Thursday, August 1, 2019

Is Islam Transforming My State

Is Minnesota Somaliland Our Future?

Somali immigrants have made their presence known in America, 
sometimes quite violently, reminding us that Obama imported 43,000 of them
 following the overthrow of their totalitarian dictator who ruled by Sharia Law.  
In retrospect, we suspect these violent Somalis, now represented in Congress by 
Ilhan Omar, might have been the basis for Obama's plan to create his personal Army.  

Some of you may remember Somalia as the country embroiled in coups, 
counter-coups, Somali pirates, UN Peacekeepers, 
US Delta Forces slaughtered in the movie Blackhawk Down?  

Once the despotic dictator Barre was overthrown, 
President Obama imported all his violent supporters to resettle in Minnesota, 
forever changing the social and religious composition of that state -- 
and now the social outlook of the entire United States.  

We publish Michele Bachman's assessment below, drawn from WMD; it's 
a firsthand look at what Ilhan Omar wants America to become!

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By: Liam Clancy 

Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann spoke regarding the Somali presence in her home state, Minnesota.

Minnesota was a cozy, quiet environment before the introduction of massive Third World immigration, but, according to former US Representative Michele Bachmann, that changed with the arrival Somali refugees.

Minnesota is no longer the state I moved to in the mid 1960s. Then, we were a well-ordered society with a high-functioning population. Now Minnesota has the largest Somali [mostly Muslim] community in the United States, with Census numbers putting the population around 40,000. " [97,000 have been resettled in the US]

According to Arthur Nazaryan, a freelance photojournalist:
"It’s the biggest Somali community in North America, possibly in the world outside of East Africa.
It’s like the cultural hub of the Somali diaspora, you could say.  Minnesota is a super liberal state; they have that whole history of accepting refugees from Vietnam, and then the Hmong, and then the Bosnian crisis. So they have this whole infrastructure set up already, in terms of nonprofit agencies and NGOs, where their primary purpose is resettling refugees.”

"Black Hawk Down" Scene
But this community of Somali refugees has effectively disengaged from American society, according to Bachmann, leading to the denigration of the culture of Minnesota as well as a host of other social problems.

This is a failed multicultural experiment that is killing people and destroying the future of the West; Parallel societies kill assimilation from the Third World and create havoc in American societies,” 

The Somali population in Minnesota has chosen to largely ignore assimilation into American culture, seeking instead to live in completely Somali communities."

Bachman notes: "The recent shooting of Justine Damond by a Somali-refugee cop Mohamed Noor, an officer hired during a campaign for a diverse police force, demonstrates the “havoc” Third World immigration can bring to the United States".

Somali women in Minnesota are almost always covered with clothing from head to toe. 

There is very little evidence in Minnesota of Somali women adopting Western dress and Western ways. 

In fact, Mohammad Noor was photographed with three females from his family, all of whom were covered with traditional Somali clothing.”

Justine Damond, shot point blank:
murdered by Officer Mohamed Noor
This drastic cultural rift could have contributed to Noor’s decision to shoot Justine.

Was Noor acting like the Muslim religious police, maintaining strict adherence to keeping women’s bodies covered when he shot Justine? 

Was he acting from a cultural instinct?

The facts remain unclear because Somali officer Noor hasn’t cooperated with investigators;  apparently, Damond had called police because she heard what sounded like an on-going assault and rape.  When the police car arrived, she approached the police car, Noor casually drew his gun, fired across his partner, through a car door window, killing Damond.

[Neither Noor nor his partner had their body cams turned on. Officer Jesse Lopez told Noor to "...keep your mouth shut!"  Other officers arriving at the scene turned their body cams off.  Noor was convicted of Third Degree murder and sentenced to 12 years in prison; Minneapolis paid Damond's family $20 Million in compensation for Noor's cold-blooded murder of her.]

Bachmann believes
“... it’s prudent to ask whether police officer Noor shot Justine due to a Somali/Shariah mindset.”

