Monday, June 30, 2014


US SF deployed to Iraq by President obama now number 750

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It appears we have two new developments in the Middle East, both attributable to Mr obama -- who has been lying to the US public as blatantly as if he were an IRS bureaucrat, or even JimmyBob Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence.  How do we know he's lying?
-  His lips are moving
-  We have unquestionable evidence that the facts directly contradict his statements.

The man has lied virtually every time he has opened his mouth.

Here are statements vs facts:

1)  Mr obama suggested he was "considering" sending 300 US "advisors" to Iraq.
     a)  Those 300 Advisors are SF troops who are now on the ground
     b)  Those "300" are now 750 combat troops preparing for combat
     c)  Those 750 troops, with boots fully planted on Iraq soil, are being denied
           hazardous duty pay [a whopping $7.50 per day]
- while Michelle vacations at a million dollars a day!

ISIS parades their SCUD [aka: WMD]
2)  ISIS reportedly has captured a SCUD missile,
      a) The SCUD has a range of up to 700 km.
      b)  This missile is capable of carrying
            a nuclear warhead
      c)  This missile is believed to have been
            captured in Iraq from Sadam's Army
      d)  This missile is a WMD -- which the
            Democrats tell us were never in Iraq.
      e)   A Brookings "expert" has dubbed this
            SCUD as nearly useless.
            [In fact, it IS totally useless unless it is
            armed with a warhead, fueled and fired into population centers.

It is just as useless as the T-55 tanks rolling
T-55 Tank [Dangerous Instrument of War]
through the streets of Raqqa; those tanks ARE useless, unless they begin firing 100mm artillery rounds at US troops.

The leftist wags tell us how ineffective and harmless all these radical extremists are, except that they are not the ones who have to face off against these folks -- and possibly die.

Isn't it strange how these folks who have never had to operate in a combat environment are so anxious to downplay the dangerous part of radicals using heavy weaponry to maim and kill you?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Balad - Benghazi Redux?

ISIS re-enacting Benghazi in Balad?                                        []

Click here for related story [J.E. Dyer - Liberty Unyielding]

Is the Administration setting up another Benghazi scenario?
This time with hundreds of US citizens [contractors and government personnel] trapped at a US air base [Balad] in Iraq -- which is currently under attack.

This is a follow-up, oddly enough, to the warning ISIS issued to the US that it will "invade and conquer" -- "with a direct confrontation ... and the sons of Islam have been waiting for this day."

CNN's iReport website carried this message from one of the contractors trapped in Balad:

"I am writing from ballad Iraq a a employee of sallyport, ksillc..ther are approx 500 US citizens on balad air base north of Baghdad trapped..we are part of a little known F16 Iraq support mission here..the company has reportedly for the last 3 days to fly us out, we are now all herded into a central location on base..and being told nothing.. the clint lockheed martin, Dos and most women have already been evacuated days ago but we are still here.  I hope this message is received by someone that can break this as headline news to bring attention to the situation for us..we are all worried and in dire straight as last security Intel reports Isis elements around us."
[Sallyport advises its employees are at "safe locations" or "have been relocated"
 [not quite sure what that means]

Reports from other Americans advised that "... attacking ISIS forces approached the base on Wednesday and used loudspeakers to warn private security forces and Iraqi special military to leave immediately or die."  They all fled, leaving their weapons behind -- which the abandoned US contractors gathered up to hold off advancing ISIS forces.

According to WND, reported AFTER the evacuation of several hundred more important [read Lockheed Martin] employees:
"The surrounded Americans said they were under ISIS fire from small arms, AK47s, and RPGs [rocket propelled grenades]."

And, that old, familiar Oval Office refrain of "Stand Down" has been issued to the US Air Force and regional US forces.

"... the jihadists closed down escape routes, and the US Air Force was in a Stand Down position.  US Forces were not assisting even with air cover so a private extradition flight could land for a rescue."

Here are the regional US forces available and prepped for rescue, but which have been ordered to
"Stand Down" - a la Benghazi.  SecDef Hagel should not say there is no available rescue force.

