Thursday, September 8, 2016

West Slams Kaepernick

West chastises Kaepernick

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This open letter from Allen West to Colin Kaepernick references Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the US National Anthem played at the football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers.  In partial defense of Mr Kaepernick, we recall the stage was set by Michelle Obama in 2011 when she commented to Barack at a flag ceremony: 


If there’s one thing I live for, it’s football season, especially college. 

Saturday night I was enjoying a fantastic game between Charleston Southern University and North Dakota State University. The game went into overtime and ended with the Bison of NDSU winning 24-17.  However, as I watched this thrilling game, it was an item on the ESPN news ticker that disturbed me — to which I see a need to respond to this “teachable moment.

As we reported yesterday, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem in Friday’s pre-season game against Green Bay because he was protesting “black oppression” in the United States. The Niners went on to lose.

The NFL issued a statement that said players are encouraged but not required to stand for the national anthem. 

Hmm, this is the same NFL that refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a helmet decal in honor of the fallen Dallas Police officers gunned down on Thursday, 7 July 2016.

This is the same NFL that said nothing when players from the St. Louis Cardinals displayed the false narrative symbol of “hands up, don't shoot” — which we know didn’t happen. 

I find it rather interesting that the NFL has no issue disrespecting law enforcement officers but only “encourages” players to respect the symbol of our nation, the American flag, and our anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.

However, I would recommend a simple scripture from the wise King Solomon for Mr Kaepernick, Proverbs 17:28 (NIV): 
Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.

Or, as the old folks down South would say, 
“ for a stupid person to keep their mouth shut and not open it and let everyone know they are.

Mr Kaepernick, a biracial young man adopted and raised by white parents, claims America is oppressing blacks at a time when we have a Black, biracial president who was twice elected. 

We’ve had two black US Attorneys General and currently have a Black Secretary of Homeland Security, along with a Black national security advisor. 

Here in Dallas our police chief, whom I know, is an outstanding Black leader. The officer in Milwaukee who shot the armed assailant after issuing an order to drop his weapon was Black. 

Is Mr. Kaepernick following suit and cherry-picking what he terms “oppression?”

Oppressed Kaepernick's House
First of all, let me clarify to you sir, you are a multi-millionaire “one-percenter” just because you can throw a ball and kiss your biceps. 

Men like Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Oscar Robertson, Ernie Davis, and Bernard King and Condredge Halloway of my alma mater were athletes who knew of oppression. 

You, sir, may certainly have the right to sit upon your “fourth point of contact” when the National Anthem is played but never forget, you live in a nation that has provided you the privilege to have that right.

My story is one I wish to share. 

My dad was a corporal in the U.S. Army and served during World War II. He was born in 1920 and knew oppression. Yet, when he sat me down on the steps of our home, 651 Kennesaw Ave NE in Atlanta, he shared with me that there was no greater honor or privilege, than to wear the uniform of these United States. Perhaps that is why his first and middle sons, along with his grandson, are all US combat veterans, just like Dad. 

Herman West Sr. was not a victim, and he raised men who would never allow anyone to suppress or oppress them. Perhaps you should stop trying to make victims and admonish people, black people, to be victors — try it, and you may find that more satisfying than your insidious action and word vomiting.

If you want to know about oppression of blacks in America, past and present, I suggest you ask UD Representative Nancy Pelosi of the San Francisco Bay Area about the policies that decimated the black family? 

Maybe you can cross the Bay over to Oakland and ask US Representative Barbara Lee about the 13 to 15 million black babies killed since 1973, and ask her who is Margaret Sanger?

Or perhaps you can ask the two California senators, Boxer and Feinstein, about who doesn’t support better education opportunities for black children in the inner cities — school choice, vouchers, charter schools, home schooling.

Perhaps you didn’t know Barack Obama was the one who cancelled the DC School Voucher Program for deserving young Black children — talk about oppression. Is that something you’re willing to do, or is it just too difficult?

