Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Deep State Targets Tesla

Elon Musk: Serial Entrepreneur, and Threat to the Deep State
Just as Nicholas Tesla was targeted and destroyed
 by the Deep State when he came up with ideas and 
inventions which would improve the lives of humanity 
-- and provide free electricity and communications, 
so too is Elon Musk now being targeted since he
abhors wasteful and overly expensive inefficiencies.  
In this story line, follow the money, but recognize 
Elon Musk can, and will, dislodge the Deep State.

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Business Insider, ByLine: Matthew DeBord

Elon Musk settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] on charges filed over his abandoned attempt to take Tesla private. Musk will have to step down as the chairman of Tesla, and will be barred from that position for three years. He will remain Tesla’s CEO. The SEC charged Tesla with “failing to have required disclosure controls and procedures relating to Musk’s tweets.”  

We are curious what role Melissa Hodgman, Director of the SEC's International Divisionplayed in this bizarre attack; you might remember she is married to Peter Strzok, the corrupt, and now former Director of the FBI's Counter-Intelligence Division; her role has been to block any investigations into Hillary's money laundering operation in the Clinton Foundation.  
[Other than working with his girlfriend to undermine Trump, Strzok's notable success was in destroying the FBI's long term Operation Ghost Stories which identified and arrested a Russian SVR Sleeper Agent program by allowing the escape/release of the eleven spies arrested.]

Musk and the company will pay separate $20 million fines that will “be distributed to harmed investors under a court-approved process.   Tesla is being forced to appoint two new independent directors to its board. The company must also hire a lawyer to monitor Musk’s communications, including his tweets.

Musk's crime?

He tweeted that he was "... considering taking the company private."
He didn't, but that's irrelevant as far as the corrupt SEC is concerned.

Back in 2010, Musk's initial public offering of the Tesla stock was $17 in 2010; today, it sells for $300, a modest increase that made its investors millionaires.

[We're curious as to how investors were harmed by Tesla's chronic speculation, captured this time in an eight word tweet]

Musk is a perceived enemy of the Deep State, which derives its wealth primarily from the Transportation industry, i.e., Detroit's internal combustion industry, the oil industry, the financial industry, and the Defense and Space industry.

Musk has challenged each of the industries.
Tesla Semi; non-diesel

His electric vehicles have spawned dozens of US and international electric vehicle competitors; the only barrier seemed to be the limitations of 2,000 year old battery technology, so he created a company to make 21st Century batteries for electric vehicles, to include the Tesla Semi trucks  which could travel long distances without expensive diesel fuel costs
[currently about $150 Billion per year, which could cut into Warren Buffet's $34 Billion petroleum movement system of railroads].

The financial industry is leery of Musk because he can manufacture affordable vehicles and finance their sales through his own company at reasonable interest rates.  As opposed to Detroit's products which languish on car lots, Tesla vehicles are sold on waiting lists because demand is so great.

Automobile dealerships, a mainstay of the financial industry selling car loans of $30,000 to $150,000 at high interest rates, will gradually disappear with the dominance of electric vehicles since the need for mechanical maintenance is eliminated with electric motors which need only simple lubricants; no more expensive maintenance and overhauls of automobile drive trains consisting of thousands of moving parts [there are about 13,000 moving parts in the drive train of the average gasoline propelled car today; an electric propelled automobile has a motor with nine moving parts; do the math].  Electric vehicles will still need financing, but their mechanical and physical life spans are indefinite as the structures are now carbon-based and the motors simply don't wear out.

GM's EV-s, all in working order, were destroyed

GM figured this out in 1995 after they had created the EV-1 and EV-2, wildly popular leased vehicles - which needed no maintenance.

So, GM's Chairman, Rick Wagoner, revoked the leases, confiscated all the vehicles, and destroyed them all, not even giving one to the Smithsonian for historical purposes.

Musk's exceptional drive has produced a number of extraordinary ventures, most of which have made him, and his investors, quite wealthy.

His first venture was a software company called Zip2, which provided News Media resources with research capabilities. He sold out to Compaq Computer for $307 Million -- his share was $22 Million.

His next venture was X.com, an on-line bank which eventually became PayPal, which blind-sided the banking industry as it made transactions electronic and simple; he eventually sold the company for $250 Million.

Further down the road, he studied "rocket science" in his spare time and created SpaceX on the basis that rockets were unnecessarily overpriced.  His ventures included buying Russian rockets, developing a re-usable rocket; his reusable rockets were 100 time cheaper than those purchased under existing government contracts. He then secured a NASA contract for  $1.6 Billion to resupply the Space Station [after the Space Shuttle program was ended by Obama in 2011].  This program evolved into the BFR [Big Falcon (Fucking) Rocket] program which has evolved into the Interplanetary Space Flight program with reusable rockets.

This venture caused him a great deal of opposition since the Deep State is unwilling to give up control of the Space Industry, funded by billion dollar NASA contracts, and promoted by Trump's Space Force.

On a number of early launches, Musk's rockets inexplicably exploded on the pad or shortly after lift-off, as we would later learn via sabotage, or via snipers who could puncture a fuel tank from a mile away.  Musk and Trump solved this problem by launching from a highly restricted Military base, entry to which was only for fully identified, by-name personnel.

