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Thanks to Lisa  de Moraes for this news flash.

"It goes without saying" that Olberman
will go with much saying
You have to hand it Keith; he's an equal opportunity flamer. We're not sure where he's headed, but rest assured, he will continue drawing on his intellectual cesspool to maintain his visibility.

As the king of Left Wing vitriol, he's managed to alienate the Left's least respected [former] politician, Al Gore -- who co-owns, with Joel Hyatt] Current TV, the network which hosted Olbermann.

Keith, who is known and respected for burning bridges, sometimes before crossing them, announced:
"In due course, the truth of the ethics of Mr Gore and Mr Hyatt will come out."

Demonstrating how hot air contributes to Global Warming
Well, we certainly won't argue over Mr Gore's ethics, whom we recall campaigned on mightily, exploiting Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change propaganda campaigns for his personal profit
[we will accept Climate Change, however, as real -- just not Gore's causal relationship].
So, we now have two Leftist extremists battling it out to determine who is the most unethical. 

Now, there's a challenge.

And, Lisa advises that Keith is being replaced by Conservative Elliot Spitzer.   

Spitzer replaces Olbermann
at Current TV 
(c) Wikipedia

You may remember Elliot, he was the guy who came to DC in March 2008 to testify before Congress about the imminent meltdown of Wall Street -- but was outed by AIG's lobbyist for his Mayflower Madame scandal -- derailing his testimony and setting the stage for the US/global financial collapse.
[How's your 401K holding up?]

[We won't argue that Spitzer's personal behavior was questionable; but the timing of his outing by AIG was interesting, given his reason for being in Washington.]

Spitzer had been the only real challenge to Wall Street corruption from 1998 - 2007 as New York's Attorney General.  He prosecuted corrupt corporate executives and Wall Street financiers alike for securities and internet fraud, but was very successful in pursuing computer chip price fixing and investment bank stock price inflation.


Most alarming to the mortgage and insurance industries was Spitzer's investigation into predatory lending practices, fraud at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and ultimately, fraud at AIG.  Last but not least was his suit against Richard Grasso, then-chairman of the NY Stock Exchange over Grasso's extraordinarily massive compensation package.

So, when Spitzer showed up to testify before Congress, politicians like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, pulled out all the stops and rallied the Wall Street forces to destroy Spitzer.

Get rid of the Usury Clause; we're raising Visa rates to 30%
You may recall Frank and Dodd helped the financial industry exploit consumers by protecting Freddie and Fannie from Bush Administration oversight, and removing consumer safeguards such as bankruptcy protection - leaving millions of America's newly unemployed graduates strapped with student loans carrying huge interest rates.  

Frank and Dodd had much at stake to defend in the face of Spitzer's looming testimony.


Let's hope Elliot will bring the focus back to the Fed's $16 Trillion money laundering scheme on which we reported a while back:

We look forward to Mr Spitzer's broadcast's, and hope he'll work with us to disclosing all the details of the Fed's money laundering scheme.

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Zimmerman on Trial

WFTV - Channel 9, Central Florida

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Our initial take on the situation - like most of America, was based on Main Stream Media [MSM] reports, i.e., that a berserk "Self-Appointed" Neighborhood Watch guy had shot some 12 year old kid because he was black and wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

"Curse that racist, hate-filled SOB!"

What the MSM portrayed, and is still projecting more than a year later, via images and hysterical verbiage, is that the "victim" [Trayvon Martin] was a 12 year old, cherubic kid who walked to a nearby 7/11 to get a snack for his family, and was then stalked, shot and killed by a berserk, bigoted, Latino gunman [George Zimmerman] who  ignored directives by a 9/11 operator to withdraw from contact with the boy.

Jackson and Sharpton -- At the Racist Edge     []

This highly emotional story inspired demonstrations by thousands of protestors demanding the arrest, imprisonment, and even the execution of Mr. Zimmerman, the shooter.

As expected, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were on the scene exploiting the situation to the fullest and fomenting even more emotionalism.

Mr Zimmerman is now on trial in a real court-room, albeit with a defense attorney of highly questionable capabilities.

As we investigated the story, though, the facts didn't quite tally with the MSM broadcast and print story line -- which began to sound more and more like more Administration grey propaganda than a news story.

Interestingly, NBC was caught editing out key pieces of the 911 audio, in order to make Zimmerman sound like a racist as he describes Martin as "black" -- in response to the dispatcher's question
"Is he White, Hispanic, or Black?"  Zimmerman responded that "He is black."

The propaganda incited mob protests and violence, and death threats by the mob against Zimmerman and the local police chief.  Oddly, small groups of demonstrators began appearing locally and all over the country carrying sophisticated printed signs and banners, protesting the  death "... of a child"!

All of this sounded like craziness; but, then came the demands for revocation of Florida's Stand Your Ground gun law -- at which point the situation took on a semblance of a strategy.

Inspiring Violence through AgitProp
(c) PeoplesArt
Is this Media circus drawn from an old KGB agitprop campaign?