You should look at who’s been controlling the communities and cities where Blacks live. This isn’t not about what America has done; it’s about what a certain group, a political party has done. 

And your somewhat backhanded comment towards our law enforcement officers — well, I wonder how many times San Francisco PD has protected you?

Here is the deal young man. 

My recommendation is that you apologize. Be a stand up fella and admit you made a very stupid comment. Humbly state that you do realize how very special this country is and the opportunities it has afforded you — and many others. 

You should take that stand and apologize to all of those who are currently serving in our Armed Forces and those veterans who’ve been willing to make that last full measure of devotion. 

You see, when the National Anthem is played, it has a very special meaning to us — maybe you should take a hiatus and go over to Helmand Province in Afghanistan and spend a week and understand why. Go over and throw a football with the men and women who enable you to earn those millions of dollars.

The American Flag has a very touching meaning for those of us for whom it will drape our coffin — as it was for my Dad…and it will be for me. 

That song defines who we are as a proud and exceptional people. This is a land where so many dream of coming to and earning the title of American. Your actions were shameful, disgusting, despicable and disrespectful.

You do have a right and a freedom of expression. But know, there are consequences to your ignorant action, which is what it was.

When the National Anthem is played, I salute because I am a Black man, born and raised in the inner city afforded the opportunity for greatness in my own right. 

May you seek God’s forgiveness and find humility, because we, the people are not going to forget what you did and said.


Allen B West
Lieutenant Colonel [Ret]
US Army

Editorial Note:

West's Military decorations include
Bronze Star
Meritorious Service Medal [3]
Army Commendation Medal [3+Valor]
Army Achievement Medal [2]
Valorous Unit Award
Air Assault Badge
Master Parachutist Badge

West was a US Congressman in Florida 2011 - 2013]; he was defeated when Democrats changed the districts; notably, the margin by which he was defeated came from St Lucie County in which 799 votes went missing, while thousands of Military Absentee Ballots were not counted.  The Florida Attorney General chose not to indict the St Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, even though she admitted to "irregularities [e.g., 'discovery of uncounted ballots']" in both the election vote count and the subsequent recount.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump Disses Intelligence Community

The US Intelligence Community

For related story, click here [The Hill, Julian Hattem]

The Hill, a formerly reputable and objective journal of activities on Capitol Hill and the White House, published a piece by Julian Hattem, a very young reporter whose political zeal has seemingly tainted his reporting ability; his previous experience came as an intern on the Huffington Post and a stringer for the Japanese newspaper Ymiuri Shimbun -- notable for continuously denying the Comfort Women controversy [Journalism has plummeted in reliability in recent years as the old professionals were laid off when News Outlets ditched journalists with experience and ethics, and replaced them with children posing as adults, whose reporting would be better placed on Saturday Night Live].

This young reporter's headline appeared on Facebook as follows:

"Trump says he doesn't trust US intelligence just before classified briefing"
followed by this quote
" 'I won't use them because they've made such bad decisions' Trump claimed."

Naturally, this partial quote set the internet ablaze as lots of DNC  and GOP trolls and self-appointed national security experts jumped on this quote as evidence that Trump has no business being President if he's not going to listen to the Intelligence Community.

All the Intel that's fit to print

[Oddly, none of these critics have raised more than an eyebrow over the fact that Obama rarely takes the morning Intelligence Brief, and generally completely ignores the daily President's Briefing Book.]

But, then again, we have Hillary, who did take the morning brief from State INR [Bureau of Intelligence and Research], and then copied Top Secret Codeword material onto her emails and cell phone texts, revealing extremely sensitive intelligence information pertaining to "Sources and Methods", and in at least one documented case, outed the identity of an Iranian nuclear scientist who had been recruited to spy on Iran's nuclear capabilities.  The Iranians arrested and executed him.

