Friday, January 18, 2019

Trump Cancels Pelosi's Scheme

White House - If Taheb's Rocket Attack Gone As Planned
[Independent Sentinel]

News Media hasn't given much coverage to the Georgia man, Hasher Jallal Taheb, who planned to assault the White House, and kill the POTUS.

Conveniently, Pelosi decided to skip the State of the Union event by creating a CODEL [Congressional Delegation] this week to visit Brussels, Cairo, and Afghanistan; that would have given her, and leading Democrats an alibi - had Trump been killed, enabling Nancy to ascend to the Oval Office once Pence had been removed -- a separate scheme we'll discuss later.

Trump allowed Nancy's CODEL to board the USAF bus, but then advised that, given the government shut-down, he could not allow Nancy to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on such a trip at Taxpayers expense, but suggested she and her Congressional colleagues remain in Washington to negotiate a budget settlement.

Lots of scheming going on here.
According to the Leftist Media, "Trump folded"
In reality, the potential of an Air Traffic Controllers union sick-out portended a major air traffic disruption which would impact the national economy.  Trump compromised to ensure government employees would not be inconvenienced more than they already have, and also to buy time while he created his next move.  

However, it would not be out of the realm of reality to fire all the Air Traffic Controllers at LaGuardia and replace them with non-union employees, just as Reagan did in 1981; this would likely gain Trump solid backing from voters who are sick of the union tactics. If they work, they get paid; if they call in sick as a protest -- they get fired!
On 22 October, 1981, the Federal Labor Relations Authority decertified PATCO; it can happen again.

Currently, Trump can, and likely will  employ these options:
a) Create a State of the Union event at a sports venue to which he can invite the public [tens of thousands] as he has to his rallies.
b) Create an Executive Order in response to a "National Emergency" to shift existing funds from DOD to the Corps of Engineers to build his National Defense Wall -- much the same as President Eisenhower used DOD funds to build his National Defense Highway [aka: the Interstate Highway system] when Congress denied him funds.

Trump can, and likely will, deny Pelosi future use of the USAF transportation she has used in the past at nearly $200,000 per trip.  That money can be used to build part of the wall, perhaps with her picture emblazoned on it facing Mexico to terrify the Migrant Caravan.

This entire episode has served to publicize the abject corruption of Pelosi, and the inability of even dedicated Democrats to work with Trump to rebuild America.

If Congress does not pass a budget to Trump's requirements, he can, and likely will shut the government down once again -- and perhaps arrest Pelosi.

UPDATE [23JAn1018]:  
Speaker Pelosi announced she won't allow Trump use of the House Chamber 
to deliver the State of the Union address:

Speaker Pelosi
It may come as a surprise to Ms Pelosi, but delivering the State of the Union [SOTU] address is merely a courtesy for the Congress and the Supreme Court. According to the Constitution, there is not even a requirement for the annual address, but rather: 

"The President, shall from time to time, give to the Congress information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient."

Given Ms Pelosi's edict, President Trump could fill a local sports arena with citizens, Congress and the Supreme Court, complete with big screen videos of Schumer, Pelosi, and Hillary all giving sincere speeches on the "NEED FOR A WALL!"  

This SOTU will the first in recent history to be delivered outside of Congress, and perhaps, the most entertaining!


Courier Flight -- for Congressional Vacations
A CODEL has traditionally been a family vacation trip for Congresspersons and their families to visit pleasure spots around the world, like Cairo and Brussels. The massively expensive flights are aboard US Air Force passenger planes, officially designated "Courier Flights" which have passenger accommodations equivalent, or superior to commercial airline First Class accommodations, complete with US Military personnel serving as flight attendants.

Those become bureaucratic and security nightmares for the US Embassy in each country as the Embassy staffs are then tasked to take the CODEL members on shopping trips and sightseeing tours. CODEL members are each issued a bag of local currency for spending money.

Endless Briefings

Essentially, the visit shuts down all operations of the Embassy planning for the visit, hosting the visit, and then writing reports on the visit for both the State Department as well as responding to demands by Members and Senators, plus shipping all the CODEL purchaseS back to the US on USAF planes to avoid US customs.

But then we have Afghanistan, the final destination of the CODEL, which would affect both the Embassy as well as the Military personnel stationed there -- who are attempting to draw down their force.

Green Zone Expands Exponentially
Still Vulnerable
The CODEL has to be hosted, requiring tons of preparation, both administrative and security by both the Embassy and the Military. While this mass of US politicians and their families prance around the Kabul Green Zone with a huge escort of US and Afghan troops, other security has to be ramped up to its highest level since the visitors would be a prime target.

Resources devoted to this security would be ground based troops, air surveillance, constant AC-130 monitoring, NSA monitoring, Army Security Agency monitoring, heightened Military Police monitoring, and a host of other asset employment.

Notably, the Taliban detonated a bomb in the Green Zone in May, 2017, killing hundreds, and destroying the German Embassy.

A CODEL consisting of a herd of self-important US politicians would offer a high visibility target, the destruction of which would provide the Taliban an extraordinary propaganda prize. 

Notably, Pelosi and Schumer condemned Trump for publicizing the CODEL's destinations, particularly Afghanistan, claiming such publicity endangered them.

That would presume that local news organizations in Europe and the Middle East would not have already been alerted to the visit by their own diplomatic corps and politicians who would be making highly visible preparations for such a visit to toady up to US legislators for financial hand-outs.

Anyone who has been assigned to a Military base targeted by a CODEL can verify the insane levels of preparations required for such a visit, which would entail disclosure to Afghan counter-parts and contractors, many of whom are covert operatives of the Taliban.

As a final note, rumor has it that all the conversations of the CODEL entrapped on the USAF bus were recorded as it left the Capitol, and then, following the release of Trump's letter to Pelosi, the bus circled the Capitol repeatedly before releasing the passengers from the bus.

Armored Train Minimized Potential Damage
Some of those recorded conversations revealed the expectation that Trump would be killed during their absence, bringing back memories of the derailing of the Train taking Republican politicians and their families to a conference near Richmond.

The train was derailed by a dump truck which ran head-on into the train, driven by a local fellow who had "mental problems".

Damage to the train was minimized by the fact that the train was armored, which kept the entire trains from derailing and rolling downhill; it reduced injuries and prevented the probability of many deaths. Some folks believe the Democrats and Deep State engineered that train wreck in the hopes of wiping out the Republican leadership -- but, that has yet to be resolved.

The President has skilled advisors thoroughly familiar with coup plotting; an excellent chess player, he's well ahead of the Democrat and RINO schemers who wish to topple him as they destroy the US.