Monday, July 29, 2019

Navy Coup Attempted Against Trump?

Thanks Vlad, I owe you one!

Ruslan Maratovich Asainov

President Putin coordinated with President Trump, transferring into FBI custody ISIS sniper and weapons instructor Ruslan Maratovich Asainov [a naturalized US citizen] who revealed to his Russian Police interrogators that he had worked with US NAVY SEALS in Iraq, who were to be smuggled into the US with their intended assassination target being President Trump.

Secretary of Defense: Mark Esper
Secretary of Defense Mark Esper suspended from duty and ordered back from Iraq 19 USN SEALs and four of their support troops.  Esper ordered the immediate arrest of 16 Marines in California.

The cover story for the removal of the SEALs was
"Foxtrot Platoon, Seal Team 7, drank alcohol at a 4th of July Party and a senior enlisted member had raped a female Service member attached to the platoon."

The cover story for the arrest of the Marines was
"they were involved in the smuggling of migrants across the border"l

Asainov had worked his way up through the ranks to achieve the position of Emir. In correspondence to friends in Brooklyn, he state he would like to "die on the battlefield."
[We're not sure how he had connected with the US SEALs]

The question becomes, how deeply imbedded are those Military traitors in our system, and how many more potential of them are there in the Navy and the other Services.
And, how many terrorists like Asainov reside in our midst.

Interestingly, only days before, Esper had been a place holder Secretary of the Army. His immediate appointment as Secretary of Defense took place without debate, and was approved by the Senate with an unprecedented 90-8 vote. Esper is a West Point classmate of Secretary of State Pompeo.

Is it possible key Congressional leaders were briefed on the probability of a Military Coup in progress, giving them a sense of urgency?

A sidelight of this event was that President Putin informed President Trump of this impending coup by the US Navy, and positioned a Russian warship off the US coast.

[We suspect Putin trusts Trump to keep the Deep State warmongers in check and Trump as an ally in case the PRC poses a military threat.]

Putin thus stationed the Russian Admiral Gorshkov Class Stealth Frigate off the US Caribbean coastline, apparently anticipating a possible post-coup military attack on Russia. Previously, the frigate had been reported in Cuban waters.
[This class Stealth Frigate can fire cruise missiles, surface to air missiles, and even the GrahMos [PJ-10] supersonic sea-skimming cruise missile.]

ADM Moran
Esper then relieved Admiral William Moran who had been scheduled to become the Chief of Naval Operations [CNO] - citing an "unprofessional relationship with a subordinate."

Moran's nomination as CNO was unusual since his only Line Officer duty appeared to be his time as a P-3 Orion pilot.
 Oddly, his career seemed to be primarily as a Personnel Officer, rising to become the Chief of Naval Personnel -- an important position, but certainly not a normal stepping stone to the CNO position.
[But, interestingly, he was also the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations.]

Earlier, his assignments were in dual roles as well as Personnel Officer and either Executive Assistant or Deputy Commander. To the cynical eye, it would appear he was being groomed as the future, if qualified on paper only, the Navy CNO, but by whom?  A Deep State or Obama selectee?

On the other hand, if he were involved in coup planning [which we are not alleging], in managing flag officer selections, he could screen, pick and choose his future admiral rank junta.

Other reports indicate there may be linkage between the US Navy and Epstein's island[s], although the details of that arrangement are, as yet, not fully known. Perhaps Admiral Moran could elucidate for us.

Former DNI Dan Coats
Meanwhile, looking at Trump's machinations, this highly unusual sequence coincided with Trump's replacement of Dan Coats with Congressman John Ratcliffe. Officially, Coats had been quarreling with Trump over the "Russian Threat".

Coats' tacit alliance with Clapper and Brennan likely did not endear him to Trump, and Coats had been a K-Street lobbyist and was commonly regarded as a denizen of the Deep State, and not to be trusted.
 Better to "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!"

Quite telling was the almost universal outrage by Democrats over Coats' departure. 
The only time such outrage occurs is if Trump ditches a Democrat favorite. Hmm. 

Why put Coats in such a sensitive Intelligence position? 
[Pure speculation on our part

1) Trump regarded the entire Intelligence Community as more of an adversary than a supporting organization, and the National Intelligence Estimates he received were of little value. So, keeping Coats in that position neutered his power, and kept him in a place where Trump could monitor him. 

2) The monitoring part was important since Coats was presumed to be an adversary, a leaker, and tied to Clapper, Brennan, and Obama supporters. Monitoring Coats revealed all his contacts, and identified more of the hidden adversaries, particularly Deep State orchestrators. 

3) Last, but not least, was the overlap between the Deep State and the Epstein cabal. 
Was/is the Navy involved with Epstein, and if so, how, and beginning when. There have been a number of allusions to this relationship, and we suspect the smoke there may indicate a bit of fire. 

If, in fact, there were a coup afoot, we suspect there will be more attempts, and we'll see more luminaries disappearing from the landscape, only to reappear in Gitmo.