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Palestinian Genocide in 10 Seconds

Time-Line Expansion of Israel Through the Eradication of Palestinians [1917 - Present]

This is the latest in our series of guest posts. 
The author requested anonymity given the hostile backlash 
we witness on those who criticize, or simply mention Israel without praise.

The comparison is made between the American "Manifest Destiny" process in which the Native Americans, who initially welcomed the European settlers and offered them food, medicine, and hospitality, were gradually forced off their lands, labeled as "savages" [read "terrorists" in today's political climate], conquered and removed to "reservations." In the history of the Native American relationship with the US Government, the federal government violated virtually every treaty, confiscating land that had been guaranteed to the Native American, and frequently raiding peaceful settlements, driving them into lives of squalor and poverty.

We are reminded of Custer's Last Stand, in which he and his men were defeated and killed at Little Big Horn after Custer's 7th Cavalry, as part of the "Sioux Wars", rode through Indian villages which were devoid of adult males, and slaughtered the women and children. Retribution came in the form of the Battle of Little Big Horn, in which 268 US Cavalry troops were killed.  Eventually, however, technology and manpower of the Whites defeated the Native Americans, replacing them with White settlers and towns.

History repeats itself.

I am ashamed of the treatment of the American Indian since the colonization of the Americas, but I wasn't alive then.   I am, however, alive today and I very clearly see our history repeating itself -- by our "Ally".

What is now the USA was once a land belonging to a people who settled it thousands of years earlier. Colonists, pioneers, settlers, et al., used Guns, Germs & Steel to kill off millions of natives. It would appear, based on the similar settlement patterns in the below time/motion illustrations [.GIFS], that Palestinians are being wiped out just like the American Indian, although today Israelis are using missiles, jet fighters, bombers, and naval bombardment -- plus IDF ground troops.

The massacre of American Indians was justified by calling them savages, while the killing of Palestinians is justified by designating them "terrorists" or "cavemen" as the IDF calls them.  After all, both were designated as enemies -- after they had reached their breaking points by having their lands and rights taken away.

Look familiar?

National Security Adviser Susan Rice on refered to the imbalanced Gaza death toll as "alarming" while Jonathan Topaz of breaks it down:
"[The] lopsided death toll in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has come under increased scrutiny as the conflict has worn on. The Associated Press reported Saturday night that 1,047 Palestinians had died since the conflict began, with more than 6,000 wounded, compared with fewer than 50 Israelis.
        "The United Nations estimated last week that 75 percent of those Palestinians 
          killed were civilians [most of whom were women and children]."


And, recent Israeli air and ground attacks were directed at UN facilities in Gaza which housed non-combatant refugees attempting to escape bombardment of their homes.

Recent events:

1) Gaza market bombed during Israel army 'pause'
At least 17 killed and 200 injured in Shujayea, an area Israel said was not included in four-hour humanitarian window.

2) Israeli fire kills refugees in Gaza UN school
19 die in Jabaliya attack condemned by UN agency as "source of universal shame" that breaks international law.

3) Israeli bombs kill 100 Gazans in single day
Hundreds of attacks send toll soaring, while Gaza's only power station shuts down after being hit.

Let's call a spade a spade: what is happening in Gaza is a War Crime. It is called Ethnic Cleansing and it is a practice reminiscent of the purges in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, and Nazi Germany.  Seems the Israelis learned how this works from the Nazis, whose lead the Israelis are now emulating.

Foreign Ministry of IsraelInstitute of Historical ReviewReutersJewish Virtual Library

Is there a pattern here?
Ethnic Cleansing?  Genocide?

Those traditionally have been regarded as War Crimes, and the UN intervened in some, to include the 1994 massacre of nearly one million Tutsis by Hutus in the Rwandan Genocide.  Although Israel's attacks on Gaza have sparked condemnation around the world, with thousands of demonstrators calling attention to the situation, the US Media focuses almost exclusively on the scores of Israelis killed, and essentially ignores the more than one thousand Palestinians killed - most being civilian women and children.

