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Boston - DHS Scheme?

So many anomalies and no investigative reporters
Dateline: 6 June 2020:

We are reposting this blog commentary in light of the latest attempts to create 
more chaos by Soros activists.  We've watched a steady progression of 
staged Terrorist CRISES take place, with complicit 
Media and local governments.

It's happening again with the George Floyd staged death by a Crisis actor videoed 
"killing poor George [who died 30 years ago.  Today, that staged event 
is the basis for a mass protest at the White House, with organizers
 demanding the White House be STORMED.

The objective is to have innocents injured or killed so the public's outrage 
can be exploited still more..  You likely remember Boston; 
this 2013 blog reveals the scam that shook the nation, and 
set the stage for subsequent False Flags.


This is a reposting of the original blog post from 2013 
as we update our analysis and assessment, and add some 
new factors which add to the questionable aspects of this
event, and add several financial factors we overlooked in 
the original analysis.  We've highlighted the new material 
and emphasized key issues in Red for your quick review.

We will review each of our posts on Mass Shootings and 
other horrors which are either False Flag, or, manipulations
of individuals under psychological or psychiatric care.


The more reports we read on the Boston Bombing, the less sense the Official reports make.
The "official" reports need to be consistent, but they are not. 

We'll present our critique of this event in several segments from the personal experience standpoint of having been, in succession, an intelligence operative, a special agent with experience in [successful] counter-terrorist operations and an investigator of national security issues, a strategic analyst at the Pentagon and the State Department, and, directing international intelligence operations. 

Thus, we can dispense with petty sniping from those whose experience is based on X-Box games or watching episodes of "24".

The basic story of the Boston Bombing is that two Chechen young men emplaced two pressure cooker IEDs packed with ball bearings and nails near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  They then detonated the bombs, likely using remote controls with batteries, causing injuries to runners and bystanders, killing three. That scenario has now been expanded to claim the two perps were part of a 12-man "sleeper cell."

1) Photos from mounted cameras as well as bystanders showing the explosions and various suspicious characters were distributed to the Media and on the Internet. 

2) Photos showing the two "perps", one wearing a white baseball cap, were distributed in short order. 

3) Suspicious characters were detained and questioned; among them a Saudi national who was
    quickly released and shipped off to Ryadh.  Rumors now claim he was part of the "sleeper cell".
 SEALs Perps, Fall Guys or CRISIS ACTORS?

a) Two persons of interest were apparently Navy SEALs assigned to the Exercise.  The leaks may have been intended to make SEALs the fall guys.
 [Of note is the number of SEALs who have died mysteriously since their hit on Osama bin Laden]

b)  DHS denied the Exercise included the Marathon

c)  Spectators stated there were repeated Marathon      announcements referencing a "security exercise" and they should not be concerned by bomb-sniffing dogs or security personnel. 
[Notably, the bomb-sniffing dogs did not detect the bombs
Real bombs? went off later?

 d)  The Boston Globe tweeted to officials:
"There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities"

4) The perps, after months of meticulous planning and preparation, now, in the midst of a massive police, FBI, and DHS presence, rob a convenience store?and,  shoot/kill a campus policeman? drawing the attention of the entire law enforcement community to them?    

5) The perps then carjack a vehicle, the owner of which states that he saw them "light a fuse" on a pressure cooker.

6) The police conduct a high speed chase, during which shots are fired, and the perps toss bombs out the vehicle window.

7)  The police have a shoot-out with the perps, killing the older perp, and wounding the younger one.

[Audio of the shoot-out sounds like what one would hear on a shooting range; i.e., evenly spaced pistol shots, one at a time, followed by a rifle shot, then followed by dozens of weapons being fired simultaneously, as if every armed law enforcement officer felt compelled to empty his weapon.]

IR Photo of Perp hiding in Boston boat 
8)  The police discover the younger perp hiding in a covered boat parked in the backyard of a Boston citizen, who discovered the wounded lad in the boat, even though the perp was not visible, and there were no blood trails leading to the boat, or any reason the boat's owner would inspect the boat since he was supposedly out for a smoke.

Once that anomaly had been pointed out, DHS posted an InfraRed [IR] photo of a boat with a human form in it.  No confirmation that it was the perp or even the boat in question, but, it satisfied "inquiring minds".

Now, let's look at the Pressure Cooker IEDs/bombs.
We'll return later to the overall scenario, which we liken to an amateurish Hollywood script rather than a realistic account of the event.  We'll examine the entire scenario piecemeal to highlight all the discrepancies in the "official" version of this latest "terrorist" event.

Of late, there is an official report that the perps carjacked a vehicle, and the owner stated that one of the perps "lit the fuse" on a pressure cooker.  If the pressure cooker bombs used timers and batteries for detonation, it likely would not make sense to "light a fuse" on such a device, unless the bombers wished to blow themselves up.

