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US Invasion of Syria

Will Libya be the beginning of World War 3?

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We seem to have gotten JimmyBob Clapper's attention -- and reaction.

Here's my prediction for Syria.
I may be wrong, but I'd put money on this bet.

Mr Obama will likely launch an assault on Syria this weekend while much of America will be engaged in holiday activities or travel -- or both.  Mr Obama continues to talk on the phone with various Congressional Representatives and Senators in a ploy to legitimize his actions in the absence of their consent.

Once the attack is launched, complete with collateral damage, the reaction will likely extend far beyond immediate retaliation against Israel and Jordan and the rest of the Middle East; we can expect a response against the US [real or contrived] -- with a highly predictable new Executive Order declaring still another National Emergency, and a further restriction of our Constitutional Rights while DHS hunts down "evil-doers".

Zoom in on the guy with the sucking chest wound!

CNN, having been tipped off by the Oval Office, will be poised with hundreds of cameras to give us a a 360 degree blow-by-blow account of the action, likely with a personal interview with Mr Obama to give us a stirring speech while patting himself on the back. 

We'll have reporters on the ground to interview the valiant rebels, and perhaps a few captured Syrian troops.  Add in clips of Syrians dying of bio-chems, some of which may real, while others are reportedly staged by the rebels, and the groundwork is laid.   Of course, we'll have corpses, some fresh, others rotting in the sun so our reporters can grieve over the horrors of war -- but rationalizing it all with the prediction that Assad will be tracked down and brought to justice for "Crimes against humanity" and salvation from Weapons of Mass Destruction

Isn't it odd that Saddam's [Bush's Adversary] use of biochemical agents against the Kurds and Iranians did NOT qualify as WMDs, yet Assad's [Obama's Adversary] use of the same agents [from Saddam's inventory] DO qualify as WMDs. 

Ah, but the Liberal Media is SOOOO fickle.
Mr Bush sponsored a Bad War because of these same WMDs, and Mr Obama is sponsoring a, a, a, um, a Political War because of these same WMDs -- obtained from Saddam?

Mr Obama has invested quite a bit of time and effort in rationalizing his planned invasion of Syria.

He [or Valerie Jarrett] ordered US military elements into the region to prepare for the invasion.  And, there are lots of these elements close by.  EUCOM [the European Command] AFRICOM [the African Command], the Fifth and Sixth US Navy Fleets, and variety of special operations elements [none of which seemed to be available during the attack on Benghazi.

The scandal-ridden USS San Antonio [built for $1.7 Billion - only $840 million over budget by Northrup Grumman] transited the Suez Canal and is now poised in the Mediterranean as a "contingency",  carrying up to 800 Marines, landing craft, and helicopters. 
[After christening, the ship was reportedly unable to move under her own power and had to be towed to the Pascagoula shipyard -- and was not fit for sea duty for two more years.  Subsequently, it has had a series of expensive repairs to keep it seaworthy.  Operationally, its commanders and crews have demonstrated excellence, in spite of the ship's construction problems.]
Welcome to Jordan, son. Got your gas mask?

He's positioned US troops in Jordan as well as lots of Marines [more than 20,000] aboard ships in the 5th and 6th Fleets, poised and ready for the Commander-in-Chief's order to attack.

These would be the same fleets turned invisible by Valerie Jarrett's edict during Benghazi.

We'll then see an amphibious assault by Marines, some of whom will be filmed wading [needlessly] ashore, grim-faced, and perhaps wearing gas masks.

 Oh, the drama!

Some of you [with the exception of Congress] will inevitably ask:
     "Wait, wait!
       If we have all these 5th and 6th Fleet forces in the Mediterranean for this assault, 

      where were they when Benghazi was under attack, and why weren't some of these 
      20,000 Marines rescuing the Americans at the Benghazi Consulate.

Ah, but that's a rhetorical question, isn't it.
As Hillary aptly commented  What difference does it make!

There will likely be a missile bombardment to the delight of the Media with "bombs bursting in air" and perhaps stirring background music by Mahalia Jackson, bellowing out something other than the Star Spangled Banner.

Jet fighters will zoom around Syria's airspace, making for more excellent footage for the Media,

We''ll have visuals of aircraft carriers, helicopters and assault craft by the hundreds, and a few AC-130s circling to show off their deadliest gunnery capabilities -- all to the amazement and the delight of the viewing audience as they gather around their grills drinking beer -- or a fine 6th

It will be the best Labor Day fireworks show in history. 
CNN will run these fireworks displays over and over and over, because the viewing public likes color and excitement, with the hushed voice of a reporter sadly commenting on the immense death and destruction being waged in "... this horrific onslaught!"

