Sunday, September 22, 2013

Emperor Soros weds again

The Soros lovebirds
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We're delighted to report the wedding of George Soros [83] and his lovely bride, Tamiko Bolton [about half his age].  It was a low-key wedding with only 500 of Soros' nearest and dearest friends, to include Nancy Pelosi and California Lt Gov Gavin Newsom, and New World Order leaders such as World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and hedge fund billionaire titans/rivals Paul Tudor Jones and Julian Roberson.

The reception, also low-key, was held in the cramped quarters of New York City's Museum of Modern Art [MOMA to local hoi polloi]; but, the guests somehow managed to survive the inconvenience.

But, beyond the gates of this Democrat-heavy event lies Mr Soros' rather unique rise to financial power.

Some remember Soros' early days as an entrepreneurial youth and Nazi collaborator representing the Judenrat which identified Jews to be rounded up and shipped to concentration camps -- after which he reportedly benefited from seizures of their property.  An adjunct of this process reportedly involved his selling insurance to these condemned Jews, claiming that their families would be financially sound if the condemned Jews did not survive; Soros and his collaborators apparently profited greatly from this enterprise; his explanation was that if he hadn't done it, someone else would have.

Brits remember Soros for his role in causing the collapse of the British Pound in 1992 by manipulating the currency market, and earning a tidy £1Billion at the expense of tens of thousands of British investors.

Soros learned his lessons well in that market manipulation and profited significantly when the US Market collapsed in 2008. A close look at Senator Schumer's leaking a memo on the tenuous stability of several Wall Street firms, causing the run on those institutions and the collapse of Wall Street itself -- with Goldman Sachs, and Soros profiting mightily.  There are those who point to his book, published in 2008 [written early that year] in which he described precisely how the Market would collapse.  Some felt that was the script he used to manipulate that collapse -- in collaboration with the Democratic Party.

Mr Soros seems well-skilled at predicting the future, particularly when it comes to helping to shape it, as he did in 1992 and 2008.  His predictions in January, 2012 included the absence of an economic recovery, massive federal debt, lawlessness, and a police state resulting from "mass murders".  

Isn't that odd.

We recall his financial support of Mr Obama in 2008, coupled with his ties to the company which furnished the voting machines used in the 2012 election, and the massive growth of the Department of Homeland Security [240,000 employees], and the restructuring of the military commands into the old Soviet model, the non-existent FEMA camps -- which seem to have been built under the oversight of armed federal marshals, and the firing of a series of four-star generals and admirals. 

We also have noted the Administration's non-stop effort to create a gun-control program in which the government would ban the private ownership of personal weapons; this effort has been bolstered by "mass-shootings" in Colorado, Sandy Hook, and Washington, DC, and the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  Notably, in each of those events, we noted anomalies which eroded the credibility of the government's account of the events; most conspicuous were the registered members of the Screen Actors' Guild who made appearances as parents and law enforcement officials at Sandy Hook.

Notably, there are predictions of a declaration of martial law in October, perhaps to be preceded by a bio-chem "attack" on the United States? 
[But, Mr Putin may have defused that scheme lest Mr Obama gain too much power over a resistant population.]

But, we've digressed.

We wish to congratulate Emperor Soros on this, his wedding weekend, and we look forward to seeing him move into the White House to personally oversee the remainder of Mr Obama's term.