Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Netanyahu's Ego War

Sieg Heil

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Periodically, we criticize Israel's Mr Netanyahu for trying to draw the US into a war with Iran -- an action which we are convinced would be as devastating to Israel as it would be to Iran.

Today, we received another argument against such a war; i.e., The financial cost to the global economy would be about $1.7 Trillion. 

Now, if we ignore the thousands of Iranian, Israeli, Arab and US lives to be sacrificed in this foolish endeavor to satisfy the blustering Mr Netanyahu's massive, belligerent ego, let's examine the cost in real terms.

For those with short memories, let's revisit the First Gulf War which cost "only" $61 Billion
-- plus the health expense related to the Gulf War Syndrome.

During President GHW Bush's six-month build-up to go to war with Iraq in 1990-91, the US economy went into a complete stall, which affected the global economy, which brought world commerce to a standstill -- for nearly six months, forcing thousands of businesses to collapse, increasing unemployment in the US and globally, and reducing global GNP by a significant percentage. 

The war involved 34 "coalition" nations, and close to a million US and coalition military troops were deployed.  Ostensibly, the war was fought to protect Kuwait and to retrieve Kuwaiti territory and oil from Iraq.  Ironically, the Kuwaiti military played only a miniscule role in the war, and Kuwaiti men who should have served in the military spent time in US and foreign night-clubs sneering at their US military "security force" -- whom they regarded as paid mercenaries.

Let's segue from that incident 23 years ago to what we see now.

For those who follow the US Congressional wrangling over the "Fiscal Cliff" deadlock, think in terms of the cost of a Netanyahu Ego War as compared to President Obama's proposed tax increases:

1)  The Netanyahu Ego War would cost the world about $1.7 Trillion [somewhat more than the
     $61 Billion cost of the Gulf War] in terms of
      a) Direct security/military-related expense,
      b) Lost commerce and trade revenues,
      c) Damage to regional infrastructure from the conflict
      d) Increased oil prices
      e) Other global economic costs

2)  Mr Obama's Revenue [i.e., tax increases] would amount to $1.6 Trillion.   Let's compare those
      a) That's $100 BILLION less than the cost of Mr Netanyahu's proposed Ego War.
      b) Mr Netanyahu's Ego War would ADD an extra $3,000 a year in taxes for the US taxpayer
      for the next ten years -- over and above the extra $3,000 we would be expected to pay for
      Mr Obama's "revenue" option.

[Hey buddy, can you spare an extra $6 thousand for Uncle Obama?]

That's just the financial cost of the war; we'll save a fuller analysis for a separate post.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Missile Strike Over DC?

Sun Dog?  Or, air explosion.

Driving through DC on Wednesday [04FEB2015], we noticed in the northwest sky what appeared to be a Sun Dog, or a reflection of sun rays off atmospheric ice particles.  So, we took a series of high-res [3263 x 2448] photos with our cell phone camera and sent them to our computer.

Oddly, the Sun Dog showed up in the photos as more than ice particle reflection, since those would not leave a smoke and debris trail leading to what appears to be an explosion.

Closer examination of the clouds in the distance behind the commercial airliner seem almost the same as the pattern we've witnessed of an airborne explosion; something we've witnessed in military aerial battles.

So, we examined the photo in greater detail, enhancing the resolution to reveal what was clearly a smoke trail -- and not a cloud formation.  At the conclusion of the trail was the Sun Dog, which now appears to be an expanding smoke cloud and the orange glow of an explosion.

Smoke trail leading to orange glow of an explosion?

With that, we continued the enhancement to see if anything else was visible which could be interpreted as an explosion; the result was the image below which enhances the "explosion" portion of the smoke trail. In the trailing smoke leading to the explosion, there are rectangular objects which appear to be debris [not the usual product of a Sun Dog]

Note the black rectangles [debris?] along the smoke path

The series of images above is reminiscent of the Challenger explosion shown below.  Take another look at the lead image for this blog, noting the finger trails, in the background behind the commercial jet, to the left of the Sun Dog explosion.

Shuttle Explosion; note the finger trails of smoke, with debris
Can we conclude anything from this series of images?

Only that the photos captured something OTHER than a Sun Dog; something that greatly resembled an airborne explosion.  But, there were no noticeable sound waves, which would indicate the event occurred at a substantial altitude, perhaps above 50,000 feet [somewhat above the commercial flight level of 35,000 feet.  Was this an air-to-air missile strike?  Buried in the clouds, there are indistinct round, dark objects which we could not enhance to a discernible shape.