Will the IDF banner be altered to resemble the swastika?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Passports for Sale

While you've been waiting, Terrorists [aka: NSA] hacked into the passport system and scooped up your bio data

Click here for related story: []

This is just a short blog -- an alert, so to speak. Once again, we find still another federal database breached; this time, it's the Consular Consolidated Database [CCD].

The CCD is the State Department's Passport/Visa database, which logs in all applicant's personal information, to include aliases, maiden names, marriage licenses with parental data, etc.

According to this story, all US citizens living abroad are affected since their personal information is now in the hands of NSA [oh, did we actually say that?] even if they haven't touched a computer in the last ten years, and even if they have avoided contact with any US agency in an attempt to ensure their privacy.

But, we're certain that this was NOT the NSA, but rather "Terrorists", those nasty conniving, and essentially invisible hackers who bear a striking resemblance to NSA operators.  But, NSA is PROTECTING us from those Terrorists, and we allowed Congress to suspend the Constitution to CATCH those evildoers [i.e, all foreigners: men, women, children; and apparently all US citizens].  Why, so far, we have captured how many real Terrorists since 2001:
Well, we think we got Osama bin Laden -- but there wasn't enough left of him to identify him; and, then, here in the US, there was... uh, maybe those Boston Bombers [but, there never was any conclusive evidence against them other than the White baseball caps they wore, for no apparent reason.

And ANYONE who wears a White Baseball Cap in a crowd absolutely, positively HAS to be a Terrorist!

What's to become of all these files in this vast database?
NSA will testify before Congress that they had nothing to do with this breach, but they will put their best people on it right away to find those nasty, conniving "Terrrorists" who are so dangerous to our national security.

Bottom line here, folks, is that if you have any personal information in a federal database, expect it to be "breached" by "terrorists" in the near future.

NSA intends to collect it all!

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Criticize Israel at Your Own Peril

Now, when we ran our guest blog post featuring Jon Stewart's comedic criticism of Israel's overkill against Gaza in retaliation for the Hamas rocket attack on Israel, we were curious to see precisely how much criticism he would draw from the professional critics hired by AIPAC to roundly condemn him and accuse him of being anti-Semitic, a Jew-hater, and an enemy of Zion.

As it turns out, it didn't take long, and apparently since then, Stewart has undergone a withering assault by the Israeli Lobby and the rank and file Americans who are totally intolerant of any discussion of Israel unless it is fawning and complimentary.

Graphic Proof of Iran's WMD
Gawd help you if you should deride Netanyahu, who has spent his adult political life creating scenarios in which the US can be drawn into wars with Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

Hmm, well, he did sucker us into a war with Iraq with bogus intelligence, and then led the Media attack on the US for going to war without sufficient evidence of WMDs.

So, let's give credit where credit is due!]

We've noted when we post here on the blog, or on our FaceBook page, that if we should even allude to negativity towards Israel, we immediately come under virulent attack -- usually by crazed, profane illiterates who have difficulty assembling several words into a coherent sentence, although the jumbles they produce are filled with the usual
and, often as not, "NAZI"!

Now, poor Jon Stewart, who is Jewish himself, likely never expected to be labeled an anti-Semite, but legions of Israel supports leapt upon, and beat him with verbal cudgels, complaining to Network executives and to advertisers for his Daily Show that Stewart should be drawn and quartered, and have his contract canceled.

What is awkward these days is that, because of the near-universal condemnation of Israel's destruction and invasion of Gaza, complete with bulldozers to prepare their new land acquisition for settlers and vacation spas, Jews around the world, and Gawd forbid, even in Israel are condemning their homeland for its actions; some have even gone so far as to renounce their Israeli citizenship.

Why, at a personal level, even WE have been accused of being anti-Semitic Jew-haters.
One former FaceBook fan declared
"I can SMELL the anti-Semitism on you",
which prompted us to offer to bathe more often, and even to use a better brand of deodorant.

This little comedy skit, though tongue in cheek, is an excellent example of how the Israel Lobby works.

(Also here:
Could the Obama tacticians have learned their tactics from AIPAC, explaining how they've created a teflon President?  Criticize Obama, and you're immediately labeled a Racist!

Should we look at AIPAC as being responsible for our Obama affliction?

Will we come under attack [again] for this posting?
Stay tuned, folks.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Evacuation Plan for Gazans: Swim for It!

July 14, 2014 - John Stewart, DAILY SHOW on Comedy Central

The Daily Show's John Stewart offers some much needed comic relief in this fair and unbiased breakdown of the Gaza-Israeli conflict.

"Both sides are engaging in aerial bombardment, but one side appears to be bomb-better at it."

Israelis have Red Alert (an iPhone app) which provides real time alerts for rocket, mortar, or missile strikes on Israel -- which is protected by the US-sponsored Iron Dome protection against incoming missiles and rockets.

Meanwhile Gazans are being notified by ... being bombed.

The warning to Palestinians in Gaza is an exploding mortar round three [3] minutes before full scale air strikes. That three [3] minutes is an alert to evacuate before being repeatedly being bombed by Israel.

Stewart asks:
What are the Gazans supposed to do?  
Evacuate to where?
Have you fucking seen Gaza?!
Israel blocked this border and Egypt blocked this border.
What are they supposed to do? Swim for it?!
Israel's response to Gaza is indeed a living political cartoon for the war in the Middle East.
The world has gone mad.  Is this the Israeli Manifest Destiny?

We're reminded of the Highway of Death in the First Gulf War, in which the slaughter was so egregious that US pilots refused to continue strafing and bombing, and ground troops turned away in disgust.

Watch this 2:30 clip and let us know your thoughts.

Daily Show full episode HERE on Comedy Central (segment starts at 5:05)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

GOP Self-Destructing?

Bill Whittle gives us some lessons on how it could have been

Click here for full video of Bill Whittle's speech.

In our continuing series of guest posts, we've taken the liberty of including Bill Whittle's Conservative speech at the David Horowitz Restoration Weekend 2012 event -- following Romney's bewildering loss in the Presidential election.
[The video audience has been urged to share this commentary - and this seems an effective way]

Bill explains why the Republican Party has been so effective at losing elections -- and allowing the Left to dominate the Media -- unopposed, with the result that Conservative candidates and Conservativism in general is allowed to be demonized by the Left.

He believes the GOP, and Conservatives at large, suffer from Stockholm Syndrome
"We do not believe our own philosophy!"
"Republicans are utterly unable to stand for what they believe in, ... and in a way, they are ashamed of it!"

Non-Partisan Moderator Crowley
He provides an excellent retort to Candy Crowley's question to Candidate Romney, whom he described as a "... remarkably decent and good man" -- a description with which we can all agree.

The difficulty is/was that Romney is a decent and good man, and was unprepared to enter a match with a conniving, lying, manipulative Chicago politician backed by Stalinists; but, he could have managed the battle with Mr Obama.

What he could not manage was to have the Moderator side with the other candidate, ask questions in the form of personal attacks, and last but not least, tell Romney in the midst of the debate that Romney had his facts wrong on Benghazi -- implying that he was lying -- which swayed the American voters, and likely cost Romney the election.
[Crowley was later proven wrong and roundly condemned by journalists, the Right, and even the Left for her partisan performance; but by then, the damage was irreversible.]

Mitt Romney "did not even believe his own life story!" i.e., he was embarrassed for having worked hard, built a variety of successful, profitable companies which employed tens, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of employees -- with health benefits, and in the process made a pile of money [billions of dollars] for himself and his investors.

His personal wealth was/is $250 million, of which he paid $60 million in taxes -- which went to pay the wages of government bureaucrats, build schools and homeless shelters, and support countless organizations supporting the poor and underprivileged.
Was this a crime?
Did he exploit anyone to achieve all this?
Did anyone suffer because he was creating wealth, jobs, and taxable income -- not only for himself, but for tens of thousands of taxpaying workers.

Why no, as a matter of fact, he contributed to the wealth of the country he wished to serve.
His opponent had contributed nothing, but had taken grant money from the government tax base to live in grand style and build a political base, with a Marxist and terrorist cadre advising him.

He wished to lead the most dynamic and wealthiest country in the world, a place where the greatest threat to the poor is obesity.  With his wealth, he lives better than the poor in the US, but, if he is hit by a bus, he will be taken to the same emergency room as a poor person and be treated by the same doctors; the difference is that the poor will pay nothing, and he will pay for his treatment.

On Benghazi, he could have asked why the President failed to respond to the attack; and he should have asked, but did not, where the President physically was during the attack -- and why he did not respond.   But he didn't ask.

Asked how he would have handled Benghazi as President, Romney could have responded that he would have directed the US forces in the region to respond immediately; he would have directed the commander of the 6th Fleet [in the Mediterranean Sea at the time] to launch a dozen fighters to arrive at Benghazi  -- only 22 minutes away, to be followed by rescue helicopters and an AC-130, and they would rescue those under attack.

We suspect the audience would have stood and cheered during the debate.
[We recall the Reagan years in which he took on tough topics by poking fun at his opponents, and at himself; he was the last President for whom the entire Congress stood and cheered.]

We suspect the American public would have stood in their living rooms and cheered and Mr Obama would have been soundly thrashed at the polls -- as brutally as Jimmy Carter was defeated in 1980.

We have a second chance; it means voting to take control of the Senate and solidify control of the House in November.

It's time for American citizens to take control of our country again.
Get to the polls in November.

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National Socialism Template - Redux?

This is another in a series of guest posts.

The following is a speech given by Kitty Wirthman, an elderly Austrian who lived through the rise and fall of the Third Reich.  Her commentary seems fairly accurate and is accepted by her contemporaries from Nazi-dominated Austria as well as by knowledgeable family members who recounted similar stories. 

The Left viciously attacks her as if she had made up all that she recounts; oddly, the bulk of what she states is verified by accepted historical accounts.  

Originally, Snopes and other "fact-checkers" admitted that her background was as she described, but they later condemned her for "distorting history", i.e., providing her account of what she witnessed first hand during the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich.  

This is an account that should be passed along to students, i.e., from grade school through graduate school -- and to teachers as well.  We've taken the liberty of highlighting topics, as well as providing links to parallel processes in today's political environment.


Kitty Werthman
History books report Hitler rolled into Austria in 1938 with tanks and guns and took us over.

Not true.
The Austrian people elected Hitler by 98% of the ballot box.

How could a Christian nation, almost 98% Catholic, elect a monster like Hitler?
The truth is, at the beginning, Hitler didn’t look or talk like a monster at all. He looked and talked like an American politician.

In 1938 Austria was in a very deep depression.
One-third of our workforce was unemployed. We had 25% inflation, and if you would borrow money from the bank, you paid 25% interest.

It was not unusual that my mother would feed, on average, 30 people a day, a bowl of soup and a slice of bread. People would come knocking on the door. They wanted to work. There were no jobs. The depression was so bad that we had riots in the streets.

We had two political factions fighting each other.
The Communist Party was getting very powerful.
So was the Nazi Party.
Now when I speak of the Nazi Party, it was the National Socialist Party
-- that is where the word Nazi came from.

So we heard Hitler speaking in Germany. Germany had full employment. They had law and order and we had riots in the streets, and in Germany, people had a high living standard. They all drove the Volkswagen -- the "Peoples' Car" and there was never anything said that anyone was being persecuted.

So when we had that unbelievable unemployment and the people were getting so desperate, they petitioned the government for a plebiscite for an election, and that’s when we elected Hitler by a 98% of the vote by means of the ballot box.  So we got a new government, National Socialism, Nazi government. Of course, we had no idea what that would be. We just thought we were all going to have a high-standard of living like Germany.

Hitler promised us that we would have full employment, and he would feed the poor people. The Red Cross came in. Everybody was being fed. Everybody got something, and we were so grateful. We thought Hitler was our savior.

Oh yes, and he was a very good orator.
He gave very good speeches
[... and we’ve heard great speeches here too? Haven’t we?].

When we got the new government, nobody was elected anymore. 

Everybody was appointed, from the school board, the county commission, the city commission to the legislature and to the governors.

Hitler said, "the best people are being appointed. We only pick the best people"
and we trusted him. We had no more elections – none whatsoever.

We also had “Regionalism.”
Regionalism is to centralize the government.
Centralization is Socialism.
So Hitler said, we have to merge our seven states into four. That will save money and we would only have four governors. And, we thought that was a good idea.

As a lobbyist in South Dakota, I found a bill – three times – to consolidate our 66 counties into 15. That’s centralization. That’s Socialism. The idea is to take away LOCAL CONTROL.

With our new government, we got a lot of new laws.
We got the Equal Rights Amendment, a very good law, we thought. Equal Rights for women.
[Haven’t we heard that here too?]

The Equal Rights Amendment had two components – economic and social.

1) Economically, to redistribute the wealth of the country, and
2) Socially, to get all the women into the workforce, into employment.

By redistributing the wealth, we had massive welfare, because we had a guaranteed income.

The government required that everybody be equal.

Those who worked hard paid 70% taxes, and those who didn't were getting the equal income like those who worked hard.

That’s called Socialism.

The Moms were in the workforce.
What do you think happened to the children?
Hitler had an immediate remedy: --- child daycare centers so the State raised our children.

Also, education was socialized – quickly, literally overnight.     [Common Core?]
I was 12 years old. I was in 6th grade. I walked into my public school classroom – we had an excellent school system. We prayed in public school and we also had religious education twice a week. That all stopped overnight.  I walked into my classroom March 13, 1938. The crucifix was gone and there was Hitler’s picture, with the Nazi flag on each side.

Our teacher said, “ we don’t pray anymore, we sing Deutchland, Deutchland Uber Alles” [Germany, Germany Above All] – the National Anthem, and she said, “we don’t have religious education anymore either; we have physical education instead.”

And on Sundays there would be National Youth Day and that would be compulsory – everybody had to attend. If our parents wouldn’t send us the first time, they would get a very stiff letter of warning; the second time they would pay a fine of the equivalent of $300 and the third time we didn’t attend, meant jail for our parents.

We couldn’t go to church anymore.
The first two hours we had political education. Today I call it Political Indoctrination. We were being told not to listen to our parents. They were old-fashioned, didn’t understand the youth – only Hitler did. We were being totally indoctrinated. The rest of the day we had sports. We got all the equipment free. We got tennis rackets, golf clubs and the boys of age 16 got motorcycles so they could form a motorcycle squad. They were taken out to the airfield to fly gliders.

You can imagine,
at the end of the day we went back and told our parents how wonderful Hitler was
We argued with our parents all the time.
We said, “look you don’t know anything. You are old-fashioned. You don’t understand us."
They put a ridge between us and our parents.

My good mother, when my next school term came around, announced that she would take me out of these horrible public schools. She would enroll me in a private school with an excellent curriculum, but no fun. She packed me off and as we arrived at that big school with the 8 foot wall around it, and an iron gate, I bid my mother goodby and I almost hated her. She was a wise woman.
She said, “one day when you grow up you will realize what I am doing for you.

Needless to say, if my mother had not done that, today I would be a radical Marxist. On holidays I would go back home and visit my friends, and I did not like what I saw. Girls of age 16 were pregnant – to have babies for Hitler. Oh, Hitler wanted lots of babies. The lifestyle was very, very loose.

Hitler gave us free radios 
-- and then he nationalized our radio station.
We were told that if you listened to a foreign radio station it was a capital offense. You don’t turn on Swiss radio or BBC. We only had one voice – the government.

Newspapers were censored before they hit the street.