The Deep State has been squeezed out, for now, but will likely launch propaganda campaigns to denigrate Musk's efforts -- which promise to deliver astronauts to Mars, and the Moon in the immediate future.

Having successfully launched his Interplanetary program, Musk turned his attention again to his electric vehicles, addressing the limitations of battery life; so he built the GigaFactory, a lithium-ion battery factory in Nevada to power his vehicles and homes with solar-energy Powerwalls [a stationary home/business energy storage unit.

These ventures would undercut the battery companies, which have produced batteries which  are archaic [3,000 years old in design], expensive, and have a life span of about five years.

Cancer Transmission Systems?
They would also undercut the electric utility companies by providing consumers with an alternative to buying ever-more expensive electricity by government-protected monopolistic utilities which produce electricity and deliver it to consumers in the least efficient and highly vulnerable manner.

There is reportedly a high correlation between exposure to the Electrical Magnetic Fields [EMF] high tension power lines and cancer.  Electric utilizes have spent considerable money "debunking" these theories, but, it seems there is now pretty much of an inexplicable epidemic of cancer.

There's a considerable amount of money to be lost if Musk succeeds in creating electricity that is "off-the-grid", and naturally, the Deep State is reluctant to all the disruption of the "status quo". Expect a massive propaganda campaign to malign Musk's program.

But, lest you think Musk was slacking off, he came up with still another innovation; i.e., the Hyperloop passenger/freight train which replaces railroad trains with a high speed [700 mph], efficient, and comparatively inexpensive process.

Hyperloop Concept
The Hyperloop is a sealed tube, or system of tubes, through which a "pod" can travel without air resistance or friction -- at very high speeds.

The pods would be pressurized capsules which ride on "air bearings" driven by linear induction motors and axial compressors.

All that sounds complicated, but, think in terms of the vacuum tube system many banks still use in drive-through lanes to deliver your cash from the teller in the window.  Sixty years ago, that was the preferred system for office complexes and department stores.

This is a great idea which would provide a viable alternative to our crowded, expensive, uncomfortable, and inefficient airways   which are highly vulnerable.  Once again though, the Deep State is highly resistant to innovative technology which could slaughter their cash cows.  Railroads, though massively inefficient and slow, are basically passenger-unfriendly and highly profitable freight carriers.  Warren Buffett would be resistant, although rail would be the preferred carrier of dangerous loads of oil, coal, and explosives.

Nonetheless, opponents have already produced "studies" which call this technology impractical and vulnerable to disruption from power outages and "terror attacks".

Some may remember how the high-speed MagLev trains conceived in the 1980s were derailed in the US by Deep State nay-sayers to protect the airlines and rail monopolies -- but those constructed in foreign countries work just fine, until mysterious accidents caused them to shut down.

Musk's Tunnel Boring Machine
The question arose on how the HyperLoop would move through non-existent paths.

Naturally, Musk had an answer - his Boring Machine Company, which produces machines capable of boring tunnels through any material [e.g., rock]  at 50-60 feet per day, with a diameter up to nearly 60 feet.

Currently, Musk has a variety of tentative contracts for boring his tunnels, into which he can insert his Hyperloop trains; since these might cause the disruption and obsolescence of existing transportation systems, we can guarantee a great deal of political opposition to arise from Deep State functionaries.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Elon Musk, the man from the future.

Monday, September 24, 2018

China's "Social Credit System" - A Copy of the US?

We're reprinting this article as it captures the essence of China's new mass surveillance system, which couples with a mind and behavior control process of rewards and punishments imposed by the government, based on the citizens' behavior. 

Generally, we'd simply point to this as the extremism inherent in China, but, in reality, we're seeing such a mechanism in the US as our  Social Media has now become a censorship mechanism, not unlike China's Gamification of Trust. If you "violate" the vague, yet comprehensive Terms of Agreement of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., they will shut you down and ban you for a week, a month, or forever, particularly if you take a dynamic Conservative position.

Unless Congress and the President step in to force these IT giants to honor the First Amendment, the concept of Freedom of Speech will be lost forever, and the core of the United States will be lost forever.

Keep in mind that, under the successive Administrations of Bush-1, Clinton, Bush-2, and Obama, [the foursome comprising the embodiment of the Deep State Puppetry], a series of Executive Orders [EO] were enacted, using 9/11 as the excuse to protect America from terrorists.  These incrementally restricted the rights of American citizens and were capped by the Patriot Act and the NDAA, which stripped the Constitutional Rights of citizens suspected of any linkage to TERRORISM, no matter how spurious or specious the accusations.  The counter-terrorism excuse was used to authorize NSA surveillance on US citizens, as well as introducing Secret Letters, Confiscation of personal property, warrantless searches, and sanctioned torture of prisoners of war.

These EOs and legislation were supplemented and enforced by the expansion and weaponization of our Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities and the creation of new agencies [e.g., Homeland Security] which morphed into massive bureaucracies with no visible purpose other than to harass and control citizens to force them into total compliance.

Ultimately, we have witnessed the systematic deadly assault, physical and ad hominem, against our Legislators, our Cabinet members, our Supreme Court nominees, and our President [notably the attempted assassination of Representative Scalise, the physical assault of Senator Paul, and, last but not least, the derailing of Congressional train in Virginia designed to kill both our legislators and their families and cause the collapse of Congress.]   Our News and Social Media have been purchased and controlled by Left Wing billionaires, and our journalists have been replaced by propagandists.

