Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin According to Dave Chapelle

Kids need structure.

A 17 year old young man is dead, and it could have been avoided.
Was it because of Racial Profiling? Maybe.
Was it because of Appearance Profiling?  Yes.
Should this happen again. No.

Let comedian Dave Chappelle make sense of this for us:

Trayvon Martin's death is no laughing matter.

What Dave Chappelle is saying is if you dress like a "Ho", you will be viewed as such.
Similarly, if you dress, walk, and act like a probable criminal, you will be viewed as such.
This can all be avoided; parents and adult mentors can make the change. 

I have five children -- all of whom have been 17 year olds.  Like me, at 17 they were all mediocre to good students, charismatic, beloved by many classmates and very, very strong athletes.  At 17, any of us could have knocked a guy like Zimmerman on his butt.

My kids were a lot like Trayvon.

Where their paths deviate from Trayvon is that they did not dress or act in a suspicious manner in neighborhoods where they were not known -- or even in their own neighborhoods; ultimately, they did not physically assault grown adults when under scrutiny for wrongdoing.

At one time or another, all of us have found ourselves in compromising positions; the solution was not to get in the face of the questioning individual, and it definitely did not entail assaulting the adult. 

Race and ethnicity of a kid are irrelevant, whether White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Martian. 
If you are unrecognizable and conceal your face by wearing a hoodie at night in a community in which you are not a resident, then you are a suspicious outsider.

Kids are setting themselves up to be "profiled" as someone to be monitored.  Period.  They may as well be wearing a ski mask or pantyhose on their head. Lest we forget the Sag, which showcases kid's underwear for the world to see.

[By the way, that style derives from young prison inmates; Snopes explains it as new inmates being issued oversized uniforms; a prison administrator suggested the look as deriving from new prisoners being required to provide instant sex on demand by more established inmates.  Either way, it is not a look for a new kid that assures on-lookers that he is on the up-and-up. The style is from PRISON!]

If you disagree, chances are you are not a property owner; you may be a bad parent, or perhaps, not a parent at all.

But if you are a parent, we suggest you provide your children with some framework.
A colleague, Colin Powell, offers this lesson: Kids need structure (TED Talk here)

We'll reference The Guardian in this link for some tools provided by prominent African-American bloggers 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Military Industrial Complex

Looks like the Air Force has exonerated Booz Allen of any fault on the Snowden issue.

We'd expect nothing less from the Air Force hierarchy, many of whom have lined up positions with Booz, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon, etc. 

Walking the halls of these companies is like walking the halls of the Pentagon, except the only uniforms you see are senior military officers on the verge of retirement signing on at nice salaries and bonuses -- to ensure their Pentagon projects are assigned to the companies hiring them.  The younger officers are brought on as "Business Development" executives, while the generals are designated "Vice Presidents" or appointed to the Boards of Directors.  The objective, of course, is to lock in lucrative contracts via these officers as they retire.

Some may remember that old "Military-Industrial Complex" thing General/President Eisenhower warned us about.

Ike watched the Defense Industry burgeon in the post-WW2/Korean War days and recognized the threat when he saw it. 

It culminated in the Vietnam War, based on a North Vietnamese attack on US warships which had violated North Vietnamese territorial waters.

Westmoreland led the campaign to increase the war and to maximize profits for the Military Industrial Complex.

The Vietnam wartime contracts/profiteering built the Defense giants of today.

Among the many contracts benefiting US politicians was one that awarded Lady Bird Johnson's shipping company the sole-source contract for all logistics shipments to Vietnam.


Just for grins, check out how many of these companies have had Jim Clapper on their payroll as an executive, board member, or consultant.

Government positions:
USAF Lt General
Director: Defense Intelligence
DOD Undersecretary of National Intelligence
Director: National Geospatial Intelligence
Director: National Intelligence

Private Sector:
Booz Allen
SRA International
Sierra Nevada

[He sat on the boards of directors of a number of Defense contractors, but those references are no longer publicly available. Mr Clapper's private sector affiliations have been purged from the Wikipedia web page, and it seems the Internet has been scoured clean as well.  Amazing what you can do when you have the full resources of the Intelligence Community to clean up your personal history.]

It's probably time for Congress to create an effective barrier between the revolving door at the Pentagon and the major contractors.

Actually, there might be merit in reviewing the entire federal contracting process. 


