Saturday, August 24, 2013

ObamaCare Police

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The hidden provisions of ObamaCare are now kicking in.

Toto stole my red shoes, clicked his heels, and ...

As Nancy Pelosi announced so long ago:
"You can read it after we pass it!"

We've been reading it for four years now, and the more we read, the more we're convinced this legislation will lead to an economic disaster,
coupled with a burgeoning Police State.

The Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] has hired 1,600 new employees as an enforcement arm to search for and detect "violators" in both the consumer base as well as the health care industry.

Congress remains bewildered at the contents of the legislation since so many of those originally involved in passing the legislation were voted out of office by their constituents.  The remainder, to include all the newbies, continue to try to comprehend the details -- and the scope of this abomination.

President Obama created an emergency "Direct Hiring Authority" [DHA] order simultaneously with his signing the Affordable Care Act in 2010; the DHA order authorized 1,814 new positions in HHS, and filled more than 1,600 of them at an annual cost of about $150 million.  The DHA specified that, of the 1,814 positions, 261 were to be "consumer safety officers" -- but only two persons were hired for those positions while 86 were hired as "enforcement officers" -- even though only 50 such positions were authorized.

But does she have ObamaCare!

Since these enforcement officers lack police credentials or even authorization under the Constitution, it is unclear as to what their authority will be, and under which agency they will report, and, which agency will adjudicate the arrests made by these unauthorized officers.

The IRS has also created a substantial enforcement arm of paramilitary operatives.  We understand that they too will be tasked with enforcing ObamaCare.

Heritage Action for America, the most active opponent of ObamaCare, is pressing Congress to take the only viable action available to counter ObamaCare, i.e., de-funding it.  To do so would theoretically cripple both the Act as well as its enforcement.

Will CJCS report to him?
In January 2012, we published an expose' of the provision in ObamaCare which authorized the private army which he had mentioned in a 2008 campaign speech.

Authorization for this Private Army was buried on page 1,312 of the Affordable Care Act under Section 203, which would restructure the established and well-regarded Public Health Service [PHS] which is headed by the Surgeon General, RADM Boris Lushniak, a Chicago born Ukranian -- who answers only to the President.

We cannot continue to rely only on our military…we’ve got to have a civilian security force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.  We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.” 
Barack Obama: 2008 Campaign Speech

Funding for this organization would come from redirected Public Health Service budgets -- which is illegal under current federal law.  The funds have been diverted into a slush fund over the past four years and now merely need to be reallocated.

President for Life
The key to this agenda is that the President need no longer fear the Military in his process to create what is rapidly becoming a Police State.

With his new private army, which can serve as a cadre, he can create a National Emergency which would activate all the Executive Orders he's created in past years.

Under the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act, a health-related National Emergency places the Surgeon General in command of the all military and police forces - to include DOD and the DHS.

Notably, the DHS currently has a strength of 240,000 personnel with a large fleet of armored vehicles and armored mobile command posts; it is now supplemented and partially staffed with foreign military personnel -- most visible are the Russian Spetsnaz [Special Operations] units; RADM Lushniak was assigned in Russia and Kosovo, so he will be able to communicate well with his Spetsnaz troops who will ensure his safety from disgruntled US personnel.

Will the implementation of Mr Obama's police state be initiated with a new Executive Order declaring a National Emergency based on the next faux pandemic?

We'll see.