Although few will recognize the symptoms and indicators, we are in the last stages of a fight for the very existence of our Republic; and we may very well succumb to the Chinese model described below if we lose.

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 China's 'Social Credit System' Has now been switched on, 
and is straight out of Dystopian Sci-Fi

China's "Social Credit System" is a sprawling, complete, technological mass surveillance network. It's already been switched on and is expected to be fully operational by 2020.

It monitors China's nearly 1.4 billion citizens, and it's also designed to control and coerce them in a massive social engineering process some have called the "gamification of trust" in which the system assigns an individual Trust Score to each citizen as well as to businesses.

The Chinese Communist system will, according to the Chinese government
"allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step".

This scheme will harness the immense reach of China's technological infrastructure which includes 200 million CCTV cameras. This 24/7 surveillance will be linked to facial recognition systems, and cross-checked with financial, medical records, and legal records – with the whole apparatus regulated and interpreted by advanced, data-crunching AI [artificial intelligence] networks.

[Ed Note: This ties to the interlocking companies in the US in which Medical, Financial, Legal, Personnel, and Security files are accessible by one major company which owns the subsidiaries operating in a different name.]

The scope of this venture is reminiscent of the TV show Black Mirror [i.e., the eerily prescient episode "Nosedive" which depicts a world where people can rate each other from one to five stars for every interaction they have, and which can impact their socioeconomic status].  China's goal goes even further.

Algorithmic Governance will rule your life

"This is potentially a totally new way for the government to manage the economy and society," according to economist Martin Chorzempa from the Peterson Institute for International Economics. 

The goal is algorithmic governance!"
[Think in terms of a computer managing your life, as in HAL, the computer in 2001, Space Oddysey.

For such a complex plan, the crux of social credit is simple.

In localised pilot programs currently operational in Chinese cities, citizens are assigned a numerical score. For positive personal and social acts – such as paying bills on time, engaging in charity, and properly sorting your recycling – citizens get their score bumped up, which gives them access to perks, like better credit facilities, cheaper public transport, and even shorter wait times for hospital services.  [Ed Note: Not unlike the impact of your FICO score.]

But if you break the rules, beware. People with late with payments, caught jaywalking or smoking in non-smoking areas, will be punished.

In what's being described as a "digital dictatorship", their score takes a hit for each infraction, meaning they incur things like financial penalties and even travel restrictions.

That's what happened to investigative journalist Liu Hu, who says the social credit system destroyed his career after he was blacklisted for making accusations of government corruption. Branded "dishonest", he had access to rail travel suspended, and his social media accounts – comprising some 2 million followers – were reportedly shut down, effectively making his job impossible.
[Ed Note: We now note US airline computers will unilaterally cancel your reservations if you are categorized as "non-compliant".]

As Hu told Foreign Correspondent, he doesn't believe most Chinese are aware of how these kinds of punishments could affect them. "You can see from the Chinese people's mental state.  Their eyes are blinded and their ears are blocked. They know little about the world and live in an illusion." 

But the social credit system reaches even further than this.
Individuals aren't the only ones subject to this ramification.

Companies within and outside China are affected, with international airlines already feeling the coercive aspects of the controversial system, which could "interfere directly in the sovereignty of other nations".

Social surveys show the preliminary system is popular with socially advantaged citizens who already enjoy the perks of pilot programs.

"It sounds like it will help improve the quality of citizens in the long run," Shanghai-based saleswoman Joyce Hu told NPR last year.

"As long as it doesn't violate my privacy, I'm okay with it."


Editor's Note:

We are reminded of China's Cultural Revolution [1966-76] during which the Red Guard brutally controlled/suppressed "free speech" by having children report on their parents, students report on each other and on their teachers, and even on farm workers who reported on each other's work habits.   Penalties for violations included imprisonment, and execution. 

This was the ultimate thought and mind control, much like the insinuation and imposition of Political Correctness and the violent "demonstrations" of the Left on campuses and the destruction of historical monuments in the US.  A side effect consisted of the destruction of much of China's recorded history as books and documents were destroyed, much like the systematic erasure of historical material on Google searches.

We are, naturally appalled at China's intrusion on the privacy of their citizens, yet we tend to forget NSA'S harvesting of thousands of Terabytes [Zettabytes], encompassing virtually every email, text, and phone conversation of every US citizen. 

As we've noted, our DHS and DOJ, under Obama, did not hesitate to use the information gathered against those designated political 'enemies' of the Deep State.  

State surveillance and suppression in the US far outweighed that in China; we just didn't notice it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh Confirmation Debacle

Judge Brett Kavanaugh -  Supreme Court Nominee

This is an analysis from a FB friend 
which deserves broad viewership. 
It is a succinct and lucid summary 
of the Judge Kavanaugh Senate 
hearings and issues.


1)  Six FBI background checks over 25 years:
     No Negatives found.
2) 1,325 written questions from US Senators:
    No Negative Comments
3) 65 meetings with US Senators:
    The allegations were never mentioned
4) 32 hours of public hearings:
     No mention of the allegations
5) In US Senate Judiciary Committee Executive session:
    No reference to the allegations
Booker: aka: Spartacus 
6) Senator Cory Booker
     Made no mention the allegations
7)  At the time of this post [18SEP2918], the accuser continued to refuse to appear before the Senate Committee.
     -- No other witnesses will be allowed to appear before the Committee.

