Unbecoming an Officer" and dismiss them from the Service.  Let's fix our Military Services and protect our Service Members from these predators.

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Cyber War: Next Step - New World Order?

Will Cyber Wars Justify the New World Order?                  [  Cyber Warrior by cwbluesky]

Click here for related article [Wired]

It appears there's a solution to avoiding NSA and our government spying on us.
And the solution, oddly enough, is a Russian cyber sleuth who delights in tracking, outing, and zapping malicious malware created by -- you guessed it, government sponsored hackers trying to spy on John Q. Citizen.

NSA Nemisis Kapersky   []

The counter-hacker is Eugene Kaspersky, a Russian whose company created and sells anti-virus software which has become so popular that it's sales almost match the combined sales of Symantec and McAfee, with about 50 million direct users, and 300 million indirect users via embedded code in Microsoft, Cisco, and Juniper networks.

His company's singular accomplishments were the detection, analysis, and outing of the Stuxnet and Flame viruses which were reportedly created through a joint US-Israeli effort to attack Iran's nuclear development IT systems [which ended badly when the virus escaped the closed circuit and went viral, attacking Israel's computer systems, and countless others world-wide].  We discussed Flame and Stuxnet in an earlier post

We might hail Kapersky as a savior, except that earlier in his life he trained as a KGB officer and was a functionary in Vladimir Putin's administration.  He continues a relationship with the Russian FSB [Federal Security Service] -- the successor to the KGB. 

On the one hand, he creates anti-virus software that protects our computers [effectively] from hackers -- and NSA monitoring. 

On the other hand, his version of Internet security requires "strictly monitored digital passports for some on-line activities and enabling government regulation of social networks to thwart protest movements.

His firm cooperates with the Siloviki, a Putin-led network of military, security, law enforcement and KGB veterans.  The reach of the Siloviki extends well beyond computer security and into politics and econonomics -- to include re-nationalization of the Russian oil sector. 

The eventual goal is "authoritarian capitalism" via state controlled mega-corporations to dominate key sectors of the economy [not unlike the centralization of the US internet providers -- which is gradually amalgamating under Comcast; did we mention that David Cohen, the Executive Vice President of Comcast Cable, is a "close confidant of the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee"? -- so that merger with Time-Warner will likely not be challenged by the FCC. 

If Internet providers are all consolidated under one monopoly -- the course on which we are headed, it is just one step away from full government control of the Internet -- and the end of free speech. 

One powerful weapon, which we're seeing employed now in Europe and in the US, is "currency restriction" which can cripple firms domestically and internationally.  Recent requirements in both US and European banks include filling out a new "bank form" to disclose the purpose of large cash withdrawals [e.g., $1,000 or more].  Are we headed for international controls on private bank assets -- over and above that already imposed by money-laundering regulations?  Will existing currencies be replaced overnight by new bank notes - worth a fraction of the currencies they replaced?
[We'll discuss that in a separate blog post.]

As Kapersky notes: 
"It's too much freedom out there; freedom is good, but the bad guys -- they can abuse this freedom to manipulate public opinion.

But, Kapersky tempers our fears by advising that the FSB has never made a request to tamper with his software or attempted to insert its agents into his company.
[But, why should it?  The FSB merely needs to request/demand the data in which it is interested.]

His software is effective since it scans every app, file, and email on the host computer, seeking and deleting known malware.  New and undocumented malware is isolated, encrypted and matched against a database of 94 million known malicious objects; if it is unknwn. it is analyzed to determine if it is making unauthorized changes in the operating system, or if it is pinging -- or communicating with another IP address data from your computer.  If that's the case, Kapersky's analysts examine it to determine its structure and the scope of its activity.

Kapersky also created a special cyber-security threat lab called GREAT [Global Research and Expert Analysis Team] which targets and tracks cyber-criminals [or in the US, "enemies of the State"].  This was the team that was tasked by the UN's International Telecommunication Union [ITU] which promotes the development of the Internet.  The ITU disclosed that a virus was deletign data on Iran's oil and gas ministry computers -- two years after the discovery of the Stuxnet worm.