Hitler also looted the banks and then he nationalized our banks.
Then he nationalized our only car industry.  [General Motors is now owned by the government]
Austria produced a little car, a little bit bigger than a Fiat. Hitler said we don’t need a Fiat, we have the Volkswagen.

ObamaCare is National Health Care
He also nationalized our healthcare system
Before Hitler, we had an excellent healthcare system, privately insured. We had good doctors, good hospitals. We had a lot of good research. That all stopped. It was free for everybody.

I remember my brother-in-law was a family physician. He told me that when he would go to office at 8 am, 40 patients were waiting for him to care for. People went to the doctor for everything and anything. He said it was like practicing medicine on a conveyor belt. He could barely take enough time for some patients because he was totally government controlled.

The government took away free enterprise, salaried the doctors and the hospitals, and many, many doctors left the country, because if you would need elective surgery, no emergency, you waited 18 months for a hospital bed.
[A bit like Canada's health system today]

Many doctors, including my own husband who did not want to practice medicine like his own brother had to, came to the United States. He marvelled how wonderful our health care is, how wonderful our research is and how wonderful and modern our hospitals were.
He said, “I hope [the U.S. system] it will never end up socialized medicine."

The un-elected bureaucrats were writing all the rules and all the regulations. That’s Socialism.
A lot of it applied to the farmers. The bureaucrats would go onto the land and tell the farmers what to plant, and how much he had to harvest. They counted livestock and determined how much had to be turned into the government because our food was being rationed. God help the farmer who butchered a pig for himself – would surely go to jail. Bureaucrats counted the chickens and decided how many eggs they had to lay.
That’s socialism.

Hitler wrote a book, My Struggle, Mein Kampf.
Very few people read it. Had we read it we would have known what was coming, but the people were so busy with sports (that was everything – atheletic events were everything), but people did not read, and they did not read his book.

We had a lot of abortions, which were highly illegal as Hitler wanted a lot of babies, but if both parents were not 100% Aryan, you know, the Master Race, the mother was selected to have an abortion. Can you imagine being forced to have an abortion?

Hillary:  I admire her enormously, her tenacity, her vision
We also had euthanasia and I was an eye-witness to that.

In my last year in college, I was sent to a small village in the Austrian Alps. The village was very isolated by the mountains and in the wintertime the mountain passes were closed because of snow.

In that village, the people would intermarry, and we know by genetics that a lot of offspring were handicapped. In that village, there were 15 of them.

One I knew very well, Vincent our janitor.
He could not speak well, or read and write, but all these people did good manual work, so one day the government came to the families and asked if they would like to send these people to an institution to learn how to read and write, or a trade, like basket weaving. Gladly the parents signed the papers. Off they went.

I remember that morning. I saw Vincent and all those people going into the Health Department van and they were taken away and I thought they were going for an outing. I asked my Principal and he said, no, they’re going into an institution to learn how to read and write. I said “Oh that”s wonderful.” Six months passed. The letters came back to the parents that they died a natural and merciful death. They were all in excellent health when they left. Why should they die within six months?
The news traveled very fast in the village that they were being euthanized.  [FEMA Camps?]

We had a federal police force, commonly known as the Gestapo.  [Today's DHS?]

We're DHS, and we're her to PROTECT you!
They were everywhere, everywhere in civilian clothes.

You didn’t know who they were, but it went like this: since our food was all rationed, if someone in your family died, like Grandma, you quickly took that coveted pound of sugar – you quickly went to the grocery store and got that sugar.

The next day the Gestapo would knock on your door.
They said “We know you got that pound of sugar instead of turning in that coupon, as the law says you must do, so you have to inform on your neighbor, your boss, your friends, everybody you know. You have to come to our office once a week and if you don’t do that, then we will arrest you.

That way, they had a network of informers.
We didn’t trust the mailman. We couldn’t trust anyone who came to our house, and if we talked politics, we whispered.
We were deadly scared of the Gestapo because people disappeared all the time.