But, given the campaign contributions these companies make to our politicians, that likely won't happen.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

National Guard Furloughs?

Serving Proudly for 370 Years

Click here for related story []

In this story, we learn that National Guard units will be placing their troops on furlough "one day a week" and thus have eight hours less each week to do their jobs.

According to LTC Chuck Anthony
"... it's going to be a terrible hardship for those soldiers, airmen and their families ... and may have a negative impact on our readiness and our ability to respond."

[ARNG Photo]
This assessment comes as quite a surprise since the traditional role of the National Guard has been in a "part time" role.  In years past, they were referred to as "Weekend Warriors", serving two weekend days per month, and on Active Duty status two weeks in each month.  Their traditional role, in the absence of war, has been for disaster relief at the state and local level.

So, given that there is no war to fight, and the Active Duty Components are drawing down, it makes perfect sense to draw down the National Guard to their "Weekend Warrior" status.

Now, these comments are not meant to demean the National Guard in any way.  They have served bravely and honorably in war zones; they have fought, been maimed, and have been killed in action along with their Active Duty Component comrades. Their service in the role of disaster relief has been extraordinary.

But, when they signed on as National Guard vs Active Duty Components, it was with full knowledge and intent that they were part-timers, and in the absence of being activated for war deployments, they would return to "part-time" status.


Our background includes creating and directing a national training program for the National Guard in which we trained more than 100,000 personnel in more than 1,000 units ranging in size from Company to Division [and Corps when augmenting Active Components].  So, we're very familiar with the National Guard issues.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DOJ Creating Race Riots?

Did DOJ finance and organize  This Spontaneous Protest?                         [KPEL 1965]

Click here for related story [Judicial Watch]

We have learned that Mr Holder's Department of Justice has subverted one of its finest organizations and changed its mission from one of building peaceful community relations to the exact opposite:
fomenting racial unrest and strife, and violence.

Old Mission: Conciliate 
The Mission of the DOJ CRS [Community Relations Service] has traditionally been to reduce racial and ethnic tensions in volatile neighborhoods by sending in specially trained professional "peace-makers" to cool tempers and generate understanding among different racial and ethnic groups.

The CRS was formed with the 1964 Civil Rights Act to prevent situations like the 1992 Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles where th arrest of a violent Black youth on PCP sparked a riot injuring 2,000 people and causing tens of millions of dollars in damage.  King died in 2012 when he stumbled, drunk, into his home swimming pool.

New Mission:  Incite

During the Obama Administration, the long-time professionals in the organization were systematically forced out and replaced with political hacks and activists whose mission seemingly was to create chaos and racial strife rather than dispelling it.

Unlimited funding for sophisticated placards

In the story we cite above, we learn that the CRS operatives were deployed to Sanford, FL
"to provide technical assistance for the preparation of possible marches and rallies related to the fatal shooting of a 17-year old African-American male" i.e., the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

Documents obtained via Judicial Watch FOIA requests revealed the following:

1) March 25 - April 12, 2012: CRS deployed a team to Sanford, FL to "work marches, demonstrations, and rallies"
2)  April 11, 12, 2012:  CRS provided "technical assistance for the preparation of marches and rallies" related to Trayvon Martin.
3)  Press reports coupled with the retrieved documents suggest that "the unit deployed to Sanford, FL took an active role in working with those demanding the prosecution of Zimmerman."
4)  The CRS helped set up a meeting betwen the local NAACP and elected officials leading to the temporary resignation of Police Chief Bill Lee.

It's a pity that this Administration seems intent on creating racial and class divisions; unfortunately, the objective seems to create enough civil tension to justify an expanded Department of Homeland Security and the revocation of basic Constitutional Rights -- all in the name of "law and order" and protecting us from "terrorists" -- but, is the Administration creating the crimes and the terrorists from which we are to be protected?

Was this protest process a dry run for the "spontaneous protest" in Benghazi?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hasan's Workplace Violence

Major Nidal Malik Hasan

As of today, we have PFC Manning on trial, we have an international manhunt for Mr Snowden, a minute-by-minute account of Mr Zimmerman's trial in Florida, and the execution of a friend of the Boston Bomber by FBI agents and police.

al-Awlaki:  Recruited terrorists for al-Qaeda
The NSA and FBI, ever on the alert for terrorists in the US, captured Hasan's communications with the late Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, a recruiter of terrorist candidates for al Qaeda and designated as the "bin Laden of the Internet"; he was judged to be
"not a threat" by the FBI.

