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DHS Corruption Exposed - UPDATE

Competes well with the best of the Obama Administration's Prevaricators

This Post has been updated (10 May 2019) 
due to breaking news on this scandal

Evidence released during the trial/conviction of Sonai Patel, DHS IT Manager, included the news she had stolen a data-base managing 150,000 internal investigations, including background investigations on 250,000 DHS employees].  Charles K. Edwards [then Inspector General] is accused of using that data in a contract proposal to his former employers.  

Also revealed are Edwards' efforts to undercut the effectiveness of the DHS (the) Director of USCIS [Citizenship and Immigration Services), Alejandro Mayorkas.

The unanswered question here is what data was passed over during the "telecommuting" between Edwards wife in India and Patel, and how much of that data was transferred to Chinese Intelligence.  Would that have included the numerous FOIA requests -- and data provided regarding on-going investigations regarding Illegals, Child Sex Trafficking, ATF files, Coast Guard intelligence, etc.

Finally, we are reminded of the fact that DHS then had 250,000 employees!
How is it we are short on Border Patrol Police.

Click here for related article [Washington Post (Carol D Leonnig)]

It appears there is a spark of journalistic integrity left at the Post.  The referenced article is a masterpiece of investigative journalism, and we trust Congress will begin reading the Post again for such stories rather than using it for litter box filler as they did while Katherine Weymouth controlled the editorial process.

This investigative story reveals corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Homeland Security [DHS], the federal agency charged with pulling all federal law enforcement and intelligence activities into one information sharing and enforcement basket [albeit a bureaucratic goat-rope] with a mere 240,000 employees -- most of whom cannot define their job description.

Charles K Edwards served as the acting Inspector General of DHS from 2011 - 13, but, instead of investigating unethical behavior, became the target of Senate investigators as a result of his own unethical behavior, which included joining the subjects of his investigations for drinks and dinners, and sharing with them confidential reports from whistle-blowers and his investigators.

Ultimately, he asked the targets of these investigations how he should handle the disclosures of their unethical and in some cases, illegal behavior -- after which he altered reports to Congress to the benefit of those being investigated.

Edwards also came under fire for
1) Requiring his staffers to drive him on personal errands
2) Using government personnel to help him write his PhD dissertation
3) Hiring his wife to work for his office -- and to telecommute from India for seven months
4) Retaliating against DHS whistle-blowers.

All these illicit activities occurred while Edwards was Mr obama's nominee for the permanent position of Inspector General.

Putting it mildly, Senator Ron Johnson [R-WI] advised:
"We found that Mr Edwards was a compromised Inspector General.  
Any report generated out of his office would be suspect."

Notably, Edwards resigned his position three days prior to his scheduled appearance before the Senate to respond to their inquiries into his activities.

The Senate bipartisan investigation was initiated following the scandal in Colombia in which Secret Service agents were compromised by hiring prostitutes and revealing sensitive information to them. "Whistle-blowers alleged Edwards ordered them to remove derogatory information implicating a White House staff member; more staff members came forward to allege deletions and delays in other reports."

Three DHS employees who questioned the deletions were put on Administrative Leave; among those was the General Counsel who was forced into another position after being placed on paid Administrative leave for EIGHT MONTHS!

DHS "declined" to provide the emails which related to those reports.
[Note to Senate:  Use a subpoena -- not a request!]

DHS General Counsel John Sandweg
At the request of a DHS official [then-DHS General Counsel John Sandweg], Edwards is alleged to have ordered changes to and delayed release of a report on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] which disclosed complaints that DHS had misled Congress and the public about Secure Communities -- a new program to identify illegal immigrants which has come under considerable scrutiny and criticism.

Edwards repeatedly consulted with Sandweg, then DHS-Director Janet Napolitano's top political advisor and General Counsel, on how to respond to Congressional Committee questions.

One of Edwards' emails to Sandweg included this quote:

"I really need some legal help.  Please help me for the next four months."

[This is the equivalent of a criminal prosecutor asking the defendant for assistance on how to handle the criminal's prosecution.]