The team found a file ~DEB93D.tmp and used it to track 20 modules of the new malicious code, the primary functions of which included:
1) Surreptitious activation of a system microphone
2) Collection of files -- particularly design and architecture drawings
3) Uploading of captured data to anonymous command and control servers

One module, called Flame [aka: Flamer, sKyWIper, and Skywiper], infected other computers and was clearly created by professional hackers under government direction.  It targets Microsoft Windows OS and records audio [and Skype conversations], screenshots, keyboard activity, and network traffic; as an added bonus, infected computers become Bluetooth beacons downloading data from nearby Bluetooth enabled devices.

The program sends the data to remote command and control servers, and awaits specific tasking from the servers.  Flame also has a "kill" command which wipes all traces of it from a computer once it's discovered.  The bulk of the computers attacked were in the Middle East, but accidentally spread to Europe and North America, penetrating business and financial systems.

Kapersky's response has been to create a firewall structure to block Flame and Stuxnet style viruses from attacking power grids, nuclear plants, sewage plants, and prisons which operate from central control systems.

What's his bottom line:
"By protecting our right to freedom, we actually sacrifice it! We sacrifice the right to safe Internet surfing and to not get infected by some nasty piece of malware at every step."

Is he a savior?  or a wolf in sheep's clothing, ready to sucker us into giving away our last bastion of independent thought and communication in exchange for "security" 
-- the predator, ironically, being the Government!

He would have the ITU established as the global authority of the Internet, displacing national governance bodies, and likely ICANN [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers] which oversees the name and number systems of the Internet, while the IANA [Internet Assigned Numbers Authority] assigns IP addresses.  Now, we've seen how well the UN has handled world crises, so, we're not sure we'd like to see a bunch of UN fops prancing around and creating arbitrary bureaucracies to govern.  US businesses won't roll over easily for this concept, and the IT leadership will likely bellow rather loudly.  We'll more than likely hear the axiom bantered about boardrooms and the halls of Congress: 
These systems work!  If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

But, we can guarantee you that Mr Obama will seek to turn over all authority to the United Nations as the New World Order, as he has attempted to do with gun control.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brit Intelligence Hackers

GCHQ - A Bit more stylish than NSA HQ           [this is not a hubcap]

Click here for related story [The Independent]

And we thought the NSA was bad!

Turns out our trusted British allies may be one of our most threatening internet foes as they use "... online viruses and honey traps to discredit targets."

Once again, that mean old whistleblower [aka: traitor], Fast Eddie Snowden, has revealed some awkward facts about government spying, this time it's not the NSA, but James Bond's employer, British Intelligence [aka: GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters).  Now, last year [2013), Eddie revealed that GCHQ was attempting to collect ALL on-line and telephone data in the UK via the Tempora program, which hacks into fiber-optic cables supporting the Internet. 

Now, of course the Brits conduct such surveillance SOLELY to protect the citizenry from that chronic Terrorist Threat [IRA, al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden (pick a threat, any threat)].  God forbid they should follow NSA's lead to target its own citizens to coerce them into staying in line.

But, let's examine what those GCHQ pranksters have been up to.

The GCHQ's Joint Intelligence Threat Research Program [JTRIG] directs the Ambassadors Reception program, which, when sent to adversaries, embeds an encrypted virus which deletes all emails, encrypts all files, makes the monitor screen shake, and blocks the computer user from logging on.

Sound familiar?  Why, those British rascals may have targeted your computer as a test run.

Is GCHQ watching you?        []
As we understand it, GCHQ also targeted the CIA and NSA just for grins! 

Those silly Brits; they're just a barrel of laughs, all the time. 

Is John Clease in charge?

We won't suggest that they've been tapping into Mr obama's White House Communications system; why, that would be almost as crass as Mr obama's spiteful sending the Churchill bust back to the Brits.

Then again, if they were tapping in, they'd likely hear very little other than Mr obama's conversations with his Las Vegas bookie as he doubles down once again.

