Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trump's Growing Cabinet of Powerful Congressmen

With the variety of Cabinet and Agency appointments, President Trump can now partially reshape the Congressional Conservative complexion.
Interior Secretary Zinke
1)  Ryan K Zinke leaves his slot as Congressman from Montana to serve as Secretary of the Interior, bringing new lifeblood and considerable experience to the office.

    a)  An outdoorsman and career US Navy SEAL, he will likely reorganize his department and depoliticize it.  For one, he gains the immediate respect of the national Park Police, who were mortified facing off with angry Veterans who found their Military monuments closed or cordoned off by Obama.

   b)  Zinke will likely reshape the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a cesspool of political appointees who have gouged the Indian tribes and violated countless US government treaties.
LaVoy Finicum

c)  The Bureau of Land Management will likely go through a major overhaul, with that swamp drained of faceless bureaucrats tormenting and destroying private property rights of land-owners in the West.  We expect an internal investigation of the execution of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, a rancher, foster parent, and spokesman for a property rights group in Oregon.

     b)  His replacement will be appointed by Governor Bullock [D], a Conservative Democrat who will likely appoint a Conservative to replace Zinke.

OMB Director Mulvaney
2)   Mick Mulvaney, formerly Congressman from South Carolina, has been appointed Director of the OMB [Office of Management of the Budget, a position critical to President Trump in managing funds for the Administration's operations.  

      a)  He has monitored crypto currencies [e.g., Bitcoin] and block chain technologies which will become increasingly important in financial operations of the future; notably, President Obama fought the emergence of BitCoin as he could not control this alternate currency.

      b) Mulvaney's replacement will now be appointed by SC's Governor Henry McMaster [R], who will likely appoint a staunch Pro-Trump Conservative to Congress to replace Mulvaney.

c)  Trump apparently appointed Left leaning Nikki Haley to the United Nations, perhaps to remove her from any semblance of power in the South; she had become an embarrassment in pandering to the Political Correct crowd, to include acquiescing to demands to remove the Confederate Flag.  Without the basis of the Governor's position, her political career may be over.

HHS Director Tom Price
3)  Tom Price, formerly Congressman [R]  from Georgia, a physician appointed as the Secretary of Health and Human Services [HHS], which houses 80,000 employees with a budget of over $1 Trillion.

      a), will be responsible for reforming and replacing ObamaCare, and has the full support of Speaker Ryan.

       b)  Equally important, Price will likely pull together the disparate elements of HHS which are known for their infighting and inefficiencies, not to speak of their vast oversight and mismanagement of the Welfare system.

      c)  Also important is Price's oversight of the Food & Drug Administration [FDA] which reportedly sold out long ago to the Pharmaceuticals [Big Pharma]

           (1) It has blocked research and development of countless cures for cancers and other diseases.  Oncology has become one of the most profitable ventures in the medical industry, and Big Pharma earns hundreds of billions of dollars each year by charging huge amounts for oncology medications.   
          (2)  It has also blocked identification of country of origin for food and health products entering the US.  Price will be expected to reverse this p olicy and once again demand "country of origin" labels on these products.

4)  Xavier Becerra [D], son of Mexican immigrants, resigned from the House to accept his appointment as Attorney General of California.  He had been Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.

CIA Director Pompeio
5)  Mike Pompeo,  a  Tea Party Republican from Kansas and West Point graduate, served on the House Intelligence Committee [HPSCI] which is now headed by Devin Nunes [who declined to investigate Trump's ties to Russia labeling the charges "nonsense"].  Governor Brownback [R] of Kansas, with the support of Bob Dole, will replace Pompeo with a worth Conservative. 
[Brownback turned down an HHS ObamaCare grant of $31 million]

    a) Pompeo also served on the Energy and Commerce Committees where he gained considerable insight into two of the primary issues involving Intelligence gathering [in previous administrations] which have led to international confrontations.  

    b) He also served on the Benghazi Committee where he slammed Hillary during her testimony.  His close cooperation with Trey Gowdy on that Committee will likely open new levels of investigation into Benghazi and Hillary's connection to illicit activities leading to the deaths of Americans coming to the rescue of the Consulate there.

c)  He has stated that he will not resume the use of torture as a method of interrogation and we suspect he will come to terms with President Trump on this issue.  Common sense will prevail.
[NOTE: During the Vietnam War, we conducted hundreds of successful interrogations, receiving the highest recognition from CIA and DIA for the reports.  None of these interrogations involved torture]

d)  Expect the CIA hierarchy to attack Pompeo in the same ad hominem methods which forced the removal of his W-appointed predecessor, Porter Goss, who attempted to reform the CIA.  This will be an exceptionally difficult task for Pompeo and we wish him well.
[NOTE:  Given the history of CIA, particularly under Obama, we would recommend that the Covert Mission be turned over to DOD, returning CIA to solely Clandestine missions, or, perhaps, eliminating  CIA operations altogether - leaving Clandestine Operations to the Defense Clandestine Service and making the CIA an analysis organization.]

These are critical changes in the House.

The results mean that, in addition to Cabinet Members who have made their personal fortunes based on hard work and enterprise and who have considerable levels of expertise in their new positions, the Congressmen appointed all have superb backgrounds and can be expected to perform effectively and reduce the size of their Departments and Agencies, trimming them to workable organizations rather then massive, faceless bureaucracies.  Think of HHS with 80,000 employees and a budget of over a trillion dollars; there's plenty of room for reform there.

Each of these Congressmen left critical positions in Congress and each will be replaced by Conservative governors.  The replacements will likely not be neophytes, but will challenge the incumbent GOP leadership under President Trump.

It's a new dawn in Congress, and The [corrupt] Establishment is losing its grip.