Sunday, April 21, 2019

New Weapon of Mass Destruction

Tragedy struck nearby recently.

Death from Fentanyl
The daughter of a friend overdosed [OD] on marijuana - laced with Fentanyl; her small daughter found her, comatose.

She was an attractive young lady whose boyfriend introduced her to marijuana, then to heroin, and on to other drugs.  She had "gone straight" after her last overdose, and it's possible, she was given Fentanyl in another substance; the end result was death.

She was in the health business and lost her job when she was found using her access to pharmaceuticals for her increasing habit. In the meantime, her boyfriend died of an overdose, leaving her with a small child to raise on her own.

The young woman had moved away from her hometown and extended family, probably to be with her boyfriend two states away, to avoid family pressure to give up drugs. Her mom begged her to come home where she and extended family could help care for the child, but, the young woman was adamant that she was "clean".

A Fentanyl Dose the size of a Sesame Seed
Can be inserted into a Marijuana Joint
and not be noticed
Given her heroin OD, it was obvious she was not clean.

Sadly, she had visited with us only a few weeks before her OD death.

Fentanyl did the trick, as it takes only a smidgen to kill - and it killed her in a flash; and even with immediate response by the EMT, no measure of could revive her, and she died in her mother's arms in the ICU, with her child in the next room.

The mom and her family remain  devastated, and heartbroken, but will come together to raise the child in a loving environment.

But the grandmom, who co-signed for her daughter's student loans, is now on the hook for those loans; although she's unemployed/retired with a minimal income, she can't file for bankruptcy due to the exclusion of student loan liability protected by the Dodd-Frank Consumer Financial Protection Act -- which protects banks and destroys consumers.  The Financial Protection clause of that act ensures that students - or their parents who declare bankruptcy are still liable for student loans.

What's our motive for publishing this?
The issue here ties to Trump's goal of building that Wall.
It won't block all the Illegals, and it will only partially block the flow of drugs into the US.
But, it will enable our Law Enforcement Community to deal it some crippling blows.

In the interim, it will likely block the massive amounts of drugs crossing our southern border in tractor trailers, cars, horseback, and backpack.  Among those drugs are Fentanyl, which can be blocked from entering overland; the Wall could possibly stifle the drug trade, or severely limit it.

Don't look to Congress to act anytime soon since it's fairly obvious that most of Congress are in the pockets of the drug lords. Worse, several of our recent Presidents and their families were controlled by the Cartels which bolstered their multi-million dollar bank accounts - not to speak of the spin-off criminal activities of Human Trafficking and Child Sex exploitation.

But, this drug problem is nothing new; it began in earnest in Vietnam with opium and heroin being transported regionally in those ubiquitous "Black Helicopters" with the drugs subsequently being transported to the US aboard USAF cargo aircraft and commercial ships, and even  having been inserted into the corpses of our dead GIs.

Hollywood introduced Marijuana as a "cultural issue" in a variety of very popular movies such as MASH and movies about cool kids in California high schools.

In fact, one of the most popular TV series was Weed, which popularized the use and sale of Marijuana and linkages to Mexican cartels as just a lot of fun - with a touch of danger.  And then, there was the wildly popular series, Breaking Bad, which rationalized the use of a broad scope of narcotics as a part of the US drug culture -- and a very profitable one.  Drug usage for our younger generations is not only "cool", it is Mandatory to fit in as one of the "In-Crowd".

A large percentage of our young and naive troops in Vietnam were introduced to Marijuana to relieve their boredom in remote outposts and to reduce their tension while waiting for the inevitable Viet Cong attack.  As the War progressed, more of our GIs partook, and the dealers began lacing the Marijuana with Heroin to ensure continued addiction by our troops when they returned to the US.  Back home, the former GIs were hooked and were ready customers for drug dealers selling boosted Marijuana, and leading to Heroin and Cocaine addiction.

Nearly 20 years later, no one can define
why our troops are in Afghanistan!

This narcotics consumption process continued to the present with hundreds of thousands of US troops  shipped to the Middle East to fight in the Bush/Clinton/Obama Middle East wars, the most recent of which continues in Afghanistan -- a key source of international heroin production and distribution.
[Otherwise, we remain bewildered at why our troops are deployed there]

Fast forward to today, after decades of Hollywood movies and Television programs extolling the virtues of Marijuana and Opiates as "Recreational Drugs",  the pressure was on to legalize "Medical Marijuana"; and, many states took that initiative.  The hook there was that Big Pharma lobbied state legislatures to create tight restrictions and massive amounts of paperwork to sell this Medical Marijuana, squeezing out the small medical Mom&Pop outlets who could neither staff their enterprises or manage all the paperwork involved to meet state requirements.

Today's marijuana, produced by the Pharmas is magnitudes greater in intensity than that which was popular in the 1960s, and now, it's laced with both heroin and Fentanyl -- the point is to eradicate our younger population as a functional element of our work force and overall population.

We'll get off our soap-box now.
If you know of any users, or families of users, feel free to pass our comments along; your kids, and our kids are not safe.

And our country is under assault with narcotics as the new Weapon of Mass Destruction.
Drugs like laced/boosted Marijuana reduce our workforce through elimination via drug testing; while more potent drugs [e.g., heroin] reduce the effectiveness and judgment of the mid-range executives managing financial institutions.

Ultimately, Fentanyl is poised to create massive damage to our water supply infrastructure, as only a small amount can contaminate millions of gallons of water.  This deadly substance is being carried across our southern border in amounts sufficient to cripple our major cities well ahead of any detection process -- and Congress is allowing this to happen by blocking the efforts of President Trump to close the border access to Illegals transporting this WMD.