By the time Tuesday rolls around, and folks are back at work or following events on TV, all that will be left will be talking heads deciding how long the US will remain engaged in Syria -- will it be weeks, months, years?

GEN of the Universe - MacBama

All that would be missing would be a video of Mr Obama, a la MacArthur image, wading ashore with corncob pipe gritted between his clenched teeth.

Will Mr Obama finally look "Presidential"?

Will he be like Mr Jimmy who prepped his Iranian Rescue Mission and had a room full of medals and citations for valor already prepared, lacking only names to be inserted -- followed by disasters on the ground and his own humiliation?

Look for the terms:  Peacekeeping and Stability Operations,
and lots of grim-faced CNN reporters. This event may even win an Emmy or two.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


100 Years ago, women couldn't vote                        [National Archives]

As we celebrate the anniversary of the Women's Suffrage March of 1913 [the beginning of Woodrow Wilson's first term] -- in conjunction with the anniversary of Martin Luther King's Civil Rights March on Washington in 1963, it's worthwhile to review the history of that era surrounding the Women's Suffrage Movement -- which played a major role in Martin Luther King's strategy some 50 years later.

Regarding the Suffragette Movement, Wilson, and Race issues:
1) Black Women were requested to march in the last ranks of the Suffragette parade 
2) President Woodrow Wilson [D] was
     a) Vehemently against women's suffrage and tossed their leaders into Lorton federal prison
     b) "Deeply racist in his thoughts and politics" [PBS]

PBS produced a program titled Wilson - A Portrait: Women's Suffrage a while back; this was their report on Wilson's gentlemanly treatment of the women:

Parody of Suffragettes in prison        [National Archives]
1) "In late June 1917, six women were arrested. Eleven more were detained on July 4. Ten days later, a third group was taken into custody. All the women were charged with 'obstructing traffic'."

2) "The protesters were sentenced to 60 days in the workhouse. There, they suffered beatings, forced feeding, and unsanitary conditions. But the pickets - and the arrests - continued."

3) "In August, scuffles broke out right in front of the White House gates. For three days suffragettes were dragged, punched and choked by angry crowds. City police stood by, refusing to intervene."

It would seem the greatest enemy of both Blacks and Women in that time frame was 
Woodrow Wilson - a Democrat!

Woodrow Wilson [D]
Wilson also
1) Engaged us in World War I,
2) Signed off on the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank
3) Signed off on the Sedition Act and the Espionage Act [suspending the Constitution and making it a crime to criticize the government or government officials]
4) Introduced the Income Tax
5) Set the stage for WW2 when he betrayed the defeated Germans with the brutal terms of the Treaty of Versailles -- which had promised " equitable peace."  The post-war reparations demands destroyed the economy of Germany and created the environment in which Hitler was welcomed by desperate Germans as a savior with his message of "Forward! Hope, and Change!"

Woodrow Wilson's favorite group
But, Wilson is little known for his racist policies to destroy the socio-economic progress of Blacks
1)  He supported the KKK [Ku Klux Klan] and declared it was "understandable"
2)  As President of Princeton, he barred Blacks from attending
3)  As Governor of NJ, he barred Blacks from working for the state
4)  As President, he supported segregation in the federal government, stating:
.....a) "Segregation is not humiliating but a benefit" and,
.....b)  It is "... distinctly to the advantage of the colored people themselves"

He solicited the Black vote through the support of W.E.B. DuBois, to whom he promised his support.  Once elected, he advised he had
"...made no promises in particular to Negroes, except to do them justice."
[Source:  Woodrow Wilson: American Prophet (1958)]

As a footnote, the racism of President Wilson was reversed by Wilson's successors, 

Warren G Harding
1)  President Harding [R]:
.....a) Advocated Civil Rights and political,
         economic and educational equality
         for Blacks
.....b) Appointed Blacks to federal positions
.....c) Advocated international commission to
         improve race relations between
         Whites and Blacks
.....d) Supported the Dyer "Anti-Lynching"
         Bill [Defeated by Senate
         Democrat filibuster]

Calvin Coolidge
2)  President Coolidge [R]:
......a) Urged the creation of the
          "Negro Industrial Commission"
           to promote mutual understanding
......b) Hosted James W Johnson, the first
          Black to head the NAACP, at the
          White House
......c) Openly confronted and opposed the KKK
......d) Publicly endorsed and supported the
          first Black Congressional nominee
          in NYC:
......e) Quoted Teddy Roosevelt's words in
           support of racial equality