8)  The Washington Post published a hit piece mentioning a single, uncorroborated, allegation from 36 years ago, during Kavanaugh's high school days, and the Senate Committee must now delay or defeat Judge Kavanagh's nomination to the Senate for confirmation to the Supreme Court.

9)  Click here for Kavanaugh's biography

This is a disgraceful, partisan debasement of the 
US Senate and the confirmation process, and the 
fact that it was held until the eleventh-hour is 
suspicious, at best, and nefarious at worst!

To clarify, here is the Democrats timeline:

Senator Feinstein
• Dianne Feinstein, a Senior Democrat member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, had a written statement in her possession from a woman accusing Kavanaugh of misconduct when they were both teenagers, weeks before Kavanaugh ever came before Congress for hearings.

• Feinstein did not turn the letter over to the FBI, which would then have had the authority to discretely interview those involved and assess the allegation's legal ramifications for a public figure.

• Feinstein (and other Senate Dems who presumably knew about the letter) did not ask Kavanaugh about the allegations they knew had been made against him during the hundreds of hours of closed and open testimony and thousands of submitted questions.

• Feinstein held the letter until Kavanaugh's hearing was concluded and a vote for him was all-but-sure to pass nomination, and then first mentioned the letter during a press release to reporters - where the case would be litigated in the public arena, and not within the halls of investigative or deliberative bodies whose job it is to assess these claims.

• Because Kavanaugh was never asked about the accusations or his relationship with the accuser in days of questioning by the Senate, the Judge presumably had no idea what the allegations even were.
   a) The accusations lack a time, place, and circumstances
   b) making them all but impossible for Kavanaugh's defense
   c) Such accusations would never be admissible in a court of law!

Senator Grassley
• Feinstein did not cooperate with Republicans in setting up follow-up calls with the Kavanaugh accuser who accuser continues to ignore requests from Senator Grassley for a hearing.

• Feinstein and Senate Democrats refused to speak with Kavanaugh and the Senate Judiciary staff Monday after the accuser had gone public and Kavanaugh had forcibly denied the allegations.

The accuser's lawyer says it is not her client’s job to corroborate her claims against Kavanaugh
[a normal process in a court of law]

Every legitimate accuser should be  heard -- after investigation and verification;  and such cases should be  litigated to the fullest extent. However, the way Democrats have handled this claim has in no way benefitted the accuser, accused, or the greater Me Too movement.  
A court would throw out such an accusation for lack of evidence as well as the fact that the event allegedly occurred 36 years prior. The fact that the accuser is linked to the Hillary campaign and to the Steele bogus accusation degrades the accuser and the accusation. 

It smacks of political weaponization!

Who is the accuser?
Christine: Now  --                                           36 Years Ago

Here's a summary
Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser

Notably, Christine Blasey's brother, Ralph III, worked for Baker Hostetler, the Fusion GPS law firm, for 15 years.

She is affiliated with Indivisible, an Alinsky-style Anti-Trump "Resistance Group" in Silicon Valley [their Facebook page has now been taken down].


According to Michael Collesano, her lawyer, Debra Katz, a defender of Bill Clinton's assaults on women, to include Paula Jones ["a 'one-time' incident"] is a board member of POGO, a Soros-funded organization.  She is currently representing Irwin Reiter [a Harvey Weinstein company executive]

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Benghazi - Revisited

The Benghazi Attack Was Designed to Succeed
By Eliminating US Military Protection

Click here for related story [Wall Street Journal Opinion Piece by former DCM Gregory Hicks]

Chances are you missed this opinion piece of Gregory Hicks, Deputy Chief of Mission in the US Embassy, Libya during the attack on the Benghazi Consulate.

Mr Hicks capsulizes his testimony in this opinion piece in order to set the record straight, vs the Spin version of the Jarrett White House and the Leftist Media.

According to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Chris Stevens twice turned down offers to beef up Embassy security with additional Military troops.

AfriCom Commander
GEN Carter Ham
-- Technically/officially, that's a correct statement.
In fact, though, General Carter Ham [Commander of the African Command], recognizing the threat to the US embassy "twice offered to 'sustain' the Special Forces security team in Tripoli, and the Ambassador 'declined'."

General Ham's offer followed a request by the Ambassador to increase the size of his security contingent to 13 from the inadequate eight assigned to cover both Tripoli and Benghazi.

The rationale for the "decline" was that control of the security team would then have transferred to the US Military [i.e. AfriCom] as opposed to the State Department; State Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy relayed to the Ambassador that the Military mission was to advise and train the Libyan Military, and thus, State would lose control over these personnel since authority would be under the Department of Defense.  The military not listed under Embassy status would not have "diplomatic immunity" -- critical to safeguarding these personnel.

The Diplomatic Immunity issue is critical to understanding the decision process.

If the Embassy or Consulate were attacked, and US Military personnel shot one of the attackers, the soldier could be liable for trial by the local government - i.e., the Libyan Government, in a Libyan Court.  Conversely, Military personnel ASSIGNED to the Embassy WOULD be covered as "diplomats" and have diplomatic immunity.


Undersecretary of State Patrick F Kennedy
thus denied the US Military offer to increase the size of the
Special Forces contingent to 13.

Pentagon insiders state categorically that the orders to STAND DOWN came from the White House, by Valerie Jarrett.