Sandweg, according to Fox News, came under Congressional criticism since he had "zero law enforcement experience."  He is a former criminal defense attorney whose clients included murderers, sex offenders, and pedophiles.
His clients included
  1) a man convicted of strangling his girlfriend in front of her 4-year-old child,
  2) an identity theft ring, violent felons who had violated their parole, and
  3) a man accused of multiple counts of sexual assault on a minor.
[This guy made the character of "Just Call Saul" look like a saint!]

Why, former Democratic Presidential nominee, John Edwards who was caught in a series of lies, would have been proud to have had Sandweg as his running mate.

You remember John Edwards.
Liz Edwards; died in 2010
He ran as a Democrat for President on the basis of good teeth, good hair, and the sympathy vote since his wife [Elizabeth Edwards] was dying of cancer; we learned during the campaign that he was cheating on his dying wife with Rielle Hunter [aka: Lisa Jo Druck],  who bore him a child.

But, we digress.

Now, Sandweg is a piece of work, but, hold on, there's still more to this story.

The Senate report noted that Charles Edwards conferred on a regular basis with not only Sandweg, but also with Janet Napolitiano's Chief of Staff, Noah Kroloff during the period he was investigating the Secret Service scandal.

Kroloff resigned his position with Napolitano, and is a Partner of Global Security and Intelligence Strategies [GSIS] -- a consulting and advisory firm.
-- Should we ask how many contracts GSIS has with DHS?
-- Would there be a conflict of interest there?
--  Is the Pope Catholic?

The Senate report also disclosed that DHS IG Charles Edwards reclassified a Transportation Security Administration [TSA] report critical of "imaging screening".

The classification was bumped up - inexplicably - from SECRET to TSC [TOP SECRET/SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION] - an egregious breach of classification authority to prevent almost all but a few in Congress access to the report.

[TS/C is a classification restricted to only the most sensitive intelligence relating to highly technical or restricted methods and sources, and NEVER for a routine report on procedural effectiveness. The SCI access generally requires that an individual undergo a polygraph exam; access requires a lengthy procedure due to the sensitivity of the materials, meaning that only a few Senators and Congresspersons would be eligible for access. (Then-senator obama was never granted a security clearance at all due to the absence of legitimate documents in his personal history).]

Some of you may be uncertain as to the role of an Inspector General [IG].

In essence, the IG is a government [or military] watchdog whose mission is to ensure integrity within the organization.  The IG investigates using special agents/professional investigators and auditors to pursue allegations of wrong-doing, and is expected to provide reports to higher headquarters of his/her findings prior to or during investigations and possibly consequent criminal proceedings.  The President appoints IGs for HUD and the Agency for International Development; all the rest are appointed by the heads of the agencies they serve -- but are essentially approved by the President.

Notably, in this [OBAMA] Administration, most of the IG positions are vacant -- leaving little or no internal review process for whistle-blowers or corruption monitoring.  This vacuum could explain the extraordinary levels of corruption in government agencies in this Administration.

To set your mind at ease with respect to the reports of extraordinary corruption in the DHS, you'll be gratified to know that the new Inspector General is John Roth, whom the Senate confirmed last month [by a simple majority].  He responded to the Senate report of DHS corruption with the words:

"... this report contains valuable insights that my office will be taking into account 
as we move forward with our oversight mission."

Now, for you denizens of California [who gave the US Pelosi, Waters Boxer, and Feinstein], we want to remind you that Janet Napolitino, who headed the DHS during so much of this corruption, is now President of the University of California, and is routinely the subject of protests when she visits the various campuses [to be fair, in one instance at Berkeley, two students did launch a "counter-protest"]. In her new role, controlling your college kids' education, do you feel safer, and aren't you happy your tax dollars are paying her salary?

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Counter-Intelligence - Obama-Style

Think of me as your Big Brother - I Protect You from the Truth  []

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The Administration's War of Terror has stepped up a notch.  Mr obama has created a "counter-intelligence" directive, which in effect, counters the collection and accurate analysis of professional intelligence by adding a new step -- the Fear Factor -- to the Intelligence Community.  Meet with a  journalist and risk your career and a jail sentence.

Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 119 effectively prohibits intelligence personnel from contact with the Media/journalists -- unless they have specific authorization to do so
"... to mitigate risks of unauthorized disclosures of intelligence-related matters that may result from such contacts."

[ICDs replace the old DCIDs -- which older Intelligence professionals may remember]

Since the new regulation "does not distinguish between classified and unclassified intelligence information", traditional interaction between intelligence analysts and operatives with journalists to informally trade information will now become a thing of the past.

Some eons ago, in our Spook and Analyst days, we routinely met with professional journalists who were notable for their areas of areas of expertise to pick their brains on who was who in political, economic, and military hierarchies, who controlled key financial instruments, who controlled the Media, and who within a foreign government might be amenable to giving up "Open Source" or even "Classified" information.

Those were the days of both professional journalists and professional intelligence officers.

We recall discussing, some decades back, political and military events in a Latin American country in order to get a feel for the progress of a rumored coup.  After reading CIA TD-FIRs, DIA IIRs, Attache reports, DIRNSA intercepts, we were still not certain of who was doing what to whom, when or where.

After discussions with two journalists who specialized in the region, we were able to put all the pieces [unclassified and classified] together and created an assessment for the Pentagon Black Book in which we predicted the coup down to the day and even the hour [10:00 am local time], naming and assessing the key players in the coup, and detailing the composition of the succeeding junta -- and their commercial supporters.

That analysis drew guffaws from the senior Pentagon officers reading it, and the reigning IC powers of the era announced their scorn for such an amateurish analysis.

Our lead line, on the day the coup actually took place was
"As predicted, ......"

This led to a meeting of the heads of each segment of the IC as it was structured then, all demanding to know how it was that we had such precise information, and accusing us of keeping classified information from the IC.

We responded that we had used the classified reports which their operatives and analysts had provided the IC, but we felt no obligation to direct those same personnel to "Open Source" materials which they could have found in the US and foreign Press reports.  We provided each agency with copies of their reports which we had used, and then supplemented that material with Media reports we had assembled which filled in the gaps of the classified material.

Although we made few friends that day [as the IC directors and analysts were forced to eat humble pie], we did catch the attention of the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) who felt that our precise coup prediction was not an aberration since we had a previous solid string of such accurate assessments.  Thus, we were gratified when the DCI blessed us with the DCI Exceptional Intelligence Analyst Award, a graduate fellowship to Georgetown and Oxford, a bag of money to travel throughout the world and interview diplomats and intelligence officers, and an assignment to provide special intelligence assessments to the Secretary of State and to write State inputs to National Intelligence Estimates.

But, we digress.

If you can't eavesdrop, it's not Intelligence
The point of this blog post is that the Director of National Intelligence [JimmyBob Clapper] is neutering the Intelligence Community by blocking their access to some of the most lucrative sources of information and leads.  In the absence of interaction with professional journalists, the Intelligence analysts and operatives lose a valuable resource.

Clapper has traditionally opposed Human Intelligence [HUMINT], and regards human espionage with disdain. Why, it's almost immoral!

Now, we've known Mr Clapper for several decades, and recognize his intellectual limitations, particularly where they relate to the various components and capabilities of the Intelligence Community.

Mr Clapper, like little Keith Alexander, kept his understanding of Intelligence collection to only electronic collection means -- a process which he promotes based on his experience and stock holdings in those Defense contractor companies which support electronic surveillance, be it SIGINT, IMINT, ELINT, or, anything but HUMINT!

The coup takes place tomorrow at 10:00 am
You see, even though HUMINT is generally the most reliable source of intelligence, augmented by the other INTs, it is far too inexpensive.

Our annual budget for running a global DCS amounted to the cost of a single satellite pass over a target.

Now, how, you ask, is a Defense Contractor like Boeing, Lockheed, or General Dynamics to make a billion dollar profit from a DCS operation, the total cost of which will likely be less than $200,000.