Well, at least not a threat until he arrived at Fort Hood, Texas and shot 45 people; so, the FBI was almost right.

But, nary a word about Major Nidal Malik Hussein, incarcerated in Fort Hood, drawing full pay [$278,000] since he shot 45 unarmed people - killing 13. 

It's been nearly 4 years since he pulled the trigger on all those people, and he's being handled with kid gloves lest we offend his followers.

The crime he is charged with?
Workplace Violence.

Since the shooting, neither the FBI nor Army Intelligence have determined that Hasan is linked to any terrorist group.  We suggest they check the NSA files for all his communications over the past 10 years; supposedly, NSA collected all that data precisely to track down terrorists such as Major Hasan -- but, he's not officially a terrorist; it was merely an act of Workplace Violence.

Genuflecting before his lord and master
It appears Mr Obama has pulled out all the stops to protect this terrorist.

There have been repeated delays in even selecting the jury, which was supposed to have been completed in May.

So, where's the Media coverage?

Where's the outrage?

Where are the talking heads?

Where's the JUSTICE!

Roswell: No UFOs!

Not really closed; just put on hold until they're forced to fess up! [USAF Photo]

We are republishing this blog-post following President Trump's 
allusion to disclosing information that there actually are aliens, 
and that there are some among us.

Click here for related story [The Guardian]

Google Doodle announced that today is the 66th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, in which an alien craft reportedly crashed on a nearby ranch.

Early witnesses, to include the rancher, the local sheriff, local reporters, and a variety of credible individuals all claimed the crash site was that of an alien craft, with odd metallic materials -- and strange bodies.

Joe, have we developed indestructible tin foil yet?
A local news photographer took pictures which were published in the newspaper.

The initial report described the craft as "hexagonal with a diameter of 20 feet".  There appeared to be Chinese or Japanese characters on the material, and the wood-like struts were as light as balsa wood, but could not be broken, cut, or burned.

Frank Kaufmann [Army Air Force] reported that the craft was split open, with one alien thrown from the craft, another dangling from the craft, and two more inside; all wore metallic, single-piece suits. 

The Army sent an Intelligence officer to investigate, and his initial reports noted that the crash site debris consisted of materials unknown to the Military at that time.

Shortly after that dispatch, military troops arrived to seal off the area, while government agents confiscated the debris and all the photographs, and then had individual sessions with all the witnesses -- who subsequently changed their stories to coincide with the new government explanation that the debris was from a weather balloon.  Quite a bit of hubbub over a balloon!  Transport planes carried all the debris -- and bodies back to Ohio.
Conveniently, another "weather balloon"

On 9 July 1947, the Government highlighted "another weather balloon" crash in New York -- which was NOT a flying saucer.

This new weather balloon, made of cotton fabric, bore no resemblance to the structure or metallic materials found at Roswell.

Nonetheless, the official story was that the Roswell debris came from a weather balloon.

The issue of the corpses remained unaddressed.
1960s Technology Dummies

Somewhat later, the US Air Force [which replaced the Army Air Force] explained the bodies recovered as those of anthropomorphic test dummies used to test high altitude survival issues.

That might be credible if the news and original Army photos depicted figures like those of the test dummies.

The "alien creatures" described by Roswell witnesses were about three feet tall, while the test dummies appearing in the report were closer to six feet tall, and were more consistent with dummies built in the 1960s with advanced plastics technology -- non-existent in 1947.  Note the flight suits are those in use during the Viet Nam war -- vs World War 2.

The concept of the crash debris belonging to a "weather balloon" does stretch credibility since the weather balloon shown in the Hoboken, NJ newspaper to explain the Roswell debris is made of cotton cloth, while the debris materials in Roswell were described by all the early witnesses as a very light and "indestructible" metallic material [likely a bit like our 21st Century packaging materials].

Our 20th Century technology had nothing in the inventory to match that description -- and government agents confiscated all the debris so there was none for forensics specialists or scientists to analyze.

Dummies generally tend not to bleed

Later, photos of the alien creatures undergoing autopsies at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio were surreptitiously released in the public realm.

These were a bit awkward, but the Air Force nevertheless attempted to explain them away as "dummies" as well; but, the photos reveal a good deal of flesh not normally found on "dummies".

