Sunday, July 28, 2019

Obama's Spy HAMR

Regarding Dennis Montgomery's restriction [by Secrecy Agreement] against speaking or writing publicly about Intelligence Community [IC] criminal actions, past history is indicative of the punitive approach by the courts to former employees who "protest too much" or seek to speak out about crimes they have witnessed.

Montgomery blew the whistle on Clapper and Brennan for converting the super-surveillance system HAMR [aka: THE HAMMER] into a domestic surveillance system - to spy on American citizens - and on Donald Trump, as well as on Supreme Court Justice Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts.  Montgomery, a loyal, patriotic citizen, took 46 Hard Disk Drives [HDD] which documented, in precise detail, the illegal surveillance to the FBI where later underwent a three hour debriefing in an FBI SCIF.  The HDDs even documented CIA surveillance and hacking of FBI files.

Gary Berntsen
Even relatively benign issues regarding publishing memoirs ran afoul of the CIA's SOP for review and granting an impramatur for publication.

 The case of Gary Berntsen comes to mind, in which the CIA delayed their review response endlessly after Berntsen followed clearance procedures, providing detailed documentation that all the references to which CIA objected appeared in previously published books.

Civil Action No. 05-1482 (CKK) 

CIA claimed those issues disclosed "Methods & Sources" which was a stretch, since one could argue that such Methods appeared in the TV series "Get Smart"; although, believe it or not, the concept of Maxwell's shoe-phone was not a TV pipe dream and was actually used at one time.

In another [failed] operation, the CIA created an electronically wired bra for a female asset in Asia; local security nailed her immediately when she transmitted and they found her bra - which no females in her country wore at the time.
[CIA was never noted as having the most culturally learned operatives].

Actual Sources are another story, and Source identities are always closely guarded at all costs, since even allusions to a source could identify them - unlike Obama's international broadcasting of the identity of a recruited asset in Pakistan, along with the disclosure of the clandestine network supporting that asset seemed to have gone unnoticed by the IC leadership.  And then, there is Hillary, whose server was easily accessed by the Chinese, who discovered all members of the CIA sponsored spy network in China, resulting in the arrest, torture, and execution of all recruited assets [sources] in that network.

In Bernsten's case, the US District Court summarily dismissed his suit completely when he filed for release of is book.

Interestingly, the entire legal process for the disclosure of the Pentagon Papers, replete with Sources & Methods, made it from filing to the Supreme Court decision in two weeks.

To clarify for Mr Montgomery, and other authors, or whistleblowers:

There are two officials who can grant clearance for Mr Montgomery to testify [in closed Congressional hearings] or to openly publish his evidence of the illegal activities of Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and Mueller; Mr Montgomery submitted all those evidentiary materials, through his attorney to the proper authorities, who either did nothing, or destroyed those materials rather than pursue them.

Those two officials are the Director of National Intelligence [i.e., the DNI], or ultimately, President Trump, who, as Commander in Chief, is the ultimate adjudicator in classification of documents, but generally defers on actual espionage operations [unless those operations are direct at himself].

Editorial Note: 
This is evidence which should have been in the Mueller File which would have served to demonstrate Trump was a victim 

In years past, such matters could be addressed through a DCID [Director of Central Intelligence Directive]; but, when we eliminated the DCI position in favor of the Director of National Intelligence, such would now be called a DNID.

In this case, the DNI could release Mr Montgomery from his Secrecy Agreement since the DNI is the senior authority on such classification. Given the current impetus at prosecuting wayward Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement officials for their criminal actions, I suspect the incumbent DNI would be inclined to release Mr Montgomery from his Secrecy Agreement, since to do so would likely ensure the conviction of Messrs Brennan, Clapper Comey, and Mueller.
Mr Trump knows how to return a salute
Failing that, Mr Montgomery could appeal to Mr Trump, who, in addition to being the POTUS, is also the CINC [Commander in Chief] who has the ultimate authority on classification, declassification, and Secrecy Agreements.

Mr Trump could grant Mr Montgomery's release from his Secrecy Agreement to allow his testimony, in public, regarding the criminal actions of government officials who tend to cloak their transgressions behind classification markings, which are often-times spurious, at best.

We suspect Mr Trump would be inclined to favor Mr Montgomery since such testimony would quite clearly be sufficient to incarcerate [or execute] senior government officials who have committed Treason.