Sunday, October 22, 2017

Federal Computer System at Risk?

Sabotaging the federal computer system can paralyze the entire government

We were recently speaking with a senior federal employee and learned that the IT department of one agency had reprogrammed the servers to fail in the near future, which would have caused that agency to lose its computer capability -- pushing it into collapse. 

The failure would have amounted to administrators and citizenry trying to open emergency websites, only to find that  the sites no longer working -- and without a redirect to a new site.

This is one agency, and we are certain that such sabotage is now rampant in this bureaucracy that Trump inherited, and that the government faces severe degradation from within; this would include normal [e.g., FAA Air Traffic Control], Emergency Response systems, as well as many DOD and Intelligence Community defense and monitoring systems, to include critical surveillance systems, such as the ones keeping an eye on North Korea nuclear developments.

This again appears to be an Obama/Soros-inspired sabotage effort.
Obama likely began his sabotage ops on 7 Nov 2016, when Trump won, surprising the Deep State.

He completed his sabotage preparations by depleting the Presidential Discretionary Fund [PDF], paying out all the funds between 1 January - 19 Juanuary 2017 to the cronies he had appointed during his Administration.

"The purpose of the PDF is/was to facilitate the easy transition of a new Administration to hire the 4,000 new appointees in every new Administration so that the new President will be able function with a fully developed Cabinet. 

Without those funds, Trump has been hamstrung and able to appoint only his Cabinet officers, but no staffs. Thus, Trump has not been able to fire the top tier in agencies like DOJ, FBI, CIA etc.  

Worse, Attorney General Sessions has come under considerable criticism for not firing [and arresting] senior Obama holdovers for their criminal activities.

So, why has Trump not fired all the Obamanite hold-overs remaining at the top tier of the federal bureaucracy?

Better to keep the Obamanites employed and monitored rather than to set them free to attack via the stay-behinds.      [Keep your friends close; and your enemies closer - Sun Tzu]

[Ultimately, laws of Sedition and Treason remain in place as a threat to keep the Obamanites in check; allowing the Administration to compile evidence of the wrong-doing of these perpetrators and for their eventual prosecution.] 

As background, Obama's key appointees were creating the mechanism for a mass failure of federal computer systems several years ago when a senior official at Treasury developed and planned the implementation of a new, REPLACEMENT, system to manage all acquisitions,procurements, and administrative spending for routine operations, to include salaries and expenses.  

This system would have, without parallel testing, replaced the existing system, and likely would have failed without adequate testing.

Keep in mind that the Obama Administration was not put in place to strengthen America, but to destroy it from within. Now that Obama is out of office, he has created a Shadow Government of violence and insurrection to bring down the Trump Administration.

To strengthen the Anti-American agenda, we now have a coalition of former Presidents, several of whom we used to trust, but, we realize now that they were all essentially puppets, each enabling the further erosion of the Constitution [e.g., Bush's Patriot Act, and Obama's unconstitutional Executive Orders].

Currently, Obama has recruited the Bush family, Clinton, and Jimmy Carter to attempt to maintain the continuity of the Deep State and to reinforce Obama's Shadow Government which will be funded by another Cllintonesque-style Relief Effort -- titled One America Appeal [to counter Trump's Make America Great Again (MAGA)].

All One America Appeal donations will be funneled into "... a 'special account' at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. Since it is a Presidential Library Foundation, audits will have to go through a special access process which will likely take years due to special barriers designed to keep official Presidential materials secret from the public. Other Presidential Libraries are notable for their secrecy and prurient interests [e.g., the Clinton Library housed a top floor bordello].  

We would not be surprised if this foundation were to be administered by our dearly beloved Hillary Clinton, whose Clinton Foundation laundered hundreds of billions of dollars in the name of "... helping Haiti's disaster recovery..." and which the President of Haiti announced was a sham since Haiti saw little, if any of those "disaster relief" funds.

This "ex-President Coalition" will enable the structuring of a clandestine communication among these gentlemen who have joined together to undermine President Trump in any manner possible.  In developing countries, we would refer to this organization as a Junta, designed to overthrow a duly elected government -- commonly referred to as Treason.

We fear for the future of our country as we see these five puppet President's create an anti-Administration effort to prevent President Trump from 'Draining the Swamp'!

They did what they were told, and We, The People, have suffered.