This dummy has well formed fingers, with opposable thumbs, and appears humanoid -- more-so than your average dummy.

Add caption

Another photo shows a different view of the alien corpse, showing the head as consistent with ancient skulls found in Peru.

From this view, it's apparent that the corpse is not a dummy; notable is the damage to the skull.

Most dummies do not bleed when damaged.

A great deal of effort has been expended by the federal government to debunk any references to UFOs or space aliens, which is odd since we understand NSA pays a great deal of attention to space activity of alien craft and their ongoing nuclear battles.  Periodically, those battles intrude into our atmosphere, and ensuing battles and explosions appear as alien craft are destroyed by weaponry of somewhat futuristic capabilities.

The National Press Club recently hosted a three-day conference consisting of former astronauts, commercial airline pilots, USAF pilots, and Members of Congress and Senators who all claimed first-hand knowledge of UFO related events; some were official DOD investigators.

The Colonel debunks UFOs
 - sort of

 Notably, an association of retired intelligence officers was regaled at a luncheon recently by the unofficial DOD spokesman on UFOs [a retired, bemedalled Special Forces officer] who spent 30 minutes debunking UFO sightings -- but did admit that UFOs were real, that space aliens were indeed on Earth, and that we had gained considerable technology from these folks. 

A Q&A session followed during which several intelligence officers recounted their first hand experience on the UFO topic -- only to be abruptly silenced as the officer turned off the microphone and left the stage -- to the astonishment of all the conference attendees.

We do note that subsequent to the Roswell incident, our technology curve spiked upward, and our computer and quantum mechanics capabilities moved fairly rapidly from the advanced abacus to a burgeoning IT and space industry in relatively short order.

The "Meteor" maneuvered in an unusual fashion 
for a space rock, making an abrupt left turn prior 
to impacting in a city in its path
As a footnote, we'll refer to an earlier blog we created in which we noted that the Meteor that flashed across the sky recently and "crashed" in Russia was more likely an alien craft.

We captured and digitally enhanced each frame of the video to reveal fairly interesting detail; we concluded that the "meteor" was in fact an alien craft which had diverted the Earth-bound asteroid from its collision course with Earth, after which it may have gone out of control and plummeted into the Earth's atmosphere.

We superimposed a tear-drop shaped UFO [of which there have been hundreds of sightings of this type] on the meteor to suggest an explanation of what we witnessed -- along with the rest of the world. 

Was it just a meteor?

A few relevant facts from NASA:
1) Comparative Size
...a) The asteroid [2012 DA14] heading for Earth was gauged at about 150 feet in length;
...b) The "meteor" was about 50 feet in diameter, and about 100 feet long [officially reported as spheroid].

2) The asteroid traveled to within 17,200 miles of Earth
...a) Which put it well within Earth's gravitational field [well beyond 25,000 miles],
        which location would have caused it to be pulled into Earth's atmosphere and
        impact the Earth's surface.
...b) The asteroid's speed was no more than 17,500 mph; to escape Earth's gravitational pull,
        it would have had to have had a speed of greater than 27,000 mph.

3)  NASA had tracked the course of the asteroid for about a year,
     at a distance of about 100 million miles

4) NASA was unaware of the existence of the meteor -- nearly the same size as the asteroid
     -- until it burst into Earth's atmosphere.
     [Odd that NASA could track one without tracking the other].

The probable crater impact would equal 
the Barringer Asteroid crater
3) The asteroid proximity to Earth and its comparatively slow speed put it on a collision course with Earth.

4) The size of this asteroid was roughly the same as that which created the Barringer Crater in Arizona [photo at left] which is nearly 4,000 feet in diameter and 570 feet deep.

It struck the Earth with the force of a 10 Megaton nuclear bomb, and would have destroyed a city the size of London.

We find it odd that two objects of roughly the same size and mass approached Earth, and NASA could detect one at a range of 100 million miles, but didn't quite notice the other until it entered the Earth's atmosphere at an estimated 64,000 mph.  Had the "meteor" struck the earth, it would have created a blast area three times that of the Barringer Crater since it was traveling at three times the speed of the Barringer meteor [28,600 mph].

Instead, we are to believe the "meteor's" impact left this relatively small hole in the ice in a Russian lake.