Now, our stalwart young reporter would likely have been counseled had Ben Bradlee been his editor, but, Ben is no longer with us, sadly, and much of journalism's professionalism died with him.  And, we can't be sure if the headline and lead was actually Hattem's, or was created by a politically biased editor at The Hill.

So, let's examine young Hattem's story, as it unwinds beyond the headline --

"...Trump said he does not trust information coming out of US intelligence agencies and indicated he would cease relying on the bulk of the intelligence community's massive workforce."
[we added italics, underlining, and color to emphasize the nuance of Trump's statement]

Trump's more complete statement:
"Very easy to use them, but I won't use them because they've made such bad decisions"
referring to intelligence failures leading to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 based on the Intelligence Briefing Bush received which declared Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction!  

Notably, those WMDs never materialized, and Bush came under constant criticism from all sides, to include our allies.  Financially, the Iraq War(s) will have an estimated tab of nearly $4 Trillion, plus an expected $490 billion in benefits owed to the war veterans, a death toll of up to 189,000 security forces, insurgents, contractors, and humanitarian workers, and of course, close to 5,000 US Military casualties.

Iraq, without a strong leader to rule the myriad religious sects, many led by fanatical extremists, and now overrun with terrorist factions, is in shambles and will likely not return to its relatively quiet status of its days under the thumb of Saddam.  Currently, Iraq, once the 12th largest oil producer and exporter, can barely meet its own needs for fuel and will require close to $100 billion to rebuild its dilapidated production infrastructure.

"If we had never touched it, it would have been a lot better."

That's pretty much the conclusion that most observers have reached given the horrendous results.

Our Intelligence Community, then headed by the intellectually challenged,  professionally inexperienced, political hack  George Tenet came up with a National Intelligence Estimate [NIE] that claimed we could save the region from a possible nuclear war if we invaded and killed Saddam.

Well, we invaded, blasted the daylights out of Iraq several times, defeated their military quite readily, executed Saddam without much of a legal process, left the country leaderless [our hand-picked successor was shot and killed as he triumphantly exited the US plane in Iraq], and, emplaced a massive US Military occupation force since drawn down, but rebuilding as we speak to deal with ISIS/ISIL, an outgrowth of al Qaeda now linked, via Wikileads, to support from Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

What did we accomplish?

We disrupted Iraq, opening it to strife amongst all its tribes and religious sects who have all been competing for power; and, we have created tens of thousands of new enemies there who were previously our friends, but are now our bitter enemies.  We've converted our allies there to what we call "terrorists", i.e., those who hate us and wish to do us harm.  [For an in-depth read on this conversion, we recommend serious students read Rick Francona's book Ally to Adversary.]

But wait!  There's more!
Our Intelligence Community, still led by George Tenet, failed to recognize the threat to the US which came in the form of the attack on the World Trade Center [WTC] on 9/11/2001.

Oddly, the FBI was provided a Philippine Police report which provided accurate details of the plan to attack the WTC -- which was completely ignored at the FBI and the DCI.

It was Tenet's job to coordinate the efforts of all the US Intelligence agencies as well as to work with the foreign intelligence agencies of our friends and allies.  A post-mortem of our intelligence failures leading to 9/11 indicated pure stove-piping of intelligence reports, disruptive competition, and, ultimately, failure to share information of intelligence value.  Astoundingly, Bush did not fire Tenet, but kept him on to create the WMD fiasco leading us into the perpetual Iraq War, and even more devastating, the war in Afghanistan -- home to al Qaeda, which Osama bin Laden reportedly led.

Beginning in 2001, a Military response was created to find Osama bin Laden, reportedly the mastermind of the 9/11 attack -- although that notion was questioned early on, and remains in question.  But, we dispatched Special Forces troops who were quite adept at finding anyone, anywhere [recall they tracked down Che Guevera in South America], particularly since they had worked closely with the Taliban and could have tracked down Osama, had the Intelligence Community been functional; but it wasn't, and the US declared war on Afghanistan as our new official enemy; so we bombed them, and attacked them because our Tenet's Intelligence Community declared them the enemy.

