Wednesday, March 30, 2016

CIA - Obama's Marketing Team?

CIA HQ: No Moles Allowed; just Hollywood Film Crews

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One of our National Treasures!
We learn today that the Administration is collaborating with Hollywood to exploit the SEAL Team Six raid which terminated Osama bin Laden with Extreme Prejudice. 

Worse, it is the Administration that has opened the doors to the CIA and the Pentagon to let Hollywood scriptwriters and cameramen wander the halls, capturing images of CIA officers, assigned and visiting, and visually documenting access procedures.

Peter King: Chair, Homeland Security
According to Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King [R-NY], the film-makers were granted "...extremely close, unprecedented and potentially dangerous collaboration... from the Administration."

Judicial Watch disclosed that documents they obtained through the FOIA revealed that the film-makers met with the White House and were also granted access to "The Vault" where the Osama raid was reportedly planned.

We try not to reveal the existence, much less the location of our most sensitive installations at all, much less to Hollywood filmsters -- who now know the location and the details of the building.

Libby: Tried & Convicted by Media
So, when Scooter Libby identified the leak [Joe Wilson] of sensitive information to the NY Times as the husband of a CIA admin officer, the Democrats proclaim that he outed a CIA operative.

That would be Valerie Plame, whose status as a covert officer was that she used, as did all CIA personnel on international travel, a cover identity.

But,she was just a CIA paper pusher  -- a higher pay grade than the janitor or security guard, but with about as much access and classified activity.

Nonetheless, both the New York Times and the Washington Post declared her to be a COVERT OPERATIVE, so, it must be true!


CIA Entrance [NBC Photo]

In the past, a number of Hollywood films have included the entrance foyer to the CIA so they could film the CIA logo on the floor.

But, the lobby was their limit, and only on weekends when CIA officers were not visible.


So, when I press this button, the soldiers shoot him in the face?  (c) Bossip

The Administration is desperately trying to exploit the raid on Osama's house in Pakistan so he can pretend to have participated; as we recall, the Secret Service had to drag him off the golf course so he could be on hand to sign the order for, and witness the assault and execution of Osama.

His presence was necessary since the POTUS must sign and Executive Action order -- i.e., the execution of a foreign national leader of significant prominence.

(c) guim
We are surprised at General Petraeus, the current Director of the CIA, for going along with this security breach.  Then again, we suspect he was the best person for "damage control" given the circumstances.
On the other hand, we have Leon Panetta in charge of the Pentagon, so, we can assume any secrets there have been fully disclosed to Hollywood.

When it comes to national security, it seems this Administration has less self-control than Jack Kennedy, whose distribution of state secrets ended with his visit to Dallas.

There is no telling how many years it will take to undo the damage to our national security once the Administration changes in January.

[UPDATE  CIA is now tasked with spinning the legend that Moscow hacked tens of thousands of voting machines throughout the US to elect Donald Trump.  That of course, flies in the face of the hundreds of Soros  programmed voting machines placed in key urban centers where Hillary was awarded 100% of the vote - a statistical impossibility.  But, keep in mind, Brennan is now in charge of the CIA, and he's been Mr Obama's puppet for quite some time, and will do as he's told -- to the frustration of CIA analysts and operatives]

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Is Ted A Cuban Citizen?

Of course I love my philandering husband, all the way to the White House.  

Excited as we were to read all the lucid details of Cruz's extramarital dalliances with women of questionable character [yawn], we became privy to family details of which were previously unaware.

Specifically, we were drawn back to that tired old issue of Ted's citizenship.

The scandal mongering stories led to other stories which revealed that Ted's dad, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, was one of Fidel Castro's lieutenants in the "revolution" against Batista -- but, he advises he "escaped" Cuba in 1957 [and not 1960] and didn't know Castro was a Communist.

Rafael B Cruz - Dad
Apparently though, those who knew him well challenge the timing of his departure, and his ignorance of Castro's Communist affiliation and Soviet Union support. Entertaining as that tale was, we rethought the awkward issue of Ted's citizenship.

The common defensive argument on Cruz's citizenship has been that Ted was born to American parents in Canada; therefore, he can claim US citizenship.

 We have some expert knowledge in this type of issue, since my son, who was born in Asia, claims US citizenship; however, that citizenship status required my appearing at the Consulate and signing an official declaration; I also had to show the birth certificates and marriage certificate of my wife and me, plus our US passports.

However, it appears that was not the process which Ted's dad - or mom followed, even though Ted and my son were born in the same year -- thus the diplomatic affirmation process would have been precisely the same.

 Was Ted's dad a US Citizen?  Well, not really.  Although Ted's dad was granted US political asylum in 1961, there is no documentation that he ever became a US citizen prior to 2005 [somewhat after Ted's birth].


It seems Daddy, a Cuban, emigrated to the US somewhere between 1957 and 1961, worked in the Austin, worked his way through college,  married and divorced a woman [Julia Ann Garza], moved to Calgary after 1969 and became a Canadian citizen; he and his wife [Eleanor E.D. Wilson], an oil company computer programmer who then produced little Ted in December 1970; they divorced in 1997, and it is unclear when he returned to the US -- or when he received his epiphany to become a Born Again Christian and an Evangelical Minister.

Interestingly, throughout this religious transformation, Daddy Cruz waited until 2005 to renounce his Canadian citizenship and apply for status as a "naturalized citizen" -- which was then granted.

Now, if Ted were born in Canada of an American mom, and a Cuban dad with Canadian citizenship, that does call into question his claim to US citizenship, much the same as critics have constantly questioned Obama's citizenship.

