Monday, October 8, 2012

Obama's Terrorist Advisors

Coming soon to an election near you!
A great deal has been discussed about Mr Obama's philosophy, and we believe that one's philosophy is formed early in life by our family, educators, and associates.  An old slogan of the Jesuits was "Give me the child, and I will show you the man" -- i.e., molding the philosophy of a person is pretty well in place by adults of influence during their early years.

Although Mr Obama has not been terribly forthcoming about his early associates, there are some whose friendships, as he matured, which have been documented, and which we'll describe herein.  

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His elitest childhood years were spent with his mother in Indonesia where his transcripts designated his religion as Islam,  and where Tim Geithner's dad, of the Ford Foundation, employed Obama's mom to set up "micro-financing" programs.

They lived in a four star hotel, complete with round-the-clock servants; Barack [or Barry Soetero as he was known then] was chauffeured to the private school [SDN Menteng 01] he attended -- with little Timmy Geithner -- Timmy later lived in Beijing, and attended university in China.

Your kid's role model?
Barry later attended an exclusive Prep School in Hawaii, where he was renowned as the leader of the CHOOM GANG, smokers and purveyors of marijuana.  He made no secret of this activity, and even bragged about his exploits.  The Liberal Media were quite forgiving, and in fact, were almost worshipful of this behavior.

On the other hand, they condemned George W Bush for his drinking in college.

Barry's mom had no personal grasp of poverty since her family was quite well off, and the Ford Foundation compensated her with today's equivalent of a high 6-figure income, while all her expenses were paid while she lived in Indonesia.  She had complete and comprehensive health coverage -- contrary to Mr Obama's campaign rhetoric -- so she did not die in poverty, as claimed.  The evil insurance company covered her medical costs, but denied her claim for "income lost" since that was not part of her policy.  Mr Obama claimed the insurance company denied her claims for treatment costs.  She did die alone though, since Obama was too busy campaigning to visit her on her deathbed.

Frank Marshall Davis - Communist Organizer

His closest advisor as a teen was Frank Marshall Davis, registered with the Communist Party of America [Card # 47544], and presumed by many to be Obama's biological father.  Obama's book about his father seems to be about "Uncle Frank".

The FBI had compiled a 600 page dossier on Davis who was "extremely active in Chicago Communist Party fronts, campaigns, and newspapers."

Davis worked with the Canter family, which spawned devout Communists  Joseph and Myril Axelrod -- parents of Obama Advisor David Axelrod, Obama's strategist.  According to a number of documents listed on Wikipedia -- which has since been scrubbed, the Canters had lived in Moscow and worked for the Stalin government prior to moving to Chicago.

The House Committee on Un-American Activities investigated David Canter for his pro-Communist activities and his status as a propagandist for the Soviet Union "...Translation World Publishers was an outlet for the distribution of Soviet propaganda ... [which] was subsidized by Soviet funds and was created by known Communists to serve the propaganda interests of the USSR."

Canter and fellow Communist propaganist/activist Don Rose,  met and became mentors to David Axelrod, shaping his political development.

Valerie Jarrett
Davis also worked with dedicated Communist Robert Taylor, grandfather of Obama's closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

Davis, and his fellow Communist organizers recognized that they could not achieve political office as Communists, began penetrating and controlling lower levels of the Democratic Party during the 1950s; Davis focused on Hawaii in the 1960s and 1970s and mentored [and perhaps fathered] young Barry.  Davis' Communist rhetoric:  Anti-establishment, class/race warfare, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-business,  is essentially the theme of Obama's current campaign.

But ultimately, we tie Mr Obama's political contacts, friends, financiers, and business partners to a broad Marxist-Leninist level of influence, the center of which was post-WW2 Chicago which spawned highly influential communists such as Saul Alinski, I.F. Stone, Eugene Lyons.

Photoshopped Birth Certificate didn't fool the FBI
Notably we've been advised by knowledgeable folks that these associations were part of the reason the FBI would not recommend him for a federal security clearance when they did his SBI [special background investigation] for the US Senate.

We won't mention the issue of his questionable birth certificate, or the bogus Social Security number [from Connecticut] he lists, or the foreign passport he used to apply to US colleges -- any of which alone would have excluded him from a security clearance.

Thus, without a clearance, he was barred from classified Congressional Committee meetings -- as a security risk; unfortunately, as President, he faces no such barriers since he is the ultimate classification authority.
Among Mr Obama's close friends and associates were some who built and exploded bombs and planned the murders of US Military personnel.  These are not baseless allegations; they are on criminal record, and the perpetrators recorded it in their memoirs, and still brag about it.

SDS Poster: Revolution in the USA
They were members of the Student Peace Union or the SDS [Students for a Democratic Society], or the Weather Underground whose stated goal was the violent overthrow of the US Government and whose prominent members included Bill Ayers, an advisor to President Obama and business partner in Mr Obama's pre-political days; Ayers, in his 1969 War Council, declared the need for an "armed struggle" using robberies and bombings. 

