Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zimmerman on Trial

WFTV - Channel 9, Central Florida

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Our initial take on the situation - like most of America, was based on Main Stream Media [MSM] reports, i.e., that a berserk "Self-Appointed" Neighborhood Watch guy had shot some 12 year old kid because he was black and wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

"Curse that racist, hate-filled SOB!"

What the MSM portrayed, and is still projecting more than a year later, via images and hysterical verbiage, is that the "victim" [Trayvon Martin] was a 12 year old, cherubic kid who walked to a nearby 7/11 to get a snack for his family, and was then stalked, shot and killed by a berserk, bigoted, Latino gunman [George Zimmerman] who  ignored directives by a 9/11 operator to withdraw from contact with the boy.

Jackson and Sharpton -- At the Racist Edge     []

This highly emotional story inspired demonstrations by thousands of protestors demanding the arrest, imprisonment, and even the execution of Mr. Zimmerman, the shooter.

As expected, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were on the scene exploiting the situation to the fullest and fomenting even more emotionalism.

Mr Zimmerman is now on trial in a real court-room, albeit with a defense attorney of highly questionable capabilities.

As we investigated the story, though, the facts didn't quite tally with the MSM broadcast and print story line -- which began to sound more and more like more Administration grey propaganda than a news story.

Interestingly, NBC was caught editing out key pieces of the 911 audio, in order to make Zimmerman sound like a racist as he describes Martin as "black" -- in response to the dispatcher's question
"Is he White, Hispanic, or Black?"  Zimmerman responded that "He is black."

The propaganda incited mob protests and violence, and death threats by the mob against Zimmerman and the local police chief.  Oddly, small groups of demonstrators began appearing locally and all over the country carrying sophisticated printed signs and banners, protesting the  death "... of a child"!

All of this sounded like craziness; but, then came the demands for revocation of Florida's Stand Your Ground gun law -- at which point the situation took on a semblance of a strategy.

Inspiring Violence through AgitProp
(c) PeoplesArt
Is this Media circus drawn from an old KGB agitprop campaign?


Take a potentially volatile incident [e.g., a minority being shot], insert favorable pictures and story lines about the victim and unfavorable photos of the shooter; then mix highly charged emotional verbiage with fact to create a false scenario; organize protests, feed the press, bring in luminaries [credible or otherwise] to draw more media attention, and build a campaign around the incident to justify the revocation of individual rights [e.g., gun ownership/use laws]. 

Agitprop Photos above vs current photos    []
1)  Emotional Imagery is designed to be inflammatory; in this case,  the photos inaccurately depict those involved, implying that a heavyset thug stalked and killed a small Black child, innocently walking down the street, wearing a "hoodie": 
   a)  The MSM photo shows Martin as a child instead of a fully developed 17 year old at 6' and 160 pounds.
   b)  The MSM photo shows an overweight, unshaven Zimmerman from five years ago.

In Fact: 

1) Zimmerman is a Mortgage underwriter who volunteered for the Neighborhood Watch in response to the area's high crime rate, to include burglaries in his neighborhood.

2) Zimmerman and his wife mentored two African American children -- not quite the profile of a racist. Kathleen Parker provides an excellent profile of Mr Zimmerman.

Zimmerman's account was that he noticed Martin in the neighborhood, reported Martin as suspicious on a call to the police, and, following instructions of the 911 Operator, was returning to his SUV to wait for the police.  He then lost sight of Martin, only to find himself face-to-face with Trayvon near his SUV.

Injuries incurred from Trayvon's assault on Zimmerman
Martin confronted him: "You got a problem?".

Zimmerman replied "No" and reached for his cell phone, at which point Martin said
"Well, you do now!"
and punched Zimmerman in the face, knocking Zimmerman to the ground. Martin then got on top of Zimmerman and began beating him and slamming his head into the ground -- prompting Zimmerman to shout for help.  Police evidence, five witnesses, and the 9/11 tape back Zimmerman's account.

[We've added the photos of Zimmerman at the scene before the EMT medics cleaned him up.]

Trayvon Martin FB Picture
[His Twitter Handle: NO_LIMIT_NIGGA
In Fact:  Martin, was hardly the cherubic 12 year old child we see with every MSM reference to this story. 

At six feet and 160 pounds, his  Facebook photos paint another picture entirely, as does his Twitter Handle "NO_LIMIT_NIGGA"  tweeting that he had acquired two Glock pistols -- probably just for fun.

It turns out Mr. Martin was shot while suspended from school for drug possession and on suspicion of burglary.

1) Martin was not a child but, in fact, a fully developed and muscled 17 years old, six feet tall, and weighed 160 pounds. He had a history of behavior problems in school, had been suspended for drug possession, and had been apprehended on suspicion of burglary [when detained, his bag contained a watch, 12 pieces of women's jewelry, and a screwdriver].

Zimmerman's Gated Community           [Wikipedia]

2) Mr Zimmerman, and others, created the neighborhood watch to protect their families from assaults and their homes from burglaries by intruders from outside their gated residential area.  Prior to the shooting, there had been several burglaries in Zimmerman's community.

But, let's step back and examine this event from a strategic, political view.

Oddly, the date of the shooting was in February, leading us to wonder how/why it took months for this event to make it to the MainStream Media [MSM] as a well-refined AgitProp tool.  Generally, a newsworthy event makes it to the evening news on the same day.  How did it take a month to make the news?

AgitProp Specialist Axelrod                                [C-Span]
Was this the handiwork of Messrs Axelrod or Emmanuel -- or both?  They each have a long history of dirty tricks that would draw the admiration of Nixon's Watergate mechanics, or even Karl Rove!

Did it take a month to plant the seeds, distribute the photos, refine the story, and recruit editors from key Media outlets to "run with the story?"

Mr Obama was quick to capitalize on the event, linking himself to the victim by announcing
"This could have been my child!"
perhaps to capture the Black vote and label the GOP as "racists."

Here's to your Constitutional Rights

This shooting became the basis for his campaign in Florida and other states to end the Stand-Your-Ground laws -- which were enacted to provide a first line of defense for citizens defending home, property, and family facing increased criminal threats.

After the Trayvon Media Circus, a series of mysterious "mass shootings" followed, to be exploited by the Administration as new excuses to "ban guns".

POSTMORTEM: Could this Media Circus have been prevented?
Short answer:  Yes.

But, we recall that this Administration carefully dismantled its DOJ Community Relations Service [CRS], designated "Peacemaker". The purpose of this program was to defuse racial and ethnic tensions -- as seemingly arose spontaneously from this shooting. 
[But, it is clear the Administration wanted anything BUT a peaceful outcome of this situation.

DOJ Photo

Created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964,  the CRS was originally designed to defuse community conflicts and tensions arising from differences of race, color, and national origin.

Its scope was later expanded to deal with hate crimes by working with community activists and leaders to resolve explosive situations before they turned into demonstrations and riots.

With the Obama Administration, all the old pros were systematically forced out through demotions or firings, closed or de-staffed field offices, and budgets cuts, leaving the organization as an empty shell  staffed with highly paid lawyers and political hacks moving paperwork from one desk to another, and enjoying travel around the country on expense accounts.

Their effectiveness in defusing the Trayvon Martin situation?
Zero:  No interest; No resources!