And, by Gawd, they became our enemy, and created terrorist cells, and fought back against the US onslaught which grew into a massive war, with a new regional headquarters known as CENTCOM, which created Military and Intelligence reports of limited to no value in conducting the war.

As time went on, and ISIS grew from a cell of al Qaeda-Iraq, and it has now come to light that "US Military leaders altered intelligence reports 'to paint a rosier picture' of the US-led fight against ISIS than Intelligence analysts believed was warranted."

According to Brigadier General Tata, he was directed by
"an individual from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence who conducts the President's Daily Brief, to stop producing 'products of record' that did not fit the Administration's narrative of a defeated al Qaeda and a non-threatening enemy in ISIS."

SecDef MacNamara Briefs Bogus Intel
 Well, having been an Intelligence analyst for a number of years, we can assure you that such directives are not unusual.  We recall seeing Intelligence estimates briefed at the Five O'Clock Follies as press briefings in Vietnam restructured to validate General Westmoreland's bogus body counts and "victories" which never occurred, and his assurances that we had "... won the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people" -- which was absolute drivel since the South Vietnamese distrusted and hated us almost as much as the North Vietnamese. Interestingly, most of the Viet Cong were South Vietnamese soldiers whom we had equipped.

At the Pentagon, in the Carter Administration, our colleague who managed the Korea desk, was pressed to portray North Korea as a burgeoning threat capable of overrunning South Korea; this followed Major General Singlaub's personal views of the North Korean threat.  Carter was advised that Singlaub was an idiot, and fired him.

Notably, North Korea is repeatedly being touted as a major threat, and we have been pleased to describe in detail why it is not a threat in a blog post a while back.

US Forces Moved into Honduras
We were also pressed by the Deputy Chief of Staff for [Army] Intelligence [Lt General Odom] to tout the Central American insurgents as a major threat to the region, thus justifying the deployment of a brigade from the 82d Airborne Division to El Salvador, plus a massive build up of US forces in Honduras to engage Nicaragua.

[In reality, we assessed Nicaragua as the most dangerous threat, particularly as it spawned the Liberation Theology [Maryknoll Missionary] Communist movement to engage the region.

Interestingly, we found that the sister [a Maryknoll nun and political advisor to Daniel Ortega] of Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil received a phone call on Ortega's office phone disclosing a Top Secret briefing we had just delivered to him.
[We subsequently met with O'Neil and recommended he end his political career rather than facing charges of Treason, and he complied.]

82d Airborne Division

To inflict reason on the engagement of US troops in El Salvador, we dismissed the concept of deploying an airborne brigade of blond haired, blue eyed gringos who would become targets of all four guerrilla organizations, but also any of the roving gangs terrorizing San Salvador.

In its place, we recommended an advisory unit of 55 trainers in each military specialty; Congress agreed, and authorized that deployment, limiting it permanently to 55 US advisors.

Even with these precautions, one of the advisors was assassinated within months of the arrival of the 55 advisors.

While we were the Editor of the Black Book [content was Top Secret Codeword] at the Pentagon  - which was distributed to the Intelligence Community [IC] executives and to the White House, we gained positive recognition as the most accurate publisher of unbiased Intelligence in the Community; and it was not unusual for disgruntled analysts from other agencies in the IC  to visit us carrying intelligence reports and analysis which their superiors had suppressed for political reasons.  Once we checked out the validity of the reports, we then added them to our Black Book, bringing these issues to attention of the entire Community -- and the National Security Council, forcing the issue back to the disgruntled analyst, now in elevated status, for detailed clarification.

