Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bogus Tax Bill Follows Bogus Alabama Election

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By: Ron Ewart

More news on the bogus Tax Bill process.

The RepubliCrats are seeking a way to kill it before they take their Christmas Recess, so, having succeeded with the GOP/DNC collusion to give Sessions' seat to a Democrat, the end-game now continues.

As Stalin noted:
"It is enough that the people know there was an election.  The people who cast the votes decide nothing.  The people who count the votes decide everything."

The Senate margin is now razor-thin, but, surprise -- McCain has suddenly taken ill and has taken up residence in Walter Reed Military Hospital and will be "unable" to vote on the Tax bill; that "brain cancer" thing is a terrible burden.  

We salute the good senator since most people enduring brain cancer  deteriore quickly and have long since passed away, but, he seems spry as a new rooster.  
Is it cancer, or just a deformed brain.

So, essentially, the Bill will now take one of two paths:
1) It will fail to pass because the GOP now has no clear majority
2) In order to pass, the Bill will have to undergo considerable compromise with the Democrats, and the newly unacceptable Tax Bill will be sent over to Trump for signature.

-- Either way, we lose!

Pass or not, both Parties will walk away with plenty of pork, and the tax breaks we anticipated will now be corrupted so that deductions and credits will be replaced with new scales and add-ons.  It looks as if the AMT [Adjusted Minimum Tax] has already crept back into the Bill, and we're certain many of the tax hikes buried in ObamaCare will be revived.

You jerks in Congress
screwed up my Tax Reform
The end result will be that both Parties will then attack Trump for HIS inability to get the Tax Bill through as promised in his campaign.

This will annoy the voters, and distract the voters from the current scandals implicating Schumer for his involvement in sex scandals, and the overwhelming evidence being presented indicating the absolute corruption of Deep State politicians now resigning in noticeable numbers.

Note to Congress and the Senate:
2018 is an election year, 
and we'll identify and evict you bastards who sabotaged this tax bill!

Draining the Swamp is tough business;

I'd suggest to Mr Trump that he speed up the process with a little napalm.

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning"

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trump's Dismantling of Spy Agencies

Can Trump Neutralize Obama's
Weaponized Intelligence Community?

         [This post has been updated following unauthorized edits by "host" personnel]

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[The Intercept:  Matthew Cole, Jeremy Scahill]

Intelligence Community Elements

According to the NY Post, President Trump is considering the creation of an independent global spy network apart from the Intelligence Community, which currently has several spy agencies which have been gutted and politicized by the past several administrations, each of which conducts a unique type of espionage.

[CIA, DIA/Clandestine Service, State INR, Commerce, Treasury, Coast Guard, NSA, Military Services, NRO, FBI, etc]

Now why would Trump want to eliminate a technically proficient Intelligence Community adept at spying?

Short Answer:
The spying against US enemies was too difficult, so Clapper and Obama turned the American Citizen into the enemy -- being much easier to spy upon and control to achieve a Socialist/Communist society within the US, and achieving the ultimate goal of a New World Order. [a goal of Presidents Carter, Bush-1, Clinton, Bush-2. and Obama]; Wikileaks outed them.  They created false Intelligence which was completely unreliable and conducted operations AGAINST President Trump as their targeted adversary.  The questionable tragedy of 9/11 provided the instruments to undermine the US Constitution and weaponize the Intelligence Community for political purposes via the Patriot Act.

[As you may have noticed, the FISA [FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ACT] Court has been politicized to attack a variety of Trump Administration personnel, not the least of whom was General Mike Flynn -- using falsified documentation.]

[Keep in mind that the Obama Administration worked hand in glove with Soros to undermine the US; since exiting the OVAL OFFICE, Obama and Soros  formed the Shadow Government and seem to be working hand-in-glove to undermine the Trump Administration and destroy the United States as we know it.]

The Intelligence Community had become a tool of the Deep State.

Long Answer:

[Grab a beer; this will take a while!]

By now, most informed readers are aware that most of the  Intelligence Community [IC] which Trump inherited from Obama was politically tainted and packed with Obama operatives who have been working night and day to undermine Trump with false intelligence, or, according to Sebastian Gorka, have been deliberately withholding or manipulating Intelligence to cause Trump to fail, and end the draining of the swamp for the preservation of the Deep State.