[EDITOR'S NOTE [and update] 09/2018 
Military personnel could have been assigned to the Defense Attache Office with Diplomatic Immunity; or, they could also have been attached in a MAAG [Military Advisory and Assistance Group] capacity, again with Diplomatic Immunity/Status of Forces Agreement; even so, the Military Personnel at the Embassy were ordered to Stand Down, and the AC-130 flying silently over the Consulate was ordered to NOT ENGAGE the Egyptian attackers (who shouted, 
"don't shoot, Morsi sent us" )]

General Ham was relieved of his command, by WH order [Jarrett?] when he ordered his units to respond to Ambassador Stevens' call for help when the attack began; his Command was then ordered to Stand Down, as were EUCOM  and the nearby 6th Fleet ].  Ham was recalled to the US and replaced by the FORSCOM Commander -- an unheard of command process.  We assume that Ham's family was threatened to keep him in line]

An Army Special Forces team was present with an AC-130U Spectre Gunship on the tarmac at the airport in Tripoli, Libya. 

The AC-130 is a technologically sophisticated, tactical aircraft, operated by the US Air Force Special Operations Command. It operates under the overall Special Operations Command stationed at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, which oversees all military special operations units, including: Army Special Forces, Navy SEALS, Rangers and certain Marine units, as well as the USAF AC-130Us, and stealth Blackhawks,” used in the Bin Laden raid.  

The AC-130U  is equipped with weapons that sync with laser-designators, like those that Woods, Doherty and Ubben had on that lonely rooftop above the CIA Annex. The laser-designator was used to “paint” the mortar targets during the attack, subsequently claiming the lives of Woods and Doherty, and leaving Ubben without a leg. 

The AC-130U was on station, over the CIA Annex in Benghazi, but was ordered to NOT ENGAGE, to not land and deploy a team of Special Forces soldiers.

The military-order, 
not to initiate action, 
saving our men in Benghazi, was issued by the 
President's Advisor, 
Valerie Jarrett.

Friday, September 7, 2018

DeVos under Attack

As She Attempts to return the Rule of Law To Our Education System
Prepare for the Leftist Media Attack on DeVos

We feel the following reprint of a New York Post article deserves wider distribution.
Hats off to both Betsy DeVos and to NYP journalist Rich Lowry.

Click here for original article
NY Post 31AUG2018 [comments.lowry@nationalreview.com]

A judicial process that doesn’t allow the accused to cross-examine his accuser or reliably see the evidence against him is a civil libertarian’s nightmare. It traduces every principle of fairness and is blatantly un-American.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos intends to remedy this abomination, but will be savaged by the Left for replacing just such a process with something more in keeping with our Constitutional legal norms.

The Education Department is preparing new rules that would roll back the monstrously unfair Obama-era requirements for how colleges handle sexual-assault and harassment allegations. It will be a significant advance for due process, which is almost as out of style on campus as free speech.

In one of its least defensible actions, the Obama Administration used its Office for Civil Rights to impose its preferred procedures for handling sexual-assault cases on all the universities in the country that receive federal funds; it did so via a 19-page “Dear Colleague” letter, in the name of Title IX, the provision in federal law prohibiting sexual discrimination in education.

Watch Closely as I Destroy the Constitution

The Obama process was terrible, blowing right past the Administrative Procedure Act, which requires public notice and comment before such rules go into effect.

And the substance was worse.

The letter reads as if it were written by inflamed activists who had no interest in balanced proceedings – and it was.

1) It required colleges to adopt a “preponderance of evidence” standard
rather than a “clear and convincing” standard.

2) It essentially forbade colleges from allowing the cross-examination of accusers.

3) It adopted a remarkably broad definition of sexual harassment to include “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

4) It also encouraged the use of a “single investigator-adjudicator system,”
i.e., a single person as investigator, judge and jury.

The Obama rules ignore central developments in 
Anglo-American justice that arose hundreds of years ago! 

 In their important book “The Campus Rape Frenzy” KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr. describe how the rules often played out:

“Start with an alcohol-soaked set of facts that 
no state’s criminal law would consider sexual assault. 
Add an incomplete ‘investigation,’ unfair procedures, and a 
disciplinary panel uninterested in evidence of innocence. 
Stir in a “de facto” presumption of guilt based on misguided 
Obama Administration dictates, ideological zeal, and fear of bad publicity.” 

The result inevitably, has been horrific miscarriages of justice.

Everyone should want perpetrators of sexual assault to be punished — and in the criminal-justice system, not just by colleges — but elementary protections for the accused cannot be discarded in the process.

One reason the Obama rules were so lopsided is that they were crafted in an atmosphere of moral panic – assuming a spiraling epidemic of sexual assault on campus.

To the contrary, Taylor and Johnson note that sexual assaults of female college students
had dropped by more than 50% between 1997 and 2013,

-- and that young women in college are less likely to be assaulted than those who are not in college. 

The Obama rules have been battered in the courts, where due process is still taken seriously.

A US District Court judge wrote in a 2016 ruling against Brandeis University:

 “If a college student is to be marked for life as a sexual predator, 
it is reasonable to require that he be provided a fair opportunity t
o defend himself and an impartial arbiter to make that decision. 
Put simply, a fair determination of the facts requires a fair process, 
not tilted to favor a particular outcome, and a fair and neutral fact-finder, 
not predisposed to reach a particular conclusion.” 