On the other hand, building and launching a satellite requires billions of dollars in support equipment and monitoring personnel -- not to speak of hundreds of IT servers and equipment processing thousands of yottaflops, and hundreds of hardware and software subcontractors.  Why, it's the American Way!

Now, to be fair, JimmyBob did claim credit for creating DOD HUMINT, and in particular, the DOD HUMINT Clandestine Service [DCS], until we reminded him over dinner one evening that we had built the DCS back in 1984 [about 16 years prior to his claim] -- while he was a mere two-star at CincPAC -- notable for his blockage of HUMINT operations.

But, we would not want to accuse JimmyBob of prevarication in such matters; we'll leave that to Congress when they charge him with perjury for his more egregious transgressions.  We may even blow him kisses as he is marched off to jail in a perp-walk in an orange jump-suit and cuffs.

We grieve that Mr Clapper has been given control over national intelligence collection since he has degraded the process which was designed to deliver to national decision-makers accurate assessments of threats to the United States.

Of course, today, the greatest threat to the US comes from within.

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DOD Forcing Out Combat Troops?

This Experienced Soldier will be forced out [TimeMilitary.Files]
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This Administration seems intent on forcing out of the Army our elite, combat-experienced troops as it reduces the size of the Military.  When the Pentagon is finished, our Army will essentially be led by political generals with no combat experience, and populated by troops and officers equally deficient in combat experience or any semblance of esprit de corps.

With the new Military, however, we expect that leadership will not only be politicized, but will be well-represented by every level of unique sexual category -- to ensure there is no discrimination.

The most recent targeting process is the ban on tattoos -- which soldiers have embraced throughout history.  Notably, Rangers, Special Forces, and Airborne troops, not to speak of the majority of sailors, have traditionally added tattoos to arms, legs, chests, and backs to advertise their combat tours and particular expertise.  Just as the Green and Tan Berets added a level of pride to the Special Forces and Rangers, tattoos have set apart those who marked their experience and expertise [e.g., Combat Engineers and EOD specialists] with lettering and imagery which let their friends, peers, subordinates, and superiors know their history.

Now, we can understand some of the restrictions, e.g., ink on the eyelids and inside the mouth and on the face; and extremist, sexist, and racist tattoos which are also banned.

However, the new restrictions include tattoos on the neck, wrists, hands, and fingers.  Also, according to Army Pamphlet 670-1, forbidden tattoos include those
"... below the elbows and knees".
That pretty much rules out 50% of the existing tattoos, and most of our combat-experienced troops.

Now, here's the interesting part of this process.

1)  These restrictions apply to all soldiers, regardless of rank, to include officers, warrant officers, and non-commissioned officers in the Active Duty, Reserves, and the National Guard.
2)  Commanders must
     a)  perform annual checks for new tattoos and
     b) "... are required to document and photograph all Soldiers' tattoos above the neckline and
         below the elbows and knees, keeping that information in the servicememeber's official records.
3)  Enlisted personnel exceeding the limit of four [4] tattoos "... cannot request commissioning or appointment..." -- even if they are grandfathered, in accordance with the Pamphlet.

Senior soldiers interviewed, including officers and non-coms, advised that these new regulations will force out otherwise good soldiers -- particularly those with combat experience.

SGM-A Chandler listens to his Mom
Oddly, the soldier we'd expect to challenge the implementation of these new regulations, Sergeant Major of the Army Ray Chandler, seems to be going along with these new regulations with no challenge.

He did note, in a recent interview, that his children have tattoos, and that he promised his Mom that he would never get a tattoo.

And, we commend him for listening to his Mom.

But, we recall our time in the Military when soldiers tended to think for themselves, and to take pride in their specialties and accomplishments.

We'll cut him some slack though, since it appears that some of the initial requirements seem to have disappeared, perhaps due to his influence.  This included the requirement to surgically remove the existing tattoos.