We also had gun registration.      [and, we routinely hear from Obama on Gun Control]
"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
The Austrian people all had guns, but the government said,
guns are very dangerous. 

Children are playing with guns. Hunting accidents happen and we really have to have total control – safety. We have to trace criminals and the only way is by the serial number of the gun.”

We dutifully went to the police station and we registered guns.

Not long after registering our guns, they said
“No, it didn’t help. The only way we can prevent accidents and crimes is for you to turn-in your guns at the police station, and then we won’t have any crimes or any accidents.
If you didn’t turn in your guns – capital punishment. So we turned in our guns.

Hitler also nationalized our churches.
He said those beautiful cathedrals need a lot of upkeep and restoration and there’s not enough money coming in by private donation on Sunday, so we have to have a church tax. When you paid your income tax, you paid a 2% church tax. Hitler controlled the churches. No pastor could speak out anymore.

Dictatorship didn’t happen overnight.
It took five years, gradually, little by little, we escalated up to a dictatorship.

Report on your neighbors and fellow workers.    [NSA has this task now]
In February 2009 I was driving through Washington, DC as a lobbyist and I heard President Obama say that anyone who is criticizing him should be reported to the White House, the Snitch Program.
So be careful what you say.

Our borders were being closed. Nobody could get in. Nobody could get out. We were sitting ducks. That’s what happened to us.

In November 1985 I had the opportunity to go to Switzerland to attend the Summit Conference between President Reagan and President Gorbachev. My job was to accommodate the American women who went to support President Reagan.

My other mission was to infiltrate the Communist Peace March.

I went in disguise as a horrible looking hippie. I marched with Bella Abzug, the late Congresswoman, Jesse Jackson and Barbara Boxer. As we arrived at the Hotel Hilton for a press conference, I saw a group of people there who were not at the Peace March. I walked up to a woman and asked why she wasn’t at the March.

She said,
“Well, we are all members of the German Communist Party and we couldn’t get legally into Switzerland, so we went over the mountains." 
Hence, all their muddy boots and torn jackets. I asked her to tell me more about what she was doing there.

She said “We are supporting Premier Gorbachev."
I asked her what her goals were.

She said,
First we take Nicaragua, Honduras and then we go into Mexico.
I asked why Mexico – such a poor, corrupt country?
She said "... that is our major goal, to take back what America stole from us, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas."
I said
"That will take a lot of people. It sounds like a Revolution."

Providing Sanctuary to those who will rule us.
She said:
You Americans are so naive. Your churches are doing the work for us.

It hit me like a ton of bricks – the Sanctuary Movement. There are a lot of churches who are bringing in illegals.

I said to her,
Tell me, when is this event supposed to happen?
She said,
It all depends on who your President is. Probably 2004 but most possibly 2008.”
Look at our President and look what is happening to our borders.

When I saw on television in Los Angeles, when they marched and
they carried the Mexican flag and they trampled the US flag, I realized, they are here.
When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny.
When the government fears the people, that’s…liberty.

Keep your guns, and buy more guns.

America is still a Christian nation, no matter what Obama says.
God is still on the throne.
He did not fail us in Austria when the Americans liberated us and He will save America.

Editorial Note:  
If America falls, there is no other refuge; there is no one to liberate us.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Israel Retaliates Against Hamas

Targets include hospitals, elderly care, schools, and charity centers - AKA: "military covers"

Click here for related story [Najib Jobain/Aron Heller: Miami Herald]

Another in our series of guest columns 
We've heard nothing but Israel's version of the Hamas attacks on Israel.  
This is an Arab's viewpoint
Zaid G AbulGhanam

[By:  Zaid G AbulGhanam]

This whole conflict is a joke now.

I'm Arab, and I'll be self-critical before criticizing others,
as I expect from everyone else.

It seems that everyone in Gaza is fighting different fights;
no one is fighting for the same things anymore.

