Sunday, September 22, 2013

ObamaCare: End of the Middle Class?

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Here's a great analysis of the impact of ObamaCare by Kathleen Parker. 

We generally agree with her views, and we couldn't agree more with this piece.  We'll cover the highlights, and refer you to her full analysis.  As the Geeks like to say [to sound cultured], this is "Spot On".  Feel free to pass this analysis along to your friends, and even to Democrats.

Perhaps Parker's piece inspired Senator Cruz [R-TX] to present his strategy for defunding ObamaCare, which briefly, entails funding the Continuing Resolution in segments, leaving ObamaCare unfunded.
[It's more complex, but it has great merit; Mr Obama calls it extortion; we think it's sensible.]

But, we've digressed.  Back to Ms Parker's analysis; her bottom line appears to be
"ObamaCare will destroy the Middle Class" -- and we agree.

Popular approval for ObamaCare is down to 39%, from 51% nine months ago.
a) American youth, at the lower end of the wage scale, or unemployed, can't afford mandatory health care premiums.  Those under 27 can still get coverage under their parents' insurance -- but, there is still the increased family premium to pay.
b) Though promised otherwise, Americans cannot keep the insurance they like.
c) People who can't afford the mandatory health care face criminal penalties and fines.
     1)  Those over 40 will be forced to pay close to $4,000 per year for coverage
     2)   Those over 60 can expect to pay close to $7,500 per year.
d) Those protesting most loudly are the unions, who now realize they were double-crossed.

Is Obama's Red Line an Unemployment Line?
The economic impact as companies dodge the massive expense of ObamaCare:
a) Companies are trimming workers' hours from full time [40 hours] to part time [30 hours]
b) Large companies are firing workers or offering them early retirment to reduce overall benefits costs.
c) Small companies are trimming employees to fewer than 50 to avoid mandatory health benefits
d) Bottom Line:  Massive unemployment!

Lobbying makes a difference as large companies were granted a one year delay in extending coverage for their workers.

And, as we expected, and many predicted, Mr Obama has offered Congress an exemption to exclude them from ObamaCare -- with their health care underwritten by the American taxpayer.  This gambit is designed to induce Congress to block Conservative efforts to defund ObamaCare.

Ms Parker encourages a delay by Congress on taking action on ObamaCare, but she recognizes that may work to Mr Obama's advantage. 

Given that, we think Senator Cruz may have the best approach.

As a footnote:

Unaddressed in all these discussions are the rather unique provisions and authorizations in ObamaCare, to include a police enforcement organization, criminal sanctions against patients, hospitals and doctors, authorization for a private army, and authorization for the Surgeon General to take control of DOD in the event of "a national 'medical' emergency".