We are, however, appalled that Secretary of Defense Hagel, whom we supported during his nomination based on his Enlisted Service, would allow these new regulations to be emplaced without regard to their impact on the combat readiness of our Army [yes, we said OUR Army, since we and OUR relatives continue to serve to protect OUR country!].

Those in my generation came into the Service pretty much on a non-volunteer basis - i.e., primarily via the Draft.  Nonetheless, a lot of us stayed in because we felt the Army -- and our country -- needed us.  So, we teachers, lawyers, engineers, and concert pianists -- stayed in and served OUR country, even though we disagreed with OUR country's leadership.

We do recall asinine regulations, enforced by our Academy company commanders, which required that sideburns not extend beyond the hole in our ears, or that we could not part our hair in the middle, or that our undershirts could not have V-Necks because the [West Point] Brigade Commander's wife objected to seeing the hair on our chests, or that we had to have shined boots even when we were in forward operating bases in mud up to our knees.  Soldiers in combat environments tend to operate in different modes than parade ground popinjays.

Now that the faux wars [the purpose of which we still ponder] have drawn down, and our Army is to be reduced to a strength of 420,000, we'll see the nonsense regulations once again take over as the spit-and-polish advocates from the academies demand, we expect to see less combat readiness, and an emphasis on parades and shiny uniforms -- and lots and lots of meaningless ribbons worn on the pretty new uniforms of senior officers and non-coms.

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Maryland political extortion fails

House of Cards plays hardball with Maryland extortionists           [(c)   Reuers Photo: Mario Anzuoni]

Click here for related story [Jenna Johnson - Washington Post]

Maryland's Bait&Switch operation using tax credits to induce Netflix House of Cards producers to film in Maryland -- and then reneging on that promise by cutting the tax credits for this season drew a  hostile response from the show's producers.

Netflix filming in Maryland "created hundreds of jobs and pumped millions into the local economies" -- creating personal and business tax revenues equal to or greater than the tax incentives, not to speak of creating an incentive for other film productions in the state.

But, then, the greedy thugs in the Maryland State Legislature went for the throat, and figured a deal really wasn't a deal, and they could extort Netflix into filming in Maryland with greatly reduced tax incentives -- down from $26 million to $ million and threaten to seize their sets if they left.

When Netflix producers [Media Rights Capital] sent a note to Governor O'Malley [D] to advise that "In the event sufficient incentives do not become available, we will ... have to set up in another state."

The Maryland House of Delegates then announced they would try to use Eminent Domain to
"... seize 'House of Cards' sets and property if filming were to move out of Maryland".   They now are considering that "... shows that receive tax credits commit to spending a certain number of years in the state."

Why, Chicago politicians would be proud with this extortion attempt [although Mr obama would likely have sent in some thugs to threaten the families of the producers].

Model for Maryland politicians              []
Hat's off to Maryland for demonstrating to the nation once again what a center of corruption and greed Annapolis has become through Democrat's domination.

To other film producers, we recommend they look across the Potomac at Virginia, which provides such tax incentives without threats or extortion.

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Did USG hijack Flight 370?

See UPDATE re Malaysian Flight MH17 at the end of this blogpost.

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Who had reason to hijack Malaysian Flight MH370?
Was it the US Government, possibly working with the Israeli Mossad as a false flag operation?

We, along with many other professional analysts, had concluded early on that Malaysian Flight MH370 had been hijacked, but we weren't sure who was responsible.  Possibly Islamic extremists, linked to the jailed Malaysian opposition leader, whom the MH370 pilot supported, and whose political rally the pilot had attended not long before he piloted Flight MH370 into oblivion.  Would it seem logical to hijack an airliner to highlight Malaysian politics -- and trade the passengers for release of a political prisoner?

And, a number of former intelligence and military analysts from a variety of countries speculated it was a false flag hijacking with the objective of using the plane to create another false flag catastrophic incident such as 9/11; some speculated that the plane would be loaded with explosives and directed at a highly populated area, and then blamed on Iranian terrorists -- thus presenting the option to declare war on Iran.

