Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where's Waldo [Malaysian Flight #370]! UPDATE

Kindergartner's Drawing of "Flight Path"     [Oh wait! That's CNN's analysis!]


1) The pilot, Captain Shah, a social activist,
     a) was a fanatical supporter of Malaysia's opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, 
         who was jailed for "homosexuality" just hours before Flight MH 370 disappeared.
     b) is believed to have attended a pro-Ibrahim rally at the courthouse hours before the flight.  
     c) moved his family from their home the day before the plane went missing
    ---- Are the passengers being held to exchange for Ibrahim?  -- A logical explanation.

2) The FBI has finally admitted the plane could have been hijacked.

3) All tracking information routes the flight path northwest across the Andaman Islands 
    with possible remote destinations in Pakistan or Afghanistan [see below].

4) Debris spotted has been in areas thousands of miles away from the most likely
     course of MH 370; the amount of debris spotted was enough to have built multiple
     passenger jets, or even another Space Station.  
     Yet, in all that debris, not one passenger seat spotted -- they are designed 
     to float following a crash in the sea.

5)  A satellite picked up a ping from the aircraft more than seven hours after it went missing.

6)  There are thousands of potential landing sites within the 7-hour fuel range of the aircraft


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Speculation continues on the fate and current location of the missing Malaysian Flight MH370.  The Pentagon provided CNN the idiotic graphic above, which may have been produced by a kindergarten class. 
"Breaking news! Classified material indicates the plane may have turned North, or South, and it may have crashed into the ocean -- but was monitored to be flying for several hours after it crashed!"

You would think the folks at CNN would have been embarrassed to have put this nonsense on the air.

The Post reports that the Malaysian Prime Minister advised that satellites were monitoring the plane's mechanical signals for a full seven and a half hours after take-off -- which would put the fuel gauges near empty -- and would have placed it about 4,000 miles from the West coast of Malaysia at it's radar recorded location in the Strait of Malacca.

The path noted would have taken it in the direction of India, across the Andaman Islands.

That would put the plane as far West
as Iran or Afghanistan.

Of course, in that flight path, it would have crossed several international borders and, theoretically, would have been picked up on air defense radars.

According to the New York Times and Reuters, it was monitored by Inmarsat, apparently throughout the period during which it was missing; they have alluded to having its last airborne location, though they've not revealed it.

That would narrow the selection of hijackers to be from India [not probable], to Pakistan [not probable] to Afghanistan [possible] to Iran [not probable], to a false flag operation to make it appear that Iran had hijacked the plane.

What we find interesting is that, with all the technological prowess of US and foreign intelligence services, not one has offered up any information on this missing aircraft, even though it would be easily monitored by the full range of satellites -- ours, our allies, China, and Russia.

NASA brags it can monitor a meteor the size of a grapefruit from a million miles out; and, it seems only logical that our intelligence satellites, which monitor all forms of communications and electronic signals world wide, and which provide extremely high resolution imagery on all potential trouble spots, could pick up any and all signals emanating from this aircraft.

Of course, we are told that if these agencies revealed they were capable of such monitoring, the bad guys would be able to set up defensive measures to stay hidden. That would assume that the bad guys have never watched Jack Bauer in "24", and none of them is smart enough to read the newspaper or articles on the internet.  [Osama bin Laden, for example, was so ignorant that he only had degrees in civil engineering and public administration.]

Erstwhile investigators might go to Google-Earth or Landsat which use satellite imagery not terribly less capable than our intelligence satellites. Google Earth has resolution at 2.5', which would be  enough to capture the configuration of an airliner in the desert or in the jungle.

Remote Paved Road  =  Landing Strip

Our guess, exploring the topography of the region in which the plane was capable of traveling, would include western India or eastern Afghanistan.

No airports needed since a landing strip need consist of nothing more than a lengthy, flat surface, e.g., a road in a deserted area.

We discounted western India since there aren't enough deserted areas, but, Afghanistan is chock full of them.

One area that meets these conditions lies in southern Afghanistan; there are others, to include eastern Iran,

but we reckon the Iranian government would be keeping its radical elements in check these days to ensure it would not come under attack.

So, here's the summary of facts as presented in our three previous blogs:

1) 08 March: Malaysian Flight 370 "disappears" off the southwest coast of Vietnam
    Our assessment: 

    a)  Possible crash
    b)  Possible shoot-down

2) 09 March: Pilot aboard another flight reports "mumbling" from copilot of Flight 370
    Our assessment: Possible Hijack

    a) Possible BZ gas release on board, neutralizing crew and passengers
    b) Absence of Black Box transmissions indicate it was still airborne

 3) 10 March: Report that Flight 370 had changed altitude/course, but silent; still on radar
     Our assessment: Probable Hijack

     a) Massive search of suspected crash site
     b) No debris
     c) No Black Box signals

 4) 10 March: Reports that passenger cell phones still working - receiving calls, but no answer.
      Our assessment: Probable Hijack

      a) Plane is still airborne
      b) No visible debris
      c) No Black Box signals
      d) Functional cell phones
      e) Peter Bergen of CNN attempt at "Damage Control" to degrade those speculating on hijacking
          [Is CNN a government shill? Does anyone actually watch CNN these days?]

5) 11 March: India announces it is searching in its territory
    Our assessment: Hijack!

    a) Report that co-pilot had invited female passengers into flight cabin on earlier flight
    b) Transponder and all communications links cut;

Arc of Flight
6) Malaysian Military reports details of altered flight
    Our assessment: Government cover-up of hijack

      a) Vague references to "arc of flight"
      b) Contradictory statements by civil and military chiefs

      c) Flight path included climbing to 45,000 feet, then
          down to 23,000 feet, and then climbing back to possibly
          34,000 feet -- which sounds like the pilot reacting to
          BZ gas, becoming erratic before passing out, after which
          the hijacker[s] were able to seize the controls.
      d) Malaysia's head of civil aviation:
          "There are things I can tell you, and things I can't."

7)  Malaysian officials provide graph showing possible range of flight
     Our assessment/predictions:

     a)  Government seeks to show futility of search
     b)  Debris will magically appear in remote area and the search will end
     c)  Government will announce the Black Box is "irretrievable"!

8)  Reuters, perhaps in collaboration with British Intelligence, reports possible landing sites
     a)  The flight path was piloted according to navigational way-points leading to the region of the
          Andaman Islands.
     b)  Landing the aircraft in Port Blair would likely not go unnoticed; so, the plane would have to
          have continued on to a destination beyond the Andaman Islands.

9)  The reality?
     a)  False flag hijacking, with blame laid with Iran, to justify an attack on it for a heinous act.
     b)  Diversion from the Russian annexation of Crimea.
     c)  Political hijacking to exchange passengers for a political prisoner