Now,  CIA is quite adept at disinformation or false/manipulated intelligence. followed by DIA, both of which were infiltrated by communist agents generations ago.

Of note was CIA Director Brennan who is a self-avowed Muslim and suspected Communist sympathizer/adherent [he voted for Gus Hall of the Communist Party of America] -- and a long string of communist operatives within, corrupted by British Intelligence,
while DIA has a history of communist and other spies operating from within [Ana Montes, Jonathon Pollard],
while the FBI had its own share of infiltrators [Robert Hannsen] bringing down the Bureau.

Now, the CIA was begun with great hopes for success given its legacy in the OSS [Office of Strategic Services] which produced superb spies during the World War Two; most of them came from the Private Sector international business community, or, they had family connections abroad.  They were highly educated, multi-lingual, sophisticated, and could move about in all realms of society.

At the end of the War, most of these operatives returned to their Private Sector jobs and became what was known as "The Company" -- which provided non-official cover and support to future CIA operatives [generally, the identity of The Company operatives were unknown even to local CIA station chiefs as a means of compartmentation; only the Director of Operations had that knowledge.  Most of these operatives died of old age so The Company is a near forgotten memory now as these support-mechanisms rarely exist now.]

But, we digress.

Once the OSS operatives departed, the Second String stepped in, some of whom were competent, but most of whom were OSS/James Bond Wannabes, but could not really cut the mustard.  Lacking clandestine operational skills, the CIA became the tool of the Deep State and turned to covert ops responding to the likes of Henry Kissinger who directed them to eliminate inconvenient foreign leaders.

Many of these Executive Action ops were exceptionally messy and left nasty paper trails, such as the  JFK assassination [which many attribute to the Deep State and the CIA].

All too often, the CIA would recruit Military Special Operations troops to conduct covert operations, managed by CIA operatives with virtually no Military experience.  In one Central American country, the Chief of Station was a former USAF Security Police NCO who had never fired a weapon other than a .38 caliber [police special] pistol.  His role?  Training/advising Contras in para-military operations.  To complete the picture, he grew a Fidel Castro style beard which became the object of ridicule by all.

Generally, CIA operatives would rotate assignments in countries in which they had no cultural or linguistic training, causing disastrous operational results [the Thailand Sakhon Nakhon Letter] and Executive Actions leaving a distinct trail to the CIA [e.g.,  Egyptian Presidents Nasser [heart stoppage (NFI) and Anwar Sadat [Heart Stoppage (via "terrorist" bullet)].

Following the Church and Pike Committee hearings, Congress cut funding and ordered the extreme shrinking to near dissolution of the CIA and Military Intelligence, supplemented by Kissinger's abusing his position as Nixon spokesman to eliminate HUMINT clandestine operations and NSA monitoring worldwide.  The result was an evaporation of global HUMINT operations, and empty CIA stations throughout the world.  Worse yet was the extreme and thoughtless effort to fill these vacancies from law enforcement agencies so the new Station Chief was likely to be an ex-ATF or ex-DEA agent, or, even a state trooper -- none of whom had real HUMINT clandestine experience and all of whom regarded clandestine operations as simply recruiting disposable snitches.

Subsequently, CIA's bumbling of both clandestine for espionage and covert operations to overthrow national leaders who offended the Deep State caused a rebellion by Military Intelligence officers who tired of CIA's amateurish operations and inability to grasp the military threat of terrorism and insurgent growth in developing countries; this outrage led to the development of the Defense Clandestine Service {DCS] -  created by merging the clandestine services of the Army, Navy, and Air Force in 1984.

Like the OSS, DCS case officers were recruited from the top echelons of achievers, sophisticated and complete with advanced degrees, extensive area knowledge and existing reporting networks in foreign countries where they were assigned, plus combat experience in a variety of scenarios.

These were the types of officers the CIA had previously "borrowed" from the Military, although, for covert ops, the CIA had gone directly to Military commanders without coordination with the Pentagon to "borrow" uneducated, expendable, ground soldiers whom they could claim committed suicide or had accidental deaths during misguided covert operations.

