Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ObamaCare FUBAR!

We're experiencing some minor technical problems        [Jonathon Fields]

However, if you file late, the IRS will penalize you [Daily Mail]
There are so many things wrong with the Affordable Care Act, we're not sure where to begin. 

However, a good place seems to be the train wreck which is the sign-up process, followed closely by the distribution throughout the government, the Intelligence Community, and the Law Enforcement Community of every bit of personal and medical information you list on your application -- and that is BEFORE you're allowed to review the available plans. 

In short, you have to enroll and spill your guts before you can look at what your options are. This is the process sleazy used car operations use to lock in their customers so they're forced to buy a clunker before they leave the lot.  So, we'll assume the ACA process was designed by used car salesmen [more on that later].

For good measure, we'll include the corruption involved in putting this plan in place.  So far, we've counted about $20 million in campaign contributions by the participating companies

Once you're in -- which might take you months, the probability is that you will pay double or triple what you might pay with plans outside the ACA system.

So, here are some of the exciting details of what former Speaker Pelosi, Mr Obama, and the Democrat Congress have foisted upon us.

CBS advised that more than two million people have now been forced out of their existing health  because insurance companies will not allow them to renew their policies -- despite Obama's assurances that they could keep their existing policies.  The Christian Science Monitor upped that figure to "at least 7 million".  "More than 800,000 policy holders in New Jersey alone" received cancellation notices from their health insurance providers.

Sticker Shock:

Even Democrat staffers are recognizing they've been promoting a scam.  Sue Klinkhamer of Chicago worked for one of the Congressmen who voted FOR ObamaCare [and was subsequently voted out by his constituents.  Sue had been paying $225 per month for her health care plan with a $2,500 deductible; she's just been notified by Blue Cross that her plan now will cost $1,200 more per year, and her deductible will increase to $6,500!  She's no longer a strong supporter of ObamaCare.

The Sign Up Process:

Signing up is perhaps the most challenging aspect of ObamaCare.  One TV host asked a group of college grads to sit in a room together to see who could sign on the fastest.  After 90 minutes, none had any success getting through the initial hurdles; all had wanted to sign up, but none had any success.  All, however, were fairly disgusted with the process.

But, looking at that process, we've learned [through applicants] that one must fill out forms with an extraordinary amount of detailed personal information, to include full name, Social Security number, residence[s], family information, medical history -- to include past and current ailments, personal income, family income, extended financial information, education level, and a variety of information you would not necessarily give to your personal physician.

Who sees/retains your personal information and medical history:

So, what becomes of this plethora of personal information?
Your application, complete with ALL the information you "voluntarily" provide is circulated to, and entered in the databanks of these organizations via a "data-hub":

1)   IRS
2)   DHS
3)   HHS
4)   FBI
5)   Social Security Administration
6)   Veterans Administration
7)   Department of Defense
8)   US Treasury
9)   Office of Personnel Management
10) Verizon
11)  Equifax [yes, the credit rating outfit]
12)  General Dynamics
13)  Mitre
14)  Northrup Grumman
15)  Price Waterhouse Cooper
16)  United Healthcare
17)  SAIC
18)  Accenture
19)  Deloitte
20)  Booz Allen Hamilton [of Snowden/NSA fame]

Your sheriff will monitor your health
And,  "Dozens of federal and state agencies"
[Not Further Identified]
  - but Barney Fife likely has access to your personal financial and medical history, as will employees of most of the agencies and employees listed above.

Now, why would you object to having your phone and internet provider with unlimited access to your personal, financial, and medical information.

Or, perhaps Booz Hamilton, which demonstrated that their employees [e.g., Snowden] could keep the nation's most sensitive intelligence secrets -- a secret, well, sort of.

Will IRS check your healthcare deductions against your application?  Is your information safe with IRS; in July, the IRS "inadvertently posted tens of thousands of SSNs on a federal website"; but, hackers wouldn't use those SSNs for identity theft, right?

Once registered, the applicant can only then look at the plans available; the lower the monthly rate, the higher the deductible; we've seen some that range between $2,500 and $5,000 deductible -- which means the applicant is not only paying a substantial [and possibly unaffordable] monthly fee, but will also have to pay the first $2,500 - $5,000 of any medical costs incurred. Not a bad deal for the insurance company, but brutal for the applicant just making ends meet.

Employers opt out of providing employee health plans due to criminal penalties:

Now, a lot of applicants can no longer get health coverage through their employers because their hours have been reduced to only 30 per week.  Others have been laid off because employers wish to avoid the massive costs of mandatory health coverage if they have more than 49 employees.

A substantial number of large companies employing hourly workers have trimmed schedules to 30 hours a week and eliminated health programs they previously sponsored -- forcing their employees to work "part time" and thus, into ObamaCare.  By opting out, employers avoid the convoluted legal-speak which can snag them into criminal penalties should they not be "fully compliant" with ACA.

Catch 22:

Applicants who have been trimmed to 30 hours per week find they earn too little and are thus not eligible for subsidies, and not even Medicaid.  It's double jeopardy, since they stand to be arrested and fined if they don't sign up, but the limitations of the process bars them from signing up. 
[Time to expand the prisons.]

And now folks, the final drum roll.

Who were the wizards who got the federal contract for ObamaCare -- and to set up the highly efficient sign-up process.

And, how much did they pay in campaign contributions for this payoff worth billions of dollars.

We'll list only a few, but even those will likely surprise you, and sicken you.

For those of you paying for your kid's college tuition, take a look at how George Washington University and the University of California - San Francisco spent your tuition money.

Contract Award
Campaign Contribution
$   2.14 Million
$1.2 Million
Deloitte [BearingPoint]
$          251,000
$4.7 Million
Booz Hamilton
$   2.7   Million
$      415,000
CGI Federal*
$ 93.7  Million
$      345,000
Computer Science Corp [CSC]
$   4       Million
$      683,000
George Washington University
$ 51.2   Million
$      309,000
$    5       Million
$       956,000
Maximus Federal Services*
$ 43      Million
$      622,000
McKinsey & Co
$ 13.8   Million
$      961,000
$   2.2   Million
$      137,000
Northrup Grumman
$   1.7   Million
$3.1 Million
Price Waterhouse Cooper
$            284,000
$3.5 Million
Quality Software Services*
[United Health Group]
$ 68.3 Million
$3.7  Million
$   1.8    Million
$1.2  Million
$114   Million
$        180,000
University of California - SF
$                12,000
$3.4    Million
Vangent [General Dynamics]
$  28.2     Million
$2.4     Million
Verizon Business Network Services
$     1.2     Million
$4.2      Million
Weber Shandwick
$     3.5      Million

[Office of the Asst Secretary for Health
post-retirement employment?]

The overall winner in this campaign contribution bonanza seems to be Serco, which invested only $180,000 in campaign contributions, but hit the jackpot with a contract worth $114 MILLION!  We're not sure what they'll be doing, but, we're sure they're worth every cent of that  $114 MILLION!

The bewildering organization is the University of California, which contributed $3.4 Million [of your tuition money] and won a contract for only $12,000?  They obviously don't grasp the concept of "Return on Investment".

But, there you have it folks.
Your tax dollars at work  If you think some of these contracts are paltry, think in terms that they will likely last five years, with escalation clauses to accommodate "hidden costs" and "expanded responsibilities". 

Once awarded, a government contract has the potential for exponential expansion!

And, this one just keeps growing, and growing, and growing!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

CIA fumbles again!

Sir, your driver's license has expired                                                [EuCom.mil]

Click here for related story [Daily Telegraph]

We wonder if there is any semblance of coherence in this Administration's strategic intelligence and diplomatic process -- or if there actually is a process.

Latif Mehsud        [photo: Telegraph]
US Special Forces seized Latif Mehsud, of Pakistan's Tehrek-e-Taliban (TPP) while he traveled via convoy in a remote part of Afghanistan.  He was headed for a secret rendezvous with Afghanistan's National Intelligence Directorate -- under a safe passage guarantee by Karzai himself.  The object of the diplomatic meeting was to develop a dialog for a peaceful post-US transition.

Now, Latif was a prize catch; no doubt about that.

Would you believe...    [Politika.rs]

According to Marie Harf, State Department spokesperson, Latif was close to Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud, who State advises "killed thousands in its conflict with the Pakistani government" and was also "responsible for the alleged attempt to blow up Times Square
[which astute observers viewed as a staged event].

And, by gosh, his group
"...had also vowed to attack the US homeland again!"

Ms Harf managed to say all that with a straight face.

Now, Latif's ties to Mr Mehsud as a chauffeur make him a valuable interrogation subject since Mehsud [aka: Zulfiqar] is a TPP commander in the Khyber, Kurram and Orakzai agencies of Pakistan.  He is tied to al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and such Pakistani jihadists as Lashkare-e-Taiba, Lashkare-e-Jhangvi, and Jaish-e-Mohammed, all as formidable today as were their predecessors who fought the Soviets. 

Mehsud was the chauffeur for, and is reportedly the designated successor to Baitullah Mehsud, the now-deceased leader of the Pakistani TTP. 
[A rather odd line of succession, but, it it makes sense to the CIA, and, who are we to argue.]

We applaud our Special Operations forces for their planning and skill in capturing Letif Mehsud, who will undoubtedly reveal a great many secrets in weeks to come.  They followed their orders precisely, and delivered their target in a timely and healthy manner.

But, now, there's that nasty little issue of diplomacy, so adroitly violated by our esteemed Director of National Intelligence [DNI], JimmiBob Clapper, late of NSA legal violation fame.  It seems Mr Karzai had granted Letif safe passage to meet with him at a secret spot, to carry out secret discussions, to plan for peaceful coexistence in the  post-US-occupation. 

But, JimiBob Clapper, and chubby JohnBoy Brennan [whose nickname was "Nimrod" when he was a CIA CT analyst of minor stature/merit prior to 9/11], apparently decided unilaterally that the prize far exceeded the limitations of international law -- or US assurances to our ally, Mr Karzai, that he could be in charge of his own country.

[(c) Horsey, for Wiki.Lovett.org]
Mr Karzai, not yet beatified in the US because of his blatant corruption and drug dealing, has been frantically trying to cover all his options for that time in the future when the US bails on Afghanistan and leaves him to his own devices to save himself from both the tribal leaders of Afghanistan, and of course, the Taliban, who will likely use him as the goat in a future Buzkashi game.

[The Afghan rebels used to use Soviet soldiers sewn into goatskins for that sport during the USSR occupation.]

So, Karzai's negotiations with the Taliban -- the designated terrorist enemy du jour of the USA -- were/are of paramount importance to his post-US accommodations in Afghanistan.

What's the impact of this diplomatic gaffe?

The standard in intelligence, military, and diplomatic actions has traditionally been to weigh "Risk vs Gain".  In this Administration, it seems to "How much publicity will this give us"
uttered in a cloud of cannabis smoke.

Although we have no love for Mr Karzai, and only a limited interest in the future of the Great Game of Afganistan, this egregious breach of international diplomacy by Obama will likely set back US relations with Afghanistan and destroy all trust with our Afghan alliance -- such as it is.
Probably no great loss considering what little influence we have there now. 

Of course, there is the factor that US troops will now be at much greater risk from our Afghan military allies who will likely regard killing US troops as a means of gaining the respect of the Taliban -- an assurance of a safe existence once US presence is eliminated.

This military "snatch", though an impressive tactical success given Mehsud's position in the TPP, was a diplomatic disaster, causing Secretary of State Kerry to fly to Kabul to mollify President Karzai and engage in still more give-aways as a sop to keep him from going completely ballistic.

It was a small-minded operation, with absolutely no consultation with experienced US diplomats or military leadership, likely concocted by our two intelligence idiots, Brennan and Clapper, conceivably after a night of solid boozing and snorting coke.

Outside Afghanistan, the real impact is that it destroys any credibility the US has with ALL of our allies around the world since they must now consider any diplomatic negotiations "at risk" with the US - which may decide to discard any and all diplomatic agreements for its [i.e., Mr Obama's] own purposes. 

Mr Obama's diplomatic track record leaves a bit to be desired with his direct insults to the Brits, his revelation of Pakistani official involvement in drone targeting, his indiscriminate drone targeting in Yemen, his sanctioned invasion of Libya after Qadafi had agreed [in previous Administrations] to monitor Islamic terrorist organizations, and his attempts to unilaterally bomb Syria,

Of course, now it's been revealed that he authorized NSA to electronically eavesdrop on our European allies leadership, causing the French and German leadership considerable outrage.

We have to wonder if Mr Obama's goals, in addition to weakening the US economy, undermining the US military capability, and destroying Small Business through the requirements and penalties of ObamaCare [ACA], might also include the deliberate insulting of our allies in order to isolate the United States from them.

As a footnote, we've also mused that it might have been the British GCHQ Intelligence organization which recruited Mr Snowden to acquire and publish the NSA surveillance practices which have so outraged citizens of the US and the rest of the world. 

The Brits have no love for Mr Obama since he has gone out of his way to insult them on several occasions.

Somehow, we wonder if the US will be able to survive Mr Obama's reign.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Medal of Honor

Click here for related story [Washington Post]

On 14 October 2013, Captain William Swenson was awarded the Medal of Honor for his valor and gallantry in combat in 2009, saving the lives of his wounded soldiers, and retrieving the bodies of his dead soldiers.  His fellow soldiers were awarded the highest military combat awards, ranging from the Medal of Honor [posthumous] to the Navy Cross -- in 2011.

A graduate of Seattle University, he enlisted in the Army and was commissioned through Officer Candidate School. In his earlier two deployments to Iraq, he was awarded three Bronze Star medals, the Purple Heart, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

The battle for which Swenson's Medal was awarded took place as a result of a Taliban ambush in Kunar Province.