"I cannot consent to take the position that the door of hope -- the door of opportunity --
 is to be shut upon any man, no matter how worthy, purely on the grounds of race or color"

Herbert Hoover

3)  President Hoover [R]:
.....a) Desegregated the Department of Commerce
.....b) Invited Robert Moton of the Tuskegee Institute to
         public ceremonies at the White House
.....c) Invited to White House Tea the wife of  Black Congressman
         Oscar de Priest of Chicago
----d) Commuted the death sentence of a Black man convicted
          of murdering a White woman
.....e)  Sharply increased appropriations for Howard University
.....f)  Publicly condemned lynchings

Although Republican Presidents provided positive support for both Women's Suffrage and for the advancement of Blacks, both Women and Blacks have traditionally leaned towards the Democrats at the voting booth since LBJ introduced his Great Society welfare program.

Notably, the accomplishments of Conservatives in support of 
Blacks and Women have either been erased from, o
minimized in our textbooks 
-- and on the Internet.

A few notable Democrats who have disparaged the Blacks who revered them:


Saturday, August 24, 2013

ObamaCare Police

Click here for related story [Daily Mail]

The hidden provisions of ObamaCare are now kicking in.

Toto stole my red shoes, clicked his heels, and ...

As Nancy Pelosi announced so long ago:
"You can read it after we pass it!"

We've been reading it for four years now, and the more we read, the more we're convinced this legislation will lead to an economic disaster,
coupled with a burgeoning Police State.

The Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] has hired 1,600 new employees as an enforcement arm to search for and detect "violators" in both the consumer base as well as the health care industry.

Congress remains bewildered at the contents of the legislation since so many of those originally involved in passing the legislation were voted out of office by their constituents.  The remainder, to include all the newbies, continue to try to comprehend the details -- and the scope of this abomination.

President Obama created an emergency "Direct Hiring Authority" [DHA] order simultaneously with his signing the Affordable Care Act in 2010; the DHA order authorized 1,814 new positions in HHS, and filled more than 1,600 of them at an annual cost of about $150 million.  The DHA specified that, of the 1,814 positions, 261 were to be "consumer safety officers" -- but only two persons were hired for those positions while 86 were hired as "enforcement officers" -- even though only 50 such positions were authorized.

But does she have ObamaCare!

Since these enforcement officers lack police credentials or even authorization under the Constitution, it is unclear as to what their authority will be, and under which agency they will report, and, which agency will adjudicate the arrests made by these unauthorized officers.

The IRS has also created a substantial enforcement arm of paramilitary operatives.  We understand that they too will be tasked with enforcing ObamaCare.

Heritage Action for America, the most active opponent of ObamaCare, is pressing Congress to take the only viable action available to counter ObamaCare, i.e., de-funding it.  To do so would theoretically cripple both the Act as well as its enforcement.

Will CJCS report to him?
In January 2012, we published an expose' of the provision in ObamaCare which authorized the private army which he had mentioned in a 2008 campaign speech.

Authorization for this Private Army was buried on page 1,312 of the Affordable Care Act under Section 203, which would restructure the established and well-regarded Public Health Service [PHS] which is headed by the Surgeon General, RADM Boris Lushniak, a Chicago born Ukranian -- who answers only to the President.

We cannot continue to rely only on our military…we’ve got to have a civilian security force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.  We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.” 
Barack Obama: 2008 Campaign Speech

Funding for this organization would come from redirected Public Health Service budgets -- which is illegal under current federal law.  The funds have been diverted into a slush fund over the past four years and now merely need to be reallocated.

President for Life
The key to this agenda is that the President need no longer fear the Military in his process to create what is rapidly becoming a Police State.

With his new private army, which can serve as a cadre, he can create a National Emergency which would activate all the Executive Orders he's created in past years.

Under the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act, a health-related National Emergency places the Surgeon General in command of the all military and police forces - to include DOD and the DHS.

Notably, the DHS currently has a strength of 240,000 personnel with a large fleet of armored vehicles and armored mobile command posts; it is now supplemented and partially staffed with foreign military personnel -- most visible are the Russian Spetsnaz [Special Operations] units; RADM Lushniak was assigned in Russia and Kosovo, so he will be able to communicate well with his Spetsnaz troops who will ensure his safety from disgruntled US personnel.

Will the implementation of Mr Obama's police state be initiated with a new Executive Order declaring a National Emergency based on the next faux pandemic?

We'll see.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prehistoric Serpent

Serpent Mound, Adams County, Ohio                                             (c) Brian Davis

We're always curious about historical -- and especially prehistoric anomalies which bewilder archeologists since they predate modern civilization.  This one has been fairly well researched and documented and is preserved by the Ohio Historical Society; it's on a plateau of the "Serpent Mound Crater" which was created by a meteorite impact about 250 million years ago.