Take a potentially volatile incident [e.g., a minority being shot], insert favorable pictures and story lines about the victim and unfavorable photos of the shooter; then mix highly charged emotional verbiage with fact to create a false scenario; organize protests, feed the press, bring in luminaries [credible or otherwise] to draw more media attention, and build a campaign around the incident to justify the revocation of individual rights [e.g., gun ownership/use laws]. 

Agitprop Photos above vs current photos    []
1)  Emotional Imagery is designed to be inflammatory; in this case,  the photos inaccurately depict those involved, implying that a heavyset thug stalked and killed a small Black child, innocently walking down the street, wearing a "hoodie": 
   a)  The MSM photo shows Martin as a child instead of a fully developed 17 year old at 6' and 160 pounds.
   b)  The MSM photo shows an overweight, unshaven Zimmerman from five years ago.

In Fact: 

1) Zimmerman is a Mortgage underwriter who volunteered for the Neighborhood Watch in response to the area's high crime rate, to include burglaries in his neighborhood.

2) Zimmerman and his wife mentored two African American children -- not quite the profile of a racist. Kathleen Parker provides an excellent profile of Mr Zimmerman.

Zimmerman's account was that he noticed Martin in the neighborhood, reported Martin as suspicious on a call to the police, and, following instructions of the 911 Operator, was returning to his SUV to wait for the police.  He then lost sight of Martin, only to find himself face-to-face with Trayvon near his SUV.

Injuries incurred from Trayvon's assault on Zimmerman
Martin confronted him: "You got a problem?".

Zimmerman replied "No" and reached for his cell phone, at which point Martin said
"Well, you do now!"
and punched Zimmerman in the face, knocking Zimmerman to the ground. Martin then got on top of Zimmerman and began beating him and slamming his head into the ground -- prompting Zimmerman to shout for help.  Police evidence, five witnesses, and the 9/11 tape back Zimmerman's account.

[We've added the photos of Zimmerman at the scene before the EMT medics cleaned him up.]

Trayvon Martin FB Picture
[His Twitter Handle: NO_LIMIT_NIGGA
In Fact:  Martin, was hardly the cherubic 12 year old child we see with every MSM reference to this story. 

At six feet and 160 pounds, his  Facebook photos paint another picture entirely, as does his Twitter Handle "NO_LIMIT_NIGGA"  tweeting that he had acquired two Glock pistols -- probably just for fun.

It turns out Mr. Martin was shot while suspended from school for drug possession and on suspicion of burglary.

1) Martin was not a child but, in fact, a fully developed and muscled 17 years old, six feet tall, and weighed 160 pounds. He had a history of behavior problems in school, had been suspended for drug possession, and had been apprehended on suspicion of burglary [when detained, his bag contained a watch, 12 pieces of women's jewelry, and a screwdriver].

Zimmerman's Gated Community           [Wikipedia]

2) Mr Zimmerman, and others, created the neighborhood watch to protect their families from assaults and their homes from burglaries by intruders from outside their gated residential area.  Prior to the shooting, there had been several burglaries in Zimmerman's community.

But, let's step back and examine this event from a strategic, political view.

Oddly, the date of the shooting was in February, leading us to wonder how/why it took months for this event to make it to the MainStream Media [MSM] as a well-refined AgitProp tool.  Generally, a newsworthy event makes it to the evening news on the same day.  How did it take a month to make the news?

AgitProp Specialist Axelrod                                [C-Span]
Was this the handiwork of Messrs Axelrod or Emmanuel -- or both?  They each have a long history of dirty tricks that would draw the admiration of Nixon's Watergate mechanics, or even Karl Rove!

Did it take a month to plant the seeds, distribute the photos, refine the story, and recruit editors from key Media outlets to "run with the story?"

Mr Obama was quick to capitalize on the event, linking himself to the victim by announcing
"This could have been my child!"
perhaps to capture the Black vote and label the GOP as "racists."

Here's to your Constitutional Rights

This shooting became the basis for his campaign in Florida and other states to end the Stand-Your-Ground laws -- which were enacted to provide a first line of defense for citizens defending home, property, and family facing increased criminal threats.

After the Trayvon Media Circus, a series of mysterious "mass shootings" followed, to be exploited by the Administration as new excuses to "ban guns".

POSTMORTEM: Could this Media Circus have been prevented?
Short answer:  Yes.

But, we recall that this Administration carefully dismantled its DOJ Community Relations Service [CRS], designated "Peacemaker". The purpose of this program was to defuse racial and ethnic tensions -- as seemingly arose spontaneously from this shooting. 
[But, it is clear the Administration wanted anything BUT a peaceful outcome of this situation.

DOJ Photo

Created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964,  the CRS was originally designed to defuse community conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color, and national origin.

Its scope was later expanded to deal with hate crimes by working with community activists and leaders to resolve explosive situations before they turned into demonstrations and riots.

With the Obama Administration, all the old pros were systematically forced out through demotions or firings, closed or de-staffed field offices, and budgets cuts, leaving the organization as an empty shell  staffed with highly paid lawyers and political hacks moving paperwork from one desk to another, and enjoying travel around the country on expense accounts.

