Monday, February 1, 2021

Covid 19 - Revealed

Have you ever wondered how the global CV19 pandemic came to be?

 If we were guessing, this is how we would game it. 

Create a Global Pandemic Exercise simulation on 18 Oct 2019 
and call it Event 201 at the 
Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Security at Johns Hopkins University 
to be sponsored by [Drum Roll]
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.   

And then, implement the simulation in real time:

1) November 2019:     Release rumors of a Chinese SARS epidemic; 
2) December 2019:      Claim the Chinese FLU was actually a Covid strain; 
3) January 2020:          Claim "virus" had escaped from the CCP Wu Han biological warfare center 
4) January 2020:          Claim "Covid virus" spread via "bat" meat sold in local Chinese markets
5) January 17 2020:      Joint Call to action by all organizations
6) January 17 2020       Gates Foundation to call for Public-Private cooperation for Pandemic Response
7) February 2020:         Infect the thousands of Chinese leather workers with the Chinese FLU 
                                      who commute from Wu Han China to northern Italy [where they would 
                                      claim they had the Covid Strain
8) Have NBC Universal News and Bloomberg coordinate the publication of the Covid19 rumors as
                                       truth, throughout the global media with support by the game players 

1) Avril Haines  PsyOp planning

2) George Fu Gao  Gaming the Chinese biological warfare role.

3) Rear Admiral Stephen C. Redd  Gaming the US response and "prevention" process
4)  Hasti Taghi  NBC Universal representative Coordinating global news releases 

5)  Matthew Harrington  Coordinating Global Public Relations for Covid compliance

6)  Eduardo Martinez  Coordinates Global shipping for all players

7)  M Knuchell

Here's the background on these Exercise power players:

1) Avril Danica Haines

Deputy Director in 0bama's CIA; 
she has a history of prisoner torture, 
so she knows how CIA would manage this 
- if she had any linkage to CIA.

[But wait, she's now Biden's 
      Director of National Intelligence!
While CIA Deputy Director, her officers hacked the 
Senate Intelligence Committee's computers to destroy 
evidence of CIA torture operations; she dismissed the IG findings
and awarded her officers commendation medals for their crimes.
She  directed her "Killer Drones" to target both civilians and Military.

As DNI [Director of National Intelligence, she's in a key 
position to have the US Intelligence Community manage 
the propagandnecessary to continue to manipulate the 
global population adherance to regional directives, 
lockdowns, vaccinations, and to enforce local, interstate, 
and international travel restrictions.

Interestingly, her nomination as DNI was opposed by the Left, 
and only ten GOP senators opposed her nomination:

But wait, theres more!
il has done her best, unsuccessfully, to purge her employment history at Palantir, a "data-sifting" company created with funding by InQTel, [the CIA venture capital operation noteworthy for funding Google as a start-up and providing Google Earth with US Satellite Intelligence resources - thus the designation "Keyhole" the classified codeword for that TS/C technology)].  Palantir sifts through both classified and Open Source data bases to reveal everything and anything about targeted persons.

This would not be a problem, normally, except that now Avril, as DNI, can task the entire Intelligence Community to coordinate with Palantir using Palantir's existing resources, coupled with the now exposed and infamous Hammer Intelligence tool used to spy on Americans.

2)  George Fu Gao

Chinese Communist Party [CCP]
Chief, Center, Disease Control&Prevention
     and was a guest professor at Wu Han University.    
     George got his PhD at Oxford University, and then 
     went to Harvard to do some more research on molecular 
     virology, immunology, and phylogeny of zoonotic 
     pathogens - the molecular basis on how enveloped
     viruses like avian flu, HIV, and SARS coronavirus
     penetrate host cells.
     [Interestingly, the vaccine in vogue includes HIV
     virus traces, which theoretically would nullify the
     human body's immune system, leaving those
     vaccinated vulnerable to a host of deadly infections]

3) Rear Admiral Redd

US Public Health Service 
Director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness & Response 
at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Previously, he was the Director of the 
CDC's Influenza Coordination Unit
where he served as the incident commander for the 
2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic influenza response.

[His dad was a USN Vice Admiral and 
Director of the 
National Counterterrorism Center 
where he prepared the first government 
"war plan" on Terror]

He will likely direct the US response to any new 
"outbreak of Covid". 

4) Hasti Taghi
 VP NBC Universal 

Very outspoken in condemning "conspiracy theorists" questioning the motives and methods of agencies involved in developing and disseminating vaccines.
[One of CIA's psyop elements specializes in attacking "conspiracy theorists"]

Taghi  is not a scientist, nor is she knowledgeable of public health, other than what she has learned as a Houston socialite, and perhaps what she has learned from watching NBC news broadcasts. 

At Event 201, Taghi noted that the anti-vaccine movement was very strong due to social media, and therefore, they need to disseminate “the right information….to ensure the public has trust in the vaccines that we’re creating”.  This strong resistance was a “beta” test for dealing with resistance to vaccines.


Thirteen studies show social distancing increases deaths: 

There’s a lack of solid data on how contagious it is, how many cases there are and how many deaths are directly caused by COVID-19. 

Important quote: 
We’re getting very crude numbers of cases and deaths, very little information about testing rates, contagious analysis, severity rates, who’s being hospitalised, who is in intensive care, who is dying, what are the definitions to decide if someone died of the coronavirus or just died with the coronavirus. There is so much important data that is very hard to get, to guide the decisions about how serious a threat is this.” 

Dr. Kettner (30 year career in public medicine):
"Death rates in China, Italy, and South Korea (and other countries) 
are in the range of only 0.002% to 0.025% of the population.

A US study in which CDC's Dr. Fauci, states: 
 “This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.” 

Dr. Fauci