Captain Swenson was leading a routine mission with his troops to train local Afghan soldiers and to establish goodwill with the local Afghan elders.  Entering a valley, they were, in military terms, "canalized into a Kill Zone", with Taliban holding the high ground firing from three sides down into the US-led force of 80 Afghan troops and 11 American troops.  Five Americans and 11 Afghans were killed.

Facing Taliban fighters who had advanced to within 50 meters of his perimeter, Captain Swenson, wounded, raced into the firefight, enduring withering fire, and pulled several of his wounded men [Afghan and US] to safety at great risk to his own life.  He then ventured out into the fire fight again to retrieve the bodies of his dead soldiers.

Video of reconstructed actions.

Throughout this six hour battle, Captain Swenson repeatedly radioed for air and artillery support -- which never came.  After the battle, Captain Swenson made formal complaints that his chain of command had rejected his repeated calls for air and artillery support - resulting in the needless deaths of his troops.

Two officers in Swenson's chain of command received reprimands for negligence, but, in turn, his chain of command turned him into a scapegoat.  One of Swenson's NCOs, Marine Sergeant Dakota Meyer, was named by Marine General James Amos as a Medal of Honor nominee, while two other Marines were nominated for the Navy Cross.  Those awards were presented in 2011.

Sergeant Meyer nominated Swenson for the Medal of Honor in 2009, but mysteriously, Swenson's nomination paperwork was "lost".  Apparently, Captain Swenson was reportedly forced to leave the Army in 2011, likely due to his criticism of his senior officers.

That nomination is here somewhere
The nomination papers for Swenson's Medal of Honor "... inexplicably vanished from every military computer system midway through the approval process in 2010."  After Sergeant Meyer raised the issue in a letter to the National Security Council, Marine General John Allen reopened the process, leading to the award reaching the President's desk.

Representative Duncan Hunter [R-CA], a Marine officer prior to his political career, took on the Pentagon to push the award forward and to demand an investigation into how the nomination had "disappeared".

Interestingly, General Petraeus, the US Military commander in Afghanistan in 2010, denied ever seeing Swenson's nomination packet; in reality, General Petraeus signed the nomination packet on 28 July 2010. 

As War Historian Doug Sterner advised:
"A Medal of Honor packet doesn't get lost unless somebody wants it to get lost."

We're curious as to the identities of the officers who refused Captain Swenson's requests for fire support, and for the names of all the officers in the chain of custody for the nomination.

As a footnote, take a look at the 4-Star generals filling the top command slots in today's military; how many of them wear the Combat Infantryman's Badge, or have other than administrative medals.

Captain Swenson has applied to return to Active Duty; the Army is resisting.

Editorial Comment:  Developments since this blog post appeared:

1)  Captain Swenson was allowed to return to Active Duty in March, 2014, assigned to I-Corps in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.

2) The Army Criminal Investigation Command [CID] launched an investigation on Swenson in 2011 because he was referenced in a comment posted on Amazon by Army Major Mathew Glsteyn - a decorated Green Beret who had been awarded the Silver Star.
   a)  A source close to the investigation opined the investigation was harassment designed to force Swenson to stop criticizing the Army.
   b)  Rep Duncan Hunter [R - CA] wrote a letter to then SecArmy John McHugh and released a statement:
         (1) "We are particularly interested to know why special agents from the CID visited Swenson's residence..." confronting his neighbors; "...What was the connection between Major Golsteyn and [Captain] Swenson?"

         (2) "The US Army is utilizing its investigations arm as a tool to retaliate against soldiers.  I'm convinced."

3)  Notably, the 10th Mountain Division has come under scrutiny as Division Commanders have been subsequently selected as Commandants and Superintendents of the US Military Academy - during which cadets who violated US codes of conduct and openly displayed their communist affiliations were neither reprimanded nor dismissed.  
    (a) There has been some speculation that the 10th Mountain Division became a haven for communist sympathizers among the officers.  
   (b) Swenson, an OCS graduate rather than a West Point graduate, was obviously targeted following his complaints and charges of negligence against his Chain of Command of West Point graduates - who protect their brethren from any form of criticism.

4) A full investigation of the 10th Mountain Division seems in order to determine what percentage of the West Point officers are communist sympathizers - or members of the Communist Party.

USMC Cadet, Spenser Rapone, had a history of insubordination and "conduct unbecoming a cadet", but received no disciplinary action, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader -- and assigned to the 10th Mountain Division by the USMA Commandant - the former Commander of the 10th Mountain Division.

We have to wonder if perhaps this Division was being geared by Obama as his personal Army unit.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Vets Beat Obama

Vets cleaned monument areas
Veterans coming to visit their memorials, monuments, and national cemeteries are finding them blocked, by order of the President - the Commander in Chief.

Obama blames Congress and lack of funds, but there is virtually no staffing or maintenance cost involved; he's done it out of pure spite, and disdain for our military.

In fact, Congress has authorized the entire US budget, except for ObamaCare -- which is the issue they wish to negotiate. Seems that the Administration has added a number of unacceptable provisions to the ACA since it was passed by an overwhelmingly Democrat Congress -- most of whom were voted out of office in the 2010 election. 

Mr Obama and Senator Reid are stonewalling the Republicans, and holding the country hostage by suspending the government -- unless the Republicans capitulate.  The Media [to include NPR] remains the Administration's propaganda tool, blaming the Republicans, and praising the President for valiantly trying to protect the country from crashing into economic disaster.

As for the Budget Ceiling deadlock, Mr Obama wants to add another $1 Trillion to his expense account -- but he is unwilling to reduce spending even in agencies whose obligations have been, or could be greatly reduced [e.g., DOD].

BarryCades disposal
[Photo: Real Patriots of America]
The Vet's response to the barricading of monuments and parks: drag the barriers to the White House and dump them at the gates.

Mr Obama has closed national parks, to include rest stops, highway scenic overlooks, and even locking portable toilets; he's ordered Park Police and Park Rangers to enforce these closures -- with force. 

In Fairfax County, the Park Service barricaded an open soccer/lacrosse field, funded and supported by the County. Resident's filed suit in federal court -- and the County argued, and won on the basis that the open field was not Obama's to seize and close since the County maintained it.

At Yellowstone, tourists were locked in their hotel, under armed guard, and roughly treated by armed Park Service employees.  On their police-escorted three hour bus trip out of the park, they took a rest stop so the passengers could stretch their legs and take photos.

They were immediately set upon and warned that the park was not open for "recreation"; upon protest by the tour guide, the armed female Park Ranger demanded that all passengers re-board the bus and that she regarded taking pictures as "recreating".

Truckers have converged on Washington, DC as a protest, and visiting and local Veterans have converged on the monuments, seized the "Barrycades" and dumped them in front of the White House. 

Park Police: Forgot their oath of allegiance to the USA
[Photo: Real Patriots of America]
These protests have been met with violence from the Park Police using batons to beat protestors.

There were reports of snipers positioned on the White House and nearby buildings with [unarmed] protestors as targets.

Ultimately, the Park Police were filmed wresting an American flag from a Vet and throwing it on the ground.

Without a doubt, Mr Obama has achieved the status of the most reprehensible President/Commander in Chief in the history of the country. His arrogance knows no bounds. His disdain for America's Military is unfathomable.

Mr Obama's goals over the past five years seem to be

1) Destruction of the US economy
     a) Create inflation [Fed nominee has hinted she will generate inflation to "bolster employment?"]
     b) Increase the Debt Ceiling by $1 Trillion
     b) Disrupt small business [targeting businesses opposed by Democrats/Unions]
     c) Increase unemployment (e.g., forcing small business to provide health benefits for employees]
     d) Criminalizing the ObamaCare process for those who try to opt out
     e) Increase welfare by broadening coverage to illegal aliens
     f) Defy Congress on budget negotiations

2) Create class and racial divisiveness

3) Eliminate professionals in our Military leadership and in the State Department
    a) Replace patriotic and experienced flag officers with Leftists
    b) Replace the Command structure with civilian deputies -- i.e., political officers, mimicking
        the Soviet/Communist structure
    c) Replace/demote career diplomats with inexperienced political hacks

4) Corrupt the IRS
    a) Target and undermine Conservative groups
    b) Spy on Americans

5) Direct NSA to spy on Americans

6) Create a massive Department of Homeland Security [240,000 employees] to target US citizens
    a) Employ foreign troops to guard restricted, undefined areas
    b) Create a mobile operational organization with heavily armored vehicles
    c) Arm DHS agents with billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition - outlawed by
        the Geneva Convention

7) Start wars [targets: Libya, North Korea, Iran, Syria]

Obama's ULTIMATE GOAL:  Create civil strife as a rationale to declare a National Emergency and implement his array of Executive Orders -- to create a Police State.  Look for the activation of all those DHS paramilitary units in the near future.
Fair Warning                 [Photo: Real Patriots of America]

Congress appears fearful of exercising their power to remove Mr Obama before he destroys America.

Perhaps it's up to the voters to create a national Recall petition and let Congress know America has reached its threshold of absolute disgust with this "President". 

Perhaps then Congress will exercise its options.