We became aware of it when our nephew, Brian Davis, a celebrated archivist, recently visited the site in Ohio and took the accompanying photos.

More current estimates, using carbon dating techniques tie it to the Fort Ancient Culture, circa 1070 AD; but, that's debatable since there are at least three layers of sediment, each with a different carbon signature.  Charcoal pieces found at the site date back several thousand years, and one credible estimate takes it back 5,000 - 9,000 years. 

(c) Brian Davis

The mound is about 1,400 feet long and more than three feet high, terminating with the serpent's head with mouth opened to capture an oval [an egg, or perhaps our Solar System?].

Note the Serpent's Mouth and the Oval

The design of the Serpent Mound is captured in this 1890 graphic published by the Smithsonian Museum.

The Serpent's shape and mouth indicate it was based on the Draco Constellation.

It was originally thought to have been created some 5,000 years ago, which would likely have precluded involvement of the Native American tribes whom Columbus encountered.

 Interesting aspects of the design include:
1) The Serpent head is aligned with the oval coincident with the Summer Solstice sunset
2) Lunar alignments seem based on the curves in the Serpent's body
3) The Serpent's coils appear to be aligned with the two solstice and two equinox events each year [i.e., coils point to the Winter Solstice sunrise and the Equinox Sunrise].
Draco Constellation                  

4) The star pattern of the Draco Constellation matches the Serpent design, with the
"...ancient Pole Star Thuban at its geographical center within the first seven coils from the head."

The alignment of the Serpent to the Pole Star Thuban is the basis for the dating of the mound at 5,000 years, although in this stellar movement map, it could date back as far as 9,000 years.

Interestingly, Thuban was the celestial target of one of the pyramid shafts of the Pharaoh Khufu, who aspired to join the gods there after his lifetime on Earth had passed.

Reportedly, there is similar Serpent Mound in near Castle Meigle in Scotland, where it is doubtful that Native Americans had a hand in building it.

Food for thought on a civilization which preceded our current concepts of Modern Civilization.
Most interesting is that the Polar Star Thuban caught the interest of civilizations on opposite sides of planet Earth -- in the same time frame.  Keep in mind that the Stone Age ended somewhere between 4500 BC and 2000 BC, and that this Serpent Mound, tied to sophisticated astronomy occurred during the same time frame. 

Not bad for a bunch of cave men, right?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

OSINT vs Data Mining

Periodically, we publish guest articles of particular merit 
and of special interest to our readers.
To date, each of the guest articles has proven to be quite popular, 
and we expect this one, by George Mapp, to be equally well received. 

By:  George Mapp (on Twitter)

The exponential growth in social media has made it an absolute necessity for anyone and everyone competing for any type of business worldwide.

When watching CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and other major "news" networks, you are likely to see displayed on the bottom of the television screen: "as reported by Twitter".

Almost on a daily basis, the local news will use Face Book photos of a suspect or people of interest if their profile is public. Because of the vast numbers of people using social media, it has caught the attention of advertisers, venture capitalists, recruiters, the IRS, and yes, many other US government agencies including those in the Intelligence Community.
Twitter had over a half-billion users as of July 2012, according to Tech Crunch [Analyst: Twitter Passed 500M Users In June 2012, 140M Of Them In US; Jakarta ‘Biggest Tweeting’ City].

What I find provocative about Twitter is that you can follow directly the journalists posted worldwide who report instantly what they are seeing, what is happening and additionally, they are sometimes adding photos and video links instantly before any media outlet has reported on the story.

Digital Life of the Today Show reported that Face Book hit one billion users last October. 
That’s ‘almost’ an inconceivable amount of data and information to comprehend. Imagine how many photos, wall posts, likes, comments etc., that each user has and then multiple that by a billion!

Data Mining vs OSINT                        []

Now, due to technological advances, all that information can be gathered, stored and can even be used to predict the future.

Some even say it can affect politics, while others go so far as to say that social media and data mining affected the outcome of the 2012 US Presidential elections.

I will provide several examples throughout this post to clarify the above statements.


 Data Mining vs OSINT, the title of this post, mentions an ‘invisible line’ between Social Media Data Mining and OSINT because the definitions as well as the uses often overlap. Although most of my readers know what both mean as well as the fine distinctions, I will define the two for the novice readers:

Data Mining: The process of collecting, searching through, and analyzing a large amount of data in a database to discover patterns or relationships: historically used to detect fraud. The gathering of information from existing data stored in a database, such as one held by a supermarket about customers’ shopping habits.

