I'm a retired spy spooked by current events. I write about my concerns. Enjoy.

Definition of "SPOOK", pronounced /spo͞o͞k/ 1spook  noun1)  ghost, specter2)  an undercover agent : spy
2spook  verb 1)  to scare or frighten2)  to become frightened 

Why read my blogs?
Because I know stuff.

Based on my life experience, I provide assessments of current or past events to provide you "the rest of the story" so you can understand what's actually happening and the threat to you and to the nation.   I don't reveal secrets, but I do explain the impact of issues disclosed in the Media [e.g., Snowden's NSA revelations and disclosures of  Hillary's role in supporting ISIS and the background of Benghazi].

Over the years, I've been a Teacher, Tailor, Soldier, Spy or a "Spook".  My background covers 30+ years in Intelligence Operations and Analysis, including operational assignments with the CIA, DIA, and NSA, and as an analyst and advisor at the Pentagon, the JCS, State Department, and the White House -- developing Military and Foreign Policy.

I've worked in the field with the best and the brightest, collecting and reporting intelligence from the depths of developing countries to international hot spots to produce accurate reporting on the actors on the world stage, and to assess what goes on behind the scenes. 

I've worked with dedicated diplomats, senior military officers, "honest" politicians, and journalists whose knowledge was extraordinary and whose loyalty was beyond question.  I've also worked with and observed some of the most egregious charlatans and slime-balls in both the US and foreign governments.  For the most part, I worked behind the scenes in Washington to strengthen the national defense; and, I worked with the folks who actually made things happen, rather than those on the Kabuki stage to entertain the Media and the generally ignorant public. 

The committees, the bureaucrats, the popinjays are all there for show and to take credit in history for what a small group of insiders accomplish.  My most revealing discovery though, is that the most serious threat to our national security comes from within -- and that's what I mean when I say "I know stuff".



☆ Director of Central Intelligence Exceptional Intelligence Analyst Award

☆ DOD Superior Service Medal for creating and directing the ops for the DOD Clandestine Service

☆ National Press Club Vivian Award

☆ Board of Directors of multiple non-profits

☆ Good Samaritan Honors (Annually awarded by my children)


At Large Intelligence Advisor:  Provided the basis for restructuring the Intelligence Community after 9/11, creating the position of Director of National Intelligence [DNI] to replace the Director of Central Intelligence [DCI] position which was dissolved since the DCI directed both the CIA and the Intelligence Community -- a deterrent to interagency cooperation and sharing.  The new DNI was envisioned to move into the existing IC headquarters office and facilitate a streamlined and efficient intelligence collection and distribution process.
[Unexpectedly, the DNI appointments were not conducive to the original goals.]

CEO: T-Rx, LLC, a consulting firm which provides special services and analytical software applications to the Intelligence Community 

Editor: The Best of DC - Inaugural Edition, a coffee table photo-journal book about the Socio-economic fabric of Washington, DC

IT Executive: Directed international sales of Unix [Sun and SGI] Enterprise computer systems

Adjunct Professor:  International Management, University of Maryland University College

Consultant: Analyzed and developed improvements to the DOD Intelligence Information System [DODIIS]

Teacher,  Alexandria City, Va:  Taught ESL US History, Latin, Science.

S/G/J/C2 Staff Officer [Battalion - Corps - Unified Command - Theater/NATO Support Command.

Director of Operations: DOD Clandestine Service.  Developed the foundation for the DCS based on Congressional approval of USSouthCom Plan Green.  Developed MOUs and MOAs with the Intelligence Community, DOJ, and DEA for cooperative and efficient intelligence operations. SSCI cited these operations as exceptional, producing "extraordinary" intelligence products.

Special Intelligence Advisor/Acting J2: Supporting USSouthCom Commander, developing regional HUMINT strategy and restructuring Military Intelligence operations and structure in Central and South America.  Acting J2 for Exercise Able Archer 83.  Created HUMINT Plan Green, a 25-year strategic plan for HUMINT operations in Latin America. Successfully challenged and overcame regional strategy opposition from DIA Director.  Moved School of the Americas from Panama to Fort Benning -- frustrating Noriega.   Briefed Vice President George H.W. Bush periodically on counter-narcotics operations.   Special commendations from senior executives and CJCS General Vessey.

Special Assistant to US Ambassador at Large Vernon Walters; interface with national level journalists and Intelligence Community.

Strategic Intelligence Analyst, Department of State Intelligence and Research [INR] Bureau tasking all resources in the Intelligence Community to analyze strategic threats and international financial and trade issues.  Briefed Secretaries of State Haig and Schultz on a weekly basis.  Created White Paper assessments for the NSC on international finance and economic issues.  Assessed Cartel money laundering operations based on joint investigations with Treasury Intelligence examining extraordinary growth of small banks in Florida and elsewhere; created the basis for the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986.  

Editor, Pentagon Black Book, Military version of the NID {DCI National Intelligence Daily - CIA's daily newspaper content above Top Secret] assessing global military, technical, and political threats.  The Black Book was regarded as the equivalent, but superior to the NID or the PDB [President's Daily Brief] because it was not politicized as was the NID and the PDB; [analysts from other agencies within the IC would quietly provide me sensitive reports suppressed by their superiors so that these issues might be presented to top tier DOD executives and the President].

Current Intelligence Analyst, Pentagon, assessing global crisis situations and military threats and conducting evaluations of unique scientific developments.  Desk Officer, in succession: East Europe, Middle East/North Africa, Latin America.

Director of Intelligence [C2], NATO Theater Support Command [TASCOM] -
      -- Exercise Able Archer 76.

Military Commander: Formed and commanded three special intelligence detachments.

Director:  FORSCOM national training program for Reserves and National Guard on tactical intelligence specialties, through platform instruction and Command Post Exercises.

Special Agent in Charge, directed counter-intelligence programs and developing doctrine for tactical intelligence training; directed investigations of national security breaches

Advisor, Special Operations in Southeast Asia working with unconventional forces against the North Vietnamese Army.

Regional Intelligence Advisor, directed the counter-insurgency program in NE Thailand and tri-border area - and penetrating PRC insurgent training programs.

Case Officer, managing clandestine operations in Southeast and East Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

Combat Engineer Officer

Infantry Soldier

Assistant Comptroller, Computer Company

History Teacher, Woodward Prep School, Prince Georges County Public Schools, Alexandria City Public Schools.


MBA: International  Management, WEBSTER UNIVERSITY