In reality, had the object actually been a "meteor", it's impact would have been more like the Barringer Crater [3,900 feet in diameter - 570 feet deep]-- somewhat larger than a 50 foot hole in the ice of a Russian pond.

So, we're figuring our alien friends protected us [or rather Earth] from this impact by pushing the asteroid away from Earth's gravitational field at high speed, after which their craft lost control, plunged into Earth's atmosphere -- and detonated over a sparsely populated area of Russia.

Editorial Analysis
Astronomers have estimated there are about 100 Billion stars in our galaxy alone, and there are an estimated 10 Trillion galaxies.  
That's a lot, far more than the votes of dead people cast in a Chicago election.

But, let's keep the numbers reasonable and local.
Let's divide our Galaxy's trillions of stars down the middle, and estimate 45% are bigger than our Sun, 45% are smaller, and a mere 10% are roughly the same size.   So, that narrows the field to 10 Billion stars roughly equivalent to our Sun.  Using the same math, with 45% too hot, and 45% too cold, that leaves about 1 Billion stars with solar planetary systems that could support some form of life.  Of those 1 Billion Suns, let's presume only 1%, or 10 Million solar systems are vaguely similar to ours.  Narrowing that down by 90%, we have only 1 Million Solar Systems roughly similar to our own, with some planets equivalent to Earth.

Given that 1 Million Solar systems might have a planet similar to Earth, assume that only .001%, or 100 planets developed sustainable life similar to our human forms.  Of those 100 planets, let's say only 10%, or 10 planets developed a human species vaguely similar to our own.  Logically, we could assume half would be younger, and less advanced than we are, and half, or five planets would be more mature, and more advanced than we are.

So, now, out of the trillions of stars/suns in our Galaxy [we're not counting the billions of trillions of stars outside our Galaxy], we've deduced that there are five planets equivalent to Earth which are equal to or more advanced than Earth.
[Notably, there are about five forms of alien life that have been recorded visiting/inhabiting Earth.]

So, if there are five planets capable of humanoid life more advanced than that on Earth, we have to assume that their advancement ranges anywhere from 50 years to 5,000 [or more] years.  Thus, their technology would be significantly more advanced than ours, and, like Columbus, they'd be out scouting around for new sources of wealth and resources to sustain their populations -- but not necessarily to warmly embrace Earth's population.

If we look at technological advance here on Earth, for example, the speed of travel advanced from human walking, to running, to riding horses, camels and elephants, to motorized travel in about 10,000 years.  In the last 150 years, motorized land travel has progressed from 15 mph to 450 mph, while air travel has advanced from 15 mph to 5,000 mph, and space travel has advanced from low Earth orbit to interplanetary travel in about 60 years.  Communication has advanced from shouts and whistles, to runners, to carrier pigeon, to telegraph and land-line telephone to digital transmissions, to interplanetary digital communications in a little over 250 years.

Fifty years ago, breaking the sound barrier at 600 mph was a major barrier; but now, that barrier is the speed of light - or 671 million miles per hour.  Scientists in 1900 said it was impossible to break the sound barrier, yet, less than 50 years later, that barrier was broken with new technology.  Today's technology can't quite reach light speed, but, we're close.

Cave Drawing in Val Camonica, Italy 
circa 10,000 BC
Just the concept of flight was only imagined 500 years ago, although Native Americans back then talked about "thunderbirds" or aircraft flying overhead making sounds like thunder and spewing flames.

Hindu religious lore cites air battles between the gods; and, our Old Testament recounts "angels" backing one warring party against another using what appeared to be nuclear weapons [e.g., Sodom and Gomorrah].

From all the historical references to alien visits, to include drawings, photographs, and videos of alien air and space craft, we'll presume they've visited Earth for thousands of years -- going back to the cave man period -- if we're to believe drawings on the walls of cavemen and other, later artistry.

Lots more to explore here, but that's enough for you to ponder at the moment.

We'll add to this discussion later, unless you choose to weigh in; keep in mind that our current laws of physics have been in a state of flux for centuries -- so what's impossible today may be commonplace tomorrow [e.g., electric lighting vs candle-power 200 years ago], Einstein's Theory of Relativity would be relative to existing laws of physics.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Egypt - Moving forward

Click here for Jackson Diehl's column[Washington Post]

Jackson Diehl bemoans the change in government in Egypt whereby the Military escorted President Morsi to the gate, and booted him down the stairs - with the full approval of millions of Egyptians!  Mr Diehl is terribly upset, as are the Post's senior editors, that the Democratically elected President has been "illegally" removed.