If they launch now, they may get there in time to save those under siege!

1) US Army Command, Central Region [ARCENT]
     a) 36th CAB [Combat Aviation Brigade [Kuwait] - Texas Army National Guard
     b) USAF combat assets based at Al Udeid Air Base [Qatar]
         (1)  F-15s, F-16s for close air support
         (2)  C-130 and C-17 Transport Aircraft for personnel evacuation
     c) The USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier and Carrier Air Wing 8 in the Persian Gulf

France stands behind you, and we will honor your graves

We are reminded of that infamous battle for Dien Bien Phu in Laos when the French government left its ground troops without support, allowing the Communist forces to over-run and capture the positions with great loss of life.

Officials advise, at this point, that all at Balad are safe.
Somehow, we doubt it.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

John Oliver (HBO) on Net Neutrality: Preventing Cable Company Fuckery

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neutrality
June 1st, 2014

"The Internet is NOT broken and the FCC is taking steps to FIX that." ---John Oliver

The President [Obama] has picked Tom Wheeler, a former top lobbyist for cable and wireless companies to be the next Chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

"Yes the guy who used to run the cable industry's lobbying arm is now running the agency tasked with regulating it. That is the equivalent on needing a babysitter and hiring a dingo." 

Net Neutrality. Do you really understand it?

Click here for an account of how Comcast deals with a customer in these circumstances.

John Oliver from Comedy Central's DAILY SHOW helps make sense of this movement on his hilarious and informative HBO hit show Last Week Tonight.

"If you want to do something evil, put it in something boring."
Add some excitement to your life right now by trolling the FCC's website with your comments:

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lower Interest Rates on Student Loans?

Senate Democrats killed GOP House Bill which tied student loan rates to the Treasury Note 10 Year Rate of 2.6%

Click here for related story [Bill Chappell, NPR]

NPR [National Public Radio] subsidized by taxpayers and oil companies, has become the propaganda organ for the Administration and the Democrats in general -- ever on the attack on anything and everything Conservative/GOP.

Today's headline tells us that those mean old Republicans have killed a bill in the Senate which would have allowed students [and their parents] to refinance their student loans to get substantially lower rates.  But, once again, NPR is acting a purveyor of Democrat propaganda since NPR omits the critical reasons WHY the GOP blocked this bill.

They omit the fact that the House Republicans passed a bill on 23 May 2014 which would tie the interest rates on student loans directly to the interest rate on a 10-year Treasury Note.  That bill was killed by Harry Reid when it arrived at the Senate.

Liz Warren, our Native American Senator
[well, she once saw the movie The Last Mohican, thus qualifying her to claim Indian heritage since she lives in New England, as did the Mohicans until Warren's ancestors killed them all]
proposed Tax Increase legislation in which she included one provision by which students [or their parents] could refinance their education loans.

Now, if that were the sole element in the legislation, it would have flown through Congress and straight to the Oval Office for signature, even though the earlier House Republican Bill was far more effective in reducing student loan interest rates; the GOP bill tied Student Loan Rates to Treasury's Ten-Year Note Rate, currently at 2.59%.

But, buried in the Democrat legislative proposal were lots of new taxes on "The Rich".
You know, all those "One Percenters" [of whom are many NPR luminaries and and executives].

We agree that these loans should be available for refinancing at a lower rate.
What NPR omitted from their story, however, are the details of the provisions to raise "Taxes on the Rich" to compensate the federal costs of the program causing the GOP [and conscientious Democrats] to block it.  
We call that Lying By Omission -- the basis for "Grey Propaganda".
We don't need more "taxes on the rich" -- which we've noted quickly trickle down to become increased taxes on the Middle Class. Furtively mixing in long-term taxes with otherwise appealing measures of public benefit has  been a long-term propaganda gimmick by the DNC to increase taxes for everyone under the guise of targeting the very wealthy
So, think this one through -- and read the legislation, not just the emotional headlines!
Al's kiss ended his marriage
Al Gore introduced a similar "Tax on the Rich" when he was a senator; but, due to inflation, his "Rich Category" back then now encompasses a large percentage of the Middle Class -- into which well-educated students [and their parents] will find themselves -- i.e., with higher taxes and fewer deductions.
Inflation does that.  For example, in 1960, you could buy a nice, upscale suburban house for $20,000 with an income of $10,000 per year; if you earned $35,000 a year, you were considered wealthy.  By 1980, that same house would have cost $80,000, and your income would have been $30,000 a year; you'd have been considered rich if you earned $50,000 a year.  Today, you're at the bottom end of the Middle Class if you earn $50,000 a year.