So, what's up there besides commercial or military jets?
We've noticed the very large white government planes flying into Dulles Airport away from the normal landing pattern; these are the planes which spray the chem-trails you've noticed in the sky creating the criss-cross patterns which gradually turn a crystal clear blue sky into an overcast, single artificial overcast sky -- with most unusual cloud formations and odd wind patterns.

Late at night last fall, we noted the created-cloud pattern had broken, leaving much of the night sky crisp and clearly visible with no distortion or light pollution.  As we watched, we noticed the stars seemed to be moving, but quickly realized they were not stars, but distant lights high in the atmosphere.  Oddly, the lights were flying in waves of formation groups; this would not have caught our attention had there been only a few, which would have indicated a military flight.

However, as we watched wave after wave of these formations flying northeast to southwest, we estimated there were hundreds of these formations, including thousands of lights.  If each light represented one plane, we would have to assume our entire US Air Force was flying overhead -- at an altitude well above 50,000 feet.  Most notable was the speed of these lights, which moved from one horizon to the other in a little over a minute -- meaning they were traveling at several thousands of miles per hour -- a bit faster than our fastest aircraft.

So, what's going on up there, above our artificial cloud cover?

Some have speculated the cover is designed to block our view of battles taking place in near space, or perhaps not such high altitudes.
Who's the enemy?
We suspect it's not ISIS, or the Taliban, or the Palestinians.

We'll wait and see -- and welcome your input.

Here's a  hint.
Remember the famous Russian Meteor?
Meteor Contrail?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#Pope Condemns #Vatican

Pope Francis to Curia: Merry Christmas, you power-hungry hypocrites!

We do, however, fear for his life having seen several previous Popes succumb to untimely "illnesses" and abrupt deaths after they sought to reform the Church.

We walked away from the Catholic Church a number of years ago [having been an altar boy and a candidate for the seminary] when we saw far too much hypocrisy and greed.  The hypocrisy was evident with nuns who preached that segregation was God's way -- which they enforced by having segregated schools.  The greed was evident when we noted the arrival of the Bishop in an expensive limousine, wearing flowing robes which obviously were worth a fortune; and of course, the ultimate humiliation of the altar boy having to kneel before the Bishop and kiss his ornate gold ring.

If Christ had a savings account, he'd have banked here!
The Vatican is one of the richest nations in the world with enormous financial wealth and vast property holdings.  

There was a time when the Church was known for caring for the poor, operating hospitals, and sponsoring programs for the poor.

Some of that continues today, but we were appalled when we learned the volume of cash spent on settling lawsuits and criminal penalties as a result of sexual depravity by priests.  We were even more appalled as the stories leaked out of missionary journals of priests abusing the children in their care in African villages.  

Ultimately, we've never been able to come to terms with the royal stature and opulence of cardinals and bishops.   We've also never been able to erase the image of the Spanish Inquisition during which Church representatives conducted extraordinarily brutal interrogations of those whom they felt were heretics [i.e., those who believed the Church was the instrument of Satan].  In reviewing those heinous acts, we have to believe that the Church had indeed come under Satan's control -- and sometimes, given today's issues, we have to wonder if perhaps Satan is the greater influence in the Church.

Reviewing the life and teachings of Christ, we don't recall any reference to creating His Church to mimic royalty, to create a huge bureaucracy, nor to create vast wealth.  In fact, he abhorred greed to the extent that he took a whip to the greedy money-changers who set up shop in the Temple.  As we recall, Christ advocated temperance, moderate living, doing good for others, living the Golden Rule, forgiving those who committed crimes, and disdaining wealth -- precisely the opposite of the Church's leadership.

We suspect that the Pope, whose life and priesthood has essentially mirrored that of Christ, can restructure the Church to distribute its wealth to assuage the pain of world poverty; this of course causes great concern to the Vatican bankers and financial planners who have invested tens of billions of dollars in a variety of international corporations and hold hundreds of billions of dollars in the form of priceless real estate.

The danger is that past Popes with reform on their minds met untimely deaths, or shall we say "Breitbart Moments" involving "heart stoppage" from unknown [or undisclosed] sources.

So, we wish Pope Francis the best of luck as he takes on centuries of greed, avarice, lust, pride, wrath -- Oh, what the Hell, let's just give credit to the Vatican and the Church at large for their embrace of the Seven Deadly Sins and leave it at that.

Here's the big question.

If Christ were to appear on the world scene today, 
The Second Coming of Christ
would the Vatican find a way to kill Him?