Their effectiveness in defusing the Trayvon Martin situation?
Zero:  No interest; No resources!

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Israel vs US?

BiBi:  I dictate your foreign policy! (c) Washington Post & Mr

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Fair is Fair:

Now that Mr Netanyahu has demanded that the US Congress defy our elected Chief Executive as well as to challenge our foreign and domestic policy, we feel it only fair that the favor be returned by our esteemed ally.

Will Knesset Allow Obama to Dictate Policy?    [Wikimedia]
Perhaps the Labour Party and the Centrist Kadima could invite Mr Obama to address the Knesset where he could condemn Mr Netanyahu for his lack of respect for the US and his attempt to induce the US into still another Middle East war [with Iran] in which more of our soldiers could die or be mutilated.

But, would the Knesset gush and swoon and repeatedly give standing ovations to Mr Obama as our obsequious US Congress did for Mr. Netanyahu?  Well, perhaps not, since the US has no influence in Israel -- political or otherwise.

But, does that really matter in the realm of Middle East diplomacy?

Sam Sheinbeing - Aspiring Serial Killer?
Now, in concert with Mr Netanyahu's demand for the release of spy/murderer Johathon Pollard, Mr Obama could demand the extradition of young Mr Samuel Sheinbein, the US lad who was convicted of torturing to death, dismembering, and burning the body of Alfredo Enrique Tello, Jr -- a teen-age artist in Montgomery County [MD] who thought of Sam as his friend.

Mr. Sheinbein's weaponry included a stun gun, a sawed off shotgun, and a power saw.

According to Needle, his co-conspirator, Tello's murder was merely "practice" for a series of murders he was planning for other friends and acquaintances.

Following his identification as the murderer by Needle, Sheinbein's co-conspirator, Sam's dad, Sol, declared Sam an instant citizen of Israel -- and packed him on a plane for Tel Aviv, where he was met by his brother, complete with a bottle of wine, and a female "escort" to help him through his moment of  grief and deep remorse for the savage murder of his teen-age Latino friend.

The heinous crime and manipulation of Israeli law was enough to turn the stomachs of the ADL [Anti Defamation League], whose Director stated that Sheinbein should be extradited for US trial.

Although lower courts declared him eligible for extradition to the US, an appeal to Israel's Supreme Court kept him safe and comfy in Israel where he was tried, convicted, and incarcerated with a relatively light sentence -- we assume because his victim was merely a Latino -- of consequence in the US, but of no political consequence in Tel Aviv.

Tellos' body was so mutilated it was difficult to identify as human
(c) Washington Post
Oddly,  Aaron Needle, Sheinbein's co-conspirator in the torture/ dismemberment/burning of Tello in the Sheinbein family garage, "committed suicide" in jail just before he was to testify to the full extent of Sheinbein's detailed murder scheme.  

Sol Sheinbein, a prominent Washington patent attorney, was disbarred in the US and emigrated to Israel, where he functions as a patent law "advisor" to Israeli law firms.

The incident caused as much turmoil in both the US and Israel as did the Jonathon Pollard case.

The Latin community in Washington and the rest of the country was outraged that Sheinbein escaped US justice through a simple international legal maneuver ending in a plea bargain and a relatively mild sentence.   Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney called the case the most horrific in his 26 year career. The Israeli Court apparently thought it relatively insignificant, but gave him a nasty slap on the wrist -- for bringing negative attention to Israel.

Sheinbein's tough incarceration includes 24 - 48 hour Hufshas [i.e., vacations]. and conjugal visits beginning immediately after his incarceration.  He is eligible for parole in two years -- for good behavior, so we might see him walking the streets of Tel Aviv soon.

The Knesset was so embarrassed by the Sheinbein case that they passed legislation requiring that individuals must have some "residential connection" before declaring citizenship and demanding refuge from US or other foreign law.  So, at least visit Israel before you claim citizenship -- and do it before you go on a killing spree of annoying goyim in the US. 

HOPE - CHANGE:    Take your choice
(c) UPI

So, when can we expect that invitation for Mr. Obama to visit Israel to address the Knesset?


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WW3 as a Distraction?

Palestinian faces off with IDF soldier        (c) Hazem Bader/AFP/Getty Images         

Click here for related story [Washington Times]   Hazem Bader/AFP/Getty Images

We note with dismay that Netanyahu's saber-rattling has become much more violent and virulent in tone -- apparently to shore up his domestic political standing  -- and perhaps to distract the US from the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.  In his most recent incendiary comment, Netanyahu warns that Israel will unilaterally start WW3 by attacking Iran, with or without the consent of the US.

Of course, once he has launched such an attack, he presumes it is a given that the US would come t to Israel's assistance.  We're reminded of a grade school bully who wanders the yard picking fights, and then runs to the schoolyard proctor for protection when his victims fight back.

We recognize Israel's need to defend itself from its many enemies; but Netanyahu's extremist rhetoric threatens to tip the balance in the Middle East -- already on shaky ground from the Arab Spring upheavals.

We're not sure who our troops are defending 
We have been drawn into war in the Middle East on two fronts, at huge expense and with horrendous loss of life by our troops.