[Al doesn't pay much in taxes since he routes all his income through a trust fund which funds his house, his cars, and all his expenses; the trust fund is likely structured as a non-profit, so there would be a minimal tax liability.]
Gore's AMT [Alternate Minimum Tax on "the rich"] takes away many of these Middle Class deductions
1) standard deduction,
2) personal exemptions,
3) home equity mortgage interest,
4) miscellaneous deductions such as employee business expenses, and
5) the bargain element of any incentive stock options you exercised
Now, we suggest one alternate and very effective means to offsetting the cost to the federal government for such a program, instead of increasing taxes, would be to simply cut the subsidies and grants to NPR -- or just cutting the salaries of the all the "One Percenters" in NPR [Google NPR salaries to see who makes in the mid- 6 figures, or even 7 figures.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hillary's Missile Deal Cost US Lives

Hillary's Legacy - Providing the Missiles to the Taliban to shoot down US helicopters  [Eyre International]

Click here for related article [Steve Gunn - Progressives Today]

Clinton & Morsi planning Benghazi?         

Early in 2011, Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, had the CIA provide Qatar [our Ally] a variety of weapons with which to bring down the Libyan regime of Qadafi -- with whom we had an explicit agreement on several levels, one of which was that he would provide US Intelligence critical information on terrorist organizations throughout the region.

In the end, Clinton provided Qatar with sophisticated weaponry, which was then provided to the Taliban.  Qadafi was indeed deposed, and of course, we lost one of our most valuable intelligence assets in the war on terror.

We wondered about the double-cross on Qadafi, but then, once we calculated that the Saudis regarded Qadafi as a competitor, and the European Union regarded Libya as an excellent source of free oil, there wasn't much to figure out as to why the Mr obama [the Saudi king's acolyte] would destroy one of our most valuable intelligence resources and reduce the supply of oil on the world market.

But, let's get back to that weaponry.

Some of you may recall that the Benghazi debacle was closely tied to illegal weapons transfers, an issue Ambassador Stevens was intent on investigating and revealing.  He was reporting on these transfers via secret communications in Italy since he could not trust his own CIA Station Chief to safeguard the communications; in fact, it appears he was up against the CIA Station Chief in these transfers -- caught between the CIA and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

So, what were the weapons provided to Qatar, and how did they come into play?

Thanks Hillary
As you may recall,
a US Black Hawk helicopter was shot down north of Kandahar City in August 2012
-- with two US SEALs and an EOD [Explosive Ordinance Disposal] expert killed;

in August, 2011, the Taliban shot down a CH-47 Chinook killing all 38 on-board, to include 25 Special Ops personnel.

After a long investigation, it turns out that the Taliban's weapons of choice were US missiles, originally believed to have been provided to Afghan insurgents during their resistance against the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

US Stinger Missile in the wrong hands     []

That fantasy was debunked when EOD experts determined that the missiles were of a much more recent vintage;

a serial number found on an unexploded part of one of the Stinger missiles
-- tied it to the batch provided, by order of Hillary Clinton in 2011, via the CIA to Qatar
-- which then provided them to the Taliban.

Russian SA-24 shoulder fired SAM [Igla-S]      []

According to the US Special Operations Community, between 50 - 60 of those CIA Stinger missiles were delivered to the Taliban in 2012, while an additional 200 Russian SA-24 Igla-S SAMs [Surface to Air Missiles] also were delivered to the Taliban.