[With thanks to Real Patriots of America for their photos]

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breitbart - Assassinated by CIA?

Breitbart: Murdered in Plain Sight: Witness Disappears

Editor's Note:

We are re-publishing this blogpost in light of the mass of damning evidence against the Deep State functionaries Messrs Obama Clapper, Brennan, Comey, et al, over and above the horrendous history of Hillary's Clinticides.  We wish to enhance readers' memories of key historical issues.

While we were an Intelligence Community Executive, we always had our suspicions of wrongdoing [e.g., the Church and Pike Committee findings], but we were skeptical of the extent of CIA assassination attempts to rid the system of knowledgeable functionaries capable of testifying before one of these committees.  
[Notably, Bill Colby, former Director of CIA, was murdered (drowned) outside his Maryland home shortly after he called his wife regarding dinner arrangements.]

We were also skeptical of the accusations against Presidents' GHW Bush, Clinton, and W, although we were convinced from the outset that both Obama and Senator McCain had criminal intent.  

But then, we learned GHWBush began his rise to eminence with the CIA, running narcotics operations out of Columbia in the 1960s, coordinating the JFK assassination, coordinating the Black Helicopter narcotics distribution during the Vietnam War,  and continuing his linkage with the Cartels from then and throughout his Presidency, connecting to Arkansas Governor-later President Clinton using US Air Force planes to transport narcotics into the US. 

And then there was W, who has now been tied to the detonation of the Twin Towers, killing thousands for massive profit via the movement of stored gold and Fed Bearer Bonds, and finally, Obama, of whose criminality and linkage to China of which we are being made aware, day by day.

Ultimately, it was the assassination of Justice Scalia while he was a guest of the Bush family at a hunting lodge in Texas; we couldn't imagine Bush would be involved, but, he was!  At that point, it became very clear that our country was in grave danger at the hands of what we would recognize as the Deep State, which owns the CIA.

To be clear, we have been the target of a number of such attempts to include
1)  Felony Hit&Run [$10,000 fine] by a CIA contractor [arrested a few blocks from the 
     CIA Domestic Operations HQ]
2)  An attempt to persuade a heart doctor to end my life during a Stress Test,
3)  Another attempt to persuade a heart surgeon to terminate my life during a Stent insertion
     [they kept this Indian doctor up all night threatening him (he arrived completely
    disheveled and advised me of his ordeal with his tormentors, saying he had told them 
    to go fuck themselves]
4) Aside from physical attacks, they have attempted to destroy my finances,
5) They bombarded my cell phone with text messages, in various languages, which 
     included extracts from my restricted Military Health files and classified Personnel reports.
6) They have also killed some of my (retired) associates in the IC - all of heart stoppage;
     here's a partial sampling (all persons were previously very healthy:

     a) Julie Miller (DCS Regional Operations Manager): found dead on her small Indiana farm
     b) Tim Holden (former) Commander of SEAL-Team One: Hit&Run while on his bicycle 
          in his neighborhood
     c) Carol Bird (Researcher for my counter-terrorist software program):  found dead in her
     d) Sedgwick Tourison (former director of the POW/MIA office at the Pentagon)
     e) John Gresham, Tom Clancy's researcher, Spec Ops specialist.

In March, 2012, we wrote about Andrew Breitbart's mysterious death from "heart stoppage", abruptly before his planned release of videos of Mr Obama which would have been extremely damaging to his reelection campaign; reportedly, there was footage of Harvard attendee Mr Obama and Bill Ayers discussing/planning a US revolution.  We're not sure what else was to be released -- but perhaps, Mr Obama's henchmen suspected the worst.  In the meantime, we've analyzed his death.

Breitbart died stepping up on a Los Angeles curb, described by eye-witness Christopher Lasseter, he "... fell like a sack of potatoes...his skin turned bright red".  There was thick white band around his forehead all the way around his hairline, bright red face, thick thick white band - made me make a double-take!"
Lasseter, along with his parents, soon thereafter disappeared, and, skilled private investigators advised they were not to be found.  Perhaps a search of the desert outside Las Vegas might turn up their remains.

There was considerable interest in the coroner's autopsy, since many were suspicious about Mr Breitbart's sudden death shortly before his release of damning evidence against Mr Obama consisting of videos revealing Obama's Hope&Change agenda consisted of Racial Warfare and Class Division.

But, the Media extracts of the Coroner's report noted that Mr Breitbart died of "natural causes", i.e., "heart stoppage", or in technical terms: cardiac arrest

Now, that might have put suspicious minds to rest, but, on the day the Coroner's preliminary report was released, the attending forensic technician, Michael Cormier, died suddenly after ingesting a massive amount of arsenic - not further explained.  That death was quickly brushed from the news media coverage, and Cormier was attacked by the Media as a "scruffy, bespectacled lab tech"
[he had 20 years of experience and was the principle assistant to the LA Coroner -- and was reportedly the person on whom the TV series Quincy was based].

Following Breitbart's death, a bland video of Obama was shown, and the strangely reshuffled Breitbart executive suite, headed by film-maker Steve Bannon and COO Laurence Solov, claimed
-- that's all there is folks; nothing to see here; move along, move along --
and the Breitbart commentary has since become quite bland and un-exposé-worthy.

But then, spoilsport Breitbart.com Editor in Chief Joel Pollack advised the video shown was only one of a series Breitbart had planned to show.  Sadly, those seem to have long-since disappeared. 
The actual event aside, the story of Breitbart's death is far more damning.

It took some research, but, we finally secured a copy of the actual autopsy report, which contradicted the official statement that Breitbart died of a "heart attack"

Quincy would have figured it out [imdb]
From the Autopsy Report #2012-01471 [dtd 05/02/2012]
page 4  [the report has since been scrubbed from the Internet as "malicious malware"; in its place is a simple one page PDF declaring the death was of natural causes: HYPERTROPHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY WITH FOCAL CORONARY ATHEROSCLEROSIS: [generally, such patients are '65 years old, or older and in ill health]

"The aorta is elastic and of even caliber throughout with vessels distributed normally from it.  Both Abdominal and Thoracic aorta have minimal lipid streaking.  There is no tortuosity or widening of the thoracic segment.  The abdominal aorta has no atherosclerosis. There is no dilation of the lower abdominal segment.  No aneurism is presentThe major branches of the aorta show no abnormality."

In other words, Breitbart's heart and cardiovascular system was that of a healthy adult male -- with no evidence normally associated with a heart attack.

Oddly, Deputy Medical Examiner Juan Carrillo, MD, attributed death to ".. coronary atherosclerosis" -- which was ruled out earlier in the report.  He explained that there was a "60% narrowing of a major coronary vessel and 'heart failure' cells in the lungs."

How odd, that all organs and cardiovascular components were that of a healthy adult male, but the artery feeding the lungs was nearly shut down abruptly -- symptoms consistent with the cobra venum toxins used by the CIA as described by [then] Director Bill Colby.
Although Director Colby is now deceased [he died of "heart failure" after he "drowned" in his front yard] the CIA and its weaponry live on.

CIA's "heart stopping" technology dates back to the 1970's, presented as evidence at the 1975 Church Committee hearings.
Senator Goldwater examines "heart-attack gun"  [CIA photo]

According to DCI Bill Colby, the gun fired a projectile with the diameter of a human hair and a quarter inch in length, at an accurate distance of 250 feet.
[Colby was murdered in 1996]

The poison was a mixture of shellfish toxin and cobra venom and is virtually undetectable, other than a tiny red dot on the skin.

Other frozen darts consisted of a mixture of various viruses, which, once have passed through the skin and melted, would attack the internal organs of the victim, killing him slowly, sort of like the murder of John Gresham, Tom Clancy's researcher.

[Alternate gun designs were in the form of a walking cane or umbrella [as used by a highly publicized Bulgarian assassin]

So, in the final analysis, we have Motive, Weapon, probable Culprit --
But, that autopsy report and witness statement tell a pretty interesting story.

The weapon fires a frozen projectile consisting of shellfish toxin and cobra [or krait] venom, which contains presynaptic and post-synaptic neurotoxins -- which shut down the nerve endings near the brain.  The result is the shutting down of the body's infrastructure and command center -- cutting off muscle activity, and the ability to breathe ["60% narrowing of a major coronary vessel"] and stand [fell like a sack of potatoes].

Walking (normal) heart attack victims turn blue and drop in a more orderly fashion.  
But, Breitbart's skin color changed abruptly from normal to bright red, and "he collapsed like a sack of potatoes."

The frozen venom bullet, once having penetrated the skin, melted, releasing neurotoxins which shut down the nervous system and the muscle activity pumping blood to the lungs -- and to the brain -- which stopped; the heart stopped and the blood stopped flowing -- and then started up again briefly, causing the blood to rush back to the skin, causing it to become bright red.  But, by that time, Breitbart's brain had completely stopped -- so Breitbart was dead before he hit the pavement. 

The telling clue was that
"60% narrowing of a major coronary vessel and 'heart failure' cells in the lungs."  

The "heart failure" cells derived from the snake venom -- giving the appearance of a "heart attack" -- but the bright red skin symptom was the give-away; a heart attack would have been less abrupt, and there would have been no blood flushing activity after the heart attack -- and Breitbart would have turned blue instead.