The “Shariah mindset” is rife among Somalis in Minnesota, as evidenced by a history of female genital mutilation, Shariah enforcement groups, and Islamic terrorism. A Michigan doctor was charged with the genital mutilation of two Minneapolis girls this year, and the investigation suggests there were “multiple” other victims, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Devon Miller [aka: Abdullah Rashid]
Arrested for Impersonating a Cop
Denied a Concealed Carry License
WND previously reported on “Shariah cops” in Minneapolis, a group called the General Presidency of the Religious Affairs and Welfare of the Ummah that pays regular visits to Somali households to enforce Shariah law, including prohibition on the use of alcohol and restrictions on dress for women. The group’s leader, Abdullah Rashid, is a convert to Islam who married a Somali woman and moved to Minnesota. Rashid has said he wants to turn a Muslim enclave of Minneapolis into a “Shariah-controlled zone” where Muslims are required to submit to Shariah law and non-Muslims are “asked to respect” it.

Bachman notes;
In Minnesota, Somali households live as they do in Somalia, only with improved living standards; these living standards come from subsidies funded by taxpayers. There is evidence of continued practice of [female genital mutilation], of domestic abuse of women, and of polygamy.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a stabbing attack in a Minnesota mall in 2016, in which a 20-year-old Somali refugee injured 10 people. FBI Special Agent Richard Thornton, in charge of the investigation, told reporters that “one could reasonably conclude his actions were consistent with the philosophies of violent, radical Islamic groups; he may have been “radicalized,” possibly with the help of others."

Bachman opined:
"Problems such as this were unheard of before the large-scale resettlement of Somali refugees. 
As people from Third World, impoverished, dysfunctional, war-torn countries establish communities anywhere in the world, from the tiny island nation of Nauru, to Minnesota, we see that transplanting the followers of Islamic Shariah law brings with it the continual problems of Islamic Shariah.

Ilhan Omar
Calls Somalia Our Nation Back Home 
There are no success stories of mass Islamic migration anywhere in the world. In order to prevent the continued existence of 'parallel societies' such as with the Somali population of Minnesota, immigrants must assimilate completely into American culture. 

"Immigrants must know it is a condition of entry to the US to assimilate into Western society by adopting allegiance to Western law. Immigrants should also be required to adopt Western dress, and be informed they must abandon the illegal aspects of following Shariah law.

Ed Special Analysis on Ilhan Omar:

Two weeks after the Benghazi attacks, killing four Americans, including the US Ambassador who was tortured before he was killed, Omar tweeted in response: Allah Akbar!  Perhaps indicating she approved of the attack on the US Consulate.

Romance? or Espionage
Regarding Omar, we've learned via witnesses that Ilhan has been seen in the company of Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Masnad [aka: The Boss], the National Security Director for the Emir of Qatar.  

From the NYT:
Qatar sends money, weapons, and military training to Somalia with the objective of managing ports or exploiting natural resources.  A car bombing outside the courthouse in the port city of Bosaso, originally attributed to terrorists, was in fact carried out by militants from Qatar [al Shabab - an affiliate of al Qaeda)] to "advance Qatar's interests by driving the United Arab Emirates [DP World] out of Somalia." 

Khalifa Kayed al-Muhanadi
In a telephone intercept [by a country other than the US], on 18 May, of the Qatar Ambassador talking to businessman Khalifa Kayed al-Muhanadi, who stated the bombing was designed to "kick out the Emiratis so they don't renew the contracts -- and I will bring the contract[s] to Doha" [Qatar]

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and their allied states cut off commercial and diplomatic ties with Qatar  to force it to alter its policies.  Qatar has allied itself with Turkey [where the US has a sensitive military base], whose embassy was attacked  by al Shabab in 2013.

This conflict is important:

1) the US has military alliances with, and forward military bases in both the UAE and Qatar.
2) Qatar's relationship with al Shabab and possibly al Qaeda, both listed as Terrorist
     organizations, and thus enemies of the US, might indicate the sharing of information
     among the three. 
2) Ilhan Omar serves in the US Congress, on the Foreign Affairs Committee, holding a
   Top Secret clearance and is privy to highly sensitive intelligence information regarding 
   US plans and intentions in the Middle East.
3) Omar's close relationship with the head of Qatar's Security apparatus indicates 
    either a romance, or that The Boss has recruited her as a spy given her access.
4) Ilhan Moran's relationship with a foreign national opens national security 
    implications and could lead to her arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment 
    - not to speak of removing her from Congress.
5) Moran married her brother [illegal under Sharia Law] to obtain US citizenship, 
     is in the process of divorcing her first husband, has now moved into a very 
     expensive, luxury condominium, and has gone to great lengths to hide her 
     relationship with The Boss.

It is bad enough that Moran has publicly condemned the US as a US Representative; but she is now in a position to bring great harm to the US in Congress by spying for a foreign power; that's known as Treason.