Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hillary's Covert Action?

Hillary's Body Double

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It would appear that BenghaziGate will be overshadowed by Hillary Clinton's mysterious disappearance for several weeks, coincident with her reported episode of the flu -- which we designated the Benghazi Flu -- which kept her out of town and thus unable to testify before Congress on the Benghazi debacle.  This was followed by a "fall" and a resultant concussion, followed by a "cranial blood clot", followed by a period ostensibly in the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Ahvas was not on the itinerary               [CIA map]
But now, we have been alerted that Hillary's medical condition had much more to do with physical injuries resulting from a plane crash connected to her attempt to meet secretly with Iranian President Ahmadinijad in Ahvaz, Iran -- deviating from her scheduled flight from Bahrain to Baghdad.

Apparently, she planned to meet President Ahmadinijad on his turf [about 50 miles inside the Iranian border] in Ahvaz.  Flying in a C-12 turbo-prop military passenger plane [usually used for embassy flights with room for 13 passengers], her flight plan indicated she was headed for Baghdad. 

Her protective escort included SEAL Team 4, led by Commander Job W. Price

C-12 Huron                                     [US Army photo]
Instead,  according to Russian Intelligence, she headed into Iran to Ahvaz where she reportedly planned to meet President Ahmadinijad as part of secret negotiations with senior representatives of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on the Iranian nuclear program. 

After crossing into Iran -- unchallenged by Iranian or US Air Forces, Clinton's plane ran into "technical problems" or "turbulence" upon landing, causing the nose gear to collapse, and the plane to crash.

CDR Job Price; Clinticide?
Her protective escort included SEAL Team 4, led by Commander Job W. Price; you may recall the US Media reported he committed suicide in Afghanistan; the Department of Defense, meanwhile, reported he died of a "non-combat-related" injury.  

[Still another in a long series of bizarre "suicides" tied to the Clinton family.]

Israel's Mossad,  monitoring Iranian communications, reported via DEPKA that Iranian emergency responders freed the victims; Clinton was reportedly "unconscious and bleeding profusely."  She and the surviving injured were evacuated for medical treatment in a neighboring country. 

Russian medical experts quoted in a GRU report that Clinton suffered a TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] -- which would be
"... the only reasonable explanation for a blood clot appearing between her skull and her brain."

Photo Op leaving the hospital; 
Sweater covers neck brace   [Reuters]
Clinton was later transferred to the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.   According to a variety of reports, to include concerns that her injuries were so serious that she was not expected to live.  

Thus, Mr Obama's abrupt announcement that he had named John Kerry as Hillary's replacement.  Interestingly, while Clinton was undergoing surgery in New York, her daughter Chelsea was tweeting to the world how happy she was that her mom was home and fully recovered. 

Politico, however, reported that her release from the hospital was only temporary and she returned to the hospital an hour later. 

The following week, she made another photo op appearance at the State Department in which she appeared in only two staged photographs. 
Does this woman, in any way, resemble Hillary?

Examining this photo, we have to wonder, is this Hillary's body double making a faux appearance.

Now, all this is background for what appears to have been another diplomatic disaster.  In the military, we would refer to this episode as "Good initiative; Bad Judgment!" A mistake a brand new second lieutenant would make -- but never a seasoned diplomat.

This Administration's attempts at diplomacy would be laughable, had they not ended in tragedy.  Mr Obama's Benghazi blunder, in which he reportedly arranged the kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens, whom he planned to exchange for the Blind Sheik -- in a demonstration of pre-election leadership resulted in the death of the Ambassador and an embassy employee, and two former SEALs coming to their rescue.  Two flag rank Military officers were relieved, and the head of the CIA resigned.  We are still awaiting the testimony from the Pentagon and the State Department.

In this case, the Secretary of State herself attempted to conduct a covert meeting in Iran with the President of Iran, ostensibly to negotiate in a hasty, secret meeting the end of Iran's nuclear program. 

Sorry, it simply doesn't work like that in the world of diplomacy!

Was This a Secret? 
In the foreign press - it's not considered covert
1) Mossad was monitoring the whole process.

2) The Russian GRU was monitoring the whole process.

3) The Syrians were monitoring the whole process.

4) The Brits were monitoring the whole process.

5) The French were monitoring the whole process.

The only country NOT monitoring this process was apparently the US!

This was not a role for the Secretary of State to carry out, no matter how secretive she thought she was being.  European and MidEast Intelligence organizations have operated for millenia, fine tuning their Human Intelligence resources which outmaneuver electronic surveillance seven days a week!  These spies knew precisely where she was every step of the way, and precisely what her intentions were.

It is impossible for the most highly visible diplomat in the world to operate incognito.  Past US Presidents have always used senior, those far less visible officers to conduct these negotiations.  Nixon used Kissinger -- although Henry was a laughable buffoon ridiculed in China for his clumsiness, his stupidity and his naivete. Jimmy Carter bumbled along, but allowed himself to be humiliated by the Iranians.

Vernon Walters
Both Nixon and Reagan used Vernon Walters [former CIA Director], whose diplomatic meetings were clandestine and quite successful.  Bush I, Clinton, and Bush used their State Departments efficiently to conduct low key and relatively invisible meetings.

In this instance, from the first communication with the Iranians to the crash of Hillary's plane, half the Intelligence World was monitoring her every word, and her every move. 

By traveling to Iran in secret, Hillary ran the risk of capture by President Ahmadinijad's enemies [there were reports they were outraged at this meeting and likely would have captured her].  Had she been captured by extremists, Clinton would have been at risk, and the US would have been in the same position it was under Jimmy Carter when the Iranians captured the US Embassy staff and held them hostage -- humiliating Carter and undermining US credibility until the day Reagan was inaugurated.

This Administration has repeatedly blundered in the world of diplomacy -- and this is a time frame where the US can ill-afford to appear weak.  Although we admire Hillary's courage in attempting this meeting, we can't help but think that it was still another attempt by the Administration to distract the American public by announcing a "breakthrough with the Iranians" -- thus derailing the Congressional hearings on Benghazi.

Not a flu victim
Given the reported seriousness of Hillary's injuries, we are not confident that she is on the road to quick recovery.

Unofficial reports, foreign news, and leaked foreign intelligence reports indicate that her speedy recovery is not assured.

Although we've not been a fan of Ms Clinton, we nonetheless wish her good health; TBIs require long-term care and are not to be taken lightly.

UPDATE: 17 September 2016

Wikileaks has just published [16 SEP 2016] a string of State and DOD emails relating to this event and to foreign news and intelligence reports documenting the crash.

Interestingly, Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr., then Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, served as the Chairman's direct representative to the US Secretary of State. 

His email to Jake Sullivan [then Hillary's Director of Policy Planning] called the reports a"conspiracy theory" and a big chuckle. He apparently was unaware of the death of his SEAL Team 4 Commander, Job W Price, although it appears he may have engineered the false report of Price's "suicide" in Afghanistan -- slandering Price's reputation.  [Sullivan is currently Hillary's campaign foreign policy advisor]

We recommend Representative Gowdy subpoena the good admiral, currently Commander of the Pacific Command, to determine precisely what role he played in covering up this incident, and if/why he participated in slandering the name and career of the SEAL Team 4 Commander.