None of this comes as a real surprise since the CIA has not really answered to anyone in recent years, much less the SSCI [Senate Select Committee on Intelligence].

Hillary Clinton's lack of foreign policy experience, and her minuscule understanding of Intelligence operations made her an absolute patsy in this process -- but it was a role she relished because it gave her a sense of power
-- and once again, it cost American lives.

But, this little tidbit fits neatly into the Benghazi scenario, doesn't it?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Seattle Shooting - Contrived?

Locking down Seattle Pacific University -- after its all over                                             [Breitbart] 

Click here for related story [Breitbart, by AWR Hawkins]

When the Liberal Media began questioning, or rather CHALLENGING the Administration's explanations of the motivation behind Mr obama's collaboration with the Taliban and unauthorized release of five terrorists in exchange for Sergeant Bergdahl -- who clearly had deserted, we suspect that Valerie Jarrett was in full swoon.

Bergdahl and Mentor  [CBS News]
The Bergdahl Media Event was going south in a hurry.  The "hero" designation just wouldn't stick, basically because Bergdahl's platoon buddies refused to adhere to the NDIs [Non-Disclosure Agreement] they were forced to sign, which had, until now, barred them from disclosing the circumstances of his coming up "missing" from his unit when they knew he had deserted.

Essentially, they all said the same thing: Bergdahl tossed away his weapons and then sought out the Taliban to join them, and then taught them the skill sets to kill his American unit buddies.

They were not amused, and six of Bergdahl's buddies were killed looking for him.

So, what to do!
A quick conference call to Podesta and Axelrod should have created a quick crisis, and what better crisis than a mass shooting.  After all, it worked pretty well in Aurora and Sandy Hook [where there were so many actors and DHS personnel it looked like a convention -- and NOBODY could get their stories straight], and it almost worked at the Washington Navy Yard [where the identified perp looked nothing like the official "perp" who died on the scene].

The Administration just can't gin up a mass-shooting crisis on a moment's notice any more since they've burned up their reserves.  Turning out shooters from their controlled psych programs had merit, but it takes a while for those chemicals to kick in so the selected "perp" can follow instructions, particularly those which result in his "suicide" -- which eliminates those awkward contradictory comments and confessions which folks like us just love to pick apart.

In this case, we suspect the "perp" was supposed to have "committed suicide" after shooting as many folks as possible; and the responding SWAT unit would have ensured that he wasn't around to spill details.

The official story -- released almost immediately after the shooting -- was that he was enamored of the Columbine shooting and wanted to repeat it.  But, he followed none of the Columbine processes -- no plan, no buddies, and he used a shotgun with no extra weaponry.
So, that story will fall apart fairly quickly under minimum scrutiny.

But, goshdarn it!
This perp blew it! -- and how dare the hall monitor interfere with a perfectly good engineered crisis!

Rifle Casings

Shotgun Casings
This guy was armed with a  shotgun, but exiting students described a scene strewn with empty rifle casings -- not shotgun cartridges.  Shotgun shells don't look like rifle cartridges.  But, even had they been shotgun cartridges, there shouldn't have been that many visible since the perp fired only a few rounds before attempting to reload.

If we were a cynic -- and you all know were not -- we might suggest that the stage was being set for a mass murder scenario akin to Sandy Hook or Colorado -- or even Columbine if they'd just had more perps!  But, with the unexpected interruption of the shooter, there just wasn't time to cover their tracks by picking up the rifle shells and leaving only shotgun casings.

Sandy Hook was SOOOO embarrassing because the official story was that the shooter had used an assault rifle, evidenced by hundreds of empty rifle casings --- but, but, but the rifle he was supposed to have used was shown in the trunk of his car by a cop on the scene -- in a TV video!  Tough to explain all those casings.  Worse, was that Mr obama posed with a grinning little girl on his lap who had, only the day before, been honored as one of the victims, and whose parents were captured on TV grieving over the death of this very child!

The shooter, Aaron Ybarra, fits the profile of our previous mass shooters, all of whom intended to "commit suicide".  