So, what else can this program do?
1) Illegal hacking to create denial of service [DoS] to disable chatrooms [e.g., Facebook]
2) Overlaps the operational territory of MI-5 and MI-6 [territorial poaching! - how dare they!]
3) Under the Effects program, "enemies" are targeted under the Four Ds
     -- Deny/Disrupt/Degrade/Deceive
     the object being to use on-line techniques to "make something happen in the real or cyber world."
4) Create blogs to leak confidential information to companies or journalists
5) Use the internet to develop "Real life" methods, e.g., the Honey Trap [creating a sexual encounter
    for blackmail to obtain confidential information
    [very useful against both enemies and domestic politicians who are unfriendly to GCHQ]
6) Accessing a target's social networking account [e..g, Facebook] to replace their photograph -- to be replaced by a JTRIG comment designed to increase the target's paranoia.
7) Infiltration Work:  Discredit companies or individuals by sending false emails and texts

What's the reaction to these activities?
Privacy International has advised that
"... it has become clear that the current legal framework governing intelligence activities in the UK is unfit for purpose in the modern digital era, and reform is urgently needed."

GCHQ has indignantly responded:
".... [its] activities are within the law and the subject of ministerial and Parliamentary scrutiny!  They are authorised, necessary, and proportionate." Harumph! 

Why, these techniques have been used against Taliban in Afghanistan to protect Jolly Old England from al Qaeda launching V2 missiles at London.

JimmyBob Clapper   [daveinboca]
JimmyBob Clapper and Keith Alexander couldn't have been more forthright in their own defense of undermining US Constitutional rights to privacy.

When questioned about GCHQ's role in creating and deploying the Stuxnet virus [which accidentally went out of control and -- viral internationally], Flame, and its variants, they were a bit mum.

So, who's better at screwing their own citizens, the Brits, or the Yanks!

We probably won't find out for a while since we'll have to wait for Fast Eddie to release more documents.

In the meantime, we know JimmyBob Clapper will protect us from those evil-doing terrorists -- where-ever they are!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sochi: Declaration of War?

Academic Song & Dance Ensemble - Moscow Military District

Click here for referenced video

Lots of good fun and music at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, as the Russky songsters bait the Ukraine and the European Union.

Passive Aggressive posturing?  Or a veiled warning of future aggression.
Seems reminiscent of the 1936 Olympics with similar posturing by another famous leader; interestingly, that Olympic torch was delivered to the chorus of Handel's Messiah.

Some may recall that Russia in previous decades was the lead component of the USSR and the undeclared enemy of the USA.  But, when the USSR collapsed following Reagan's strategic defense moves, Russia emerged as our best buddy, and they are now giving us warm Bear Hugs.

The link which leads this article is one of the opening songs of the Winter Olympics, hosted by our Best Buddies, the Russians - a fun-loving lot whose history includes luminaries such as Lenin and Stalin, the latter being the fellow whose "Social Engineering" program purged hundreds of thousands of citizens and Military leaders using allegations of espionage, sabotage, anti-government agitation, and conspiracy; the purging ranged from arrest and detention in Gulag labor camps [which bear a striking resemblance to our very own FEMA camps] where many dissidents died from exposure, starvation, or simply, summary execution.  Efficiency prevailed in many cases as batches of dissidents were simply loaded into the back of vans and gassed. 

The total of the purged deceased ranged from a minimum number of only 10 million to a maximum of 60 million.  Now that, is the epitome of Social Engineering
[Something we can look forward to here in the good old USA (will it become the USSA?)].

Now, as a footnote, we'd like to highlight that Mr Obama's strategist, David Axelrod, is reportedly the grandson of two of Mr Stalin's closest political advisors, and the son of Russian emigres who created and managed a major Communist organization right here in the USA.  Oddly, most references to that history [of which there used to be many] seem to have been purged from the Internet; alas.

Notably, our very own Bill Clinton, while a Rhodes Scholar attending Oxford [but reportedly rarely in class], spent an extended period with a young KGB intern in the USSR named Vlad Putin -- who also rose to become his country's leader. Do you think they stayed in touch in later years?  Could Vlad have been Bill's handler?  Could Vlad's KGB linkage explain Bill's funding, and the mysterious suicides and deaths of oh, so many folks who could testify against Bill and derail his political career?

Is that a coincidence, or what! 

But, we've digressed.

