Monday, September 24, 2018

China's "Social Credit System" - A Copy of the US?

We're reprinting this article as it captures the essence of China's new mass surveillance system, which couples with a mind and behavior control process of rewards and punishments imposed by the government, based on the citizens' behavior. 

Generally, we'd simply point to this as the extremism inherent in China, but, in reality, we're seeing such a mechanism in the US as our  Social Media has now become a censorship mechanism, not unlike China's Gamification of Trust. If you "violate" the vague, yet comprehensive Terms of Agreement of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., they will shut you down and ban you for a week, a month, or forever, particularly if you take a dynamic Conservative position.

Unless Congress and the President step in to force these IT giants to honor the First Amendment, the concept of Freedom of Speech will be lost forever, and the core of the United States will be lost forever.

Keep in mind that, under the successive Administrations of Bush-1, Clinton, Bush-2, and Obama, [the foursome comprising the embodiment of the Deep State Puppetry], a series of Executive Orders [EO] were enacted, using 9/11 as the excuse to protect America from terrorists.  These incrementally restricted the rights of American citizens and were capped by the Patriot Act and the NDAA, which stripped the Constitutional Rights of citizens suspected of any linkage to TERRORISM, no matter how spurious or specious the accusations.  The counter-terrorism excuse was used to authorize NSA surveillance on US citizens, as well as introducing Secret Letters, Confiscation of personal property, warrantless searches, and sanctioned torture of prisoners of war.

These EOs and legislation were supplemented and enforced by the expansion and weaponization of our Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities and the creation of new agencies [e.g., Homeland Security] which morphed into massive bureaucracies with no visible purpose other than to harass and control citizens to force them into total compliance.

Ultimately, we have witnessed the systematic deadly assault, physical and ad hominem, against our Legislators, our Cabinet members, our Supreme Court nominees, and our President [notably the attempted assassination of Representative Scalise, the physical assault of Senator Paul, and, last but not least, the derailing of Congressional train in Virginia designed to kill both our legislators and their families and cause the collapse of Congress.]   Our News and Social Media have been purchased and controlled by Left Wing billionaires, and our journalists have been replaced by propagandists.

Although few will recognize the symptoms and indicators, we are in the last stages of a fight for the very existence of our Republic; and we may very well succumb to the Chinese model described below if we lose.

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 China's 'Social Credit System' Has now been switched on, 
and is straight out of Dystopian Sci-Fi

China's "Social Credit System" is a sprawling, complete, technological mass surveillance network. It's already been switched on and is expected to be fully operational by 2020.

It monitors China's nearly 1.4 billion citizens, and it's also designed to control and coerce them in a massive social engineering process some have called the "gamification of trust" in which the system assigns an individual Trust Score to each citizen as well as to businesses.

The Chinese Communist system will, according to the Chinese government
"allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step".

This scheme will harness the immense reach of China's technological infrastructure which includes 200 million CCTV cameras. This 24/7 surveillance will be linked to facial recognition systems, and cross-checked with financial, medical records, and legal records – with the whole apparatus regulated and interpreted by advanced, data-crunching AI [artificial intelligence] networks.

[Ed Note: This ties to the interlocking companies in the US in which Medical, Financial, Legal, Personnel, and Security files are accessible by one major company which owns the subsidiaries operating in a different name.]

The scope of this venture is reminiscent of the TV show Black Mirror [i.e., the eerily prescient episode "Nosedive" which depicts a world where people can rate each other from one to five stars for every interaction they have, and which can impact their socioeconomic status].  China's goal goes even further.

Algorithmic Governance will rule your life

"This is potentially a totally new way for the government to manage the economy and society," according to economist Martin Chorzempa from the Peterson Institute for International Economics. 

The goal is algorithmic governance!"
[Think in terms of a computer managing your life, as in HAL, the computer in 2001, Space Oddysey.

For such a complex plan, the crux of social credit is simple.

In localised pilot programs currently operational in Chinese cities, citizens are assigned a numerical score. For positive personal and social acts – such as paying bills on time, engaging in charity, and properly sorting your recycling – citizens get their score bumped up, which gives them access to perks, like better credit facilities, cheaper public transport, and even shorter wait times for hospital services.  [Ed Note: Not unlike the impact of your FICO score.]

But if you break the rules, beware. People with late with payments, caught jaywalking or smoking in non-smoking areas, will be punished.

In what's being described as a "digital dictatorship", their score takes a hit for each infraction, meaning they incur things like financial penalties and even travel restrictions.

That's what happened to investigative journalist Liu Hu, who says the social credit system destroyed his career after he was blacklisted for making accusations of government corruption. Branded "dishonest", he had access to rail travel suspended, and his social media accounts – comprising some 2 million followers – were reportedly shut down, effectively making his job impossible.
[Ed Note: We now note US airline computers will unilaterally cancel your reservations if you are categorized as "non-compliant".]

As Hu told Foreign Correspondent, he doesn't believe most Chinese are aware of how these kinds of punishments could affect them. "You can see from the Chinese people's mental state.  Their eyes are blinded and their ears are blocked. They know little about the world and live in an illusion." 

But the social credit system reaches even further than this.
Individuals aren't the only ones subject to this ramification.

Companies within and outside China are affected, with international airlines already feeling the coercive aspects of the controversial system, which could "interfere directly in the sovereignty of other nations".

Social surveys show the preliminary system is popular with socially advantaged citizens who already enjoy the perks of pilot programs.

"It sounds like it will help improve the quality of citizens in the long run," Shanghai-based saleswoman Joyce Hu told NPR last year.

"As long as it doesn't violate my privacy, I'm okay with it."


Editor's Note:

We are reminded of China's Cultural Revolution [1966-76] during which the Red Guard brutally controlled/suppressed "free speech" by having children report on their parents, students report on each other and on their teachers, and even on farm workers who reported on each other's work habits.   Penalties for violations included imprisonment, and execution. 

This was the ultimate thought and mind control, much like the insinuation and imposition of Political Correctness and the violent "demonstrations" of the Left on campuses and the destruction of historical monuments in the US.  A side effect consisted of the destruction of much of China's recorded history as books and documents were destroyed, much like the systematic erasure of historical material on Google searches.

We are, naturally appalled at China's intrusion on the privacy of their citizens, yet we tend to forget NSA'S harvesting of thousands of Terabytes [Zettabytes], encompassing virtually every email, text, and phone conversation of every US citizen. 

As we've noted, our DHS and DOJ, under Obama, did not hesitate to use the information gathered against those designated political 'enemies' of the Deep State.  

State surveillance and suppression in the US far outweighed that in China; we just didn't notice it.