The DCS evolved from a number of Military Intelligence officers who were fluent in multiple foreign languages and area studies, and were able to converse intelligently and expertly with military leaders in foreign countries -- an attribute lacking in the CIA except for the few who had served briefly in the US Military.  Eventually, the opportunity to create the DCS presented itself via Plan Green, a strategic document to establish HUMINT operations in Latin America, blessed by USSouthCom and then by Congress [Senators Goldwater and Helms led this effort on the Hill].  Plan Green then became the template for global operations, overturning the CIA's dominance of the Clandestine environment.

LTG Mike Flynn
The DCS became an exceptionally effective organization, producing superb Intelligence, and promoting case officers to senior intelligence positions.  But, as with all good things in the Military, the DCS was nearly destroyed under Clinton, with an occasional sop by G W Bush.  Under Obama, Clapper "reorganized" it, and later fired General Flynn for attempting to revive the DCS to its original stature and adding Special Operations to its mission.  It still remains, but with CIA dominance.

As for the military subsets of the NSA, many of those continue to be independently operational and accurate in their reporting, but that reporting is subject to political editing by the senior levels of the NSA bureaucracy which was outed and disgraced by revelations of spying on US citizens -- to include spying against President Trump, LTG Flynn, and various Trump Administration functionaries -- as well as minor figures such as ourselves who find this offensive.

Notably, Congress, having been blackmailed by CIA and Clapper's stooges, authorized these illegal actions after-the-fact to ensure the NSA leadership and Obama functionaries would not be accused of wrongdoing.  We assume that, given the opportunity, many in Congress will testify behind closed doors that they were blackmailed by Obama's IC representatives.  In the meantime, it appears Clapper covered the illegal tracks by obtaining FISA warrants on baseless grounds; these are now becoming public, and we suspect, there will be many an awkward moment ahead for Clapper's minions.

So now, where does the Intelligence Community stand.

Once composed of a relatively small community of professionals in every specialty, and even a CIA element recognized for a number of specialties supporting clandestine operations, we have a completely politicized IC with a leadership intent on ignoring the directives of the President of the United States, and operating in direct opposition to the President.  In the past, we would regard this as Sedition and even Insurrection, if we include the BLM violence which some link to the CIA and elements of the DOJ following Trump's election.

Interestingly, there were recent rumors [unconfirmed] that President Trump had, employing the Insurrection Act of 1807, sent in a large force of armed Marines into the CIA's headquarters at Langley to seize control and arrest much of the hierarchy on grounds of sedition.  This event followed rumors [equally unconfirmed] that the CIA was preparing a coup against President Trump.  We've noted the sounds of silence from Langley of late, and trust that the reported lockdown authorized occasional shipments of toilet paper and Big Macs.

So, how would this new Intelligence element work.

Reportedly, Mike Pompeo has met with considerable resistance by the CIA's embedded bureaucracy, much the same as Porter Goss encountered when he took office under George W Bush; CIA bureaucrats eventually dislodged Goss using standard blackmail techniques and personal threats, protecting their bureaucracy and keeping their allegiance to the Deep State.

John Maguire
Oliver North

Erik Prince

As of this writing, it appears the new Intelligence program will by privately directed by Erik PrinceOliver North, and CIA [trusted] veteran John R. Maguire [VP, Amyntor Group] who have recruited their  own network of trusted Intelligence operatives with successful backgrounds in both the IC as well as the Private Sector.  None are beholden to the Government paycheck.

Each, in his own right, has developed and inherited networks of well-placed persons with direct or indirect access to elements of interest and people of power around the world.  They are knowledgeable of the technical elements of the US Intelligence Community and are fully capable of directing the efforts of these technicians to supplement the information they seek and acquire.  To the amazement of some, there are still plenty of professional Intelligence officers ready, able, and willing to serve their country using their skills and experience in a variety of Intelligence specialties.

One of the first results of this new operation was the penetration of an Obama Shadow Government company [NOS] and the discovery and dismissal of three legacy operatives who served as agency directors under Obama and have reportedly been supplying inside information as well as sitting in on "Deep State" meetings.  [so far, there has been no confirmation of this information, but it would tie to Trump's program of ferreting out the Obamanite operatives, one by one.

For the first time in US history, we have a former President actively seeking to destroy the Administration of his successor. -- using the tools of the Intelligence Community as a means of Sedition.  This needs to stop.

Will this new re-organization succeed.