We initiated this involvement on advice that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that Afghanistan was the haven for Islamic terrorists -- poised to repeat their attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Mr. Netanyahu may feel that since the governments of his Arab neighbors are in turmoil at the moment from their rebellious populations; thus, they might be too distracted to react should Israel launch a "preemptive strike" on Iran to destroy its nuclear bomb capability.

We believe his is misguided thinking, apparently from his perception that Israel's political influence in the US can and will dictate US foreign policy -- and military options.

Orthodox Jews protest Netanyahu's visit
Congressional leadership gave control of its podium to Netanyah so he could counter President Obama's resistance to Netanyahu's demands.

And, predictably,  our politicians rose in standing ovations to visibly voice their support for Israel -- lest they alienate their Jewish constituents or AIPAC.  

However, Netanyahu's support may be suffering a bit of resistance elsewhere -- from critics in his own country.

Jewish critics outside Israel voiced their views on Netanyahu's interference in US politics by demonstrating against his visit and his demands.

Jane Eisner of the British Guardian advised

"Netanyahu, don't be fooled by the applause.  Jews in the United States do not like finding themselves in the position of choosing between their President and the Prime Minister of Israel ... we like to see consensus, a smooth connection, the enunciation not just of shared values, but a shared approach to geopolitical challenges."

Michael Cohen of Foreign Policy Magazine notes

"The idea that Congress would openly side with a foreign leader against the President of the United States seems too far-fetched to believe.  Remarkably, however, something not dissimilar happened in Washington Tuesday.  The intention of [Netanyahu's] speech was to give Netanyahu a public forum to offer a rebuttal to President Obama's recent proposal for moving forward with the Arab-Israeli peace process."

We, as Conservatives, are now placed in the rather awkward position of supporting President Obama -- whom we frequently criticize, and opposing GOP leadership -- in whose judgment we are becoming increasingly uncomfortable of late.

Leading Conservatism in DC

Republicans, and Washington Think Tanks [Liberal and Conservative] have increasingly come under the political and financial dominance of Israel's lobbyists.

None are about to reject the large cash infusions and media pressure, and the results become fairly evident as our politicians cast their votes -- and incline us to another unwelcome conflict in the Middle East -- "to protect Israel."

Some say that the origin of much of this lobbying cash comes from the $4 Billion Congress authorizes for foreign aid to Israel each year; but that has never been confirmed.

As a footnote, we recognize that Netanyahu's fiery rhetoric also serves as a distraction from President Obama's proposed peace process tied to a "settlement negotiation".

Obama seeks a two state solution accommodating both Israelis and Palestinians-- with a a return to the 1967 borders and the blocking of further influx of Israeli settlers into established Palestinian territory.  Moderate Palestinian leaders are ready to work with the Israelis for a peaceful settlement.

This territorial issue has been at the heart of much of the hostility directed at Israel by its Arab neighbors for the last 50 years or so, and a negotiated agreement in the current political climate would go a long way towards bringing peace to the region.

Our preference is to avoid another major conflict in the Middle East, particularly one that was initiated as a distraction while Israeli settlers moved into the West Bank.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

US Soldier Rampage in Aghanistan; Is There No Leadership?

Afghan villagers mourn their dead -- again         (c) Atlantic

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Once again, we witness an egregious US incident in Afghanistan.

A US soldier loses it and goes on a killing rampage in an Afghan village; the death toll is currently reported at 16, including nine children; we expect it will grow.  The Afghans, whose hearts and minds we are theoretically trying to win over, once again find it safer to ally themselves with the Taliban than with the US military.

And our troops become targets of both foe -- and friend.

This is the most recent in a series of incidents which portray our troops in the worst possible light: a viral YouTube video showing our troops urinating on dead Afghan Taliban, the burning of Qurans in a trash fire, drone strikes which have killed civilians in "collateral damage", and the "payback", our troops as the random murder victims of their Afghan counterparts; and  recently, the as-yet unexplained circumstances surrounding the murder of two US officers inside a secure room within a Afghan Government facility.

Nation Builder -- or Executioner?
Afghan Perceptions

The American military are doing their level best to maintain the traditional image of the honorable soldier, helping the oppressed in other countries. But that honorable image is fast eroding because of a few thugs, criminals, and psychotics allowed to wear the uniform and degrade their fellows -- and the US.

We've mentioned before that the proud tradition of the US Military as emissaries of the American people and protectors of freedom is being undermined by a lackluster and irresponsible leadership.  That problem starts at the top and filters down through the ranks.

If we kill all the Afghan civilians, do I get a Silver Star?
The US Commander, General John Allen, obviously can't control each and every soldier in his command, but it would appear he is incapable of even instilling in his subordinate officers the concept that they must lead by example and control their troops at each echelon -- down to the platoon and squad leaders.

Leadership by example is a precept of the US Military Officer; General Allen apparently skipped that class at the Academy to attend a class in social climbing etiquette.

General Allen seems to have chosen Mr. Obama's concept of "leading from behind" while being pulled to the top by his mentors.