For Ted to have US citizenship, it can be argued that him mom's US citizenship would have been passed to her son; but, that would have required her to have appeared at the US Embassy or Consulate to declare her son as a US citizen; but, that would have required dad's birth certificate, and their marriage certificate, and US passports.

At best, Daddy Cruz would have had only a US Green Card, but no US passport, and the Consular official would likely have not accepted Ted as a US citizen, nor would he have created such a birthright document.

But, that issue could be cleared up instantly, should anyone actually ask, through the US State Department records which record and store all documentation of US citizens born abroad.

Now, when Obama was asked by a reporter how he could run for Senator and not be a US citizen, Obama replied "I don't have to be a US citizen", after which, all those who questioned Obama's citizenship were labeled Birthers and condemned as racists --
and investigations into his birthplace were ended.

But, now we have another Birther issue.

Candidate Cruz in Havana?
It would appear that, based on Ted's father's citizenship issues, Ted would be a Cuban citizen, or a Canadian citizen.

Claiming mom's US citizenship, without the documentation from the US Embassy in Canada pretty much leaves him a Canadian citizen by birth, or a Cuban citizen by heritage.

But, very likely, not a US Citizen.

We'll need clarification from the State Department.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trump - Assassination Target?

JFK identified the plotters as the "international financial community"
-- The Gnomes of Switzerland

3 Impossible shots in 6 seconds, with 5 rounds
at intervals of 10 seconds

More than 50 years ago, this guy challenged The Establishment's plan for a New World Order, and The Establishment created a carefully constructed assassination by "a deranged assassin" and killed him.   

Lee Harvey Oswald, a US Marine recruited by Naval Intelligence as a penetration agent to infiltrate KGB operations in the US, was the patsy, and, the FBI investigation of him as the "suspect" was so immediate and complete that he was found and arrested on the other side of Dallas within minutes of the assassination.

Clumsy pre-PhotoShop cut&paste job
Expert snipers still marvel at Oswald's ability [having barely qualified as a "bolo" marksman in the Marines], was able to fire off multiple rounds in six seconds with a bolt-action, scope-mounted, clip-fed, World War II rifle, which was known for its poor functioning from a terribly awkward position in a sixth floor recessed window at the Book Depository.

That aside, it was interesting that there were only three shell casings in the area from which Oswald supposedly fired, but a total of five bullets calculated for the number of wounds inflicted in JFK and Governor Connelly -- from different directions.

Oddly, during the assassination, Governor Connelly [who was reportedly aware of the plot to kill JFK, but not that he was to be a target] took a round from the Magic Bullet, and cried out "My God, they’re going to kill us all" an unusual response to seeing the President shot.

Connelly estimated the time span between the first and second shots was 10-12 seconds -- a bit more than the official report of only 6 seconds. Mrs Connelly commented that the first shot came from the right of the limo -- not from behind.

Astonishingly, full details of the assassination and the assassin's biography appeared in the Australian news -- before the event [the international news release had been scheduled without consideration of the International Date Line].

RFK shot 3 times at point blank range.
Another Secret Service failure
Somewhat later [5 June 1968], when Bobby Kennedy [Jack's brother] stepped up to challenge Lyndon Baines Johnson [LBJ] JFK's Vice President and his successor, and the Establishment created a loosely constructed assassination plot by another "deranged assassin" and killed him.

Sirhan Sirhan, a "crazed" Muslim [actually, a Palestinian Christian], under psychiatric treatment, just happened to be armed and ready to shoot Bobby Kennedy in the kitchen of the hotel -- an undisclosed exit route for RFK following his speech at the Ambassador Hotel.

Interestingly, Sirhan was able fire off nine rounds from his eight-round revolver, killing RFK and wounding several others.  Sirhan's confession was a bit bizarre as he later stated that he did not recall having made it; nonetheless, the trashman who supported Sirhan's apartment building testified that Sirhan had confided to him his intention to assassinate RFK [an interesting relationship].

The Black Agent may have been the shooter
A little over a decade later [1980], another wild card Presidential Candidate stepped up and displaced The Establishment candidate, GHW Bush, and the Establishment created a carefully constructed assassination plot by another "deranged assassin"[John W Hinckley, Jr], who, with the help of the sloppy security provided by the Secret Service, almost succeeded in killing Reagan on 30 March 1981, just three months after his Inauguration.

The assassin, a young man, under psychiatric treatment, from a good family [and friends of the Bush family], was armed with a pistol loaded with six armor piercing rounds [post-event records show he had "purchased weapons"] -- managed to fire off seven rounds, one, at close range leaving powder burns under Reagan's bullet-proof vest [contradicting the official version of a ricochet bouncing off the limo's door].

Oddly, the Secret Service forced President Reagan to exit the front door of the hotel, and walk in the open to the street, past several pedestrians unchallenged by security.

As luck would have it, the limo driver ignored orders to take Reagan first back to the White House, and then to a distant hospital [a delayed route ensuring his death], but instead drove directly to the George Washington University [GWU] hospital a few blocks away where the ER doctors were waiting and ready -- and saved Reagan's life.

There's the pattern folks. 
We trust Trump's personal security is tight and effective since the Establishment [RepubliCrats] are likely plotting and scheming on their next carefully constructed assassination by a "deranged assassin" under psychiatric treatment -- similar to the deranged shooters responsible for the mass shootings in Aurora, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, San Bernardino, Roseburg [OR], Charleston, and of course, Fort Hood.