And, that remains a workable projection
-- notably, Jonathon Pollard, the Israeli spy, is once again in the news as his release is being negotiated, perhaps as a trade-off to obtain Mossad's assistance in this hijacking.

But, still, what would be the rationale for this false-flag operation!

Buried in the Washington Post's weekend Health, Science & Environment section, we find a story calling for the modernization of tracking technology.

Just as 9/11 resulted in the creation of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security [with 240,000 employees and tens of thousands of contractors] to make us secure from "terrorists", will we now have legislation, or an Executive Order, which controls and monitors every airplane flight, private and commercial, in the world?

Is that what this is all about?

Notably, aviation safety advocates call for

1) Tamperproof equipment that would stream data in real time to satellites and relay a plane's position.

2)  Chris McLaughlin (SVP of Inmarsat, which tracked the flight path of MH370) advises:
"As a ticket-payer, wouldn't you like to know that the authorities know where your plane is at all times?" [Instituting such a process would net Inmarsat as much as $3 Billion per year.]

3)  Mary Schiavo, formerly of the Federal Aviation Administration, would like
     "full Black Box data streamed to ground locations during flight."
     She advised such information would have "helped in 9/11"
     a)  We're not sure how it would have helped;
          [perhaps creating a new federal agency like DHS to track all airliners taking off from Boston?]
     b)  Star Navigation Systems Group markets such technology at $50,000 per plane, and $10 per
          hour to track each plane (if installed, it would cost the airline industry $3 Billion per year).
          Think in terms of the airline industry which cuts costs by denying you a bag of peanuts on
          your flight.

4)  But, Sean Cassidy [Alaska Airlines pilot and national safety coordinator for the
      Airline Pilots Association, Intl, advised that his
     "organization is wary of such a sweeping change in industry practice."
     He notes rhetorically [as do we]
     a)  "How is the data being used?
     b)  "How is it being protected? and,
     c)  "How is it really driving up the safety case?
     d)  "If this is such an incredibly, exceedingly rare event [known in the industry as a "one-off"], 
           ... it's a bit premature to begin discussing why way we would transmit this data until we
           understand if that would have made much of a difference in how this flight [ML370] 
           ended up."

5)  The UN's International Civil Aviation Organization studied the overall problems and concluded that it would be a good idea to boost the battery power of the Black Boxes to increase the strength of the beacon signals.  [Hmm, how much did they spend to reach that conclusion?]

6)  As we've noted before, NASA boasts it can track a meteor the size of a grapefruit a million miles out; why can't our satellite systems - civil as well as intelligence, track a metallic object that is nearly 250 feet long.  There are hundreds of imagery satellites hovering over Earth, to include Google Earth relays, which can track an object under three feet in diameter.

And yet, our government tells us they can't find a 250 foot steel tube that weighs over 300 tons?

But, we've digressed.
We asked in our title:
Did the USG hijack Flight MH370?

And we tend to agree with professional analysts who believe this may be the case since precedents have now been established using 9/11 to dissolve the Bill of Rights and to establish DHS with its 240,000 employees, amplified by the expansion of police-state power engendered in the highly questionable "terrorist bomb attack" in Boston, and the "lone gunman" attacks in Aurora, Newtown and the DC Navy Yard which were used as the basis for mandatory registration of personal firearms and the outlawing of ownership of "automatic/assault weapons" by private citizens.

So, imagine our surprise at the announcement that IBM software engineer, Philip Wood, listed as passenger #171 on the MH370 manifest, had successfully transmitted a voice/text message via his iPhone 5, along with a black/obscured photo:
Philip Wood, IBM Engineer - Technical Storage Executive
"I have been held hostage by unknown military personal [sic] after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded).  
"I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell.  
"My name is Philip Wood.  I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly."

Diego Garcia       [Global Security]
The photo, though black [it was apparently taken in an unlit cell] carries a digital Exif signature and GPS coordinates [common to digital photographs taken with your cell phone], which placed his cell phone when the photo was taken within three (3) miles of Diego Garcia, a US Navy base with extremely limited access.

Now, if we are to believe other "truthers" [those with tin-foil caps], Diego Garcia was also the destination of the passengers who supposedly died in the crash of American Airlines Flights 11 and 77, United Airlines Flights 175 and 93.

DG Aircraft support facilities abound

We are told that Diego Garcia is one of the most closely guarded military bases in the world, and is fully equipped with radar and sophisticated surveillance equipment, plus a full complement of US Navy combat vessels, plus an airfield capable of accommodating the landing and subsequent takeoff of a commercial aircraft the size of MH370.

Rumors include stories of Diego Garcia being the site for covert interrogations of enemies of the US, but, we can't confirm such allegations; we simply don't know.

If this hypothesis withstands scrutiny, would the passengers still be alive?

Or, would they be summarily executed to avoid disclosure and potential embarrassment.

China, we've heard via the internet, is already investigating Diego Garcia as the possible secret destination of MH370, and will likely not be terribly receptive to such a hijacking, nor will it be amused by USG backpedalling since it will have already intercepted communications involving US complicity.  China's intelligence satellites would likely have tracked the entire flight of MH370 from the point it was hijacked until it landed -- perhaps in Diego Garcia.

We've also seen reports of replicas of MH370 which would be crashed into the sea to provide wreckage for the Media to swoon over, and spend weeks reporting on in the hopes some survivors might be found.  If bodies were found, it might be worthwhile to perform autopsies to see how and when these passengers were killed.

It seems the US Government is anxious to engage in another military action, what with the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and North Korea just doesn't have the resources to sustain a military conflict in excess of 30 minutes.

So, it's been theorized that a war with Iran could be initiated by using MH370 as a False Flag Iranian attack vehicle on, say, a NATO city or military base.  The outrage might be as successful as the 9/11 attacks were in launching US attacks on the Middle East and the ethereal, trillion dollar hunt for Osama bin Laden [or, someone who looked like him].

The down side of that scenario would be a highly annoyed China, which would not be amused by the hijacking, and possible execution of a large number of its citizens by the USG.  We've already been involved in a land war with China, and continue to rue that event since we did not fare well at all.

But, if nothing else, this hijacking has certainly served to divert world attention from the Russian invasion of Crimea; but, that is a story for another blogpost.

We now have a crashed Malaysian airliner with a few bodies, but, oddly no visible seats or major components of the plane.
We speculated earlier that MH370 has been parked in a hanger in Diego Garcia, while its passengers resided in dark prison cells [to include the IBM engineer who was able to send out a GPS-traceable image].

Following up on our earlier conspiracy theory -- outlined above -- we concluded that MH370 was hijacked and stored to be used as the basis for another international crisis.  And, as luck would have it, our Leader From Behind has been getting slammed from all quarters as all the scandals are building a prison wall around him [well, he's still on the golf course, so he's still free].  But, the Democrats are scrambling off the Obama boat and hoping they'll be reelected in spite of being tied to him.  And the Senate appears to be turning Red with the November election; that of course opens the door for the House to initiate Impeachment proceedings, which will take a couple of months to process and be ready for the trial on 21 January, 2015.

Justified US entering WWI
So, what better time to create the distraction of an international crisis than with an act of war which is almost as heinous as the Sinking of the Lusitania -- which drew the United States into World War I.

By golly, if we rattle sabers with the Russkies, our Leader from Behind can distract American voters from all the White House scandals, and he may not have to declare Martial Law to displace the November elections after all.

An alternate theory appearing on the FB site "Finding Philip Wood" accuses Israel of having hijacked MH370 to use as a false flag incident at some point in the future.

Coincidentally, the shoot-down of MH17 comes at the beginning of Ramadan, and, oddly enough, in time to distract the world from the Israeli "defensive" act of bombing, invading, and bulldozing Gaza in retaliation for Hamas firing rockets into Israel.  The accusation is that Israeli agents are firing the rockets from Gaza, disguised as Hamas.  And much of Europe, not dominated by a tightly controlled press as in the US, is protesting vehemently against Israel's actions in Gaza, yet, we see little reference to that in the US.

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