We've commented on Allen's deficiencies before, and reckon that he remains ensconced in his sinecure on his way up the ticket-punch ladder to a top government position -- perhaps an appointment as Chairman of the JCS -- based on his record of incompetence and failures in Afghanistan?
Allen's Order of the Resplendent Banner

He seems to be a favorite of the US ruling class [e.g., Council on Foreign Relations, Georgetown], and is one of the select few Marine Generals who lacks any combat decorations --

although he does sport three Legion of Merit awards, and recognition from Poland, Taiwan, and the Mongolian Meritorious Service Medal -- all obviously preferred to such trivial US medals like the Bronze or Silver Star for combat-related service.

The hazards of the international cocktail circuit can be truly terrifying, even to the most hardened political aspirant.

We prefer our military leaders to have experienced such challenges as dirty fingernails and the sounds of gunfire beyond the skeet shooting range.  The Marine officers who have served under me have been brave, dynamic and honorable men, deserving of the highest respect.  Then again, they were all commissioned well before Allen, so maybe standards have changed; or perhaps Allen simply slipped through the cracks as happens periodically with select Academy grads.

Westie's chopper had FTA painted
on the bottom of his chopper by his troops
Older soldiers and Viet Nam vets recall a similar ceremonial soldier who rose to the top: William Westmoreland, who regarded himself a clone of Douglas MacArthur.

We recall Westie's emphasis on having his combat soldiers stand inspection with shined boots during his base camp visits with dozens of helicopters carrying his staff [the choppers were thus unavailable to support ground combat operations or to evacuate wounded soldiers].

We're not "winning" in Afghanistan.  In fact, we fail to see the real purpose in Afghanistan now that our target, Osama Bin Laden is dead  and buried [albeit at sea].

The Russians and Brits played and lost;
now it's our turn to lose.
Our Military has now become an "occupying force" with the same level of endearment by the Afghan people as the Brits, and later the Soviet troops enjoyed during their time in "The Great Game" of the 19th Century.

We have no objective, other than as "Nation Builders."  

But there is no nation to build, and our preference is that we not attempt to build a faux nation on the corpses of our soldiers.

Observers on the ground report that the shooter was a Special Forces Staff Sergeant.   He was reportedly part of a group of soldiers who went through several villages systematically executing men, women, and children, and then burning their bodies.  This was a killing spree more than likely done for sport rather than retribution.

Early SECAF responses indicated he was a lone gunman suffering from PTSD.
That is obviously not the case now.

The penalties will be severe for our ground forces, and this criminal action reflects on all our Military in Afghanistan and Iraq, and throughout the world.  We are now officially the "bad guys" and have lost the respect we've spent centuries building.

We revert to our  early position that General Allen's lack of responsible leadership has created a lawless environment among our ground troops which may encourage criminal behavior.

I strongly urge the Administration to relieve General Allen of his command and to replace him with an officer who knows how to lead troops, rather than sashay around the cocktail circuit en-route to his appointment as Chairman of the JCS.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Nuke Iran! We need another war.

Iran: Our Next Proxy Enemy?
Click here for related story [Washington Monthly]

The thunder of saber rattling has become deafening in recent weeks.  Iran is building a nuclear weapon most assuredly aimed at Israel; so it's essential that the US attack Iran by land, sea, and air --and our own nuclear strikes to protect Israel.  And, if we don't, Israel will launch its own pre-emptive strike!

Prime Minister Netanyahu has conveyed this demand to us, and he promises to launch World War III -- unless we give Israel more aid.

Chiang Demanded We Attack  China 
We older soldiers recall another Netanyahu, Chiang Kai-shek, who had lots political clout on Capitol Hill.  Chiang proclaimed the need for the US to attack China to assure Taiwan's safety and independence.  And, if the US would not give him lots of economic and military aid, then he would unilaterally attack mainland China - initiating WW-III.  Walt Kelly's portrayed him in a comic strip as a uniformed little mouse standing in a rowboat shouting "Unleash Me!"

And we considered, briefly, engaging in WW-III.

Now, some would call this diplomatic blackmail; but, Israel is our "close ally" and it carries a pretty powerful political and media clout in the US -- so, US politicians are loathe to antagonize our Israeli ally.

But, the US is now war-weary --
after Iraq, which apparently did not have the Weapons of Mass Destruction -- and which supposedly targeted Israel; and Afghanistan, where the opium trade poses a greater threat than the remnants of Bin Laden's Islamic terrorists; and Libya, where we went to war by [very expensive] proxy so Europe could have oil if the Russians withheld theirs.

      Have I got a deal for you!  (c) UPI
Your Wallet -- or WW3!
So, we're now presented with Mr. Netanyahu's demand that we either give Israel a lot more economic and military aid, or he will launch a strike against Iran which will trigger WW-III.

Shibley Telhami (U of MD) in cooperation with the Dehaf Institute of Israel, released their results showing that public opinion in Israel opposes a strike on Iran:

"... only 19% of Israelis favor a strike, even in the face of US opposition.
"34% oppose a strike no matter what!
"42% would back a strike only if it had a at least the support of the US."

