Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bogus Tax Bill Follows Bogus Alabama Election

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The Post & Email
By: Ron Ewart

More news on the bogus Tax Bill process.

The RepubliCrats are seeking a way to kill it before they take their Christmas Recess, so, having succeeded with the GOP/DNC collusion to give Sessions' seat to a Democrat, the end-game now continues.

As Stalin noted:
"It is enough that the people know there was an election.  The people who cast the votes decide nothing.  The people who count the votes decide everything."

The Senate margin is now razor-thin, but, surprise -- McCain has suddenly taken ill and has taken up residence in Walter Reed Military Hospital and will be "unable" to vote on the Tax bill; that "brain cancer" thing is a terrible burden.  

We salute the good senator since most people enduring brain cancer  deteriore quickly and have long since passed away, but, he seems spry as a new rooster.  
Is it cancer, or just a deformed brain.

So, essentially, the Bill will now take one of two paths:
1) It will fail to pass because the GOP now has no clear majority
2) In order to pass, the Bill will have to undergo considerable compromise with the Democrats, and the newly unacceptable Tax Bill will be sent over to Trump for signature.

-- Either way, we lose!

Pass or not, both Parties will walk away with plenty of pork, and the tax breaks we anticipated will now be corrupted so that deductions and credits will be replaced with new scales and add-ons.  It looks as if the AMT [Adjusted Minimum Tax] has already crept back into the Bill, and we're certain many of the tax hikes buried in ObamaCare will be revived.

You jerks in Congress
screwed up my Tax Reform
The end result will be that both Parties will then attack Trump for HIS inability to get the Tax Bill through as promised in his campaign.

This will annoy the voters, and distract the voters from the current scandals implicating Schumer for his involvement in sex scandals, and the overwhelming evidence being presented indicating the absolute corruption of Deep State politicians now resigning in noticeable numbers.

Note to Congress and the Senate:
2018 is an election year, 
and we'll identify and evict you bastards who sabotaged this tax bill!

Draining the Swamp is tough business;

I'd suggest to Mr Trump that he speed up the process with a little napalm.

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning"