Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RIP Breitbart: We're Investigating

He died of "heart stoppage
now known as a Breitbart Moment

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If you'd asked me two weeks ago who this Breitbart guy was, I would not have known; I don't watch TV these days

But, he had quite a track record.  Perhaps we should have been more alert since we shared a philosophy:
"... was committed to the First Amendment and the 'open and free exchange of ideas.' "
He published on six websites, and helped found the Huffington Post.
Not always complimentary (c) Drudge

In addition to editing the Drudge Report, he wrote for the Wall Street Journal, the National Review Online, the Weekly Standard, the Washington Times, and Real Clear Politics.

 He also received the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award and was a frequent speaker at Tea Party events.

[Recently reported was Obama's UK birth certificate showing his birth in Kenya, then a colony of Great Britain]

Outing ACORN embarrassed Obama  
(c) JD Long

The LA Times smugly covers his death with frequent updates, milking the story for its visibility, but adding no new substance.

They're not quite, but almost gloating that this Conservative curmudgeon won't be around to bash the MSM anymore.  They declare his outings of Liberals as "alleged"
[e.g., Anthony Weiner, the ACORN brothel expose, etc.]

[Interestingly, just about every US and international news coverage of his death reads like a script, using the same phrasing, and even the same sequence of comments.]

Breitbart came under much fire from Liberal politicians and Media, and responded to DNC and Nancy Pelosi accusations that he was racist [he dared to criticize Obama policies];  he met these slurs by stating that he would contribute $100,000 to the United Negro Fund if his Democrat critics could produce any evidence that he had ever made a racist remark.  The DNC, Pelosi, and the MSM did not accept the challenges -- but the issue suddenly disappeared from MSM coverage.

Get rid of those tapes  (c) Politico
Notably, just before his unusual death by heart-stoppage, he had announced that he would be releasing Obama Harvard tapes, which he said would be revealing and shocking to the American public.

We suspect they the tapes will be quite interesting, if they ever see the light of day.

But will his organization release the tapes?

Now, in the dark world of aggressive politics, there are many means to induce "heart related deaths" to include a quick blast of aerosol at the face, a buttocks injection, suffocation, etc.  It only takes a few seconds to zap a guy in good health out for an evening stroll.

"Just because you're paranoid
doesn't mean we're not out to kill you
To fend off questions about his untimely death, a flurry of whacko conspiracy theories has been posted, which I suppose are designed to pre-discredit any questions into the odd circumstances of Breitbart's death -- which was "heart related."

We can expect an aggressive ridicule campaign against any who question the circumstances of Breitbart's death, and we'll have allusions to "tin-foil caps" and "alien intervention."  The Twitter boards are already flooded with distractors, so anything of substance will be buried.

Ridicule is standard fare now and has been used to discredit anyone who questions "official explanations" of questionable events.  Those who question Obama's birthplace are labeled "Birthers" and are assaulted with MSM ridicule and personal expose's.  Then there are the "Truthers" who question the events of 9/11; whenever they pose a legitimate engineering or demolitions question, they are suddenly assaulted by a flurry of "expert" testimony which attempts to undermine the questioner's credibility, sexual orientation, and family history.

We often see controversial people die unusual deaths when just moments before, they were in excellent health.  We recall an almost endless string of odd suicides by those who could testify against Bill Clinton.  But, they all died of "heart stoppage" too.

AIG Set-Up?
But, sometimes, it's just a smear campaign, such as that inflicted on Eliot Spitzer by AIG in March 2008, just before he was to testify before Congress on the imminent meltdown of Wall Street.

He didn't testify, and the financial crisis he predicted did come to pass, plunging the country into its worst recession since the 1930s.

Wall Street, the subject of countless Spitzer investigations and prosecutions, worked closely with the MSM to discredit Spitzer -- and they succeeded.

Church Committee displays CIA Dart Gun [1975]
It fired frozen liquid darts 

-- causing the heart to stop

Breitbart's death was "heart related".

If your heart stops, you die; the question remains, how/why did your heart stop?

CIA's "heart stopping" technology dates back to the 1970's, presented as evidence at the 1975 Church Committee hearings.

According to DCI Bill Colby, the CIA specially-designed gun which fired a tiny frozen projectile/dart with the diameter of a human hair and a length of a quarter inch, at an accurate distance of 250 feet.  The poison was a mixture of shellfish toxin and cobra venom and is virtually undetectable, other than a tiny red dot on the skin as the frozen dart would dissolve immediately after impact, entering the victims circulatory system.
[Other dart formulas included a mixture of viruses which would cause a combination of ailments to the victim, causing him/her to die a slow and painful death.]

[Alternate gun designs were in the form of a walking cane or umbrella [as used by a highly publicized Bulgarian assassin].

Heart Stoppage by multiple shooters
JFK's death was heart related as well since his heart stopped; the bullets may have contributed, but, he died when his heart stopped.

A coroner's inquest will be conducted in LA; we trust he'll look for a tiny red dot, but, we doubt it will say anything more than Breitbart died of "heart stoppage".

We look forward to an accurate account of Breitbart's death, and to the release of the Obama tapes.

Editorial Note [7/2019]:
This blog post was written back in 2012, immediately after Breitbart's murder.
The coroner died shortly after, as did the assistant coroner, as did the witness to the murder.
The coroner's files also disappeared.
We followed this blog post with a consequent blog providing more details of this assassination.

It is interesting to note Breitbart's accusations from that era, which the Media dismissed as nonsense, and we've since learned that all were quite accurate - resulting in the arrest and prosecution of Intelligence Community executives.