[Ed Note:  The content of this article was created via Data Mining]

Early OSINT Sales Pitch                          [CIA]
OSINT: Open source intelligence is a form of intelligence collection management that involves finding, selecting, and acquiring information from publicly available sources and analyzing it to produce actionable intelligence.

In the intelligence community (IC), the term “open” refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or classified sources); it is not related to open-source software or public intelligence… [continue reading on Wikipedia Others definitions from the community via Recorded Future].

Any unclassified information, in any medium, that is generally available to the public, even if its distribution is limited or only available upon payment.

Intelligence is a process by which information is treated to answer and provide analysis which is used by a body. That information comes from open source or not does not make it Open Source Intelligence.

[Ed Note: 
Intelligence is derived from raw information reporting, but transitions to Intelligence based on Sources and Methods of information gathering; i.e., a restricted organization-chart of a foreign government bureaucracy may not be regarded as intelligence to that government, however, another government may procure that document by surreptitious means in order to assess personnel listed on that chart as targets for espionage recruitment.  The means of acquisition of that document and the officer or technical system used to acquire that document make the document "intelligence", and it would be classified as such.]

Stricto senso OSINT would be that which is open and available to all.

After reading the definition it becomes evident why OSINT and data mining have become so crucial in today’s environment.

Here is an example from Recorded Future of how much intelligence is considered open source: With an estimated 90% of required intelligence available in open source, it is imperative that intelligence analysts become adept at mining open sources.

"Recorded Future can help reduce research time, identify new sources, build timelines, chart networks, perform link analysis and more. Due to the sheer volume of available data and the continued rise of technology in our daily lives, data mining is a necessity for many business’ to compete and to stay in business."

OSINT has risen to a new level because of the internet and the vast amounts of data on the web coupled with the advances in technology hackers and/or hacktivists.

The definition of what is Open Source and what is private -- or considered proprietary/classified by business and governments has become increasing blurred. In fact, many members of the US intelligence community see hacking, cyber security, infoSec and cyber-threats as the number one national security threat in our country.

Data Mining and OSINT in use today: 
Here are a few examples of how NSA uses data mining and OSINT in our world today.

The US surveillance and super secret code-crackers better known as the The National Security Agency [NSA] are building a $2 billion spy center in Utah to keep up with explosive growth of social media and the tremendous amount of data it produces daily.

Forbes reported last year [NSA’s New Data Center And Supercomputer Aim To Crack World’s Strongest Encryption] on NSA's operations to collect vast amounts of data:

US Army Corps of Engineers Proposed Design   [Unclass - US Army]

"The $2 billion data center being built in Utah would have four 25,000 square-foot halls filled with servers, as well as another 900,000 square feet for administration.

It will use 65 megawatts of electricity, with an annual bill of $40 million, and incorporates a $10 million security system.

 "Since 2001, NSA has intercepted and stored between 15 and 20 trillion messages, according to the estimate of ex-NSA scientist Bill Binney.

It now aims to store yottabytes [one million billion gigabytes] of data.

"According to one storage firm’s estimate in 2009, a yottabyte would cover the entire states of Rhode Island and Delaware with data centers.

When the Department of Energy began a supercomputing project in 2004 that took the title of the world’s fastest known computer from IBM in 2009 with its “Jaguar” system, it simultaneously created a secret track for the same program focused on cracking codes. The project took place in a $41 million, 214,000 square foot building at Oak Ridge National Lab with 318 scientists and other staff. The supercomputer produced there was faster than the so-called “world’s fastest” Jaguar.

"The NSA project now aims to break the “exaflop barrier” [a quintillion (1018) by building a supercomputer a hundred times faster than the fastest existing today, the Japanese 'K Computer'; that code-breaking system is projected to use 200 megawatts of power, about as much as would power 200,000 homes."

Earlier in my post I mentioned that social media and data mining affected the US Presidential elections.

An article written last November [How social media, data mining, and new-fangled technology tipped the 2012 election], validated how important and influential social media is in our daily lives.

[Ed Update: 
Social Media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) was crucial in sharing information in the 2016 election, particularly with the Wikileaks exposés of Hillary Clinton's emails containing Top Secret Intelligence information]

"While Facebook is still arguably the place that people turn to before and after events, Twitter solidified itself as the go-to for all things real-time. And better yet: It didn’t break.

[During election night] Twitter averaged about 9,965 Tweets per second (TPS) from 8:11pm to 9:11pm PT, with a one-second peak of 15,107 TPS at 8:20pm PT, and a one-minute peak of 874,560 TPM,

Twitter announced, via its Engineering Blog:
Seeing a sustained peak over the course of an entire event is a change from the way people have previously turned to Twitter during live events.”