The lyrics of this jolly song include a series of snarky, and baiting remarks which seem to come across as threats to the Ukraine should it join NATO, and to the European Union at large, and they even allude to US Special Forces.  The threat is to cut off natural gas supplies to Europe, perhaps in a gracious Bear Hug.  Our Russian best buddy has a rather strange sense of humor.

Notably, there has been a steady series of reports since 2009 reflecting the increase in Russia's military budget.  Most recently [12/2013], Mr Putin declared Russia's power to be "moral as well as military", with a warning that the West not underestimate Russia's military might.

"Nobody should have any illusion about the possibility of gaining military superiority over Russia. 
We will never allow this to happen.  Russia will respond to all these challenges, political and military."

Reportedly, Russia is now engaged in its largest military buildup since the USSR collapsed, with a sizable nuclear stockpile, which some refer to as Upper Volta with missiles.  Beyond the armament build-up, Russia's power projection includes:
a) Bomber patrols in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
b) Dispatch of Task Forces [among other destinations, the Caribbean]
c) The 2008 Campaign against Georgia,
d) And, last but not least, Joint Maneuvers with the Chinese Army and Navy

Now, these indicators could all be benign, although we've faced off with the Chinese in the Korean War, and we've been nose to nose with the Russians in NATO face-offs.  Why, we even used to have mock wars, with the scenario that the USSR attacked NATO -- and we responded with tactical nuclear weapons [e.g., the Able Archer NATO exercise series].

What concerns us is that our Leader From Behind has been purging our Military hierarchy since he came into office, replacing proven officers with those quick to genuflect before his eminence, and willing to follow any orders -- to include "firing on US civilians".

Russian Special Forces [Spetsnaz]
What also concerns us are reports of Russian and Chinese troops training with US troops, driving US military vehicles, and acting in enforcement positions against US citizens in remote areas of the US. 

Add to this, the fact [as reported by a participating former Navy SEAL] that the US is training Russian Special Forces [Spetsnaz] at remote camps [e.g., in Colorado] and holding joint military exercises with the Chinese.

To add to these concerns, we've noticed that our nuclear defense program appears to be being purged via a series of extraordinary charges against generals with previously unblemished careers, suddenly committing egregious ethical, moral, and security breaches, and dismissed in dishonor.  Taken individually, they seem a little odd, but believable. 

But, put in the context of military build-ups by our "potential adversaries", China and Russia, we have to wonder if Mr Obama is not operating as the Manchurian Candidate to remove our defenses and succumb to our adversaries without firing a shot.

"Your mission is simple, Mr obama: Win one last election to gain unchecked flexibility, weaken our defenses, and fundamentally transform the world."

Monday, February 10, 2014

US -- Police State?

FBI Secret Agent - County Commissioner Tammy Hall [NaplesNews]

Click here for related story [USAToday] []

We've been inundated with monitoring by NSA via their SIGINT [Signals Intelligence] and COMINT [Communications Intelligence], but now, we're learning of a new intrusion HUMINT [Human Intelligence] by none other than our friendly FBI -- which, along with DHS is "protecting" us from "terrorists" by spying -- not on them, but on us.

We just don't realize that since 9/11, all US citizens, especially our combat Veterans, are now designated as "potential terrorists".

So, what's going on now?

According to USA Today, Tammy Hall was the Lee County [FL] Commissioner, who got caught pilfering $33,000 in campaign donations, struck a plea bargain with the FBI to reduce her jail term, and became a Human Intelligence recruited asset apparently to spy on her colleagues, political candidates, contractors, and "... public issues the FBI is known to be examining.

Details of her activities have been sealed, but, here's some informed information which might make you uneasy.

1) She was the County's dispute negotiator over Fort Myers' city officials the issue of impact fee credits to a developer widening State Road #82.  Subsequently, the FBI and US Attorney Nicole Waid gave city officials the third degree on the land deal, apparently using information supplied by Hall on the negotiations.

a) A Commissioner who preceded Tammy's term regarded her covert operations as a potential violation of her fiduciary responsibility to her constituents -- by extension, a criminal action which, under a normal DOJ, would likely be prosecuted.