Forgotten POWs
[At that time, the Defense Intelligence Agency was led by an array of Leftists left over from the Carter Administration whose acolytes remained in the shadows, but later rose to senior executive positions; it was DIA which suppressed intelligence on the post-war existence and location of US prisoners of war for political reasons, leading the North Vietnamese to execute hundreds of US POWs as they no longer served the purpose of bargaining chips.]

Later, our analyst colleagues were pressed to suppress intelligence information on Osama bin Laden, lest he be removed as s potential threat under President Clinton -- which resulted in multiple missed opportunities to capture him.  But, under George W Bush,  the NeoCons led his National Security Council to persuade him to invade Iraq, over the protests of the Intelligence Community.

And, of course, in the Obama Administration, the IC has pretty much been left alone to do its own thing, with Obama pretty much ignoring everything they have to say.  That of course, has not prevented NSA and the DNI from expanding their operations to target US citizens as potential terrorists, as pointed out by Fast Eddie Snowden, but, we've already discussed those issues.

Bottom Line:

Trump has been advised of, and recognizes that the assessments of the US Intelligence Community are generally inaccurate and corrupted by politically motivated executives.  That's not to say that the analysts are not excellent, but that, instead, the superb analytical products of the dedicated professionals at the base of the Intelligence Community are corrupted by senior staff to match the political statement of the day.

So, for him to advise that he will not accept most of what they produce and brief him on is to say that he recognizes that the IC leadership has consistently abused its status, and that its products are all too often suspect as politically motivated.

Trump was correct in his assessment of Intelligence Community estimates:

I won't use them because they've made such bad decisions!
[As a businessman, Trump has had to rely on trusted advisors; we don't think he can trust the IC]

[Disclaimer: The author is no longer involved in, or engaged with the Intelligence Community.  
He served, in succession, as desk officer/analyst at the Pentagon  East Europe, Middle East North Africa, and then Latin America, subsequently becoming the editor of the Black Book, after which he was assigned to the State Department Bureau of Intelligence & Research [INR] assessing threats in developing countries and providing special assessments for two Secretaries of State and as special advisor to Ambassador at Large, Vernon Walters.  He was Special Intelligence Advisor to the CINC Southern Command, and authored the 25-year HUMINT regional strategy.  His Master's degree is in International Economics having completed studies at Oxford and Georgetown Universities and the National Intelligence University.  His operational activities were in developing countries around the world, and he played a key role in the creation of the Defense Clandestine Service as operations officer from 1984-1990.  His Military service included  command of three intelligence units he formed.  His professional citations include The Director of Central Intelligence Exceptional Intelligence Analyst Award, a variety of military awards from the Army and DOD, and special recognition for excellence from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.]

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Assessing Trump vs Hillary

Typical Trump Rally
Unlike Hillary's sparsely attended event

One of our old friends, a dyed in the wool Democrat, challenged Trump's candidacy by referring to him  as a "...  loose cannon, megalomaniac sociopath -- in the very clinical sense of those last wow words.  anyone that thinks his charismatic 'TV persona' is refreshing and entertaining does not understand the draw than an Adolf Hitler or Charles Manson can exert on the weak-minded.  Wake up people."

This overflow crowd required three more chairs to be set up!

We agree that Trump is bombastic, but in being so, he raised his visibility with the average American who has issues with the current Administration's bankrupt policies and total disregard for the Constitution, and who sees Hillary as a continuation of the "status quo", i.e., massive corruption in Washington, DC, and the absence of Congressional representation of the American People by either Party.   

Is he a Hitler, or a Manson?

Well, he has charisma, and a forceful personality -- but, if you use those descriptors, you'd have to include Teddy Roosevelt, General Patton, Ike, and JFK.  Trump speaks from the heart and resonates with "We The People" who are sick and tired of the Political Correctness that's been jammed down our throats, starting with Jimmy Carter's demands in the late 1970s; we are tired of massive unemployment; we're tired of the racial strife created under the Obama Administration; we're appalled at Obama's welcoming in hordes of illegals and pampering them with free housing, food, and medical care, plus giving them bundles of cash -- only to have these people assault US citizens.  

