Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obama Alliance with Muslim Brotherhood?

US-Muslim Brotherhood alliance gives Syrians rebels sophisticated weapons 
-- Soon to be used against the US?

1) The assault force was al-Qaeda, dispatched by Egyptian President Morsi -- of the Muslim Brotherhood; and
2) The Libyan military force defending the Consulate was al-Qaeda; and
3) The defense force was ordered to stand down by the head of security -- a revered member of al-Qaeda, and
4) Four Americans were killed by al-Qaeda, and
5) The US President ordered the US military to "stand down" rather than assist Americans under attack.

Click here for related video [Glenn Beck]

We watched Glen Beck's take on Benghazi.

It appears that Beck, and others, are following the latest subtle spin put out by the Obama's Chicago Choom gang; i.e., that Ambassador Stevens was shipping weapons to Syrian rebels.

Beck is on the right track, but he is mistaken in his belief that Ambassador Stevens was himself running weapons via the Muslim Brotherhood to Syrian rebels.

Al Entisar carried arms to Muslim Brotherhood
In reality, it appears that Ambassador Stevens discovered the gun-running through the contractors [including the ex-SEALs killed at Benghazi] whom he had hired to investigate the disappearance of tons of weapons in Qadafi's warehouses.

The Libyan ship, Al Entisar, made a port call to Iskenderun near the Syrian border on 5 September, apparently unloading weaponry for the Syrian rebels; Ambassador Stevens met with the Turkish Ambassador at the Benghazi Consulate, perhaps to query the Turkish Ambassador about the delivery; minutes after his departure from the US Consulate, the al Qaeda attack began.

Stevens had just returned from Italy where he had reported to the State Department and to the CIA the details of the weapons movements via the Muslim Brotherhood.

Once filed, those reports became his death warrant from the Oval Office.

Beck is correct in his assumption that [some of] the weapons transferred to the Muslim Brotherhood were for delivery to Syrian rebels, but the final destination of the bulk of this weaponry was likely al Qaeda -- via the Muslim Brotherhood; but, in fact, the Muslim Brotherhood will distribute the weaponry far beyond just the Syrian rebels and al Qaeda.

In fact, it appears that the Oval Office, in sanctioning Stevens' assassination, sought to cover up its collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood as a conduit of sophisticated weaponry for the Muslim Brotherhood's political and military goals around the world.

The linkage to the Oval Office derives from statements from the leadership of the assault force in Benghazi ["Don't shoot!  Morsi sent us!"] which revealed that the al-Qaeda assault force was dispatched by Egypt's President Morsi [of the Muslim Brotherhood] -- to whom Mr Obama provided considerable support to have him emplaced as President of Egypt -- thus the riots against Hillary Clinton when she visited Morsi in July.

al-Qaeda in charge of Libyan Security
Meanwhile, the head of Libyan military security is Abdel Hakim al-Khuwailid Belhaj; his responsibilities included protection of the US Consulate at Benghazi.

According to a COMINT report,  he ordered the Libyan unit guarding the Consulate to "Stand Down" immediately before the assault began.

Did we mention that he is a revered member of al Qaeda?  Al-Qaeda leader [and Osama bin Laden's successor] Ayman al-Zawahiri praised him in 2007 with these words:

"Your brothers are continuing your march after you ... escalating their confrontation with 
the enemies of Islam: Qadafi and his masters, the crusaders of Washington."

Did our Intelligence Community not notice that the Libyan Security Chief was al-Qaeda?

Imagine that!


The weapons missing from Qadafi's warehouses included RPGs [Rocket Propelled Grenades], 23mm anti-aircraft guns, mortars, infantry assault weapons, and, of greatest concern, as many as 20,000 shoulder fired SAMs [Surface to Air Missiles].

FARC Guerrilla trains recruits on SA-24
The SAMs range from the antique SA-7s, an infra-red [IR] heat-seeking missile with a range of 11.000 feet [it downed many US fighters and helicopters in Southeast Asia], to the highly sophisticated SA-24 equipped with passive IR homing device for night-time targeting, with a range of up to 18,000 feet.

The SA-24 is effective against jet fighters, the AC-130 Gunship, helicopters -- and Drones.

[Officially, the SA-24 can't be used in "shoulder-fire" mode since the Libyan models lacked hand grips; but experts advise that hand grips were readily available on the black market.]


FARC Guerrillas armed with SAM

Ironically, we witnessed the first stage of the Administration's distribution of assault weapons with Fast&Furious, and the Mexican drug cartels have used those weapons against US law enforcement officers.

Many of the Libyan weapons were shipped to Venezuela, and those weapons were further distributed to the FARC [People's Revolutionary Army] and the ELN [National Liberation Army], which are Marxist-Leninist guerrilla/terrorist organizations in Colombia.

It is assumed that these weapons are now also in the hands of the Mexican narcotics cartels.

They have also turned up in the Far East, again through the Muslim Brotherhood.

And, the SA-24 has been confirmed in Iran, and will be highly effective against US [or Israeli] military forces should a conflict arise.

Ultimately, we will speculate that this weaponry will also be directed to the Muslim Brotherhood in the US -- where it will be used against the US Military.

Why is the Oval Office working with the Muslim Brotherhood to supply weapons to terrorists around the world.

As Pogo once noted:
"We have met the enemy, and he is us!"