Defense contractors are also in on the action, which is significant since the US Department of Defense [DOD] is the world’s largest employer; thus, its contractors are currently developing products that the DoD might purchase from them.

Raytheon’s Jared Adams told The Guardian:
New Social Media Data Mining Software, ampliflies the importance of both social media and data mining].

"Defense giant Raytheon’s new RIOT software data mines information from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and image EXIF metadata, and applies predictive analytics to determine users’ physical locations.

RIOT is a big data analytics system design we are working on with industry, national labs and commercial partners to help turn massive amounts of data into useable information to help meet our nation’s rapidly changing security needs

Danger Room [Pentagon Inks Deal for Smartphone Tool That Scans Your Face, Eyes, Thumbs] illustrates how important social media and data mining are to the US government.

"In a few years, the soldier, marine or special operator out on patrol might be able to record the facial features or iris signature of a suspicious person all from his or her smartphone — and at a distance, too.

"The Defense Department has awarded a $3 million research contract to California-based AOptix to examine its “Smart Mobile Identity” biometrics identification package. At the end of two years of research to validate the concepts of what the company built, AOptix will provide the Defense Department with a hardware peripheral and software suite that turns a commercially available smartphone into a device that scans and transmits data from someone’s eyes, face, thumbs and voice."

Think about the amount of ALL the billion plus Face Book users, and now imagine how many photos that each user has, including many photos of those that chose not to be on Face Book for a variety of reasons, and you have a huge data base for facial recognition.

Eye See You                             []
The FBI recently announced a $1 billion facial recognition software project.

According to Business Insider [The FBI’s Nationwide Facial Recognition System Ends Anonymity As We Know It (9-2013)]:
"The FBI has begun installing state-of-the-art facial recognition technology across the country as part of an update to the national fingerprint database"

"Sara Reardon of the New Scientist reports. 'The agency’s $1 billion Next Generation Identification (NGI) program will also include iris scans, DNA analysis and voice identification by 2014."

Now, let’s look at Recorded Future, a company that analyzes open source intelligence and makes predictions about the future. These are excerpts from their website video [How Recorded Future Works.]

1) "Collect Public Web Content: We continually scan tens of thousands of high-quality, online news publications, blogs, public niche sources, trade publications, government web sites, financial databases and more.

2) "Analyze the Text: From these open web sites, we identify references to entities and events. These are organized in time by extracting publication date and any temporal expressions in the text. Each reference is linked to the original source and measured for online momentum and tone of language: positive or negative sentiment.

3) "Visualize Insights: You can explore the past, present and predicted future of almost anything in a matter of seconds. Our powerful interactive tools facilitate analysis of temporal patterns and better understanding of complex relationships and issues."

Recorded Future is very cutting edge, so much so that it has attracted the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency's [CIA] venture capital subsidiary In-Q-Tel which has invested in Recorded Future. Given their area of expertise the investment should come as no surprise to many.

Data Mining and OSINT Aren’t Just for Spooks [credit for that caption goes to Krypt3ia].
His recent blog post "No, You’re Not A Spook Just Because You Track Social Media and Do OSINT" reinforces my point of how critically important data mining and OSINT tools are  to any individual, business, government and intelligence agency.

In short, social media data mining and / or OSINT is not just for the intelligence community but to anyone who wishes to use it. Both of these tools have become such an important part of our everyday lives, behavior and more so everyday a part of what we will do tomorrow.

Ed Note:  
OSINT derives from an old CIA program called FBIS [Foreign Broadcast Information Service] which provided an unclassified translation of foreign news services in countries around the world.  
Under the Carter Administration, funding was cut severely so that translations of local newspapers and broadcasts, in, for example, Buenos Aires, were replaced by summaries provided by foreign news services such as AFP [Agence France-Presse] which was limited to the articles the French felt were important.  The end product was of limited to no value for analysts trying to grasp what was going on in foreign countries.  
It was scheduled for termination in 1997 under the Clinton Administration, but was salvaged by the Federation of  American Scientists [FAS].
OSINT is now a division of CIA which reads and analyzes newspaper and magazine content, and also retrieves news and comments from social media such as Twitter.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

NSA Wizardry Saves the World!

 on Twitter

I see you; all of you.  I hear you; all of you.  I rule!             Image by @mikeithdavis

Click here for related story   [Daily Beast]

In a story replete with disclosures by "Intelligence Officials" of Top Secret Codeword disclosures of Intelligence Methods and Sources [previously a no-no, and criminal enough to prosecute Manning and Snowden], we learn of NSA's fabulous intercept of 20 [count them, 20] terrorist leaders operating around the globe, plotting and scheming on what they "thought was a 'secure' communication".