It's possible he was lighting a fuse on a small IED, e.g., CO2 cartridge with a drilled top; but, that would be tiny compared with a "cooker" bomb; so, even a person completely ignorant of such things could tell the difference between a bomb the size of a small radish vs one the size of a pumpkin.  But, such small IEDs would tie to the official accounts that the perps were tossing bombs out the window of the car during the high speed chase.  Or, maybe it was written into the script.

For the moment, let's address the pressure cooker IED issues:

1) The recovered cooker was bent, but had no holes, large or small, which would be normal in a shrapnel producing IED.
[This photo removed by Google]

2) The lid of the cooker was found on top of a nearby building, indicating it was placed and detonated upright, which would indicate a blast throwing shrapnel outward and upward, causing upper body injuries.

3)  The actual blast was directional, much like a Claymore, which distributes shrapnel at ground level, inflicting damage on lower body extremities [i.e., legs].

Will this fit in your backpack?

4)  Cookers are too large to fit easily into backpacks.

5)  Backpacks stuffed with a cooker and left in place would be vulnerable to pedestrians kicking or tripping over them; or, possibly removal by petty thieves. 

New reports claim the perps placed the bombs only minutes before the detonations, whereas original reporting claimed the bombs had been pre-positioned hours before.


These instructions in al Qaeda magazine Inspire are drawn from the Anarchist's Cookbook produced in 1971 by William Powell of the Weather Underground, led by Bill Ayers - Mr Obama's business partner in Chicago, and a self-proclaimed terrorist.

20 Runners visible; No flag movement on right; no officials or police injured; no shrapnel?
6)  The flags in the photos indicate a tight explosive pattern, like a Claymore mine; a cooker would have created a more rounded effect with flags closest bent outward severely, while peripheral flags would show decreasing degrees of bending with distance from the blast.
NOTE: The flags on the right side of the photo show no movement.

Notably, the explosion blew the flags, but apparently no shrapnel; otherwise, the officials near the blue barriers would have been ripped apart.  Instead, they're quite casual.  In total, at the time of the blast, there were only 20 visible runners [count them] who could have been injured or killed by the shrapnel blast.
Oddly, the official reports count three runners dead, and hundreds injured.
[Was there any shrapnel?  How were "hundreds" injured if there were only 20 runners near the blast?  And, why were no officials [yellow jackets] injured/killed?]

But, we digress; back to the official account of this amazing event.
One conclusion would be the placement of "cookers" to create smoke and noise, while, the actual IED would be a Claymore mine, easily packed into a backpack with multiple means of detonation.

The majority of those reportedly treated at nearby hospitals had wounds to the lower body/extremities, consistent with the directional Claymore, but, inconsistent with the pressure cooker IED.

We do not challenge the fact that this event occurred in some fashion, nor do we challenge the fact that the Chechens were involved in some way.  Unfortunately, one perp is dead, the other is severely wounded and unavailable for comment or interrogation. 

Were the perps "role players"?

A scenario presented is that the Chechens were hired as part of the DHS security exercise, and so they expected to be rounded up as part of the exercise -- thus the distinctive white cap as an easy identifier, and the videos of the Perps placing bags near the finish line; and the carjacking of a witness who described in detail their plans to attack New York City before he was released.
[That would fit nicely into a training script for analysts to follow]

Noise and Smoke - but no shrapnel!     [Telegraph]
[This photo removed by Google]
But, the main flaw [among so many] in the official story remains the pressure cooker; it is displayed as evidence but bears no validating signature [i.e., puncture holes from shrapnel], indicating it may have held explosives, but no shrapnel.

That would account for the vertical plumes of smoke, and it would tie to the Boston Globe's Tweet of an imminent "exercise" bomb blast -- perhaps validating the theory these Chechens were hired as role players, or  set-up as fall guys. 

Arms Tech, Ltd  MM-1 Directional [Claymore] Mine
As to the reported injuries/deaths of runners and spectators, it would make sense to examine the lateral blast pattern of military Claymore mines as an explanation for all those lower body wounds on spectators and runners. So, where did those Claymores come from?

Military Claymores [8.5"x 5" x 1.5"] have an effective range of about 150 feet, but a smaller version [see photo] would be more likely.  This one is small [5" x 3" x 1.5"], weighing about two pounds - with about 400 steel balls.  Kill radius is about 50 feet with a swath of 16 feet, targeting the lower body.

Most intriguing is the totally incongruous hold-up of a convenience store, the shooting of the campus police officer, and the car-jacking -- which suddenly recast the Chechens from role players to "perps" -- ending in a real shoot-out with law enforcement officers who presumed they were dealing with real terrorists.