Morsi                    []
Mr Morsi came to power in an election almost as questionable as the US election of 2012, which was fraught with illegal voters, voting machines that converted GOP votes to Democrat, and which awarded 100% of votes cast to Mr Obama in a number of key districts.  In one region of Florida, 140% of the registered voters cast their ballots [several times over] for Mr Obama.

In Egypt, the process was similar, but the Egyptians were not as gullible as Americans and would not accept the Chicago-style election results as we did in the US.  Oddly, for an underdeveloped country, the voting public was more astute than the US voters -- recognizing manipulation and fraud for what it was. 

David Axelrod              []

The Egyptian voters were particularly incensed as it appeared that Mr Obama and his Chicago operatives had financed and assisted Mr Morsi's campaign, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, to co-opt the election and win control of the Egyptian government.

Egyptians protest Hillary and US []
When Hillary Clinton arrived in Cairo on her whirlwind global vacation tour, she was shocked to find her diplomatic motorcade the target of thousands of protesters who threw everything from tomatoes to shoes at her limousine.  She was stunned to see placards condemning the US, and in particular, signs condemning both both her and her hubby Bill.  Most notable was that they even protested about Bill's fling with Monica Lewinski.

Muslim Sisterhood's Huma Abedin  []
Al Jazeera provided us some insight into the basis for the Egyptians' anti-US outrage which related to both the US interference in their election and the representation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood in the US Administration.

Hillary was a specific target since her Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood via her mother, Salhea Abedin, who is part of the "Muslim Sisterhood" which consists of wives and daughters of the senior Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

Egyptians took note also of these Obama appointees who are allegedly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood:
Arif Alikhan: Senior DHS Executive
Mohammed Elibiary: Homeland Sec Advisory Council
Rashad Hussain: US Envoy to Islamic Council
Salam al-Maryati: Dir, Islamic Public Affairs Council
Mohamed Magid:  Imam; advisor

Oddly enough, not an iota of this incident appeared on any US network news broadcasts, nor did it appear in any US newspapers.  The Associated Press omitted mention, and all news media ignored widespread foreign reporting of the event.

It was almost as if it had never occurred. 

We are grateful to Al Jazeera for providing both tweets and live coverage, and we are now on a daily feed from Al Jazeera and a number of other foreign news sources -- since there is no news of merit within the US of foreign events, and what news there is is so skewed as to be laughable.

But, we digress.

What lies ahead for Egypt?
According to the Washington Post [aka:  the Obama Press Service], the Muslim Brotherhood has been targeted by the Egyptian Military; meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood is "gaining strength" in resisting the Military.

Muslim Brotherhood     [Daily Mail]
We commented quite a while back about the organization and strength of the Muslim Brotherhood, particularly as it was attempting to gain control of politics in Muslim nations in the Middle East and throughout the world.  Interestingly, it has gained considerable influence in the United States, and a number of Muslim Brotherhood members were appointed to key positions in the US Government.

The Washington Post bemoans the loss of a Democratically elected President and is demanding the US cut off foreign aid to Egypt until "Democracy is restored" -- by damn! 
Put that dictator back in office so he can abuse the office some more!

Why, you'd think they were talking about our own beloved Leader from Behind who has pretty much shredded our Constitution and bankrupted the country while forming  a police state.  Our Military seems to be too cowed to even voice a complaint.

Our prognosis is that the Egyptian Military won't be as weak as the US military and will take the measures necessary to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood for securing a firm foothold in Egypt.  Reports indicate they are seeking out the Muslim Brotherhood leadership and arresting them.

Military:  Egypt First!  Politicians Second      [The Guardian]
Egypt won't return to a pure democracy for a while, although the Military will ensure that Morsi's henchmen are removed before Egypt is destroyed from within.  They will not allow Egypt to become a clone of Iran which has become a police state and has been driven into bankruptcy by religious zealots. 

The Egyptian Military is not interested in managing the country, and will turn it over to responsible civilians to manage.  They'll remain in the background, however, to ensure that the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't try another take-over -- much to the chagrin of our fearless Leader from Behind, and the Washington Post publisher.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Snowden - Evildoer or Champion!