Little did they know that the Supreme Being, the NSA was listening in.
Not only that, we are now privy to the entire transcript of what they discussed.

We recall that famous phrase from Maxwell Smart
"Would you believe..."

                                                                                            MAXWELL SMART

And, even better, our fearless "Leader From Behind" [who has personally burned more clandestine and covert operations for his personal political ends than ALL other US Presidents in history combined], announced the closure of 22 US embassies that "might be targeted".

Will we believe our Prevaricator in Chief once again?

These Alerts are routine in the Third World; it is highly unusual -- actually, unprecedented -- to close so many embassies over a simple threat -- albeit ones that allege an attack on an embassy.  This situation didn't seem to get the attention of Ms Clinton, or Mr Obama's White House Choom Gang when Benghazi was threatened, attacked, over-run, with four KIA. 

Closing 22 embassies on the basis of a COMINT intercept makes no sense as it rewards the terrorist for a passive action -- a phone call! 

Intelligence and Security officials raise the cautionary status and beef up security [except in Benghazi], but historically, embassies are not closed for such warnings.

[The below diagram was created by Snowden's employer and leaked by Snowden to the Media (where it was published by the International Press)  to brief President Obama on all the illegal operations NSA was conducting against US citizens and politicians. These programs were since nullified and references to them were declassified due to their unexpected publicity and entry into the public access archives.]

                   Image courtesy of NSA and Ed Snowden

And, in the midst of Congressional investigations into virtually all of Mr Obama's recent scandals and schemes -- the most notable of which is NSA's illegal spying on US citizens and subsequent wholesale sharing of the metadata with all levels of law enforcement throughout the US
-- we are now to be thrilled to death that NSA has Saved The World From Terrorists!

Let us bow down and worship our Savior, the NSA, which only yesterday we condemned for shredding our Constitutional Rights, and which is continuing to gather all information regarding us to share with our national and local Law Enforcement organizations, credit bureaus, financial institutions, and insurance companies..

Unleash Me!

Suddenly, Mr Obama is pro-active in protecting US Embassies and Diplomats. 

Has he set aside his Choom Policy of benign neglect and sacrifice of US officials for his personal political schemes?

Just as suddenly, he demonstrates to the world that NSA is our protector! -- not a demon, led by the master demon Jumpin Jimmy Clapper and Klunky Keith Alexander, the penultimate Yes Man of this Administration.

We've been in the counter-terrorism biz for about 50 years; in all that time, we've NEVER known any terrorist group -- at any level -- to be so naive as to presume their communications were not monitored by intelligence agencies.  It flies against all reason or logic.

We even have Osama linked in from his ocean grave

Even the fledgling terrorists live in a realm of paranoia and go to great lengths to communicate in the most clandestine manner, with multiple levels of compartmentation to preclude government eavesdropping.

For the new leader of al Qaeda, or any other nasty group to hold a "conference call" of 20 -- count them, TWENTY! terrorist leaders around the world to discuss strategy
-- has about as much credibility as Bill Clinton claiming he didn't have sex with that [teen-age] woman.


Come on Media and Congress.  
What is wrong with you!

Certainly some one in our world of journalism or on Capitol Hill can see through this ruse as still another effort to distract from the real issues.

Or, are we just a voicing the old observation:
"The Emperor has no clothes!"


[2020 Editorial Note: 
We wrote this blog post long before the Press had been totally nullified by the Deep State (e.g., Bloomberg, Soros, and other billionaires)]

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bezos + Washington Post = Objectivity

Jeff Bezos bringing new life and objectivity to a moribund left-wing rag          
Image by @mikeithdavis
Click here for related story  [Politico]

Be still my beating heart!

The Washington Post, Mr Obama's personal propaganda sheet, has been sold to - of all people -- 

a Capitalist.  Even better, he's an entrepreneur!  

A self-made man who understands that P&L stands for Profit and Loss in For Profit business - as opposed to Politics & LeftWing or Pandering & Lewdness -- as dispensed by the Post for far too many years -- at the expense of its plummeting readership.

Where will Mr Obama turn when it comes to local propaganda mills, cover to cover photo-shopped pictures of a trim, svelte, and athletic appearing Michelle [as opposed to the real thing], entire Style sections devoted to Michelle's fashion sense [little, if any], and a never-ending assault on the GOP. 

Will we bid farewell to Tom Toles, the Editorial Cartoonist, absent of any objectivity, whose sole objective seems to be attacking the GOP?