The latest twist on this convoluted story is that the two Chechen youths were a part of a 12-man "sleeper cell".  So, now, the scenario has been created by which DHS can rationalize imposing national police powers in their regional -- or even national search for terrorists. There are precedents for such scenarios, particularly with the FBI.

There is also the Israeli Intelligence take on this event, claiming the Chechen brothers were double agents, trained by the FBI/DHS to penetrate al Qaeda terrorist cells -- but who were doubled by al Qaeda into carrying out an actual attack.  Something to consider, but we suspect there is some fiction wrapped in fact there.

Could this be a prelude to suspensions of your rights as DHS invokes the provisions of the Patriot Act and the NDAA as they pursue "terrorists."   This will not end well.

The official accounts continue to be anomalous; and so far, we can only assume this scenario was created as a Hollywood movie script, complete with role players -- and live victims.

This is our second attempt to update this blogpost with new material.
Our previous attempt was mysteriously censored, eliminating the following material, 
which we again post for your edification. [We'll address the censorship of 
Google and Facebook in a future blog and invite closer scrutiny
 of both by [Trump era] federal authorities.

So, why are we re-examining this event which most experienced observers view as a hoax? 
Well, one of our more astute followers highlighted financially significant events which coincided with this news-consuming event. 

1) It seems [then] President Obama's henchmen were busy at work rewriting legislation, or rather, editing the legislation called the Stock Act, removing these key restrictive elements:
   a)  Searchable, sortable disclosure of information contained in reports, even of Congress, 
        the President, the Vice President, Cabinet Officers, and Congress, to include the dates
        of such reports or transactions.
   b) Requirements for electronic filing for Congress, the President, the Vice President, the
       Cabinet, Congress, Congressional Candidates, AND high-level Executive and
       Congressional Branch employees/appointees.  Even the images of staffers' 
       filing will not be available for viewing on the Internet or web sites.

What does this mean?
No Transparency or Watchdog accountability

Essentially, INSIDER INFORMATION employed by federal officials, elected or appointed, or employees, would no longer be transparent.  This class of The Swamp [or the Deep State] would be able to "play the Market" with full knowledge of an impending crisis [e.g., the Boston Bombing], selling stocks ahead of the event knowing the Market would plummet, and then buy back their shares after the event at rock bottom prices.

So, what occurred on the day of the Boston Bombing?
1)  The DJ Industrial Average plummeted, finally rebounding with only a 265 point loss. Trading volume was up significantly before the Boston Bombing, followed by a selling spree after the bombing.  [Insider trading?]

2)  Gold and Silver prices plummeted to their lowest price since the 1980s.

3)  Obama had signed the Stock Act Reversal, protecting all those Insider Traders.  It would seem a good opportunity to amend the Stock Act Reversal to reinstate the original language.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

N Korea 5 Minute Shoot-out

Destroy the Running Dogs of Capitalism

Dateline: 24MAY2018
Once again, North Korea jumps into the news as the Rocket Man annoys Trump with pejorative remarks about Pence, and the US in general -- along with more threats.  

Trump sent Kim a letter in which he canceled the upcoming Singapore summit, but he did thank Kim for returning the US prisoners from North Korea.  The US/UK Media, of course, is going bonkers and once again accusing Trump of being unversed in diplomatic negotiations; that of course is an interesting criticism coming from Media "experts" with virtually no background in, or understanding of successful diplomatic negotiations.  

Our earlier tactical and strategic assessments, posted below a number of years ago, are still valid.  Update yourself, and enjoy the Liberal hysteria.

Dateline: 2017
We are updating this post since, once again, North Korea has jumped into the headlines -- likely as a distractor for the Washington Post and the New York Times as they backpedal in their attack campaign against President Trump and his use of Russian Dressing on his salad.

Once Reputable
Now a propaganda ra

Notably, the WaPo has led the campaign to target Mr Trump as a puppet of the Russians, although they have no evidence thereof; interestingly, this $600 Million contract is nearly double the amount Bezos paid for WaPo.

We will be posting posting a guest blog by Nick Giambruno which details the conceptual Soros coup plot to topple Trump, so we encourage you to read that in conjunction with this post.

Take a moment, if you will, and review [ex] President Bill Clinton's remarks on his superb deal which neutralized North Korea, and converted their nuclear capability to peaceful uses.

But, getting down to the nitty gritty here, we want to update this post [first published four years ago] with some supplemental facts, based on our background as editor of the daily Black Book at the Pentagon [classified at the above TS/C] as well as training all FORSCOM units in Tactical and Strategic Intelligence back in the 1970s.  All that may seem Old School to some; in fact, as one wag pointed out: "You've been out of the business longer than you were in it!".

[Well, the technology has changed a bit, but the basics remain the same; an electrician retired for 40 years still grasps the basics of electricity even though light switches have been replaced by upgrades.]

All the tactical data presented below remains the same, although some of the weaponry has been upgraded.  However, a tactical exchange between North and South Korea would last roughly 30 minutes, but could be dragged out for hours, or even days in order to create new commands and draw in stateside units and, of course, engage strategic assets.

Now, that's where things get awkward.

Very little has changed in strategic Intelligence or Military capabilities over the last 30 years or so; the technology has gotten better, planes have become stealth and faster, and soldiers have now received weapons that are so complex, most troops are unable to fire them.  Thus, we see the American GI trade in his Glock or super-weapon for an old 1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol which was effectively employed during and after WW2 [1941+ for those of you who had Common Core academics].

But, the capabilities which were around then are still around today, except faster, clearer, and a bit more sophisticated.

How so?

Let's say that North Korea launches an ICBM which China was nice enough to pawn off on them.  Unofficial estimates, using 17,500 mph, advise it would reach Los Angeles in about 20 minutes.  So, can we defend against this threat?

Well, assuming our satellites and reconnaissance planes [currently on display at the Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC] have roughly the same capabilities they had 50 years ago, the launch would be detected almost immediately, and our PACOM Navy fleet would be deployed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, we have been advised they have advanced weaponry which could intercept and destroy a North Korea ICBM within minutes [or perhaps even seconds] of the launch
-- [but we can't be sure of that since we've "... been out of the business longer than we were in the business].

NK ICBM encounters new technology missile

But, assuming that our 50 year old technology hasn't deteriorated, we presume that North Korea's strategic threat is minimal, and the retaliatory capability of the US is such that North Korea would be reduced to a well-plowed tobacco field within minutes.

So, fear not, America.
We are safe, well, at least from the North Koreans.
On the other hand, we're never safe from the Military Industrial Complex which is intent on engaging us in another profitable war -- if they can remove Trump from office as they did Jack Kennedy.

Our blog post from four years ago appears below:

CNN reports that North and South Korea are exchanging artillery barrages -- and golly, they might go to war, and the US MIGHT have to become involved, and gosh, we might have to ramp up our military presence since North Korea might annihilate the world and spread terrorism, and all kinds of bad things.

Or, perhaps our Defense contractors spotted the Dear Leader in North Korea a few million bucks to start a war so they could market some new military equipment -- and send more of our troops into combat needlessly.

We discussed in our last blog post on Korea a comparative Order of Battle to reflect military strengths and capabilities.  Here, we expand on that to underscore the duration of a conflict between North and South Korea -- which we estimate at roughly 30 minutes.

We reintroduce the blog post we created last year at this time, for your edification.

Now that we've discussed the strategy of the principals [North Korea, South Korea, USA, China, Russia] in this curious event, we've been pinged by readers wondering about how much damage North Korea can inflict before they're brought to heel.

Business Insider [BI] assessed that North Korea would level Seoul within two hours.

-- We suggest that BI abandon its Military Intelligence element and devote itself to studying
Samsung TVs and Cell Phones since they have no idea what they're talking about;
their tactical intelligence is faulty, as is their analytical capability.  We will give them credit, however, for publishing Pentagon "leaks" on NK nuclear facilities.

On the other hand, Popular Mechanics [PM], is a more down-to-earth hands-on magazine which sought expert opinion and also analyzed the North Korean equipment from a hands-on perspective.

Am I aiming at Seoul? 
The standard scenario is that North Korea will operate using Soviet style tactics, and launch
1)  a massive artillery barrage which will devastate Seoul
2)  an air attack to bombard South Korea [ROK] ground troops and destroy the ROK Air Force
3)  a ground attack of 9 million armed forces to destroy the ROK and US/UN Army
4)  a missile [IRBM] attack against all military targets in South Korea [there are 2 - 3 of these]
5)  a nuclear ICBM fired at Japan, and or at the US

So, what does the North Korean Threat look like:

170mm SP Field Gun
NK Artillery:  Approximately 8,000 howitzers and field guns lined up along the border; most in fortified positions.  The majority are 1960s vintage, some go back to WW2.  Most have a range of less than 20 miles.  Their most modern gun is the 170mm Koksan field gun which has an optimal range of 32 miles, if it adds a rocket assist to the artillery round.

-- And, Seoul is 35 miles away, and the guns are positioned several miles behind the DMZ; so there's that distance factor of the artillery rounds falling between five and 15 miles short of Seoul.

More dangerous would be the 200 or so 240mm MRLs [Multiple Rocket Launcher], with a maximum range of about 35 miles; but, since they'll be positioned a few miles behind the DMZ, they too will fall short of Seoul.  But, they'll fire thousands of rockets and make a lot of noise, and tear hell out of the areas between the DMZ and Seoul.

IRBM launches are not always successful, and on occasion, explode on the launch pad, or fall considerably short of their targets -- unacceptable in the nuclear CEP (circular probable error) gauge.

Vulnerable to Daisy-Cutters*

NK Army: consisting of about 1 Million Active Duty troops, plus nearly 5 Million Reservists, is a formidable force; but, only about 10% of that force represent combat troops; the rest are Service and/or Support troops [standard disposition for most armies in the world].

NK Special Forces: 
But, the big threat may be the 90,000 NK Special Forces who would theoretically infiltrate South Korea via the 20 tunnels they've been building for the last 50 years.  The probability of those tunnels having been created soundlessly, and thus invisible, is nil.  Of course, not all the SF troops would sneak in via tunnels; those not arriving by tunnel would jump in by air, or swim in from the sea.

25 year old technology
NK Army Tanks:  3,500 MBTS [Main Battle Tanks].  Most are 1960s era or earlier.  The more recent are hybrids, mounting heavier guns on 30 year old chassis.  They are no match for US and ROK tanks which are faster, more heavily armored, and mount more powerful guns. 
[Gasoline/Diesel may be in short supply]

MIG 29

NK Air Force:  About 600 combat aircraft, the most advanced being the 1980s era MIG 29 -- a sophisticated fighter and designed as a match for the US F-15 and F-16; they also have the 1970s era SU-25 close-air support fighter.

With periodic upgrades, these are credible aircraft in conventional environs, but would likely be short-lived in air-to-air combat with US/ROK fighters, and easy targets for stand-off operational aircraft.  They would also be easy pickings for US drones.

Sukhoi PAK FA Stealth Fighter
The Wild Card would be the appearance of Russian or Chinese Stealth aircraft, such as the Russian PAK-FA, which would equal US Stealth aircraft. 

Though not probable, it would be wise for US planners to anticipate such an introduction.

SANG-O Class Mini-Sub
NK Navy:  A "Green Water Navy"
-- i.e., Coastal Defense/shallow water operations.
1) With WW2 vintage diesel submarines and three surface vessels of value, poses as great a threat as does that of Bolivia's Navy. 
2) They do have mini-subs which could harass the US/ROK Navies, and one was reportedly the culprit in blowing up the BP's Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico a while back [supposedly to enhance the value of Venezuela's petroleum production].

               Locations of NK's Nuclear facilities                                                              [Business Insider]
Reportedly safe since they are buried deep below ground, and the critical ones are positioned near the Chinese border.   Here's the nuclear site disposition, according to Pentagon "leaks" to the Business Insider, which notes that these are sites "believed" to be the nuclear test sites and for rocket testing.

Despite the extraordinary measures to bury these facilities deep below the earth to avoid detection and destruction, we suspect the USAF is anxious to try out its latest Bunker Buster which has the capability of penetrating 60 meters of reinforced concrete.

It would seem that North Korea's nuclear facilities are not safe after all.

And, we haven't had a successful test of a bunker buster since we fired one into the sided of the Pentagon on 9/11.  So, our Military contractors are anxious for another test.

So, how do we protect Seoul, South Korea, and the good old USA from this threat?

From what we can determine, most, if not all of the damage estimates projected on South Korea following a sneak attack by North Korea presume that there are no defenses, and the US forces and the ROK forces will be partying in Bali; thus, South Korea and Seoul will supposedly be completely defenseless.

Far be it from us to argue such a point, but, in spite of all the Media coverage on this dire threat, here's what the good guys have going for them. 

Basically, the US and the ROK have superior weaponry, both tactical and strategic. 
Ultimately, the trump card in this conflict will be the absolute Air Superiority the US Air Force will ensure within the first hour of any conflict with North Korea.

US/ROK Artillery:  US howitzers and Field Guns have, for the most part, been relegated to museums, replaced by rockets and ballistic missiles, which tend to have longer ranges with a significantly greater impact.

The M270A1 MRL [Multiple Launch Rocket system]
can fire guided and unguided missiles only 26 - 35 miles.
Alternately, firing ten ballistic missiles per minute,
it has a range of 190 miles, well beyond the DMZ.

The MGM-140 ATACMS has a range of about 190 miles and can deliver a range of fairly lethal warheads.  These are quite accurate and can destroy large installations, air fields, and large concentrations of enemy troops.

ROK Army:                     640,000 [Active Duty]   
                                                                 300,000 paramilitary                   
                                        2,900,000 Reserves, 
ROK Marines:                   28,000 Marines
US Troops:
                         30,000 Grunts

ROK Navy:   170 commissioned ships, including 10 submarines
US Naval Forces - Korea:  70 ships, 300 aircraft,
5 nuclear submarines with missile launch capability
       40,000 Marines

ROK Air Force:  760 aircraft, including 60 x F-15s, 28 x F-16s, 68 x F4s -- all a good match for the NK fighters.

B2, F18s,  F22s
U S Air Force - Korea (US 7th Air Force:
Tactical:  F-15s, F-16s, A10A,
Long range support:  
B1,  B2 Stealth bombers

The F-18 [Hornet} Surprise Package

AC-130 Gunship
The AC-130 Gunship includes massive firepower, and highly sophisticated electronics and sensors to detect and monitor ground activities -- to include mini-submarines.  

Nearly immune to SAMs, it can deliver devastating artillery [105 mm] shells to pinpoint accuracy, accompanied by Gatling Guns delivering 25mm and 40mm rounds at a very high rate of firepower. 

[One was reportedly flying over Benghazi, but ordered by SecDef Panetta to not engage the al Qaeda forces attacking the US Consulate; it would have made quick work of the al Qaeda unit dispatched by Morsi.]

Daisy Cutters* are air-dropped bombs designed to eliminate enemy troops massed in an area of about 3 miles in diameter.

Today in Korea; tomorrow in Texas
Ultimately, this conflict will allow the US to test its new Drone Air Corps to determine its utility in opposed combat scenarios.  The big question, of course, will be if the the Pentagon will relent and allow the Drone Game Boy Medal to be awarded for heroic efforts by the Las Vegas gamer force.

If the drones are tried and proven, we expect they'll become even
more prolific in the DHS campaign against US citizenry than in the recent past -- and a far greater threat to the US than anyone could imagine.

Having reviewed the Order of Battle of both sides of this unusual battle scenario, we believe that China will observe, but not involve itself -- assuming we don't have a repeat of the MacArthur invasion idiocy which caused the first Korean Invasion to mushroom into a major war. 

General MacArthur, though, remains a hero at West Point, and its curriculum still includes the study of Korean War tactics, fire-and-maneuver drills, and that perpetual West Point urge to re-fight past wars.  

MG Singlaub

And, we have the venerable MG [ret] John Singlaub, who left his foxhole in Korea to spend the rest of his career -- and life, campaigning against the North Korean threat.  His goal seemingly has always been to re-fight the Korean War.

Jimmy Carter, in a rare moment of mental cohesion, fired Singlaub for his refusal to shut up.  

His apartment has a clear view of the Pentagon which he salutes every morning and evening, or so he says.

Weighing the strengths of both belligerents in this battle, we originally predicted it would last 5 - 10 minutes, in favor of the US and the ROK.  But, we also tossed in the disclaimer that the Pentagon and our Defense Contract community would drag out the conflict for as long as possible to demonstrate that 
1)  US Military Readiness should remain unimpaired [many aviation units are standing down]
2)  The Sequester should not apply to the Military
3)  Defense contracts should continue to grow

If the Military engagements can be drawn out, then there will be new contracts to replace damaged and obsolete equipment, but mostly to buy a large inventory of drones for deployment in the US.

This should be an interesting engagement -- albeit brief.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Social Security for Illegals?

 Click here for related article [Washington Post]

The Washington Post today published a heart-rending article on the unease and near-panic of Marcelo, [Not Further Identified (NFI)] age 46, a Maryland construction worker who is approaching retirement age. 

He fears that, due to current Social Security legislation, he won't be eligible for those retirement benefits; but, he, and the Post are looking forward to a package of Social Security benefit for Marcelo and folks just like him -- i.e., hard-working, undocumented [aka: illegal] laborers who don't pay into the Social Security system, but who expect to reap its benefits.

The Post story [written by Tara Bahrampour, who refers to herself as The Iranian] notes critically that all those Social Security benefits will evaporate as 78 million greedy  Baby Boomers cash in on this bundle of benefits for which they are so undeserving.  

Now, the fact that most of those Boomers [like yours truly] each added hundreds of thousands of dollars to this program over their working lifetimes of employment is apparently irrelevant. 
To clarify, Social Security has been funded since its inception by people who worked in the US and contributed a portion of their salaries each pay period.  It wasn't meant as a retirement fund initially, but merely as a buffer -- just in case.  Generally speaking, most Boomers never really intended to draw on this fund since they had invested wisely and had substantial retirement assets -- until 2008. 

You may remember 2008 as the year in which all the scheming by Wall Street financiers [the 30-somethings] created "derivative packages" which were bought by mutual funds, retirement funds, and various investment houses.  

When the unregulated [read Barney Frank] financial system collapsed, so too did the retirement programs in which the Boomers had heavily contributed.  

The culprits?  Wall Street, to include Goldman Sachs and AIG, and their 30-Something coke-snorting traders who disdained the Boomers as "suckers."

So, the Social Security fund, which most Boomers never expected to have to tap into, suddenly became a lifeline, salvaging mortgages, health care co-pays, and food.

But, we digress.
It seems that our Liberal establishment [e.g., the Washington Post (owned by Limousine Liberals)] feels the money in the Social Security fund should instead go to immigrants who need the money far more than the Boomers, whom they imply are useless wastrels who would spend their benefits on food, housing, and increasingly expensive ObamaCare co-pays [and, of course, student loan payments their adult children are no longer able to make as they are now unemployed or underemployed]. 

After all, those Boomers, being used to sacrifice and hard work over the last 50 years or so, will likely vote Conservative in an effort to block Mr Obama's Socialist program which promises to emulate the success of Hugo Chavez's Venezuelan economy; whereas, the undocumented [aka: illegal] aliens, when [note that is NOT an IF] are granted US citizenship, will vote for the Democratic ticket which will increase spending on benefits for our newest "citizens" and their extended families.

But, as Ms Bahrampour notes:  

"Some [NFI] argue that if undocumented [aka: illegal] immigrants are allowed to live and work here legally, they will contribute more";

or, in that status, they will likely continue their practice of sending most of their earnings back to their home countries for the benefit of their home governments and their extended families -- who will spend that money as local consumers [i.e., outside the US] and thus contribute nothing to the US economy. [Ever wonder how China was able to accumulate so much US currency? Millions of Chinese working in the US transferring billions of dollars every year to their extended families back home.]
Will illegals soon have the vote -- and decide our laws?

However, while these illegal workers are here, they send their kids to US schools, demand that their kids be allowed to attend US colleges [with scholarships], and inhabit our hospital Emergency Rooms -- for lack of medical insurance, forcing the hospitals and medical practitioners to increase their fees for legal, paying patients.  

And, let's not forget that illegals make up a majority of our prison population, having been arrested for a wide variety of crimes far beyond their lack of documentation.

Proud to now be Americans!

Unaddressed in Ms Bahrampour's heart-wrenching article is the issue of all the documented immigrants [aka: LEGAL] who live and work legally in the US, pay taxes, pay into Social Security, and spend their earnings in the US, thus benefiting the US economy, and enhancing the overall health of the US.

Now, we wonder if Ms Bahrampour's parents might have been part of the wave of Iranian immigrants who arrived as "students" and stayed on -- indefinitely.  So, perhaps she writes from an unusual perspective.


Administration professional hand-wringers seem to feel that the only ways to alleviate this Social Security shortfall would be to 
  1. Increase taxes
  2. Increase FICA deductions
  3. Increase the age of eligibility for SS recipients [except for undocumented (aka: illegal) immigrants]
  4. Reduce the benefits of SS recipients

We believe they might try enforcing the existing legislation requiring that all [repeat ALL] workers pay into the system from which they expect to benefit.  Illegals should not expect to exploit the benefits for which the Boomers have sacrificed and paid for.

Our multi-cultural soccer team

As a footnote, we don't mean to imply that these illegals are bad folks [well, some of them are].  We have taught and coached their kids in school and on soccer fields,, steered them towards jobs, and advised them on pursuing citizenship in the proper manner.  

We have also worked with many legitimate immigrants who spent ten years or so in the queue for citizenship, and who have met all the requirements necessary to citizenship, and who are now citizens.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

North Korea - War?

The sound of sabers rattling is rapidly becoming deafening.

Bibi sees the invisible

North Korea [NK] has been threatening the US and South Korea now for about 40 years, and on occasion, has actually attacked US soldiers and South Korean villagers and fishermen.  Listening to Supreme [and beloved] Leader Kim Jong-un rant, stamp his feet, and threaten the end of the world reminds us of Bibi Netanyahu's claims that Iran has nukes -- thus his demand that the US declare war on Iran. 

[Goodness! Did Kim Jong-un take obnoxious lessons from Bibi?]

The world, which is nearly unanimous in sanctioning NK, pretty much recognizes that it is a rogue state with no reason to exist other than to serve as a buffer between China and potential invaders allied with the US.  It's not much of a buffer, but there are about 25 million North Koreans, with 9.5 million in uniform, whom China regards as ultimately dispensable from a ground action perspective.  And, China and the Soviets provided North Korea sufficient armament to make it dangerous enough to be noticed and a distractor to the US.

What's at stake here.
Is there actually a threat?

Here's the North Korean Military:

1) Lots of artillery, much of it dating back 70 years.  Their most sophisticated 170mm Field Gun has a range of only 32 miles, a bit short of Seoul.

2) Most of their MBTs [Main Battle Tanks] are 50+ years old.  The newer ones are retrofitted 30 year old tanks.

3) Their Air Force has some modern fighters and bombers, but none compare to US technology.

4) Their surface Navy is dilapidated and essentially a coastal defense force

5) They have a large submarine force - but most are second-hand rehabs.  Their miniature subs are effective, and the GRU reported that one of them was responsible for blowing up the Deepwater Horizon in the Caribbean.

6)  Their Strategic Rocket Forces include missiles dating back 25 - 50 years and are Soviet and PRC hand-me-downs,

7)  Nuclear arsenal?  Well, sort of; ancient warheads retrofitted to fit the smaller NK missile bodies capable of carrying them; all three of them.

So, what's the big deal over this Mouse That Roared?

Why didn't we simply obliterate this paper tiger 15 years ago after the first threatening gesture?

Our Media, fueled by the thrill and excitement of sending our troops back into war, is anxious to sell advertising on its new web sites and during commercial breaks for its talking heads and other mindless comic venues.

Our Military-Industrial Complex [MIC] wants to keep its weapons systems contracts alive and immune from Sequester cuts.

DOD needs to justify its civilian employee population of 718,000 and its budget of $500 Billion

Room for 1 more general?
The Pentagon needs to have a visible threat to justify 500 generals and 162 admirals -- including 30 at the 4-Star rank.

[Figures are vague, but it is estimated that we now have roughly five times as many flag rank [generals and admirals] today as we had in World War II.]

Our Navy now has nearly more admirals than it has ships.

For the most part, our military leadership is not so much interested in neutralizing the NK Military Threat as it is in testing our new weapons and intelligence technology in battle-field conditions.

The Air Force is keen on engaging enemy fighters, while our Rocket Forces are interested in testing out their bunker busters [the one they launched into the Pentagon was pretty effective, but that was 12 years ago]; and they'd like to test the new SAMs, and Patriot missile upgrades.  Our Net-Centric crowd is anxious to see how vulnerable our systems are to NK hacking and electronic attack. and above all, our Drone Contingent is anxious to test the Predator and all the new miniature drone clones.

But, you say, we already know the NK military is using weaponry and equipment that is, for the most part, nearly 70 years old.  What's the challenge there?

Well, after WWII, our military was not allowed to start or fight any global wars, so, we and the Soviets and the Chinese engaged in Proxy Wars [e.g., Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan] so that we could see and test out military equipment. 
[Our infamous hostage rescue attempt under Jimmy Carter demonstrated the US Military was woefully unskilled and ill-equipped].

What's our capability?
Not as good as Google Earth, but, actually, we can do a lot better
1)  We monitor every communication and military movement down to the oil change on Kim's limousine.  Although there is considerable artillery in position, and Kim has been moving more of it to key positions, we know precisely where each tube is, and the air pressure in each tire of the vehicle towing it.  We can even check the temperature in Kim's bathroom [urp!].

If Kim Jong-un were to launch an artillery and rocket bombardment on South Korea tomorrow at 9:00 am, North Korea could lie in smoldering ruins by 9:05 am, having been bombarded with US state-of-the-art artillery and missile fire, Stealth bombing runs, Drone attacks, and lots of shouting and carrying on by South Korean [ROK] troops -- who would then rush across the border to seize NK positions, and to capture tens of thousands of North Korean troops -- who are anxious to relocate to South Korea by any means.

2)  But, that won't happen...

Kim who?

     a.  Officially, there will be hand-wringing in Washington over whether the US can legally engage since the attack will be against South Korea. The lawyers will sort it out in a matter of weeks.  And, the situation will escalate day-by-traumatic day.  The talking heads will babble, John Kerry will look forlorn as he begs Kim to act rationally, and Mr Obama will be able to act Presidential this time [as opposed to his failed Benghazi spontaneous riot scheme.

     b.  Just how much damage can we inflict without looking like we're mean old bullies to be condemned by our Socialist UN friends?  [Why can't you just get along!]

Best that we do so only a little at a time; it can be a conflict of attrition, and we'll sacrifice a few hundred US and ROK troops, and there will be harumphing and haranging on Capitol Hill -- but no action, since most will have received substantial campaign donations from Defense Contractors.

M-1989 [Koksan] 170mm Gun [range: 32 miles]
c.  But, the real reason? 
Both Russia and China will be feeding Kim weapons and technology that they want to test against US capabilities.  And, knowing that, we will stretch out the conflict to see how effective our new technology is.  Will our stealth aircraft evade their radar advances?  Will they be able to jam our GPS systems?  Will they infiltrate our tactical headquarters in ROK uniforms and kill our intelligence people?

[Rick Francona photographed this NK weapon during the first Gulf War (1991)]

Will there actually be a military conflict?

Sort of. 
We have to have SOMETHING to satisfy the Media.
We have to have SOMETHING to allow Mr Obama to act Presidential.
We have to have SOMETHING to offset the Sequester cuts.

So, we'll have a flurry of activity, maybe have a few bombs go off, and then we'll have endless replays and Monday morning quarter-backing by the Talking Heads. 

We'll also need to tread cautiously since we don't want to annoy our Chinese debt lords as we did when MacArthur drew them into the Korean War by announcing he was about to invade them [he was safe and sound in Japan at the time].

In the meantime, China and Russia will be gearing up for a power play.

[But, that's a whole nother blog post!]