Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trump - Assassination Target?

JFK identified the plotters as the "international financial community"
-- The Gnomes of Switzerland

3 Impossible shots in 6 seconds, with 5 rounds
at intervals of 10 seconds

More than 50 years ago, this guy challenged The Establishment's plan for a New World Order, and The Establishment created a carefully constructed assassination by "a deranged assassin" and killed him.   

Lee Harvey Oswald, a US Marine recruited by Naval Intelligence as a penetration agent to infiltrate KGB operations in the US, was the patsy, and, the FBI investigation of him as the "suspect" was so immediate and complete that he was found and arrested on the other side of Dallas within minutes of the assassination.

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Expert snipers still marvel at Oswald's ability [having barely qualified as a "bolo" marksman in the Marines], was able to fire off multiple rounds in six seconds with a bolt-action, scope-mounted, clip-fed, World War II rifle, which was known for its poor functioning from a terribly awkward position in a sixth floor recessed window at the Book Depository.

That aside, it was interesting that there were only three shell casings in the area from which Oswald supposedly fired, but a total of five bullets calculated for the number of wounds inflicted in JFK and Governor Connelly -- from different directions.

Oddly, during the assassination, Governor Connelly [who was reportedly aware of the plot to kill JFK, but not that he was to be a target] took a round from the Magic Bullet, and cried out "My God, they’re going to kill us all" an unusual response to seeing the President shot.

Connelly estimated the time span between the first and second shots was 10-12 seconds -- a bit more than the official report of only 6 seconds. Mrs Connelly commented that the first shot came from the right of the limo -- not from behind.

Astonishingly, full details of the assassination and the assassin's biography appeared in the Australian news -- before the event [the international news release had been scheduled without consideration of the International Date Line].

RFK shot 3 times at point blank range.
Another Secret Service failure
Somewhat later [5 June 1968], when Bobby Kennedy [Jack's brother] stepped up to challenge Lyndon Baines Johnson [LBJ] JFK's Vice President and his successor, and the Establishment created a loosely constructed assassination plot by another "deranged assassin" and killed him.

Sirhan Sirhan, a "crazed" Muslim [actually, a Palestinian Christian], under psychiatric treatment, just happened to be armed and ready to shoot Bobby Kennedy in the kitchen of the hotel -- an undisclosed exit route for RFK following his speech at the Ambassador Hotel.

Interestingly, Sirhan was able fire off nine rounds from his eight-round revolver, killing RFK and wounding several others.  Sirhan's confession was a bit bizarre as he later stated that he did not recall having made it; nonetheless, the trashman who supported Sirhan's apartment building testified that Sirhan had confided to him his intention to assassinate RFK [an interesting relationship].

The Black Agent may have been the shooter
A little over a decade later [1980], another wild card Presidential Candidate stepped up and displaced The Establishment candidate, GHW Bush, and the Establishment created a carefully constructed assassination plot by another "deranged assassin"[John W Hinckley, Jr], who, with the help of the sloppy security provided by the Secret Service, almost succeeded in killing Reagan on 30 March 1981, just three months after his Inauguration.

The assassin, a young man, under psychiatric treatment, from a good family [and friends of the Bush family], was armed with a pistol loaded with six armor piercing rounds [post-event records show he had "purchased weapons"] -- managed to fire off seven rounds, one, at close range leaving powder burns under Reagan's bullet-proof vest [contradicting the official version of a ricochet bouncing off the limo's door].

Oddly, the Secret Service forced President Reagan to exit the front door of the hotel, and walk in the open to the street, past several pedestrians unchallenged by security.

As luck would have it, the limo driver ignored orders to take Reagan first back to the White House, and then to a distant hospital [a delayed route ensuring his death], but instead drove directly to the George Washington University [GWU] hospital a few blocks away where the ER doctors were waiting and ready -- and saved Reagan's life.

There's the pattern folks. 
We trust Trump's personal security is tight and effective since the Establishment [RepubliCrats] are likely plotting and scheming on their next carefully constructed assassination by a "deranged assassin" under psychiatric treatment -- similar to the deranged shooters responsible for the mass shootings in Aurora, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, San Bernardino, Roseburg [OR], Charleston, and of course, Fort Hood.