Monday, August 5, 2013

NSA -- The Good Demon?

THREAT?  Would that be a White House generated NSA threat? 

Looks like the "terrorist threat" which caused the current closing of a number of US embassies, mostly in the Middle East, may have been still another Administration political action to distract the public -- and Congress from NSA's illegal operations.

Camp David Choom Birthday Parteee?

It apparently wasn't that big of a deal if Mr Obama chose to ignore the National Security Council meeting at the WH Sit Room -- and instead threw a golf and substance party for 11 of his pals at Camp David.  Is this his new Choom Gang?

What is disturbing is that we now have Saxby Chambliss praising the NSA for its prowess in tracking this "threat" -- justification for not impeding its mission with any "restrictive legislation". 

We have no objection to NSA carrying out its mission to monitoring foreign communications which might pose a threat to the US, and turning over those communications to Intelligence Community analysts to evaluate, assess, render their opinion. 

That's the mission of NSA, and has been since its inception.  While I worked in the Intelligence Community, I used NSA products on a regular basis; in operations, I had an NSA team at my disposal to target bad guys, and the team was superb.  So, I've always been a supporter of NSA's mission and product to gather foreign intelligence.

Formerly restricted to international monitoring           [Wired]
But, it is not the mission of NSA to monitor US citizens, or to monitor US politicians, or to share that which it has gathered in violation of its charter with US national and local law enforcement agencies to target US citizens for crimes such as using the internet to search for the best price on backpacks or pressure cookers. 

Mr Clapper and General Alexander have corrupted that mission -- to the detriment of our Constitution.

Traditionally, GOP politicians have been great supporters of the Intelligence Community [IC] and aggressive intelligence gathering.  As such, they have developed excellent relations with IC executives and operatives.  They have many "off the record" meetings, and the Intelligence liaison officers pimp their products with special "briefings' [some of which contain real intelligence] to stroke and seduce our politicians; they feel, oh-so-special to be treated so well by the spooks. 

It's an old game, and our politicians get quite giddy when the spooks share their "special secrets" with them. 
[Here, Senator, take a look at the dirt we collected on your political opponent; now, you didn't get this from us, heh heh heh.]

Senator Chambliss [R-Ga]

Senator Chambliss [R-Ga] unfortunately seems to have lost his objectivity in this exercise, and appears to be willing to sacrifice the Constitution for his allegiance to his "handlers" in the Intelligence Community.

With luck, perhaps his colleagues and knowledgeable constituents will bring him to the Intelligence Detox Center.

Wake up, Saxby!