Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breitbart - Assassinated by CIA?

Breitbart: Murdered in Plain Sight: Witness Disappears

Editor's Note:

We are re-publishing this blogpost in light of the mass of damning evidence against the Deep State functionaries Messrs Obama Clapper, Brennan, Comey, et al, over and above the horrendous history of Hillary's Clinticides.  We wish to enhance readers' memories of key historical issues.

While we were an Intelligence Community Executive, we always had our suspicions of wrongdoing [e.g., the Church and Pike Committee findings], but we were skeptical of the extent of CIA assassination attempts to rid the system of knowledgeable functionaries capable of testifying before one of these committees.  
[Notably, Bill Colby, former Director of CIA, was murdered (drowned) outside his Maryland home shortly after he called his wife regarding dinner arrangements.]

We were also skeptical of the accusations against Presidents' GHW Bush, Clinton, and W, although we were convinced from the outset that both Obama and Senator McCain had criminal intent.  

But then, we learned GHWBush began his rise to eminence with the CIA, running narcotics operations out of Columbia in the 1960s, coordinating the JFK assassination, coordinating the Black Helicopter narcotics distribution during the Vietnam War,  and continuing his linkage with the Cartels from then and throughout his Presidency, connecting to Arkansas Governor-later President Clinton using US Air Force planes to transport narcotics into the US. 

And then there was W, who has now been tied to the detonation of the Twin Towers, killing thousands for massive profit via the movement of stored gold and Fed Bearer Bonds, and finally, Obama, of whose criminality and linkage to China of which we are being made aware, day by day.

Ultimately, it was the assassination of Justice Scalia while he was a guest of the Bush family at a hunting lodge in Texas; we couldn't imagine Bush would be involved, but, he was!  At that point, it became very clear that our country was in grave danger at the hands of what we would recognize as the Deep State, which owns the CIA.

To be clear, we have been the target of a number of such attempts to include
1)  Felony Hit&Run [$10,000 fine] by a CIA contractor [arrested a few blocks from the 
     CIA Domestic Operations HQ]
2)  An attempt to persuade a heart doctor to end my life during a Stress Test,
3)  Another attempt to persuade a heart surgeon to terminate my life during a Stent insertion
     [they kept this Indian doctor up all night threatening him (he arrived completely
    disheveled and advised me of his ordeal with his tormentors, saying he had told them 
    to go fuck themselves]
4) Aside from physical attacks, they have attempted to destroy my finances,
5) They bombarded my cell phone with text messages, in various languages, which 
     included extracts from my restricted Military Health files and classified Personnel reports.
6) They have also killed some of my (retired) associates in the IC - all of heart stoppage;
     here's a partial sampling (all persons were previously very healthy:

     a) Julie Miller (DCS Regional Operations Manager): found dead on her small Indiana farm
     b) Tim Holden (former) Commander of SEAL-Team One: Hit&Run while on his bicycle 
          in his neighborhood
     c) Carol Bird (Researcher for my counter-terrorist software program):  found dead in her
     d) Sedgwick Tourison (former director of the POW/MIA office at the Pentagon)
     e) John Gresham, Tom Clancy's researcher, Spec Ops specialist.

In March, 2012, we wrote about Andrew Breitbart's mysterious death from "heart stoppage", abruptly before his planned release of videos of Mr Obama which would have been extremely damaging to his reelection campaign; reportedly, there was footage of Harvard attendee Mr Obama and Bill Ayers discussing/planning a US revolution.  We're not sure what else was to be released -- but perhaps, Mr Obama's henchmen suspected the worst.  In the meantime, we've analyzed his death.

Breitbart died stepping up on a Los Angeles curb, described by eye-witness Christopher Lasseter, he "... fell like a sack of potatoes...his skin turned bright red".  There was thick white band around his forehead all the way around his hairline, bright red face, thick thick white band - made me make a double-take!"
Lasseter, along with his parents, soon thereafter disappeared, and, skilled private investigators advised they were not to be found.  Perhaps a search of the desert outside Las Vegas might turn up their remains.

There was considerable interest in the coroner's autopsy, since many were suspicious about Mr Breitbart's sudden death shortly before his release of damning evidence against Mr Obama consisting of videos revealing Obama's Hope&Change agenda consisted of Racial Warfare and Class Division.

But, the Media extracts of the Coroner's report noted that Mr Breitbart died of "natural causes", i.e., "heart stoppage", or in technical terms: cardiac arrest

Now, that might have put suspicious minds to rest, but, on the day the Coroner's preliminary report was released, the attending forensic technician, Michael Cormier, died suddenly after ingesting a massive amount of arsenic - not further explained.  That death was quickly brushed from the news media coverage, and Cormier was attacked by the Media as a "scruffy, bespectacled lab tech"
[he had 20 years of experience and was the principle assistant to the LA Coroner -- and was reportedly the person on whom the TV series Quincy was based].