This is the animating spirit behind the DeVos changes.

 They are still being formulated, but a New York Times report suggests that they will correct the worst excesses of the Obama rules and interject fairness into proceedings that were, shamefully, designed to lack it.


Editorial Note:

Disbarred and prosecuted for
Criminal Actions as District Attorney
We have watched such legal abominations during the Obama years destroy the lives of college students who have been given no recourse to senseless and groundless allegations, with no rationale other than the accuser had just broken up with a boyfriend and wanted to see him suffer; or, in the case of a hooker in Durham, NC, claiming that she was assaulted by an entire LaCrosse Team --  a case elevated to and prosecuted in a local court, with the District Attorney later disbarred for concealing exculpatory evidence, to include DNA samples plus testimony by the hooker's associates who stated the hooker bragged to them that she had lied about the entire event -- she had only been hired to dance at a team victory party!

Under the Obama Administration, the Rule of Law was replaced by Political Hysteria!
We presume that the Left will use every extreme tact

Saturday, August 18, 2018

CLEARANCES don't equate to ACCESS

It's a SECURITY LEVEL, not a Clearance!

We keep seeing this drivel on the concept of CLEARANCES and Trump's canceling of Brennan's CLEARANCE, and suddenly, everyone who can spell it is suddenly an EXPERT.

A clearance is like a driver's license; you are tested, you are then granted authority for ACCESS to restricted information ranging from FOUO to Top Secret/SCI.

Our experience derives from commanding a unit composed of Intelligence Special Agents who trained others and conducted background investigations to determine the suitability of candidates for CLEARANCES, and all that entails.

We will now share with you the exciting details of what a CLEARANCE entails so you can SHARE with all the EXPERTS with whom you come in contact, and recognize the depths of buffoonery you see on all the "news" programs.

1) US Citizens [and an occasional foreign national] are eligible for a CLEARANCE adjudication. 

2) To obtain a CLEARANCE, one undergoes a background investigation, ranging from a LAC [Local Agency Check] and/or NAC [National Agency Check] to determine if one has a criminal or subversive background and is suitable for a position of Trust and Responsibility in the Military or in the Government, even for the lowest ACCESS.

 A two-year SPECIAL BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION [SBI] may determine if one qualifies and be ADJUDICATED for Top Secret/SCI ACCESS, and categories above.

[Notably,the background investigation on Senator Obama produced a recommendation 
that he not be granted a Clearance due to his association with known terrorists, and the 
lack of true documentation on his personal history; as such, he was denied access to 
classified information while he was in the Senate. As POTUS, he became the ultimate 
adjudicator and declared ACCESS for himself -- although much 
Intelligence was withheld from him] 

3) The CLEARANCE means you have passed the first level of the background investigation, when the investigator determines that one is recommended
"... for a position of TRUST AND RESPONSIBILITY.

the recommendation is downgraded to UNSUITABLE, and all ACCESSES are revoked!

The dividing line here is ACCESS! The CLEARANCE procedure allows the adjudicator to open the door to varying levels of ACCESS on the basis of NEED TO KNOW.

[As some of you may recall, Top Secret ACCESS was afforded, by Obama, to his driver, whom he then appointed to the National Security Council.]


1) FOUO: Basic administrative data pertaining to employees, their addresses and phone numbers.

2) CONFIDENTIAL [US or NATO], routinely granted to the lowest level of employment on the basis of exposure to some sensitive data -- e.g., family information of officials; basic information on Military units or logistics; SOPs, etc., generally it is information which is preferable to not release in the public domain.
[unauthorized release is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment]

3) SECRET,  (US or NATO)which entails occasional exposure to SENSITIVE material, the exposure of which could damage national security. There are multiple categories and compartments here, to include NOFORN (No Foreign Dissemination), LIMDIS [Limited Distribution], EYES ONLY (limited to only a few recipients],  etc.

4) TOP SECRET [there are multiple categories/compartments here].
ACCESS is restricted to a small percentage of those with CLEARANCES FOR ACCESS TO EXTREMELY SENSITIVE INFORMATION.  This category requires extensive background checks [SSBI], although a SECRET clearance can be administratively upgraded to a Top Secret level of ACCESS by a commander or senior executive

[For Example:
PVT Manning: Sex Change
Get Out of Jail Free!
Private Bradley Manning's clearance allowed him to access Confidential information, but was administratively upgraded to SECRET by his unit commander in the 10th Mountain Division to process Intelligence information. 

Another administrative order inexplicably upgraded his ACCESS to Top Secret/SCI, during which he illegally delivered hundreds of thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks; he was court-martialed and sentenced to 35 years in prison -- but was pardoned by President Obama.  

Manning's chain of command suffered no punishment for their laxity in management of Top Secret Intelligence Information; that criminal case has yet to be pursued, although the 10th Mountain Division also produced the series of Commandants and Superintendents of West Point which allowed communists to matriculate and be commissioned]

5) SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence [restrictions are based on Methods & Sources of the Intelligence]. Each compartment requires a "Read-In"and brief, with a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA] as it reveals the Method of Collection of this Intelligence.
Unauthorized disclosure has penalties in excess of $10,000 and/or 10 or more years in prison.