2020 Footnote:
We are posting this once again in response to Twitter queries on the use of vaccines as a means of injecting lingering poisons or nano-bots to trigger deadly responses to electrical stimuli - not something of science fiction.  Note, the methods of assassination described above relate to science developed by 1970 - 50 years ago.  We presume deadly "science" has evolved since then.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Obama: Demagogue

Demogogue-in-Chief?         [ScottStarnes.wordpress.com]

Periodically, we find material that we feel deserves broader distribution, 
so we invite credible authors to post guest columns. 

Today, we're posting a column by Dr Sarah Thurow, a retired professor of political philosophy and literature. She specializes in classical political thought and has many years' experience teaching American government. 


Barack Obama, you are a fraud, a hypocrite, and a demagogue.

1. You claim to place great value on “diversity” and “tolerance” and to support the redefinition of marriage to include same sex unions, yet you think it is quite proper and moral with respect to people who believe that abortion is a sin to compel them to violate their own religious belief by providing free abortions for their employees. Apparently you only believe in “tolerating” the “diversity” of people who agree with you.

2. You claim that your healthcare program is so good for all of us (not just those who cannot afford medical insurance) that all of us must be compelled to participate in it or punished if we choose to opt out, yet you don’t see any problem with you and our other “representatives” being exempt. This is the attitude of a ruler, not a representative.

3. You claim to respect the Constitution and to adhere to the principles of the American system of government, yet you demonize the other party rather than attempt to find a common ground. Anyone who does not agree with and who does not support your programs you regard as unreasonable, unworthy of argument or persuasion, or simply wrong. That is characteristic of a totalitarian, not a democratic government. No matter how sure you are that your opinions are not opinions but truth, our system requires you to not only tolerate but actually listen to and argue with other claims to truth.

4. You continually claim that you are most concerned for the well-being of the middle class. Yet it is the middle class that will bear the greatest burden of your healthcare program, facing increased premiums and co-pays with no additional employer assistance because their employers are also facing higher costs. Your overall project of increasing government entitlements is also going to hurt the middle class because they do not qualify for government support (and most of them don’t want it), but they do not earn enough money to be comfortable paying the taxes to fund these programs.

5. Finally, you are the image of the classic demagogue, with one new element that is distinctly American. You came to power with the support of two classes who have nothing to lose by your programs.

The one is the class that always supports a demagogue, the poor who are dependent on the government for the necessities of life. They are not to be blamed for supporting someone who promises to give them more than they are presently getting.

The other class, however, is very much to be blamed. They are the rich liberals who assuage their consciences by using the government to care for the poor. They get to feel good about themselves while using tax money for their benevolence. They can afford to pay higher taxes without affecting their comfortable lifestyle.

But when “charity” is compelled it ceases to be charity and becomes a tax burden. It both undermines true charity and impoverishes the one class that truly understands charity.

In ancient democracies (classical Greece) a demagogue inevitably led to tyranny because, in securing the support of the poor, he promised to take from the rich and “redistribute” wealth. This initial act of injustice (the injustice of taking what belongs to one person and giving it to another) paved the way for other unjust acts.

But the middle class cannot. The middle class would – and does – voluntarily give what they can, and work as volunteers when they can, to aid those less fortunate than themselves. Because they are close to the condition of the poor and are aware that it would not take much to put them in similar circumstances, they have a true empathy with them, unlike your rich liberal supporters.

America was supposed to be safe from such degeneration because we had a strong middle class. So long as that class remained the majority, the poor would not go without aid and the rich would not have their property unjustly confiscated. The middle class could identify with both.

But you and your party have discovered how to subvert the American solution. You have discovered how to get the rich to support a government that supports the poor. But you have done this by putting the real burden on the middle class.

The inevitable effect is that the middle class will shrink. Some will drop off into the class of people supported by the government (Marx’s “proletariat”) and others will be resourceful or lucky enough to rise into the class of the rich who can afford to live well while still paying excessive taxes.

When that transformation is complete, the American experiment in self-government will have failed.

We will be a nation of rulers (you and your rich liberal class) and ruled (the rest of us, those who still struggle to take care of themselves independently and those who have given up the struggle and accepted dependence on the rulers).

You wish for a place in history, for fame.

I predict that you will have it.

Obama's Legacy          [theamericanrose.blogspot.com (Matthew Rosario)]
You will have it as the one who most contributed to the failure of the American experiment in self-government.

You will have it as the first of our new rulers, our new “benevolent” tyrants under whom we will be given what is “good for us” according to you and your ruling class, under whom we will be relieved of any need to think for ourselves or consult our consciences -- because you and your class will tell us what is true and necessary to believe.