Following Breitbart's death, a bland video of Obama was shown, and the strangely reshuffled Breitbart executive suite, headed by film-maker Steve Bannon and COO Laurence Solov, claimed
-- that's all there is folks; nothing to see here; move along, move along --
and the Breitbart commentary has since become quite bland and un-exposé-worthy.

But then, spoilsport Breitbart.com Editor in Chief Joel Pollack advised the video shown was only one of a series Breitbart had planned to show.  Sadly, those seem to have long-since disappeared. 
The actual event aside, the story of Breitbart's death is far more damning.

It took some research, but, we finally secured a copy of the actual autopsy report, which contradicted the official statement that Breitbart died of a "heart attack"

Quincy would have figured it out [imdb]
From the Autopsy Report #2012-01471 [dtd 05/02/2012]
page 4  [the report has since been scrubbed from the Internet as "malicious malware"; in its place is a simple one page PDF declaring the death was of natural causes: HYPERTROPHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY WITH FOCAL CORONARY ATHEROSCLEROSIS: [generally, such patients are '65 years old, or older and in ill health]

"The aorta is elastic and of even caliber throughout with vessels distributed normally from it.  Both Abdominal and Thoracic aorta have minimal lipid streaking.  There is no tortuosity or widening of the thoracic segment.  The abdominal aorta has no atherosclerosis. There is no dilation of the lower abdominal segment.  No aneurism is presentThe major branches of the aorta show no abnormality."

In other words, Breitbart's heart and cardiovascular system was that of a healthy adult male -- with no evidence normally associated with a heart attack.

Oddly, Deputy Medical Examiner Juan Carrillo, MD, attributed death to ".. coronary atherosclerosis" -- which was ruled out earlier in the report.  He explained that there was a "60% narrowing of a major coronary vessel and 'heart failure' cells in the lungs."

How odd, that all organs and cardiovascular components were that of a healthy adult male, but the artery feeding the lungs was nearly shut down abruptly -- symptoms consistent with the cobra venum toxins used by the CIA as described by [then] Director Bill Colby.
Although Director Colby is now deceased [he died of "heart failure" after he "drowned" in his front yard] the CIA and its weaponry live on.

CIA's "heart stopping" technology dates back to the 1970's, presented as evidence at the 1975 Church Committee hearings.
Senator Goldwater examines "heart-attack gun"  [CIA photo]

According to DCI Bill Colby, the gun fired a projectile with the diameter of a human hair and a quarter inch in length, at an accurate distance of 250 feet.
[Colby was murdered in 1996]

The poison was a mixture of shellfish toxin and cobra venom and is virtually undetectable, other than a tiny red dot on the skin.

Other frozen darts consisted of a mixture of various viruses, which, once have passed through the skin and melted, would attack the internal organs of the victim, killing him slowly, sort of like the murder of John Gresham, Tom Clancy's researcher.

[Alternate gun designs were in the form of a walking cane or umbrella [as used by a highly publicized Bulgarian assassin]

So, in the final analysis, we have Motive, Weapon, probable Culprit --
But, that autopsy report and witness statement tell a pretty interesting story.

The weapon fires a frozen projectile consisting of shellfish toxin and cobra [or krait] venom, which contains presynaptic and post-synaptic neurotoxins -- which shut down the nerve endings near the brain.  The result is the shutting down of the body's infrastructure and command center -- cutting off muscle activity, and the ability to breathe ["60% narrowing of a major coronary vessel"] and stand [fell like a sack of potatoes].

Walking (normal) heart attack victims turn blue and drop in a more orderly fashion.  
But, Breitbart's skin color changed abruptly from normal to bright red, and "he collapsed like a sack of potatoes."

The frozen venom bullet, once having penetrated the skin, melted, releasing neurotoxins which shut down the nervous system and the muscle activity pumping blood to the lungs -- and to the brain -- which stopped; the heart stopped and the blood stopped flowing -- and then started up again briefly, causing the blood to rush back to the skin, causing it to become bright red.  But, by that time, Breitbart's brain had completely stopped -- so Breitbart was dead before he hit the pavement. 

The telling clue was that
"60% narrowing of a major coronary vessel and 'heart failure' cells in the lungs."  

The "heart failure" cells derived from the snake venom -- giving the appearance of a "heart attack" -- but the bright red skin symptom was the give-away; a heart attack would have been less abrupt, and there would have been no blood flushing activity after the heart attack -- and Breitbart would have turned blue instead.


2020 Footnote:
We are posting this once again in response to Twitter queries on the use of vaccines as a means of injecting lingering poisons or nano-bots to trigger deadly responses to electrical stimuli - not something of science fiction.  Note, the methods of assassination described above relate to science developed by 1970 - 50 years ago.  We presume deadly "science" has evolved since then.