Meir Dagan, former head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, opposes a war with Iran, noting
"I decided to speak out because, when I was in office, Diskin, Ashkenazi and I could block any dangerous adventure.  Now, I am afraid there is no one to stop Bibi and (Ehud) Barak."

The problem is credibility; the threat of Iran's nuclear weapon capability may be a bit overstated.

Paul Pillar, who sports considerable expertise in both the Middle East and Counter-Terrorism, supports this view.  Pillar, a Vietnam era Army officer, a well-respected National Intelligence Officer at CIA and the National Intelligence Council, regards the
 "Iran Nuclear Threat" as speculative at best!

New Balance of Power?
"... they are not seeking a weapon which ... will be launched against Israel.  Indeed, Israel knows this very well, as Ehud Barak himself recently confirmed.  But, the fear mongering, in both the US and Israel, is politically useful and Israel is indeed very worried that their nuclear monopoly will be broken.  So are the Saudies, who, like Israel, would have a much more serious opponent to deal with in a nuclear Iran."

Now, Israel has had a nuclear weapons capability for more than 30 years, detonating their first bomb near South Africa in the late 1970s.  That caused a bit of angst in the Middle East and raised the fear factor there quite a bit -- perhaps leading to a bit of discomfort for Israel's Arab neighbors.

[Having that nuclear weapons capability is a powerful deterrent as the French noted following WWII in its position with the USSR.

French soldier preparing to attack
The French, known more for their daunting record of forceful bravado and defeats than for their military prowess and resolve, decided early on to let the Soviets know that at the first indication of a military threat, they would unleash their entire nuclear arsenal against a variety of Soviet cities.

In the end, the French military remained notable only for its parades and fancy uniforms; but, the Soviets knew better than to even voice a military threat against France, and the French were safe.


The Israelis, noted for their intellect and media clout -- if not for their social charm, recognized the French defensive measure as one they should employ -- and have, for decades.

So, what's the risk of letting all this huffing and puffing and saber rattling play out in our current political climate?

Heh, Heh.   So, what did that NIE mean!       (c) Mike Judge
Inevitably, our politicians, who rarely read more than a few paragraphs of National Intelligence Estimates, will likely intuit that Iran actually does have a nuclear weapon ready to launch at Israel and New York City, and screw themselves into a patriotic tantrum to launch a preemptive military strike at Iran.

How can they go wrong if they support that Yahu from Israel?

They fear being labeled as Anti-Semitic by MSM and the Council on Foreign Relations if they challenge Netanyahu -- and an uphill battle in their next election campaign.

No one argues that Iran's leadership deserves a good, swift kick in the rump.

But, are we willing to send our troops back to the Middle East to engage in a war no one wants and which will serve no purpose?

That's how we got into Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The Jewish Vote Counts  (c) USA Today

Yes, we should support Israel.

They are our ally [aren't they?] in the Middle East, and our politicians don't want to risk losing the political support in the US that Israel can give -- or deny.

If the Israelis don't support Netanyahu in this nonsensical demand for a political war to bolster his ratings, why should our politicians?

Some wonder who the greater threat is:
Iran?  or  Netanyahu.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RIP Breitbart: We're Investigating

He died of "heart stoppage
now known as a Breitbart Moment

Click here for related story [NY Daily News]

If you'd asked me two weeks ago who this Breitbart guy was, I would not have known; I don't watch TV these days

But, he had quite a track record.  Perhaps we should have been more alert since we shared a philosophy:
"... was committed to the First Amendment and the 'open and free exchange of ideas.' "
He published on six websites, and helped found the Huffington Post.
Not always complimentary (c) Drudge

In addition to editing the Drudge Report, he wrote for the Wall Street Journal, the National Review Online, the Weekly Standard, the Washington Times, and Real Clear Politics.

 He also received the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award and was a frequent speaker at Tea Party events.

[Recently reported was Obama's UK birth certificate showing his birth in Kenya, then a colony of Great Britain]

Outing ACORN embarrassed Obama  
(c) JD Long

The LA Times smugly covers his death with frequent updates, milking the story for its visibility, but adding no new substance.

They're not quite, but almost gloating that this Conservative curmudgeon won't be around to bash the MSM anymore.  They declare his outings of Liberals as "alleged"
[e.g., Anthony Weiner, the ACORN brothel expose, etc.]

[Interestingly, just about every US and international news coverage of his death reads like a script, using the same phrasing, and even the same sequence of comments.]

Breitbart came under much fire from Liberal politicians and Media, and responded to DNC and Nancy Pelosi accusations that he was racist [he dared to criticize Obama policies];  he met these slurs by stating that he would contribute $100,000 to the United Negro Fund if his Democrat critics could produce any evidence that he had ever made a racist remark.  The DNC, Pelosi, and the MSM did not accept the challenges -- but the issue suddenly disappeared from MSM coverage.

Get rid of those tapes  (c) Politico
Notably, just before his unusual death by heart-stoppage, he had announced that he would be releasing Obama Harvard tapes, which he said would be revealing and shocking to the American public.

We suspect they the tapes will be quite interesting, if they ever see the light of day.

But will his organization release the tapes?

Now, in the dark world of aggressive politics, there are many means to induce "heart related deaths" to include a quick blast of aerosol at the face, a buttocks injection, suffocation, etc.  It only takes a few seconds to zap a guy in good health out for an evening stroll.

"Just because you're paranoid
doesn't mean we're not out to kill you
To fend off questions about his untimely death, a flurry of whacko conspiracy theories has been posted, which I suppose are designed to pre-discredit any questions into the odd circumstances of Breitbart's death -- which was "heart related."

We can expect an aggressive ridicule campaign against any who question the circumstances of Breitbart's death, and we'll have allusions to "tin-foil caps" and "alien intervention."  The Twitter boards are already flooded with distractors, so anything of substance will be buried.

Ridicule is standard fare now and has been used to discredit anyone who questions "official explanations" of questionable events.  Those who question Obama's birthplace are labeled "Birthers" and are assaulted with MSM ridicule and personal expose's.  Then there are the "Truthers" who question the events of 9/11; whenever they pose a legitimate engineering or demolitions question, they are suddenly assaulted by a flurry of "expert" testimony which attempts to undermine the questioner's credibility, sexual orientation, and family history.

We often see controversial people die unusual deaths when just moments before, they were in excellent health.  We recall an almost endless string of odd suicides by those who could testify against Bill Clinton.  But, they all died of "heart stoppage" too.

AIG Set-Up?
But, sometimes, it's just a smear campaign, such as that inflicted on Eliot Spitzer by AIG in March 2008, just before he was to testify before Congress on the imminent meltdown of Wall Street.

He didn't testify, and the financial crisis he predicted did come to pass, plunging the country into its worst recession since the 1930s.

Wall Street, the subject of countless Spitzer investigations and prosecutions, worked closely with the MSM to discredit Spitzer -- and they succeeded.

Church Committee displays CIA Dart Gun [1975]
It fired frozen liquid darts 

-- causing the heart to stop

Breitbart's death was "heart related".

If your heart stops, you die; the question remains, how/why did your heart stop?

CIA's "heart stopping" technology dates back to the 1970's, presented as evidence at the 1975 Church Committee hearings.

According to DCI Bill Colby, the CIA specially-designed gun which fired a tiny frozen projectile/dart with the diameter of a human hair and a length of a quarter inch, at an accurate distance of 250 feet.  The poison was a mixture of shellfish toxin and cobra venom and is virtually undetectable, other than a tiny red dot on the skin as the frozen dart would dissolve immediately after impact, entering the victims circulatory system.
[Other dart formulas included a mixture of viruses which would cause a combination of ailments to the victim, causing him/her to die a slow and painful death.]

[Alternate gun designs were in the form of a walking cane or umbrella [as used by a highly publicized Bulgarian assassin].

Heart Stoppage by multiple shooters
JFK's death was heart related as well since his heart stopped; the bullets may have contributed, but, he died when his heart stopped.

A coroner's inquest will be conducted in LA; we trust he'll look for a tiny red dot, but, we doubt it will say anything more than Breitbart died of "heart stoppage".

We look forward to an accurate account of Breitbart's death, and to the release of the Obama tapes.

Editorial Note [7/2019]:
This blog post was written back in 2012, immediately after Breitbart's murder.
The coroner died shortly after, as did the assistant coroner, as did the witness to the murder.
The coroner's files also disappeared.
We followed this blog post with a consequent blog providing more details of this assassination.

It is interesting to note Breitbart's accusations from that era, which the Media dismissed as nonsense, and we've since learned that all were quite accurate - resulting in the arrest and prosecution of Intelligence Community executives.

US Espionage? Immoral!

Heaven forbid we actually have such people!

We recently engaged in a discussion on Facebook relating to the state of US Intelligence today, and why we have so many failures -- including 9/11.  Although we spend tens of billions of dollars on technical and electronic intelligence, we neglect the most lucrative and effective INT of them all.

Spy vs Spy     (c) Peter Kuper

We'll provide a bit of insight, and, if there is an audience, we'll expand to go into some specifics.

We'll focus today on the very basic form of intelligence, which derives from espionage, which is dubbed the "Second Oldest Profession"  -- and perhaps the most profitable.

HUMINT (Human Intelligence (encompassing everything from clandestine and covert operations to diplomats, military officers, and foreign correspondents)] has always been regarded as the Ugly Stepchild in the Intel biz since it doesn't have the whiz-bang allure of hugely expensive satellite and intercept systems.  We speak from personal experience in most of these specialties.

It gets lots of bad press when the bad guys catch one of our spies and feeds the MSM to exploit the embarrassment.

It's sooo immoral!  

Jonathon Pollard - Israeli Spy
A well-placed penetration agent [aka: spy], expensed at less than $1 million, can provide reporting which can't be matched by billion dollar satellites or multi-billion dollar NSA monitoring. The cost of one satellite pass exceeds the annual HUMINT budget at DOD.

Jonathon Pollard, recruited by Israel to spy against the US, worked at Navy's HUMINT program and collected thousands of Top Secret intelligence documents, to include satellite codes, from the Navy, CIA, and DIA, turning them over to Israel, South Africa, Pakistan, and China.   He also provided information on the location and activities of US intelligence personnel, who were subsequently blown up in a "terrorist" incident.   [His trial defense was that his espionage was based on altruism and his love of Israel.]

The cost of this highly productive HUMINT recruitment?  $1,500 per month.

Robert Hanssen - FBI Agent [USSR Spy]

Robert Hannssen was recruited by and spied for the Soviets/Russians for 20+ years in a role which played out to be the "... worst intelligence disaster in US history."

Hanssen identified US operatives from all US agencies, counter-espionage operations, and identified double-agents in the USSR which the CIA had recruited -- resulting in their arrest and execution.

Since the FBI is the agency which coordinates and clears all domestic intelligence operations by the entire US Intelligence Community, he was able to pass to his handlers information about any foreign agent being managed in the United States.

The cost to the Soviets for this extraordinarily lucrative operation?  About $6,000 per month.

Although our enemies and allies have targeted and been very successful in conducting espionage against and within the US, our Congress finds such activities on the part of the US to be repulsive and "illegal."  Repeatedly, the US Intelligence Community has been targeted as "the enemy" by both Congress and Administration officials who seem absolutely determined to strip the US of this most useful form of intelligence.
The Democrats have traditionally been very effective in crippling HUMINT, often capitalizing on explosive publicity following rogue operations or abusive situations created by power hungry politicians and non-intelligence personnel.  

Holding up poison dart gun used to induce heart attacks
 -- similar to that allegedly used to kill Andrew Breitbart
Politicians love to express outrage over revelations that our operatives helped topple a foreign government which hampered US regional strategy.

The Church Committee stripped the CIA and DOD of clandestine assets world-wide, sending out  pink slips to the top tier of case officers.

The Committee was spawned following news that Intelligence operatives, including Military Intelligence, was spying  and keeping dossiers on Congress.

They were also outraged that operatives were not only spying on both enemies and allies, but also that there were covert operations designed to assassinate designated enemies as well as to overthrow governments judged to be inimical to US strategic interests.

I know Nothing!
Some of you may recall Nancy Pelosi going through this charade as she condemned US Intelligence operations and denied knowledge of, or having endorsed the very operations she condemned.

Even after being presented with documents she had signed acknowledging being briefed on the topic, she continued to deny all knowledge.

Of course, even before the Church Committee, Henry Kissinger was stripping the Intelligence Community of its capabilities, shutting down both covert and clandestine operations world-wide, and cutting his own covert agreements with the Chinese -- to sell out the US military in Viet Nam.

In response to the Church Committee findings, Jimmy Carter and Stansfield Turner gutted the top 50% of the Clandestine Services, leaving the program in the hands of junior and inexperienced officers.

Turner cleared the IC ranks of highly qualified senior intelligence analysts who understood every nuance of the character and thought processes of leaders in adversary countries.

He fired or demoted these senior specialists since they didn't fit the "supervisor" profile; in a matter of weeks, the US lost one of its unique intelligence resources -- through Turner's "cost-benefit" analysis.

["What if we never need this analyst's interpretation of a guy like Bin Laden?  What a waste of money!"]

Reagan brought in Bill Casey, an old [very old] OSS hand and Wall Street mogulto rebuild the HUMINT system.

A few of the old CIA hands had survived the Turner purges, and Casey re-energized the CIA.

Meanwhile, a military version of the CIA's Clandestine Services division was created to focus on the Third World rather than the USSR,

The indicators were there --
but no one to collect.

We had fought a lengthy battle to salvage military HUMINT and spent many years creating a highly productive program -- lauded by the JCS and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 1990 for its effectiveness and productivity.

But, when Bill Clinton came into office, we were stunned when his political hacks gutted HUMINT again.  When he appointed George Tenet as DCI -- whose only experience in intelligence was as a Senate Committee administrator, it was clear DOD HUMINT was doomed.

We watched as  budget and personnel funding for DOD HUMINT -- crippling our view of the Third World and Terrorist nets, and leaving the US completely unprepared to deal with such threats.

To the astonishment of intelligence professionals, Bush retained Tenet as the DCI.

By the time George Bush assumed the Presidency in 2001, the US espionage capability had been dismantled, and agent nets in the Middle East and Far East had been dismantled, leaving the US without an early warning network.

Oddly enough, the Intelligence Community that Bush inherited had no clue -- in spite of mountains of specific evidence -- that 9/11 was in progress.

Today, we have an intelligence community that is run by technicians and poorly trained thugs who feel that torture and abuse outweigh organizational penetrations, sleight of hand, infiltration, and subterfuge.

The Chinese and Russians -- and the rest of the world -- continue to reap great information and influence rewards using HUMINT, and they have successfully penetrated the most sensitive levels of our government and political system.

The US, meanwhile, has switched to electronic monitoring, surveillance, and prosecution of its own citizens -- who seemingly have now become the enemy.