 6) SAP (Special Access Program) One step above TS/SCI, requiring special conditions for ACCESS, frequently requiring a polygraph examination, and further background checks and updates.

7) Other [Special Access Black Programs]
An Adjudicator determines the CLEARANCE level of ACCESS. Another level of Adjudicator will determine ACCESS based on "NEED TO KNOW". These programs are conducted in the Special Operations arena, or, in highly technical operations (e.g., Project Blue Book).
The Need to Know caveat is extremely restrictive, and US Presidents [including Carter, Clinton, and Obama] were excluded from most of those programs.

The POTUS does not determine Clearances, or revoke them. It's an Administrative process.
On occasion, the POTUS will determine special ACCESS, and he can end that as well. To be clear, former Presidents and political appointees do not need Clearances to be granted ACCESS after they leave office.  In effect, the current POTUS can grant ACCESS if the expertise of these individuals is needed.  [Mr Kissinger should never be granted such access].

No further ACCESS for Brennan
In Brennan's case, Mr Trump simply cuts off his ACCESS, as he should to all former government executives and appointees.  He should also suspend "Clearance" granted to companies spawned by Obama appointees [e.g., Brennan and Clapper] to ensure they do not obtain ACCESS to classified material.

Jimmy Carter once granted ACCESS to a Colombian national on loan to the State Department; to our  horror, he was granted ACCESS to the Bureau of Intelligence & Research [INR] Library where he was reading highly restricted Intelligence reports; when we complained to the Librarian, he advised that Carter himself had granted ACCESS - even though it was a national security violation.

As Editor of the Black Book at the Pentagon, our access was virtually unlimited since a NEED TO KNOW existed about the Intelligence we reported in the Black Book - each level of which was tailored to meet the NEED TO KNOW ACCESS of groups of recipients, all of whom had ACCESS to Top Secret Intelligence, but, each group had levels of ACCESS to certain types of Intelligence based on SOURCES and METHODS of collection.

Very often, we would determine the NEED TO KNOW of the members of the group, which include senior flag rank officers and senior executives. 

Before retiring, we were offered the position of Inspector General of the BLACK PROGRAMs reporting to only one Assistant Secretary of Defense. On the advice of a close friend, we turned down the position since our friend advised that virtually all of those who had held the position were deceased -- indicating that, once one's NEED TO KNOW expired, one's utility expires as well.  [Our friend died of an incurable decease the following year].

We recommend to Mr Trump that he REVOKE ACCESS to ALL former Obama appointees, to include Admiral McRaven, who has now disgraced himself in the National Security Arena.


Under the Obama Administration, background investigations were contracted out to private company [USIS]; the investigations generally consisted of a quick phone call to a listed friend or neighbor asking if they would recommend the subject for a clearance. 
According to DOJ charges, USIS conducted 665,000 fake background checks between 2008 and 2012.

Among the USIS background checks were 3,900 IRS employees.

Friday, August 17, 2018

IRS and Congressional Insider Trading?

Testimony on Congressman Collins Insider Trading

This blog post is an extract from a NY Post story by John Crudele.  
We've made a few edits to keep it short, but the basics are all included.  
We highly recommend you read the entire story at the link below.  
Crudele advises he was able to vet the Whistle-blower, 
and is satisfied the story is accurate.

For full story, click here
New York Post,  John Crudele [15AUG2018] 

Ever wonder how a Congressman or Senator [or IRS official]
who earns less than $200,000 per year, 
can have an annual income of several million dollars, 
and retire into a lifetime of extraordinary wealth?

John Crudele explains below:

The IRS reportedly tipped off members of Congress to corporate takeovers and other pending actions so the elected officials could profit from Insider Trading.  Allegedly, higher-level employees of the IRS also used that information to enrich themselves.

[Congressman Christopher Collins testified that an indicted Congressman talked others into buying a pharmaceutical stock and pushed legislation to help it; his son's girlfriend was just nailed on Insider Trading charges.]

Until a few years ago Members of Congress were not barred from trading stock based on information they got while performing their public duties. However, following scandalous headlines in 2012
[you remember, when the News Media was credible], the practice was officially banned.

Mrs Peter Strzok -
Deputy Director -  SEC Enforcement
Interestingly, a page left unturned in this scandal is the one in which the wife of Peter Strzok [Melissa Hodgman] is the Deputy Director of the Securities & Exchange Commission Enforcement Division.

One might guess that in addition to blocking investigations into Hillary Clinton's money laundering schemes, Melissa might also have blocked inquiries into Congressional Insider Trading in exchange for Congress supporting Strzok's illegal activities and ignoring the criminal activities of senior officials at the DOJ and FBI.

It was assumed that Members of Congress were just profiting from what they happened to learn while working on their Committees — e.g., perhaps a drug about to be turned down by the FDA,  or that a company was exploring to see how regulators would feel about a merger.

However, what the Whistleblower alleges goes well beyond that.
[ The Chris Collins story provides further details on Congressional Insider trading ]

Did the Whistleblower report his findings to "authorities"?
He did, but was told to "get lost".  Apparently Congress was making too much personal profit to have some reported blow their illegal enterprises.

[Ever wonder why no criminal charges were brought against Lois Lerner?]