Stasi Symbol
b) One concern is that the FBI's recruitment of elected officials on the public payroll -- even in plea bargain deals -- is "troubling" and goes beyond the facts of individual cases.  Having public officials spying on each other is the first step on the proverbial legal "slippery slope".  At what point do we institute a reporting system of officials spying on each other, and neighbors reporting on each other, and children reporting on their parents. 

---- Extreme?  Absolutely.  Read up on the Communist East German Stasi,
the national police organization which recruited everyone to spy on each other - creating a paralyzing national paranoia.

c)  According to a former prosecutor turned defense attorney
"If it wasn't for informants, law enforcement would have a great deal of trouble solving crimes. Simply put, they don't know what they don't know."  But, he added "Some jurors just won't trust a snitch, and informant".
--With good reason since the informant receives benefits for testifying on behalf of the prosecution.


So, is an informant a good asset -- or a liability.

Generally speaking, if the informant is on the public payroll, but being "handled" by an FBI agent, there's a direct conflict of interest, and a violation of federal law by both the FBI and the public servant.  That's covered in the US Attorney General Guidelines Regarding Use of FBI Confidential Informants

An informant in these circumstances should be used solely to alert the FBI to suspected criminal activities, and then removed from the reporting chain and replaced with FBI legal tools to complete the investigation to maintain the integrity of the rules of evidence during the prosecution -- if any.


Now, you may wonder why I'm reaching across the line to discuss the Law Enforcement world when I normally focus on the Intelligence Community.

1)  NSA has abused its position and resources as an agency authorized to collect foreign intelligence and has gathered masses amounts of metadata on the majority of US citizens.  In turn, they have provided access to this data to the Law Enforcement Community with explicit explanations of the intelligence collection programs, the sources and methods, and how to access and exploit the collected information -- an absolute violation of NSA's charter and a complete and unauthorized invasion of the privacy of US citizens.

2) Here's my main problem:
The Law Enforcement Community has become a conduit for recruiting by the Intelligence Services; it appears the CIA, for one, is now heavily populated by former DEA, ATF, and FBI agents, as well as state troopers and even street cops.  Their amateurish approach to espionage is to treat recruited assets in the same manner as their confidential informants, frequently leaving them in the cold, or burning them when the immediate collection task is over.  That, of course, violates the basic tenets of espionage, and Intelligence Services become little more than national police organizations.  Ultimately, no foreign citizens in their right mind would risk their lives working for US Intelligence under these conditions.

We're watching the US become a police state, just one step at a time, as our judicial system turns a blind eye by breaches of integrity, and even criminal actions by our Law Enforcement Community -- but, as the lines between the Law Enforcement Community and the Intelligence Community become blurred -- or non-existent, we will become that police state epitomized by East Germany's Stasi.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ping Honors Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors in Sports Training                    []

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Somehow, the Network News didn't quite cover this remarkable story; we decided it needed visibility; please feel free to share it.

Disabled Sports, USA [DS/USA], founded in 1967, has more than 100 chapters in 37 states and is a partner of the Wounded Warrior Project, based in Jacksonville, Florida.  Together, they assist Wounded Warriors in their recovery process and have helped more than 1,200 wounded veterans, holding clinics in 40 sports, to include golf, sailing, climbing, track and field, kayaking, and winter sports.  Advanced training is also available to assist competitors in Paralympic events and advanced competitions.

Ping Trainee         []
Ping is a Gold Sponsor of DS/USA and partners with the PGA to offer eight-week golf lessons by a PGA pro who has been trained in adaptive teaching techniques.  For the Wounded Warriors who have a severe, permanent disability and have attended six of these sessions, Ping contributes a set of custom-fit, custom-built golf clubs, with bag.  Included in this elite group are Vets in wheelchairs, amputees, and blind golfers.

Ping contributes about 50 sets of its clubs to these Wounded Warriors, and it also gives rebates to other Vets as a "thank-you" for their Service.

Two soldiers we're proud of

Other Gold Sponsors to this program include:
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Anthem Life
Beaver Run Resort
Bob Woodruff Foundation
Breckenridge Ski Resort
The Hartford Foundation
Heisman Trust
Oshkosh Defense
Tee It Up for the Troops

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