This breakdown of organization and the lingering, lasting effects of Israel controlling Palestinian imports [oil, gas, food, water, medicine, concrete, etc.] has led to this dismantling of the Palestinian society.  I feel for my fellow Arabs, and I wish there were a peaceful solution for them.  However, there isn't, and, although I don't condone Hamas shooting bottle rockets into the city, I equally don't condone Israel targeting charity houses and other civilian infrastructures.

Israel has all the technology, and yet they show little remorse and empathy with the Palestinians.  You can't compare the damage Israel hs caused to what Hamas has done.  Israel will always have more blood on their hands.

Which brings me to the next point:
Didn't Israel learn anything from the Holocaust?
We remember it every year when it is convenient for Israel, and they throw it everyone's face lie we are going to forget about it.

However, am I the only one who sees hypocrisy?

Israel is being built by Zionists for Zionists and favors them over other citizens making those citizens less equal. They are building an empire tat will empower themselves to become the future world leaders.  If we stay complacent and let them continue getting away with present day genocide, then eventually we will all be next.

Stand up for the Palestinians, because if you don't, we will be next!

[Our thanks to AbulGhanam for his comments today]

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New weapons on order

This is not how a soldier would be using a pistol in combat -- but it looks good       [Peter J. Berardi]

Click here for related story [Matthew Cox -]

The Department of Defense is soliciting a new firearm.
Reportedly, its previous selections were unsatisfactory as they replaced a perfectly good side-arm which did the job, but wasn't as cool looking as the newer models.
It wasn't broke, but they "fixed" it anyway.

They want a pistol that "... has greater accuracy, lethality, reliability and durability" to replace 200,000 "outdated M9 pistols and thousands of M11 9mm pistols which replaced the .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol dating back to 1911.

Now, these 200,000+ "outdated" pistols will be replaced by a purchase order for more than 400,000 new pistols -- which means there will be more pistols than soldiers when they are delivered.  We're not sure what will become of all the extra pistols, but, given recent history, we can only assume they'll find their way to the Homeland Security folks, of whom there are more than 240,000.

.45 Caliber pistol
The Colt .45 Caliber semi-automatic pistol [M1911] was one of the most effective handguns in US/World history.  It was durable, easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble, and it was relatively accurate at distances of up to 30 feet.  Gun buffs and SpecOps folks like them and fine tune them as the weapon of choice for both competition and covert missions.

 It was designed as a reliable delivery weapon firing a low-velocity, high impact round which would lift a charging whacko off his feet, cause his heart to stop, and knock him back a few feet, usually leaving him permanently ineffective for future combat roles.

This pistol was not known for its accuracy other than at the close quarters [10 - 30 feet] for which it was highly respected.

It was replaced by a much more modern looking 9 mm pistol, and its successors, which have been roundly criticized for their ineffectiveness.  So, the search begins anew for an even more expensive, less effective weapon.

What has been traditionally overlooked in these purchase frenzies is the purpose of a sidearm.

Aiming is not an option
The pistol is used almost exclusively for close-in defense just prior to hand-to-hand fighting with knives, bayonets, or empty rifles which are being used as clubs while soldiers shriek hysterically trying to kill each other.  Taking time to aim doesn't end well.

The number of times a soldier will fire a pistol in combat could be counted on the fingers of one hand, minus a thumb, a forefinger, and a pinkie -- if that often.

If you want "accuracy, lethality, reliability and durability" we suggest you go to a firing range, or get an assault rifle.

When it comes time to use your pistol, it's too late to worry about anything other than "lethality" since the whacko who's charging at you will be ramming a bayonet into your chest before you can even aim at him.   The old .45 caliber M1911, when covered with mud and sand, still functioned quite effectively and would continue firing no matter what.

Try that with the Pretty Boy Glocks or Sig Sauers -- the preferred weapon of the Secret Service and the FBI [they look cool and they have big magazines which will fire a bazillion rounds -- unless they jam].

We have to assume that a number of influential Congresspersons have been purchased by arms manufacturers, and that senior Military procurement officers have been offered lucrative positions with the arms manufacturers -- which is usually the case for how the Military acquires new weapons and equipment it doesn't need.