Shooter Ybarra [Facebook]
Friends of Ybarra, 26, regarded him as friendly, laid back, an "amazing friend, calm and nice, and a good worker".  One friend advised, "It makes no sense at all, he was super happy and friendly, an awesome guy who would never let you down".  Prior to the shooting, he had called a friend with an invitation to "... go fishing."
[This is the shooter?]

We're reminded of a similar description of the shooter at the Washington Navy Yard, and of the shooter in Aurora.
[Is there a pattern here?]

"Police sources" [unnamed, unidentified] immediately advised that he had once called 911 to say that he "had a rage" inside him.  They further noted that Ybarra was obsessed with the Columbine shootings in Colorado, that he "liked a Facebook page about guns and snipers".

Unidentified police added "... he wanted to shoot up a school" and "he was hell-bent on killing a lot of people"-- although there was no context, history, or background for those declarations.  Police also referred to police reports in which Ybarra was "lying drunken in the street in front of his home yelling at a SWAT unit [they did not advise why there was a SWAT unit on his street].

Now, that's one hell of a lot of information on a guy who was arrested and charged only a few hours earlier.  It might seem that the police had a file on Ybarra ready to go and discuss coincident with the arrival of a fully equipped SWAT unit at the University only moments after the shooting.

John Meis  [AP/Seattle Times]
If this had followed the standard script, the police would have swarmed in, shut down the area around the school for blocks in every direction, called in TV crews, and this would have been even more intense than the Sandy Hook event -- perhaps with an equal number of actors.  And the grand script finale would have been a report that the shooter had "committed suicide" -- eliminating him as a criminal defendant who might expose how he came to become a "shooter".  

But, Meis, a building monitor, on the scene and armed with pepper spray, then knocked Ybarra down, and other students joined in the action to hold him down, turning him over to the police [and SWAT unit] who arrived within minutes of the shooting!
What a great response time!

Another odd thing was that the school was then locked down, officially to search for other perps - of whom there were none, and officials with bull-horns entered the classrooms to announce that the students had to stay in the locked and darkened classrooms -- and they weren't allowed to contact their parents.  

If you were a parent, and your kid was at that school, and you'd heard reports of at least one student's death [age/sex not disclosed], chances are you'd be going crazy.  

So, why the 90 minute lock-down and communications silence?
Certainly not to secure the building; it was secure, the perp was in custody.  

Could it have been so the "cleaners" could come in to prep the scene with the proper litter and perhaps clean up the litter that just didn't fit [e.g., rifle casings when no rifle was used]?

But, then we have the politicized, prepared anti-gun speech by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray
"... once again, the epidemic of gun violence has come to Seattle -- the epidemic of gun violence that is haunting this nation."

Oddly enough, there were several shootings that same day in other Seattle locations, one at a homeless shelter, but those were not mentioned by either the Mayor or the national media.

So, what's this all about?
What better way to distract Americans outraged at Mr obama for collaborating with terrorists than to have ALL the talking heads talking, once again, about gun violence, and the absolutely, positively, certainly NEED TO DISARM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  to protect them, by Gawd!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Cover of Mad Magazine

Click here for related story [Jake Tapper, CNN]

The news is awash with stories about Bowe Bergdahl, the Army Private from Idaho taken prisoner on 30 June 2009 under mysterious circumstances, and whose fate has remained a bit of a mystery -- until just a few days ago.  That's when we learned he'd been released to US custody in exchange for five top Taliban terrorist leaders who were formerly guests at Guantanamo.

The negotiations with the Taliban had apparently been going on for months by the Administration without the knowledge of Congress, or Afghan President Karzai - our ally.  Now, Congress is a bit miffed since negotiating with terrorists has been illegal for quite some time, although the Administration has generally viewed legal issues as mere fluff when it comes to violation federal law and the precepts of the Constitution.

Soldiers from Bergdahl's former unit [1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment] are not overjoyed at his repatriation since the Administration is painting Bergdahl as a hero.
As Sergeant Matt Vierkant noted recently,
"Bergdahl deserted during a time of war, and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him."