Evildoer or Champion of Freedom -- or Charlatan                  [The Guardian]

This Blog Post was published in 2013, early in 0bama's second term. 
We are republishing it since Snowden's name is back in the news and 
arm-chair patriots are calling for his trial, imprisonment, and even his
execution for his perceived Treason.

We challenge that in that we, as a long-term Intelligence Community 
operator/manager understand what he did, and why he did it, and commend
Mr Snowden for exposing illegal and criminal actions by NSA senior officers, 
whose operations targeting American citizens, and later, President Trump, were
exposed, leading to a major reformation of the Intelligence Community -
a work in progress.

Click here for related story.  [Huffington Post]

Looks like the Washington Post's Editorial Board and its Newsroom are duking it out!
The Editors are condemning Snowden as a Traitor, an Evildoer, the son of Satan!
The Newsroom is covering Snowden as Champion of Freedom; a clone of Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers.

The Post [with the New York Times] was first in line to publish the Top Secret Pentagon Papers in 1971 because:
"The Public Has the Right to Know" -- about the Vietnam War and Intelligence and, all that stuff.

In the end, it seemed all the Media were in agreement that publishing Daniel Ellsberg's Pentagon Papers served a positive purpose -- not that it got us out of Vietnam any faster [far too much money to be made by Lady Bird Johnson's shipping company]; but, it did give Congress and the literate portion of the US public an insight into what the war was all about
[after nearly 50 years,we're still not sure, but it made great press at the time].

Today's Post Editorial section is chock full of anti-Snowden commentary, and, they challenge Snowden's departure from the US to avoid prosecution. 
Why, How Dare He!
He should have taken his case to Congress, and they would have taken care of him, right? 

Have you tried to contact a Congressperson lately? 
Have you tried to enter the Capitol Building lately?
Good luck with that idea!

The difference between leakers Ellsberg and Snowden is that Snowden did not have a Republican in office concerned about negative press coverage.  Instead, the had the Uber-Leaker himself, Barack Obama, whose office leaked more Top Secret information on Methods and Sources than all other Presidents combined.

Evildoer Manning
[US Army photo]

But, Snowden likely also watched PFC Manning's legal process, where he was stripped naked and kept in solitary confinement for months on end -- with little interest from Congress or the Media.  He is now on trial for a string of charges that would make former terrorist Bill Ayers [and former Obama business partner] shake in his boots. 

[Interestingly, not one of the NCOs or Officers in Manning's Chain of Command was court-martialed, or even reprimanded for failing to monitor a young PFC, or wonder why this kid was granted a Top Secret clearance with unlimited access!]

After all, Snowden had committed his leaks in the Obama Administration!
How dare he! 
Only Obama has been allowed to openly leak highly sensitive Top Secret intelligence without penalty -- or even slight criticism, or even comment by the Media.

So, Mr Snowden likely concluded he would receive the same, if not harsher treatment that PFC Manning had suffered. 


Or, following the incident in Florida in which Boston Bomber friend [Ibragim Todashev] was being interviewed, and suddenly, gunfire broke out, and the police and FBI agents surrounding the individual "feared for their lives" from this unarmed individual, and riddled his body with bullets.

You really have to be careful around groups of heavily-armed law enforcement guys; when they "fear for their lives", the shooting may not stop for half an hour, and heaven only knows where they'll be shooting -- after they kill you.

So now, Mr Snowden is in exile in the Moscow airport, waiting for some country to offer him safe harbor.

He figured he'd be on safe ground traversing Moscow to Ecuador, Venezuela, or even Cuba.  
But, he hadn't counted on Messrs Obama and Putin being best buds. 

You didn't know?

Seems they cut a deal a while back to send Russian troops to the US to serve as FEMA/DHS enforcers.  So now, when Mr Obama announces his next Executive Order declaring a National Emergency, don't be surprised when that uniformed DHS soldier speaks to you with a Russian accent.

Did we go to war with Russia and didn't realize it, and now they're in charge.  
Well, with the Sequester and all, who can afford bullets.  Besides, DHS bought them all last year, and a war fought without conflict is far less messy. 
Welcome Comrade Obama.

But, to clarify, lest we be accused of sympathizing with Snowden or Manning, or even Ellsbert.
We are very much against the leaking of actual classified information, and believe that better security measures should have been in place to protect these documents.

Now, go watch Red Dawn [the original version] again and get ready for a very challenging future..