Chief IRS Scoundrel
Unprosecuted Sacrificial Lamb
According to the the Whistleblower, the IRS made their own illegal operation "legal".
“In 2003-05 an official Memo was created within the IRS  noting who was permitted to participate in ‘insider trading’. The memo noted that all IRS employees in the executive branch and those one step below (territory managers, etc.) were permitted to participate. I was below that rank by one step, i.e., a large-case manager at the IRS.  However, as my evaluation showed, I was expected to inform my manager of any and all mergers.” 

In fact, the Whistleblower says he was fired for not doing so and was later the subject of retaliation. That was a lot of years ago. And the only people who could properly look into something like this — and hopefully determine that it couldn’t possibly be true — would be in the IRS Inspector General’s  [TIG] Office of the IRS. That’s who is supposed to investigate allegations of wrongdoing.

So, Crudele called the IRS Inspector General’s media contact, planning to give them the information, and perhaps the IG could convince the Whistleblower to come forward or obtain more details in exchange for Crudele's getting an exclusive on the story if the allegations were verified.

Crudele's exchange with the IG’s spokeswoman was unexpected:.

IG Spokeswoman:  “Concerning..?”

Crudele: "A tip from a reader of mine about IRS wrongdoing

IG Spokeswoman: We get those on a regular basis; tell the tipster to contact the IRS Hotline.

Crudele:  "The tipster doesn't wish to do that"

IG Spokeswoman:   “All complaints are taken very seriously.” 

Crudele:  “Is there an insider trading exemption for officials in the IRS?” 

IG Spokeswoman: [Crudele advised] she said there wasn’t such an exemption and sent him a brochure.
“Once again, thank you for contacting us. Let me know if we can help further”

Crudele:  “I’m amazed at the lack of cooperation I am getting from you” commented, criticizing her laziness before finishing with “have a nice weekend".

IG Spokeswoman: “On background, we sorry you feel that way. We are not lazy…just careful”

Mergers & Acquisitions
Insider Information = Big Bucks
Crudele continued the Whistle-blower's story [details were excluded to protect his identity]:

“So then one day I was informed of a merger between (two big companies), I was the Case Manager on that audit; I refused to inform my manager.  Well, that was a sad day for my career.  He (the manager) first produced a memo and then suspended me for failing to inform him of the merger so he could tell his supervisor.  It seemed that the supervisor had planned to pay off his home mortgage with the merger information to the tune of $1 million plus.” 

"There’s something you need to understand. The IRS places its workers permanently inside many companies where they continually receive privileged information while doing audits. So there’s plenty of money-making tips to go around.  In addition my supervisor had planned on informing his manager who then could contact members of Congress so they could invest and profit from this information,.  It was a way of securing a comfortable job on one of the boards like the Smithsonian once they retired.”

Crudele advises: 
Consider how many individuals could have had access to this information and profited while the average American is told that it is “illegal.” The Whistleblower says he was pushed out of the IRS in 2004 and charges — trumped-up ones, he says — were brought against him. But he wouldn’t be surprised if this insider trading continued.

According to the Whistle-blower:
“Unfortunately I doubt that this has stopped. One cannot allow this to take place and then suddenly end it.  These individuals had planned and budgeted for these events to fund their lifestyle. That type of income generator just does not end.  It’s always hard to take away perks from employees. Just try stopping the free coffee at your office."

On a final note, which you may find of interest, my previous manager had assigned another manager to [a highly prized international] office for two years because she gave him numerous inside information tips."

Assuming Mr Crudele's story of IRS corruption alarms you, you will appreciate his parallel tale of Congressional Insider Trading based on confidential information presented in Committee Hearings.

Mr Trump's "Draining of the Swamp" comes none too soon, and it will create some soon-to-be impoverished Congressfolk who have lived large off their corrupt practices -- but will likely face prosecution and substantial legal bills this Fall.


Editorial Note:

We concur with Mr Crudele's story since we are somewhat aware that the IRS has not been pure as the driven snow; so, his tale of corruption comes as no surprise.   

We are also gratified for confirmation on just how corrupt our bureaucrats, and politicians [of both Parties] are, and how they've gotten wealthy through their corruption; it might also explain why we so much inaction on their part in pursuing the corruption of government bureaucrats and law enforcement officials.

During our post-IC career, one contractor told much the same story based on his consulting time with the IRS.  Among his lurid tales were IRS rooms full of tax returns which employees dutifully were flushing down toilets; and, then there was a unique scam the IRS operated in which they sent out a computerized letter advising taxpayers in the upper-six figure income range that they had underpaid by $800 to $1,800, correctly assuming that the victims would simply pay the extra rather than waste time reviewing their taxes or fighting the penalty. 
[We were one of those unsuspecting victims in 1997, and we paid the extra $800.]

We were also targeted by Lois Lerner's team, apparently purely out of spite since we have not been involved in a PAC, although we do admit to being a bit Conservative.  We fought back, threatening to bring the case public and to Congress during the Lerner hearings, and the IRS relented.

Finally, recognize that the IRS [and FBI] places their officers in US Embassies around the world, as part of the Country Team [Ambassador, CIA Station Chief, Defense, Political/Commercial, Economic, Agricultural Attache's] - each privy to sensitive Intelligence briefings on country and regional political and financial issues.  Officially, the IRS Advisor role is to ensure US citizens and companies operating abroad pay their taxes.  However, passing along sensitive Intelligence information to friends and supervisors is likely part of the abuse of the access the Whistleblower above has reported.