Saturday, December 31, 2011

American Global Leadership - Time to Reboot?

Which ever candidate replaces Obama in the White House following the next election, we hope they will heed the content of Romney's recent speech on C-Span.

In his recent visit to England, its Political and Intelligence leadership asked that America resume its role as World Leader -- diplomatically, economically, and militarily.

The World is tired of hearing Obama apologize for the US; they fear a weak America is an invitation to aggressive acts, whether by terrorists or a foreign power eager to assume the Leadership role.

Obama's leadership policy is reportedly to Lead From Behind -- a bewildering concept to the rest of the World, and particularly to our Military, which has always been tied to the Leadership axiom "Follow Me!"

America needs Leadership; so does the World.
We haven't seen it in the White House for several years now.
Time to Hope for Change.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Insider Trading -- In Congress?

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Caught in the act of using their insider information on new regulatory legislation and investigations to trade stocks, Congress has created a new smokescreen by creating still another Bill which would theoretically outlaw the practice which has made Congresspersons, their staffers, and their lobbyists quite wealthy.

The proposed "STOCK ACT" officially bans insider trading, but creates lots of loopholes so they can wiggle free if their new insider trading is revealed.  For example, the Bill would merely prohibit insider trading on "pending legislation" -- but would exclude exploitable information obtained through closed hearings, special reports, expert testimony, etc.

Strange as it may seem, this legislation has been under development for more than six years -- but only now has it gained some inertia following the CBS 60 Minutes expose based on the Hoover Institution's report.

This loophole thus eliminates the existing restrictions which could be interpreted as "illegal" under the Securities and Exchange regulations, and opens a loophole large enough to drive a Brinks Armored Truck through -- to deliver the ill-gotten capital gains to our dedicated Congresspersons.

Lest we blame a single political Party for these transgressions, we are pleased to identify both Democrats AND Republicans, and at least one Independent; think of it as Equal Opportunity Corruption.

Since long-term Congresspersons have been enriching themselves for many terms, I suspect that the Tea Party folks are the only "clean" politicians on Capitol Hill -- so we hope they'll be able to push this legislation through before it loses all its teeth.

Congressional Hero Medals for 9/11?

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"This legislation commissions the US Treasury to design and strike three Congressional Gold Medals to honor the civilians, public safety workers, airline passengers and crew members killed at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the passengers and crew members of Flight 93, which crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pa."


We all grieved for the thousands of people who died in this tragedy -- some were friends and neighbors of mine.   But, other than the guys on Flight 23 who reportedly attacked the terrorists, I saw no mass  acts of heroism.  Within the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, there were many individual acts of heroism as individuals raced into infernos and dug through rubble to save incapacitated victims.

But, how is it that all the victims are "Heroes"?

Does Congress now decree those who die en masse in terrorist incidents "heroes"?
If this is the case, should they not go back and name all the victims in the Oklahoma City bombing as "heroes" -- or those who died in the first WTC bombing?  or perhaps, the passengers on Pan Am Flight 103?

I'm reminded of the Soviet habit of designating its citizens at large as "heroes" for simply being citizens in good standing; will we soon be calling each other "comrade" and will we refer to our guardian government as our Big Brother?  Are we morphing into the USSA (United Soviet States of America)?

Yes, there should be a memorial to these victims.  But, let's save the the title "Hero" for those who perform heroic acts.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mission Impossible Gadgetry Source for Military?

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There's a symbiotic relationship between Hollywood and the Military these days, which is a good thing.

The writers let their imaginations run wild and build movies around the new gadgetry -- and presto chango there's a new idea for the Military to research and develop.

In reality, the Military has had research centers for decades to follow up on "what if" questions or "Blue Sky" concepts.  There was even a program during the 1970s/80s to examine and exploit the paranormal -- headed up by MG Al Stubblebine -- it actually had some degree of success.

While I was in Central America in the 1980s, our research center was at Ft Lewis, WA, which shipped us all kinds of new technological equipment to test and evaluate, to include the predecessor of Skype [to transmit classified videos], portable satellite transceivers [in a briefcase], and UGS [unattended ground sensors] shaped like tree or a rock.

When I managed the DOD Clandestine Services program in the 80s, we had our own Skunk-Works linkage; if we could think of a gizmo, we'd meet with the engineers, tell them the functionality and size we wanted and the circumstances in which we would employ it, and they would design and deliver it.  One of the products we requested in portable size was a document scanner built around the CCD [charge- coupled device] technology -- the predecessor of what you now have built into your printer.

Ultimately, the source of much new technology derives from science fiction, the true "what if" crowd that wrote stories ignoring the limitations of known science and physics.  Isaac Asimov wrote about a pocket computer back in 1957.  Jules Verne wrote about submarines in 1896.

As my favorite engineer, Bob Hayden, responded once, "You describe it, we'll build it."

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Lest there be any embarrassment that Obama was accepting illegal/embarrassing contributions from the now disgraced scam artist, Governor Corzine, the Administration thought it would make its disclosure on the Friday afternoon before Christmas Eve, when no one would be paying attention.

That technique used to work in the old days of MSM newspapers and the 6 O'Clock News.

Now, such disclosures are the meat of the internet and conservative talk show hosts like Greta Van  Susteren -- reporting "all the news that's fit to print" 24/7.

Also buried in this Christmas Friday story is the footnote that the Administration will be returning "other" questionable/illegal/embarrassing donations.

Can we look forward to seeing how much Uncle Soros contributed?

Friday, December 23, 2011

$134 Billion in US Bonds Seized -- What's the Story?

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We learned recently that Fed had shipped $16 TRILLION off to Europe to bail out their banks.

Yet, we still have NO information on who got how much, or what they did with it; or, who authorized the transfer -- other than perhaps just Ben and Timmy.

We've gone from $1.4 Trillion, to $7 Trillion to $16 Trillion -- of unaccounted for funds being routed outside the country, without explanation.

In this Bloomberg story from 2009, we may have a clue as to how the money was being moved about.  In another video, the bonds themselves are visible; no close-ups, but seemingly credible.  The mystery remains as to why these bonds were being smuggled across the Italian border into Switzerland.

At the time of the bond seizure [July 2009], there was a flurry of coverage -- and nothing since then.   The US Government announced the bonds were fake; however, given disclosures in recent weeks, we find that announcement less than credible.

We'll try to track down "the rest of the story" for you.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Matt Damon rips President Obama in Elle magazine: A president with ‘some balls’ would have been better

Are the Left's Pillars of Wisdom crumbling?
When Hollywood intellectualism and Screen idol tough guys start being mean to our Dear Leader From Behind, could the Vocal Minority be deserting the ship?

Dozens die as bombs explode across Baghdad

Click here for referenced story - MSNBC

Here's a surprise.

Only days after US troops pull out, we find the "worst violence Iraq has seen for months."
Gosh! Who'dathunkit! Our Leader From Behind makes a grandstand announcement that he's withdrawing all our troops, Biden announces the Taliban is our friend, and Voila! the mayhem begins.
It wasn't all bad though. Our Dear Leader From Behind didn't strip the Iraqi security force of weapons and ammunition. But, not to worry, most of the Iraqis who supported US policy and our troops will soon be rounded up and killed, and the MSM will stop reporting, so it will be a non-issue.