[FBI documents on the Weather Underground, previously available on the Internet, have been removed, and links to those documents no longer function. This NYT assessment captures much of their status, however.]

Several of Ayers' co-conspirators [Terry Robbins and Diana Oughton] accidentally blew themselves up constucting an IED -- to be targeted against a US soldiers at party at a Fort Dix, NJ Service Club.  

Ayers bragged in his book that he bombed the New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, the US Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972.

In April, 2012, he announced "I get up every morning and think 'today I'm going to end capitalism'."
When he spoke at the University of Oregon in May, 2012, he denounced the United States saying the age of "the American Empire is over."

Bernadine Dohrn's quote re Charles Manson murders
Ayers' wife, Bernardine Dohrn, refers to African Americans as a "Black Colony", developed plans to attack college graduation ceremonies, and eventually was added to the FBI's "10 Most Wanted Fugitives" list.

On August 28, 2010, Dohrn was quoted in a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial:
"The real terrorist is the American government, state terrorism unleashed against the world."

She is currently an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University after working at the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin, LLP, which employed both Barack and Michelle Obama; she reportedly introduced the two.

This law firm reportedly was fined $7.5 million for legal malpractice.  Although the Obamas advised they had no current contact with this firm, the firm's employees donated $243,486 to his 2008 Obama campaign.  It was apparently a good investment since a number of the firm's employees were subsequently appointed to federal positions ranging from judge-ships to US attorneys, and to Cabinet Secretary positions in the Obama Administration.

Defenders of Mr Obama routinely dismiss his association with Mr Ayers and Ms Dohrn as merely a "brief and casual" acquaintance."  In fact, it has been a bit more than brief and casual, and at a minimum, very profitable [$110 Million in government grants]:
Ayers and  Dohrn on FBI's Most Wanted List

1) Ayers and his wife [Dohrn] hosted Mr Obama's political launch party in 1989.

2) In 1995, Bill Ayers organized a team which won a grant proposal to secure nearly $50 million from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge [CAC] to be used by Ayers and company to bolster the radical Local School Councils reform project that Ayers and Obama had championed in 1988.

3) Obama was named Chairman of the Board, and Ayers Co-Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and both worked together for the next five years on raising an additional $60 million in matching money from local foundations and corporations -- and using the money to intervene in the governance of the Chicago public schools during the Chicago School Wars.

4) Ayers and Obama shared offices at the CAC, located at 115 South Sangamon Street for five years.
[How's that for "brief and casual"]

Woods Fund Board
5) Ayers and Obama were both Board members of the Woods Fund [education reform]; Ayers later chaired the board, while
Mr Obama was a board member for five (5) years until 2002.

[More "brief and Casual"]

6) In April 2002, Ayers, Dohrn, and Obama [then an Illinois State Senator] were three of six panelists on a University of Chicago education conference.

So, for the past 20+ years, the regular association and business relationships between Mr Obama and Mr Ayers/Ms Dohrn have all been "brief and casual" -- nothing more.

Now, if Ayers and Dohrn had merely been political activists, we could accept their association with Mr Obama, but, both have declared themselves to be communists, and both have engaged in terrorist activities, to include bombing the Pentagon and the State Department, New York police stations, and planning the murders of US soldiers at Fort Dix, and, espousing the overthrow of the US Government -- as recently as 2010.

Counterfeiting Identification Documents

More linkage via Ayers comes through Elizabeth Anna Duke, who is wanted by the FBI on charges of storage and concealment of illegal explosives.

Obama's SSN was Harry Bounel's
Among other charges, "false identification documents" and "manufacture and possession of counterfeit Social Security cards" [perhaps one was the Connecticut SS card Mr Obama uses].

The Social Security Number Mr Obama uses was originally assigned to Harry Bounel,
born in 1890.

The SS Administration advises that it never reissues a previously assigned SSN, and that SSNs assigned to deceased persons are frequently used to create false identities for illegal aliens.

 Ms Duke is listed as a "teacher and philanthropist" -- and linked to the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Let's not forget Tony Rezko who funded Obama's campaign for state senator and then cut him a sweetheart deal on a house purchase in which Rezko paid roughly half the price for Obama.  This would be during a period when Obama was, according to his campaign rhetoric, eking out a living as a Community Organizer, but he could come up with nearly $2 million for a house cash purchase.  Obama used Rezko as the intermediary to negotiate the sale of Obama's US Senate seat when Obama ran for President.

He unfortunately was outed during an FBI monitoring of former governor Rod Blagojevich and ended up with a prison sentence of 126 months for fraud, money laundering, extortion, etc.

Rezko was particularly notable for his attempts to extort kickbacks from the Teachers' Retirement System -- an organization still not fully supportive of Mr Obama.

In the final political analysis, we find Mr Obama surrounded by by Marxists, Communists, terrorists, and criminals, all of which is disturbing.

We wonder why the Media has not leapt upon these issues.

But then, we examine the Media itself, which was infiltrated by Marxists and Communists during and following World War II, and we find great linkage of the Communists we've identified so far to the Media.

But, that's a whole 'nother story for another time.