Ultimately, we're tired of seeing massive corruption in this Administration -- much of it carried out by political appointees such as Hillary, who used her position as Secretary of State solicit "contributions" from foreign leaders to her "Foundation" in return for political and business favors [which the FBI is currently investigating].

Thus, the massive turnout for Trump rallies, and the admission by the leading newspapers that Trump has a substantial lead over Hillary.
Outed by Hillary

Of late, we've been keeping track of Hillary, who has cancelled a number of events for lack of interest, her current events seem well-staged with her own people lest the "hoi polloi" and the Press disrupt the event with awkward inquiries. Notably, she seems prone [according to Secret Service agents] to psychotic fits of temper, not to speak of a total disregard for national security, not the least of which was discussing 

-- and outing -- in her unguarded emails, the identity and activities of a recruited Iranian agent, directly causing his arrest and execution.

And then we have that awkward Benghazi situation, where arms from the Libyan Military warehouses were being shipped to al Qaeda and the early elements of ISIS by CIA operatives. 

When Ambassador Stevens attempted to report these illegal transactions [which included Surface to Air Missiles to be used against US aircraft]. Most awkward was the assailant leader who shouted to the Libyan guard force

"Don't shoot! 

Morsi sent us!"

Hillary arranging Benghazi attack with Morsi?

This event followed Hillary's visit to President Morsi in Cairo, where she was the object of cursing and massive protests tied to her advisor, Huma Abedin, whose support to the Muslim Sisterhood and Muslim Brotherhood linked to Morsi's, causing outrage among the Egyptians.

Trump is a bit rough around the edges, but, many of us believe he is the only person who has not been bought and paid for by the Establishment. Ultimately, it is clear that both Parties are completely corrupt and can't be trusted to continue to run this country.

As for his being a loose cannon, virtually every charge he's made in this campaign has been borne out by fact, so, I'd say that perhaps we need that kind of "loose cannon" for a change of pace from Hillary's and Obama's chronic prevarication.

Is he charismatic?
Of course he is.

Is he intelligent and shrewd?
Of course he is; 

1) He built a $4 billion empire on the basis of a $10 million loan from his father, which he paid back.
2) His academic background includes Wharton, the most respected business school in the US.

3) And, he manipulated Hillary into admitting that she knew her emails contained classified intelligence information -- AFTER she denied knowing that was the case.

Trump projects = Economic Booms

Have some of his enterprises failed?

Of course, most successful businessmen have a few failures; but his success rate remains at better than 95%, which is better than that of the Fortune 50.  

His bankruptcies -- Chapters 11, involved putting his creditors on temporary hold while he reorganized the project to ensure workers got paid, and all the creditors received their fair payment.  

[Chapter 11 ensures creditors and employees don't get stiffed]

Is he the most qualified of the candidates to be President?
An overwhelming majority of voters seem to think so.

1)  He's negotiated with urban and national leaders in the US and dozens of countries throughout the world to create his projects.

2)  His enterprises have created tens of thousands of jobs in the US and abroad.

3)  He is a respected businessman in international commerce -- in spite of the negatives the DNC and GOP pander as negatives [they can't produce facts to support their allegations]

4)  His education is superb, with a degree from the Wharton School
     rated as one of the best schools of finance in the country.  
     [His transcripts and college records are available for review
      --  unlike Obama's].

5)  His track record, supporting the US Military and Veterans is exemplary, although he has not touted his actions for political purposes.  

Those he's assisted remember his largesse.  Here are two, of many, incidents,

  a) 1995:  Trump contributed $1 million to fund the 50th Anniversary NYC Veterans Parade
  b) 1991:  200 Marines were stranded after Operation Desert Storm.  
                  Trump flew them home

Will we see the Democrats try to manipulate the election through rigged machines and voter fraud?


The only question is whether they'll be able to pull it off.