Friday, March 9, 2018

Time to Restructure the Intelligence Community?

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General [ret] Mike Flynn has run up enormous legal bills defending himself against the Democrats' and Media onslaught which accused him of collusion with the Russians, bordering on Treason.

This campaign against him consisted of baseless accusations which alluded to his past international business dealings which were not illegal in his status as a private sector businessman, nor were such discussions illegal in his role as a National Security Advisor since such discussions are, and always have been, de rigueur in a diplomatic/national security scenario; or even in a Presidential Campaign scenario [Mitt Romney met with both UK and Russian Intelligence representatives in his Presidential campaign, and the Media was fully knowledgeable of those meetings -- but said nothing.

I promise to lie through my teeth
I'm protected by Hillary!
Brennan feared Flynn would recommend the dissolution of the CIA's Directorate of Operations [DO] as it had morphed into a covert, rogue "nation changing" tool of the New World Order [i.e., A Global Government], and had downgraded and essentially eliminated its Clandestine Service [NCS].   

The reformulated NCS became a rudderless, unsupervised covert operation, often using Military SpecOps units to carry out CIA missions which were unsanctioned [e.g., Benghazi], leaving many of our soldiers dead in foreign countries; the standard excuse used for these deaths was that they had committed suicide.

DIA's Clandestine Service [DCS] had displaced CIA's Clandestine Service and recruited and deployed officers with superior educations, training, Military background, and sophistication -- while CIA's case officers and Station Chiefs left a great deal, including integrity, to be desired [evidenced by Benghazi].  Brennan, an analyst, was assigned as a Station Chief as a checkmark to becoming Director of the CIA.  He was regarded by field agents as a bumbling idiot, matching his reputation as a an analyst -- but, he served Bush and Obama well as their puppet.

Perjury is in my nature, so screw you, Congressman!
I'm protected by Hillary!
 Clapper is/has been regarded as a sleaze, as we've noted in the past regarding his role as US Pacific Command J2 where he blocked our efforts at identification and recovery of US POWs still held in Vietnam during the 1980s; he nearly destroyed DIA's analysis capability as he reorganized the independent analysis divisions, abused his position as DNI Director and weaponized the DNI into a political tool, using NSA and other IC resources to undermine Flynn and Trump, and Conservative politicians using blackmail and threats against families to achieve their goals. Congress demanded his resignation based on his blatant perjury during his testimony before Congressional Committees [he did not resign until the end of the Obama Administration.  

Clapper continues to manage companies with Intelligence Community agencies which have non-compete contracts, and obscure IDIQ contracts -- all of which need to be investigated, and perhaps terminated.  We highly recommend all these contracts be terminated, and the companies and their officers/employees have their security clearances terminated -- with full disbarment from any contact with any member of the Intelligence Community.

[Following 9/11, we established the DNI [Directorate of National Intelligence] to eliminate and replace the DCI [Directorate of Central Intelligence]  since the DCI was also the Director of CIA and controlled all the IC; too much power in a single seat.] 

Both Clapper and Brennan need to be brought up on a variety of charges, not the least of which would Treason.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Flu: Is this a CDC virus?

ERs Overflow into temporary tents

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We review, with alarm, the current Flu epidemic, and several issues are clear
1) The recommended Flu Shot is worthless to prevent the form of Flu
2) The Symptoms are strange
a) Normally healthy, and/or athletic victims
b) Sudden onset of lethargy
c) No fever
d) Sudden onset of pneumonia
e) Sepsis
d) Death
3) It is viral, and hospitals, health centers, and Emergency rooms are now overloaded and have set up Tent Annexes to manage the overflow of patients.
4) The Center for Disease Control [CDC] has no worthwhile comment
5) Physicians are bewildered 
6) There appears to be no cure for this Flu

The only other form of Flu to follow this pattern was the Spanish Flu [circa 1918-20] which attacked the young and healthy and by-passed the elderly, the infirm, and children. The Spanish Flu, for which there was no cure, appeared abruptly in Kansas, and spread throughout the world, affecting even Pacific Islanders and Eskimos. And then, one day, it disappeared as abruptly as it began, and there was no further spread of the virus, even to those nearby the victims.
The death toll of the Spanish Flu was estimated between 10 Million and 50 Million, and reportedly had affected roughly 500 Million people world-wide.

CDC loses virus samples
In previous years, we have noted the Obama Administration, which moved the CDC directly under the President's control, frequently lost control of highly dangerous influenza virus samples which inexplicably escaped their laboratories.  

Frequent cases of suspected sabotage were reported, and researchers reportedly were victims of Clinticide or Obamacide. According to USA today in January, 2017, the CDC refused to disclose the types of viruses and bacteria of how the samples in question disappeared or details there-of. Samples were lost in CDC facilities in Atlanta and Fort Collins, Colorado.

But, the CDC seems to have lost control long before Mr Obama's meddling. In 2015, USA Today's researchers Congressional Inquiries from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce inquiries revealed more than 100 labs since 2003 faced fines or enforcement actions, including "...suspension or revocation of their federal authorizations to work with 'select agents'."

We are not certain of the origin of the current Flu epidemic, but, given the history of the Obama Administration's constant warnings of disease outbreaks, and the creation of an Executive Order giving Mr Obama's Surgeon General control of the Department of Defense in the event of a National Emergency based on Pandemic, we have to wonder if Mr Obama cabal is not behind this current, uncontrollable outbreak as a weapon against the US and the Trump Administration..

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bogus Tax Bill Follows Bogus Alabama Election

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The Post & Email
By: Ron Ewart

More news on the bogus Tax Bill process.

The RepubliCrats are seeking a way to kill it before they take their Christmas Recess, so, having succeeded with the GOP/DNC collusion to give Sessions' seat to a Democrat, the end-game now continues.

As Stalin noted:
"It is enough that the people know there was an election.  The people who cast the votes decide nothing.  The people who count the votes decide everything."

The Senate margin is now razor-thin, but, surprise -- McCain has suddenly taken ill and has taken up residence in Walter Reed Military Hospital and will be "unable" to vote on the Tax bill; that "brain cancer" thing is a terrible burden.  

We salute the good senator since most people enduring brain cancer  deteriore quickly and have long since passed away, but, he seems spry as a new rooster.  
Is it cancer, or just a deformed brain.

So, essentially, the Bill will now take one of two paths:
1) It will fail to pass because the GOP now has no clear majority
2) In order to pass, the Bill will have to undergo considerable compromise with the Democrats, and the newly unacceptable Tax Bill will be sent over to Trump for signature.

-- Either way, we lose!

Pass or not, both Parties will walk away with plenty of pork, and the tax breaks we anticipated will now be corrupted so that deductions and credits will be replaced with new scales and add-ons.  It looks as if the AMT [Adjusted Minimum Tax] has already crept back into the Bill, and we're certain many of the tax hikes buried in ObamaCare will be revived.

You jerks in Congress
screwed up my Tax Reform
The end result will be that both Parties will then attack Trump for HIS inability to get the Tax Bill through as promised in his campaign.

This will annoy the voters, and distract the voters from the current scandals implicating Schumer for his involvement in sex scandals, and the overwhelming evidence being presented indicating the absolute corruption of Deep State politicians now resigning in noticeable numbers.

Note to Congress and the Senate:
2018 is an election year, 
and we'll identify and evict you bastards who sabotaged this tax bill!

Draining the Swamp is tough business;

I'd suggest to Mr Trump that he speed up the process with a little napalm.

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning"