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Did Obama Declare World War 3?

Il Duce Obama; President for Life?

The latest round of straw-grasping by Mr Obama in his desperate, and unconstitutional attempt to derail the Presidential election is his fear-mongering that the evil Russians hacking was responsible for Mr Trump's massive victory.  It appears, however, that his bizarre attempt to create chaos in the Presidential election as a means to remain in power  seemed to be collapsing.

Mr Obama, however, has now upped the ante with the threat of World War 3, creating the Russian Hacking Hysteria, and  essentially declaring war on Russia for his assertion -- admittedly unsubstantiated -- that Russia "hacked the US Presidential election."

"I think ... when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections ... we need to take action. And we will — at a time and place of our own choosing. Some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be."
That, in essence, is a unilateral declaration of WAR

[Obama, notably, does not believe his authorization to the US Intelligence  Community to hack the Israelis, or to hack Chancellor Merkel's personal/official phone conversations was illegal. (Umm, well, that's different!)]

The allegations against the Russians arose during the election, but Obama was unconcerned until Trump unexpectedly trounced Hillary, and Obama and Hillary now fear they might don orange jump suits if Trump takes office and allows the FBI to serve the warrants they've held onto for years now.

Mr Putin, that Bozo over there is CIA Chief Brennan!
Mr Putin has repeatedly dismissed this charge, and Dmitri Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, responded:

"...either stop talking about it, or finally produce some evidence"

Mr Obama has claimed that the US Intelligence Community has evidence and there is a Community consensus that the Russkies did it!

However, only Mr Brennan, who speaks SOLELY for the CIA,
 is the sole supporter  from the entire Intelligence Community who supports President Obama's assertion against the Russians.  

The rest of the US Intelligence Community

CIA Director Brennan announced 
"I met with ... Comey (FBI) and ... Clapper (DNI) and there is 'strong consensus' among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference in our Presidential election" 

This is a rather bland statement, and highly unusual in that a subordinate agency director [Brennan] would speak as if the Director of National Intelligence -- his boss -- were his subordinate.  This would indicate severe pressure was placed on Clapper and Comey to join Brennan's bogus charges.]

The DHS was identifies as the perpetrator of the election hacks in Georgia -- reportedly at the direction of President Obama.

Mr Trump has dismissed the CIA's assessment which ties the attacks on Podesta and the DNC to Russia; Trump has campaigned on improving US-Russia relations - much the same as Presidential Ronald Reagan did during the height of the Cold War.


It appeared that Obama's bizarre attempts to create chaos in the Presidential election as a means to remain in power [a process we've been monitoring for several years now] seemed to be collapsing.

The first level of that effort seems to have been an agreement with the GOP to change enough rules in the campaign to prevent Mr Trump from attaining the requisite number of popular votes through a campaign of slander and false witnesses accusing Trump of any number of misdeeds ranging from contractual disagreements to rape; oddly, all of Mr Trump's accusers faded into the woodwork when legally challenged.  And, with the massive turnout for Mr Trump by Mainstream America, the GOP decided to jump on Trump's bandwagon lest their constituents run them out of office.

Then, of course, came the push for Electoral College votes, presuming s large popular vote for Hillary would give her the Electoral Votes she needed. But, the popular vote in the states she presumed were hers [Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio] were cast for Trump, giving him 306 [56%] Electoral Votes to Clinton's 232 [43.1%].

So, Obama then sponsored a legal challenge to the Electoral College through the efforts of Jill Stein, who suddenly found herself with an extra $6.5 million [she only raised $1 million for her Presidential campaign], a vote recount was conducted in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and the results revealed corruption, but the corruption lay in the bogus ballots counted for Hillary -- and Trump ended up with a greater percentage of the popular vote following the recount.

In Wisconsin, the Recount resulted in Hillary's losing 50,669 votes, while Trump had a net increase of 43,531 votes; the final tally gave Trump a margin of 22,000+ votes. 

In Michigan, the Recount was officially terminated after mass voter fraud was determined -- particularly in Detroit.  

The conclusion of studies at Berkeley and Stanford [somewhat Left of Center but still credible]

-- And, in California, where a cursory evaluation of the votes was conducted, it appears that an estimated three million illegals voted in the Presidential election 
-- with encouragement by President Obama.  

Currently, Hillary supporters claim she won the election since the popular vote count was somewhat greater than Trump's, albeit those votes were in states where she had already won the Electoral Vote. 

Those three million votes by illegals likely contributed to Hillary's popular vote winning margin of about two million.

But, now, the Big Spin began, with the Media in full force behind Obama's claim that 
Those damned Russians rigged the election for Trump by "HACKING THE NEWS!

Imagine that!

Not your average enemies
We marvel at this allegation since Trump has certainly not been given a thumbs up by the Putin. 

Far from it, although Trump did state quite clearly that he would look forward to discussions with Mr Putin, much the same as Mr Reagan conducted discussions with Mr Gorbachev to

"Tear Down This Wall"

- which Mr Gorbachev did, assuring an era of peaceful coexistence with the Russians for several decades.

Notably, Hillary was Putin's favorite since she had already given Russia control of about 20% of the US uranium reserves in a secret and very profitable deal while she was Secretary of State. The deal was with Canadian company Uranium One, owned by Russian investors. In exchange, Hillary received a bribe of $2.35 million via a "donation" from Uranium One's chairman to the Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton then received a $500,000 "honorarium" for a brief speech to a Moscow bank.

Frank Giustra: "For the children!"
And then, Frank Giustra, a mining financier, donated $31.3 Million to the Clinton Foundation.

Oddly, no one in Hillary's State Department staff claimed to have known anything about these financial transactions which were completely illegal.

Hillary stands to be indicted for this deal since it violated National Security, State Department, and Department of Commerce
regulations. We suspect the FBI already has those indictments in hand, ready to deliver on 20 January 2017.

But, we've digressed front the basic topic.

Did those mean old Russkies hack the US election process?

Well, according to the experts, there was hacking going on, and the FBI cyber investigators were pretty sure it was going on. However, they were unable to determine the perpetrators, although Bernie's campaign seemed to be the target.

SecureWorks claim, "with moderate confidence" that "threat groups" were operating from Russia targeting military, government, and non-government organizations. Early breaches of the DNC were discovered by, ummhh, Dmitri Alperovitch, a Russian "security expert" who investigates "Russian hacks" -- and makes his living tracking down and "countering" Russian hacks; he is apparently the only human who has this talent.  
"Look, Look, I see a Russian Hack!"

Why, that's downright convenient.

Died of "Heart Failure"  [like JFK]
Oddly, the perp [or at least one of them] was the infamous Romanian "Guccifer" who penetrated Hillary's email server, was found "... dead in his jail cell"
-- still another in that long list of mysterious Clintonian suicides
the most remarkable string of coincidental deaths 
[of potential witnesses agains Billary] in US history.

But, Guccifer had one last trick up his sleeve. When Julian Assange went missing, Guccifer's Dead Man's Switch kicked in and furnished 100 new pages to the FBI to release.

But, let's also consider the False Flag attack, and organizations and companies which specialize in such actions.  One such company is Attack Research, LLC [AR], a company which DARPA reportedly funded to study "vulnerabilities" of government entities, and which now extends its targeting to corporations, and, perhaps to political campaigns -- not that we would accuse AR of such conduct, but, it is within their capability -- mind you, strictly to test vulnerabilities.

So, the string of leaks via "Russian Hacks" has continued, in spite of the disappearance or deaths of Assange and Guccifer, and we suspect the Starfishing [exponential leaks by Assange links around the world] will continue to be blamed on Russian hackers.

That would all make for an excellent and believable tale, but, in reality, it appears we have still another False Flag operation.

Most interesting, in conclusion, is the report that the hacks were conducted by the Department of Homeland Security -- at the direction of President Obama.  It seems the hacks were traced back to DHS via the IP address -- the signature of the server sending the hacks.

If proven, Mr Obama can be charged with a variety of felonies, to include Treason.
We suspect that DHS personnel involved would likely turn State's Evidence and testify against Mr Obama

This is no longer political theater if it puts our country at risk.

And, as our little friend Pogo announced so many years ago via Walt Kelly's comic strip:

"We have met the enemy, and it is us!

[or rather, it is our Oval Office incumbent]

Monday, December 12, 2016

Julian Assange Dead?

 Story Link

5 Signs Julian Assange 

Is Missing Or Dead

There is a growing belief that Julian Assange is either missing or dead. Here are five reasons why WikiLeaks supporters are fearing the worst

It is more than six weeks since Julian Assange suddenly disappeared and WikiLeaks supporters are growing increasingly frantic and disillusioned with the organization for failing to follow through with promises to verify their founder’s safety and well-being.
There is a growing belief that WikiLeaks has not proved Julian Assange is alive and well because he is not alive and well – and if that is the case then WikiLeaks, the world’s premier speakers of truth to power, has been compromised.  
Here are Dark5’s reasons why WikiLeaks supporters are fearing the worst
5. Altered Hash
To protect Julian Assange, WikiLeaks has been maintaining encrypted files that are supposedly damaging to world governments. Some now believe something weird is happening after updates to these insurance files have failed verification tests. The passwords to these files are allegedly linked to a “dead man’s switch” and will be released if the Wikileaks founder is ever captured or killed.  
With each update WikiLeaks verifies the files using a “hash” code that would change if any information had been altered. The latest “2016-11-17” files, however, failed to match a pre-released hash and has raised concern among many supporters that WikiLeaks has been compromised.
WikiLeaks tweet
WikiLeaks tried to calm fears but skeptics worry a hostile actor may be corrupting the files and spreading false information.
4. Internet outage
The altered “hash” controversy is closely linked to an alarming flurry of tweets sent by Assange or WikiLeaks in mid-October in which pre-commitments were sent for files that seemingly threatened the U.S., Ecuador and the U.K. governments.
Some believe Assange may have released the information in a hurried panic before he was seized or harmed in a raid. The following day WikiLeaks stated that Assange’s internet had been “intentionally severed by a state actor.” The organization then cryptically claimed they had “activated the appropriate contingency plans” without elaboration.
WikiLeaks supporters outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London photographed a new and heavily armed “police” presence.
3. “Heard” but not seen
Even if Assange is merely cut off from the internet, many are wondering why he can’t communicate online via a cellphone. He has yet to be seen alive on video since the chaotic incident and has supposedly “appeared” via voice only once on a phone call to a software conference in Buenos Aires. The call was rife with technical difficulties and many believe the interview was not actually live as claimed, but rather pre-recorded. Assange didn’t respond naturally to questions or delays due to technical problems.
Assange could easily make an appearance at his window to reassure the world he is alive and safe, but only his “Embassy cat” has been seen and photographed by observers.
The WikiLeaks twitter account has tried to fill the void left by Assange, but some worry the account may also be under hostile control.
It continues to assure that Assange is alive, yet has ignited requests to verify the statements with his PGP private key. After conducting a poll as to how supporters would like it to verify Assange’s wellbeing, it failed to follow through with the proof.
2. Tweet storm 
The recent bizarre activity of the WikiLeaks twitter account has only reinforced rumors of a conspiracy to discredit the group. Since Assange went dark, many tweets have been made in an unusual tone and have delved into unusual territory.
Tweets have been rife with uncharacteristic spelling mistakes, and including vague, ominous, and self-aggrandizing statements. WikiLeaks followers have been left wondering who the new voices belong to, because they don’t sound at all like Assange.
DDoS attacks have also been launched in the U.S. to take down popular websites, supposedly in support of WikiLeaks.
Some fear that if Assange has been harmed, a campaign is under way to distract the public and block the release of damaging new files.
1. Court “Appearance”
Even the one “official” appearance that could have proved Assange is still alive is clouded in confusion and mystery.
Assange was scheduled to be questioned by Swedish prosecutors the day after his Internet was cut in October, but it was suddenly rescheduled for the following month to supposedly allow his lawyer to attend.
At the November interview, however, his lawyer was not allowed to enter the building and Sweden was only allowed to submit questions in writing. Sweden planned to take a DNA sample from Assange for their investigation, but it is not known if they ever saw him in person.
Where is Julian Assange?
We just don’t know. 
However it appears that the powers that be have forced Assange into a state of quantum flux, neither alive nor dead.

If he were alive, the public could rally behind him. If he were dead, he would be a martyr and the powers that be would face a huge backlash. 

The only intelligent thing to do is to keep him in limbo, then neither of these things happen.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jill Stein - Political Terrorist?

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Trying to follow all the Presidential candidates a year ago was a challenge; but, eventually, the herd was thinned by the voters as both Democrat and GOP contenders were weeded out by the voters during the Primary, leaving us with Hillary and Donald.  And, then there were the "Also Rans", the usual suspects running on the outside track like Gary Johnson [Libertarian Party], Jill Stein [Green Party], Darrell Castle [Constitution Party], Evan McMullin [Independent], Gloria LaRiva [Party of Socialism and Liberation], and a dozen others of minimal visibility.

So, traditionally, even though the Presidential Race often has more than a dozen candidates, the final selection usually narrows down to two principal candidates, and one or two viable Third Party candidates, whose role is to disrupt the basic election by taking away votes from one of the leading candidates, opening opportunities for Third Party visibility and, horse trading behind the scenes to trade support for future leverage by the maverick.

Evan McMullin succeeded in disgracing the Mormon religion and the state of Utah by running against Trump, with Romney playing the Mormon card and insisting that all Mormons vote for the Mormon candidate (ignoring the Separation of Church and State clause in the Constitution).

Interestingly, Utah [the Mormon state] gave Trump both the overwhelming popular vote and all six of its Electoral Votes, reaffirming our trust in the Mormons we know and like.

So, in the 2016 Presidential Race, only Jill Stein and Gary Johnson garnered enough votes to make a difference.  Stein received 1% of the national popular vote, and no Electoral Votes.  She was criticized as a crooked politician when it was revealed her stock portfolio included the very industries which she criticized in her campaign.

Post election activities by Stein include her current campaign demanding "recounts" in the critical states in which Trump's popular vote overwhelmingly led to his victory, complete with Electoral votes.  Stein insists that the $6 million she has collected for the recount will be distributed to the Green Party after paying for the recounts -- but, wags claim that money will be headed into her personal bank account.

Meanwhile, the recount results must be filed by the federal deadline of 13 December.  If a state begins the process of an official recount and misses that deadline, there is a risk of not having their Electoral Votes count.

Stein is currently suing the state of Wisconsin to demand a hand-count of all the ballots; Wisconsin advised her that they had no intention of wasting their taxpayers' money to performa a hand-count for her ego stroking, but they would perform an electronic recount; they anticipate no significant change in the results.

Pennsylvania, where Trump won the popular vote by 70,000 ballots, essentially told Jill to Pound Sand since she missed the 21 November deadline to demand a recount; so now, she's suing Pennsylvania; but, the Secretary of State Pedro Cortes, advises that there is
" proof of fraud" -- the requirement for such a lawsuit.

That leaves Michigan, where the recount is automatic if the margin of votes is fewer than 2,000 votes; but, that recount will cost Michigan taxpayers about $2 million - over and above the $790,000 Stein must cough up to cover the recount cost [Michigan is on the verge of bankruptcy, so this is not a pleasant prospect].   However, the official tally just released by Michigan gave Trump a margin of 10,704 votes out of a total of 4.8 million votes cast.
The recount process uncovered considerable fraud in Detroit; in one [of many] instance, a sealed box of ballots marked as containing 306 ballots contained only 50 -- but the 306 ballots had been counted for Hillary.

The Michigan Recount was canceled by Federal Judge Mark Goldsmith

Interestingly, Stein received a total of 51,463 votes in Michigan, which, had they gone to Hillary, would have given her the Electoral Votes to win.  Unfortunately, those voters wanted none of Hillary and would likely have not voted at all had Stein not been in the race.

At this point, Stein would need all three states to reverse their Electoral Votes to change the election; Pennsylvania has effectively blocked Stein's recount there, so there should be no point in proceeding in this process other than for Stein to continue collecting donations via her websites and on Facebook.

Stein insists that she is not necessarily interested in reversing the election, but rather, according to her:
         "...this is not likely to change the outcome, according to experts.
             It's the voters who benefit by standing up and saying 
                we deserve a voting system that is secure in which 
                   we know our votes are being counted and 
                         our votes are being respected."

Now, that IS a noble thought, and she is in full agreement with Donald Trump's statements during the Primary, where he noted the system, and the voting machines, were rigged.  And, if Stein's efforts result in causing Congress to revise the voting system to ensure the Soros style computer-rigging cannot recur, then she wins our vote of confidence.

Registered Voter Photo ID, Purple Ink
Perhaps we could follow the tried and proven method of developing countries, such as Afghanistan or Mexico, where voter identification with government issued photo IDs is required for to vote -- with paper ballots.

But wait, aren't we the ones who instituted those requirements in the countries we are assisting?  Might we try following the same procedures we demand be used in the countries we sponsor?

We'll cast aside the morality and ideals which Stein is espousing here; all terrorists start out as political idealists, but inevitably create chaos in their efforts to right the wrongs of the universe.  For the moment, let's look at this process from another perspective; i.e., the Constitution.

What we have here is still another gambit by the massive legal team employed by the incumbent Administration and the DNC, which has spent the last eight years examining the Constitution for every loophole missed by the Founding Fathers -- who, overall, did an excellent job of creating an ironclad document to guide the governance of the United States in perpetuity.

The Constitution was constructed to include the Electoral College so that a few major cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and New York could not control the national elections via their overwhelmingly huge vote, discounting the votes of states like Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  As the Nation expanded to today's elections, it's obvious that the popular vote of states like New York, California, Illinois, Florida, and Texas, with a population of 120 million [roughly a third of the entire US population] could control the national election.  Campaigning in only eight of the most populous states would assure a win in almost every election.

With Stein's money-grabbing campaign for "recounts", we enter that Slippery Slope our lawyers are so fond of referencing.

Specifically, if Stein somehow manages to force this election into Limbo, preventing Trump from being sworn in on 20 January because of a legal footnote, that would open the door to complete disruption of the Presidential elections from this point forward by malicious Third Party candidates demanding "recounts" -- to protect the voters.

Thus, Jill Stein would become the first successful Political Terrorist, with the accomplishment of destroying the US Presidential Election system, which would be neutered due to her efforts.

Jill could ensure that this Presidential Election would be our last.


1) We agree with Stein that our Presidential Election system needs to be made more efficient and less corrupt.  We would highly encourage Congress to set some apolitical deep thinkers to review the existing system and to eliminate those loopholes which Stein [and Soros] have exploited.

2) We note that Michael Ostrolenk is attempting to bring together the best minds in the IT world to find a way to make our voting machines and process hack-proof.  

We look forward to his success in this effort as it would remedy the destructive process of Jill Stein's "recount" campaign.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Remembering the WW2 Doolittle Raid
Doolittle's Raiders; Only Four Survive
[As we regain our national dignity following the Presidential election, we can remember, with honor, a select few of the heroes who protected our country from those who attacked us on December 7, 1941.  These men honored our flag, and put their lives at risk to allow their grandchildren, and great grandchildren, the freedom to express themselves, with some seeking out"safe spaces" offended by those intent on reforming the corrupt government which now is in place.   We also note that this was a period in which the Press reported accurately, and Hollywood was not a Communist colony. 
We salute these heroes!]


They bombed Tokyo 74 years ago.

They once were among the most universally admired and revered men in the United States .. There were 80 of the Raiders in April 1942, when they carried out one of the most courageous and heart-stirring military operations in this nation's history. The mere mention of their unit's name, in those years, would bring tears to the eyes of grateful Americans.
After Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor [December 7, 1941], with the United States reeling and wounded, our Pacific Fleet devastated,something dramatic was needed to turn the war effort around.
Although there were no friendly airfields close enough to Japan for the United States to launch a retaliation, a daring plan was devised. Sixteen B-25s
were modified so that they could take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier. This had never before been tried -- sending such big, heavy bombers from a carrier.

The 16 five-man crews, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle, who himself flew the lead plane off the USS Hornet, knew that they would not be able to return to the carrier.
They would have to hit Japan and then hope to make it to China for a safe landing.
But on the day of the raid, the Japanese military learned of the plan. The Raiders were told that they would have to take off from much farther out in the Pacific Ocean than they had counted on, so, they would not have enough fuel to make it to safety.
Undaunted, these crews went anyway.
They bombed Tokyo and then flew as far as they could. Four planes crash-landed;
11 more crews bailed out, and three of the Raiders died. Eight more were captured; three were executed.

Another died of starvation in a Japanese prison camp. One crew made it to Russia
The Doolittle Raiders sent a message from the United States to its enemies, and to the rest of the world: We will fight. And, no matter what it takes, we will win!
Of the 80 Raiders, 62 survived the war. They were celebrated as national heroes, models of bravery. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced a motion picture based on the raid; "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo," starring Spencer Tracy and Van Johnson, was a patriotic and emotional box-office hit, and the phrase became part of the national lexicon. In the movie-theater previews for the film, MGM proclaimed that it was presenting
the story "with supreme pride."

Beginning in 1946, the surviving Raiders have held a reunion each April, to commemorate the mission. The reunion is in a different city each year. In 1959, the city of Tucson, Arizona, as a gesture of respect and gratitude, presented the Doolittle Raiders with a set of 80 silver goblets. Each goblet was engraved with the name of a Raider.  Every year, a wooden display case bearing all 80 goblets is transported to the reunion city. Each time a Raider passes away, his goblet is turned upside down in the case at the next reunion, as his old friends bear solemn witness.
Also, in the wooden case is a bottle of 1896 Hennessy Very Special cognac. The year is not happenstance: 1896 was when Jimmy Doolittle was born.

There has always been a plan: When there are only two surviving Raiders, they would open the bottle at last, drink from it and toast their comrades who preceded them in death.
As 2013 began, there were five living Raiders; then, in February, Tom Griffin passed away at age 96.
He defined the term "War Hero". After bailing out of his plane over a mountainous Chinese forest after the Tokyo raid, he became ill with malaria, and almost died. When he recovered, he was sent to Europe to fly more combat missions. He was shot down, captured, and spent 22 months in a German prisoner of war camp.
The selflessness of these men, the sheer guts ... there was a passage in the Cincinnati Enquirer obituary for Mr. Griffin that, on the surface, had nothing to do with the war,but that was emblematic of the depth of his sense of duty and devotion:
"When his wife became ill and needed to go into a nursing home, he visited her every day. He walked from his house to the nursing home, fed his wife and at the end of the day brought home her clothes. At night, he washed and ironed her clothes. Then he walked them up to her room the next morning. He did that for three years until her death in 2005."
So now, out of the original 80, only four Raiders remain: Dick Cole (Doolittle's co-pilot on the Tokyo raid), Robert Hite, Edward Saylor and David Thatcher. All are in their 90s.  They have decided that there are too few of them for the public reunions to continue.
The events in Fort Walton Beach marked the end. It has come full circle; Florida's nearby Eglin Field was where the Raiders trained in secrecy for the Tokyo mission. The town planned to do all it can to honor the men: a six-day celebration of their valor, including luncheons, a dinner and a parade.

Do the Dollittle Raiders ever wonder if those of us whom they helped to save the country have tended to it in a way that is worthy of their sacrifice? They don't talk about that, at least not around other people. But if you find yourself near Fort Walton Beach this week, and if you should encounter any of the Raiders, you might want to offer them a word of thanks. I can tell you from first hand observation that they appreciate hearing that
they are remembered.
The men have decided that after this final public reunion they will wait until a later date -- sometime this year -- to get together once more, informally
and in absolute privacy. That is when they will open the bottle of brandy. The years are flowing by too swiftly now; they are not going to wait until there are only two of them.
They will fill the four remaining upturned goblets. And raise them in a toast to those who are gone.
Their 70th Anniversary Photo

David Thatcher, a staff sergeant during the Doolittle Raid, smiles with pride as he listens to a speaker talk about the Doolittle Raiders, April 20, 2013 in Fort ...