Reportedly, Bergdahl left his guard post, left his weapons, and exited with only his knife, a compass, his camera and diary, and water.  Extensive searches for Bergdahl resulted in skirmishes which took the lives of six members of his platoon; notably, following Bergdahl's disappearance, there seemed to be an increase in the number of attacks on US units in Paktika Province.

The six soldiers who died during search and rescue operations for Bergdahl were:

1) Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen
2) PFC Morris Walker
3) Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtis
4) Lieutenant Darryn Andrews
5) PFC Matthew Martinek
6) Staff Sergeant Michael Murphy

All regional resources were redirected towards recovering Bergdahl, leaving combat outposts vulnerable for lack of direct support, indirectly costing the lives of more US soldiers.

Bergdahl's fellow soldiers early began questioning the reports of his capture and instead began communicating that he had actually deserted were then ordered to cease and desist, and were forced to sign NDAs [Non-Disclosure Agreement] under penalty of prosecution.  So, they remained relatively silent until now.

But now, it seems they're shredding those agreements.
Former Sergeant Evan Buetow, reportedly Bergdahl's team leader prior to his desertion, claims Military Intelligence intercepted enemy communications reporting an American soldier looking for an English speaker so he could talk to the Taliban.  Buetow went on to say that "over the next couple of months, attacks on US forces were "more directed" and IEDs became precision explosions, far more accurate and timed than seen previously.  Buetow indicated it seemed far more than coincidental.

Most who are aware of the circumstances of his disappearance, the cost in human life of the search and rescue operations, his reported collaboration with the enemy, and the release of Taliban terrorists in exchange for his release, are stunned that the President has announced his intent to promote Bergdahl -- who was promoted to Sergeant while a guest of the Taliban for five years.

So, in exchange for this fellow, who remains with US forces for health review and debriefing, five Taliban leaders were released from Guantanamo.

Former Gitmo Guests and Comrade Bergdahl []
The previously detained Taliban

1) Khair Ulla Said Wali Khairkhwa [a friend of Afghan President Hamid Karzai] and reportedly was/is a major drug lord.
2) Mullah Mohammad Fazi, charged by the UN in connection with "... the massacre of thousands of Afghan Shiittes during Taliban rule."
3) Mullah Norullah Noori, former governor of the Taliban dominated Balkh Province. [Denied links to Taliban]
4) Abdul Haq Wasiq, deputy chief of the Taliban Intelligence Service [his cousin headed the Service].   He denied links to militant groups.
5) Mohammad Nabi Omari, a minor Taliban official in Khost Province; associated with Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin and al Qaeda.  Claimed to have worked with a US operative to track down Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

Interestingly, the "urgency" of this swap
[much like the urgency of most of the Democrats' actions since the passage of ObamaCare]
was so great due to Bergdahl's declining health
"...we needed to get him out of there essentially to save his life!" 
which of course, begs the question as to why there was no urgency to save the lives of the six soldiers who died trying to rescue Bergdahl once he deserted.

Oddly, SGT Bergdahl now reportedly has " ... difficulty speaking English " and we're reminded of the TV series Homeland in which a US Marine is repatriated after being a prisoner of the Islamic Evil-Doers for several years.

An Administration counter-terrorism official noted that it's quite possible he Bergdahl "collaborated with the enemy" - wow! now there's a revelation.

But, Jay Carney assures us the Administration did NOT negotiate with Terrorists because Bergdahl was a POW -- not a hostage.

Strange how we seem to be prepped for so many events now by Hollywood [e.g., our first Black President, our next Female President [Hillary?], our domestic War on Terror, our rough and ready police forces which are now wearing SWAT uniforms and weaponry for routine police actions?].

So, where will this story take us?
Well, after the President's appearance in the Rose Garden Bergdahl's parents, we can only assume this story will serve to distract the public once again from Benghazi, and the wayward Malaysian Flight ML370.

But, we'll do our best to keep each story in the news, in spite of Valerie Jarrett's machinations to distract us from issues which will eventually bring Mr obama into the Impeachment process.

[For additional analysis of this unfolding event, we refer you to Rick Francona's blog]