Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Flu: Is this a CDC virus?

ERs Overflow into temporary tents

This Flu story has essentially been buried by the News Media, in spite of local News reports in various parts of the country, including the Phoenix, AZ region, where thousands were affected with bizarre symptoms; there were unconfirmed reports on local news stations that deaths were measured also in the thousands -- but there was little to no Media follow-up on related hospital reports.

Cunningham went missing immediately
after he blamed the CDC for this Flu epidemic 
Recently, the Director of the Center for Disease Control [CDC] Intelligence Division, Commander Tim Cunningham, was found dead in an Atlanta River. Atlanta police labeled his death as a "suicide" -- but with no other motive than he was not promoted within the CDC office. This was offset by the fact that he had just been promoted in the Public Health Service to full Commander [0-5], a significant promotion.  

Cunningham had been quoted as saying the Flu Epidemic [see Flu story below] was initiated by the CDC.

Commander Cunningham's death must be included in the long list of Medical researchers [MDs] who have succumbed to "Clinticides", many of whom were working on significant breakthroughs in cures for prevalent diseases and ailments.  

Our unconfirmed suspicion is that Commander Timothy Cunningham, as head of CDC Intelligence, posed a major threat to the Surgeon General's careerist staff [i.e., Obama inserts] with his knowledge of inexplicable repeated losses of deadly viruses maintained for study by the CDC. Of special interest is the fact that Obama had moved the CDC from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Oval Office, directly under his control. 


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We review, with alarm, the current Flu epidemic, and several issues are clear
1) The recommended Flu Shot is worthless to prevent the form of Flu
2) The Symptoms are strange
a) Normally healthy, and/or athletic victims
b) Sudden onset of lethargy
c) No fever
d) Sudden onset of pneumonia
e) Sepsis
d) Death
3) It is viral, and hospitals, health centers, and Emergency rooms are now overloaded 
and have set up Tent Annexes to manage the overflow of patients.
4) The Center for Disease Control [CDC] has no worthwhile comment
5) Physicians are bewildered 
6) There appears to be no cure for this Flu

The only other form of Flu to follow this pattern was the Spanish Flu [circa 1918-20] which attacked the young and healthy and by-passed the elderly, the infirm, and children. The Spanish Flu, for which there was no cure, appeared abruptly in Kansas, and spread throughout the world, affecting even Pacific Islanders and Eskimos. And then, one day, it disappeared as abruptly as it began, and there was no further spread of the virus, even to those nearby the victims.
The death toll of the Spanish Flu was estimated between 10 Million and 50 Million, and reportedly had affected roughly 500 Million people world-wide.
In previous years, we have noted the Obama Administration, which moved the CDC directly under the President's control, frequently lost control of highly dangerous influenza virus samples which inexplicably escaped their laboratories.  

Frequent cases of suspected sabotage were reported, and researchers reportedly were victims of Clinticide or Obamacide. According to USA Today in January, 2017, the CDC refused to disclose the types of viruses and bacteria samples in question disappeared, or details there-of. Samples were lost in CDC facilities in Atlanta and Fort Collins, Colorado.

But, the CDC seems to have lost control with meddling by Messrs Bush and Obama.  
In 2015, USA Today's researchers found that Congressional Inquiries from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce revealed more than 100 labs since 2003 faced fines or enforcement actions, including "...suspension or revocation of their federal authorizations to work with 'select agents'."

We are not certain of the origin of the current Flu epidemic, but, given the history of the Obama Administration's constant warnings of disease outbreaks, and the creation of an Executive Order giving Mr Obama's Surgeon General control of the Department of Defense in the event of a National Emergency based on Pandemic, we have to wonder if Mr Obama cabal is not behind this current, uncontrollable outbreak as a weapon against the US and the Trump Administration..