Perhaps we'll see a change on the Editorial Page, which has been dedicated to promoting Governor O'Malley [D] of Maryland and slandering Governor McDonnell [R] of Virginia in anticipation of the 2016 Presidential Election, in which McDonnell is the leading Republican contender today.

But, back to basics.
Mr ‪#‎Bezos‬ is an entrepreneur, a former hedge fund Capitalist, computer scientist, electrical engineer, banker, and visionary. His most notable achievement, however was his recognition of the Internet as a merchandizing vehicle, initially for books, and more recently virtually anything.  He created Amazon, which has had its ups and downs, but is now an international powerhouse -- rewarding him with a net worth of $6.5 Billion.

Richard Branson        [Lifeport]

A spin-off of his vision is his interest in the New Frontier:  
Space exploration and commercialization.  

We suspect we'll see the new Post become an advocate vehicle to promote his ideas in the Space realm -- along with fellow visionary Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Virgin Galactic.

What a great combination of talent to head up one of the most influential newspapers in the country.

Let's hope his first act is to clear the Washington Post's board of directors of the Socialists, Communists, and Unionists, and in particular, evicting the former General Motors CEO, Rick Wagoner, who drove GM into bankruptcy and who now uses his position on the board to undercut the electric vehicle industry.

Once Mr Bezos has cleared the Post's deck of worn out deck chairs and political hacks, we look forward to his bringing in new blood, professional journalists, and objective reporting -- rebuilding the Post into the fine newspaper it once was.  

There are many talented young journalists available who are quite savvy about 21st Century technology for distributing objective and accurate news in a profitable manner.  We recommend Mr Bezos reach out and bring the best and brightest of those aboard.
The old school of journalism, dominated by publishers from inherited wealth, had no tolerance for such energetic and innovative upstarts, and alienated advertisers, disdained their readership, and converted their papers into Left Wing propaganda rags.  The Post is a shining example of that template.  Look for the Grahams to be boarding the train that will continue their journey to the 

20th Century.

Mr Bezos, you've arrived in the nick of time.

Monday, August 5, 2013

NSA -- The Good Demon?

THREAT?  Would that be a White House generated NSA threat? 

Looks like the "terrorist threat" which caused the current closing of a number of US embassies, mostly in the Middle East, may have been still another Administration political action to distract the public -- and Congress from NSA's illegal operations.

Camp David Choom Birthday Parteee?

It apparently wasn't that big of a deal if Mr Obama chose to ignore the National Security Council meeting at the WH Sit Room -- and instead threw a golf and substance party for 11 of his pals at Camp David.  Is this his new Choom Gang?

What is disturbing is that we now have Saxby Chambliss praising the NSA for its prowess in tracking this "threat" -- justification for not impeding its mission with any "restrictive legislation". 

We have no objection to NSA carrying out its mission to monitoring foreign communications which might pose a threat to the US, and turning over those communications to Intelligence Community analysts to evaluate, assess, render their opinion. 

That's the mission of NSA, and has been since its inception.  While I worked in the Intelligence Community, I used NSA products on a regular basis; in operations, I had an NSA team at my disposal to target bad guys, and the team was superb.  So, I've always been a supporter of NSA's mission and product to gather foreign intelligence.

Formerly restricted to international monitoring           [Wired]
But, it is not the mission of NSA to monitor US citizens, or to monitor US politicians, or to share that which it has gathered in violation of its charter with US national and local law enforcement agencies to target US citizens for crimes such as using the internet to search for the best price on backpacks or pressure cookers. 

Mr Clapper and General Alexander have corrupted that mission -- to the detriment of our Constitution.

Traditionally, GOP politicians have been great supporters of the Intelligence Community [IC] and aggressive intelligence gathering.  As such, they have developed excellent relations with IC executives and operatives.  They have many "off the record" meetings, and the Intelligence liaison officers pimp their products with special "briefings' [some of which contain real intelligence] to stroke and seduce our politicians; they feel, oh-so-special to be treated so well by the spooks. 

It's an old game, and our politicians get quite giddy when the spooks share their "special secrets" with them. 
[Here, Senator, take a look at the dirt we collected on your political opponent; now, you didn't get this from us, heh heh heh.]

Senator Chambliss [R-Ga]

Senator Chambliss [R-Ga] unfortunately seems to have lost his objectivity in this exercise, and appears to be willing to sacrifice the Constitution for his allegiance to his "handlers" in the Intelligence Community.

With luck, perhaps his colleagues and knowledgeable constituents will bring him to the Intelligence Detox Center.

Wake up, Saxby!