Monday, September 9, 2013

Racism: DNC's WMD?

Bre'r Rabbit and the Tar Baby                                              [Walt Disney]

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I was chastised recently for being a racist because I used the term "Tar Baby" in reference to Mr Obama's Benghazi self-inflicted albatross [apologies here to the Audubon Society].

This came as a shock to me since
a) I was a Civil Rights activist in the 1960s, and
b) Tar Baby is a benign reference deriving from the many Uncle Remus tales captured in the African American oral history by Joel Chandler Harris. who was notably not a racist and whose commentaries were key to easing racial tensions in the Reconstruction period following the Civil War.

Harris' oral library derived from the extended amount of time he spent in the company of slaves [apologies here to descendants of Greek, Indian, Arab, European, African, and Hebrew slaves] and their children.  The slaves' traditional stories, with proverbs similar to those in Aesop's Fables, were told by two elder slaves whom he considered mentors, and whose philosophy framed his future political stances.   He noted that he felt at home with the slaves since he was the red-headed illegitimate son of an Irish immigrant, and they accepted him 
[Apologies here to Irish readers who are illegitimate offspring of immigrants.]

Uncle Remus
Based on his humorous writings, not unlike those of Mark Twain, he became the featured humorist and Associate Editor at the Atlanta Constitution through which he was able to encourage the elimination of many societal barriers to Blacks He captured all of his tales in his seven internationally best-selling books Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings; reportedly, the books were extremely popular in Europe and were de rigueur reading in the best schools.

President Teddy Roosevelt praised Harris' writings with these words
"Presidents may come and presidents may go, but Uncle Remus stays put." 

The books were extremely popular in both school and public libraries, and American kids knew the tales by heart, much as European kids knew Aesop's Fables.  When Walt Disney looked for material suitable for family viewing, Uncle Remus was an obvious choice for a feature-length movie.  Every kid in the 1950s and '60s knew the Uncle Remus tune of Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and wished they had an Uncle just like Uncle Remus. 

If you watch the film, you'll notice it was "integrated" -- by golly, the kids were both Black and White, which was not unusual for films in the 1940s, '50s and '60s [e.g., The Little Rascals].  Excerpts, and the movie itself appeared frequently on the TV series Disneyland.

Everyone knew Bre'r [brother] Rabbit and Bre'r Bear, and everyone knew the story of the Tar Baby, which Bre'r Bear and Bre'r Fox created to capture Bre'r Rabbit -- who tried to punch and kick the silent figure made of tar.  Bre'r Rabbit ended up stuck fast to the Tar Baby, and it appeared he would be eaten by Bre'r Bear and the Bre'r Fox -- but he conned his mean tormentors by creating another iconic term, begging
"Please don't trow me in dat Briar Patch" as if he would die were that to happen. 
Naturally, they threw him in the Briar Patch, which was where rabbits would run and hide when pursued by predators -- and of course, Bre'r Rabbit escaped.

The moral of the story, of course, was that ill-thought out actions can capture you in situations from which you can't easily extricate yourself; so, the Tar Baby expression -- hardly a racial epithet -- derives from Black oral history going back 150 years; today's short version would be a "self-inflicted wound."  Benghazi is, and will remain, Mr Obama's Tar Baby
[apologies to my politically correct sons]. 

Notably, Tar Baby became a pejorative term only after Democrat spin doctors designated it as such because, of all things, tar is black. 
|Shall we now presume all references to "TAR" are racist because it is black?

aka: Thought Police
Unfortunately, Political Correctness has displaced common sense and traditional American literature, resulting in our Leftist oriented educators labeling revered authors such as Mark Twain and Harris as Racists because they incorporated common usage of a past era into their writing.

Our Political Correctness Police, aka:  The National Education Association [aka: Union Marxists] has ordered such literature removed from the classroom, and even from school libraries lest actual history displace and/or discredit the revisionist history now becoming the norm in our children's educational process.

The Democrats have seized this process and crafted it into a fine art-form, using it to castigate non-Democrats and introducing it into otherwise normal conversations -- and labeling discussants as Racists to put them on the defensive and divert attention from any rational discussions.

This process is how we ended up with a well-spoken, but incompetent buffoon in the White House who lurches from one crisis to the next to divert us from his most recent blunder.  But, we are not allowed to criticize him because to do so would be Racist.  Conservative and Independent politicians, along with other normal folks, are immediately labeled as Racists in even casual conversations if they start including facts in political, economic, or business discussions relating to this Administration.

During this Administration, Racism, which had gradually disappeared from the political spectrum due to 50 years of gradual but inexorable progress toward equality, has now became the default trump card for all things Obama.

I for one, am sick of the excuses of this Administration's chronic use of the race card to excuse away all its failures.  Until this Administration, there was little discussion of race or discrimination since it was fading into the shadows. 

Mr Obama has reintroduced Racism set society back 60 years and brought it all back in spades
[my apologies to Bridge players whose strongest suit is Spades]!