Coming from a background of having served in Military Intelligence, the CIA, the DIA, and, with operational tasking control over the various Intelligence agencies while serving two Secretaries of State and several Directors of Central Intelligence, we agree that the Intelligence Community needs not only new and professional leadership, be it is sorely in need of a sizable reduction in force [RIF].

We would recommend the CiA be retained, but strongly urge the dissolution of the Directorate of Operations, leaving the Directorates of Intelligence and Support functions.  DIA's DCS can function quite well with the more sophisticated  DCS since it has close oversight by not only the Director of DIA, but also by the Secretary of Defense.  We would strongly recommend that no current or recent employees of CIA be allowed to matriculate into the DCS [a process which undermined the DCS in the 1990s].

We would also strongly recommend the dissolution of the DHS [Homeland Security] which ostensibly gained efficiency by consolidating a variety of law enforcement elements, but, other than creating superfluous jobs for 250,000 employees with a budget of $40 Billion, it seems to serve no legitimate purpose.  It is inefficient and has undermined local law enforcement agencies and created massive financial burdens for them by encouraging the creation of paramilitary forces. Return the components to independent status so they can function properly.
[Oddly, under the Obama Administration, there were numerous reports of DHS buses transporting Illegals and Syrians across the Mexican border, carrying them into the US to Social Security offices at night where they received official identification cards and bags of cash.  The buses reportedly continued on to remote area abandoned US Military bases for an unknown reason].

As for the NSA, it needs strict supervision.
It has conducted unlawful surveillance of US citizens for no other reason than it has the capability -- with the excuse it is seeking "terrorists". -- with no positive results.  The technical capabilities far exceed the need, and the potential for abuse has long been ignored -- with alarm.

The FBI needs a complete overhaul, from the top down, to remove perhaps the senior 50% of the hierarchy and upper level management.  It is chock full of superb special agents, and some spectacular analysts; however, the analyst element, composed of 300 NSA analysts, several years back amounts to overkill and should be returned to the NSA, or eliminated.
[Currently, with the scandals surrounding the top tier of the FBI, particularly McCabe who brought in the NSA analysts to perform completely illegal CI electronic eavesdropping, highlight the FBI's weaponization process which needs to be removed.]

We won't discuss the remainder of the Intelligence Community as we have confidence [pretty much] in their professionalism.  We hope they will live up to our trust.

So there it is, folks.

Can we improve the moral fiber of our country by reviving our Intelligence Community leadership and direction?
Only time will tell; but, this is the first positive shift since the Reagan Adaministration.

Olympic Stupidity

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NY Times: Rebecca Ruiz/Tariq Panja

Russia’s Olympic team has been barred from the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The country’s government officials are forbidden to attend, its flag will not be displayed at the opening ceremony and its anthem will not sound.

"Any athletes from Russia who receive special dispensation to compete will do so as individuals wearing a neutral uniform, and the official record books will forever show that Russia won zero medals."

Oddly, the IOC is now joining the anti-Russia movement by suddenly discovering that Russian athletes have been using performance enhancing drugs. 

So, the IOC bars ALL the athletes vs simply conducting standard testing to disqualify using athletes?

"Keep your Friends close; your Enemies closer!"
We are not a fan of Russia, having been engaged in the Cold War for decades; Russia falls into the category of "Potential Adversary", [a term we coined in 1976 training the Army National Guard] along with China, Syria, Iran, and North Korea -- all of which are potentially guilty of doping their athletes to enhance their performances.

However, we are intimately familiar with the horror of having President Jimmy Carter stupidly block US athletes from competing in the 1980 Olympics because Russia had invaded Afghanistan.

This singularly stupid action of Carter's ideological grandstanding destroyed the careers of countless young athletes.

The Olympic Games were created a few thousand years ago as a diplomatic process by which enemies could all participate in a colloquial setting even though they hated each others' guts and would, in other circumstances, have killed each other.

However, the Games allowed for a temporary truce where adversaries could enjoy athletic competition and perhaps resolve a few differences.

This worked quite well until the last half century when greed became the dominant philosophical trend in the Olympic Committee,

Reform should originate at the International Olympic Committee level, and we have to assume it is replete with Swamp vermin who need to be removed so we can enjoy watching young athletes perform, no matter what the political persuasion/ orientation, or philosophy of their leaders.