Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew - the Perfect Political Storm

We're approaching another Presidential Debate, and we're reasonably certain the TV coverage of the debate will be interrupted with "Breaking News" updates on the Hurricane.

Now, Hurricane Matthew is a hurricane that appeared virtually from nowhere
-- as a Category Five storm, unlike most hurricanes in recorded history which originated from Africa as tropical disturbances.

As we stepped back to see the big picture, we noticed Hurricane Nicole moving in to perhaps mate with Matthew, creating the proverbial Perfect Storm. Will the Perfect Storm then become a political instrument to serve several purposes?

1) Disrupt/Distract from the Presidential Debates
2) Cover the evacuation of Guantanamo's terrorist prisoners
3) Close Guantanamo altogether after the evacuation by removing all US Military -- for their safety?4) Create a national emergency along the East Coast, much the same as Hurricane Sandy

Hmm, looking back on Hurricane Sandy, it had a life span from 22 October to 2 November 2012 [that was the election year in which Obama was "reelected"],

Sandy was also seemingly created overnight from a "tropical wave" to a Tropical Storm, to a Category 3 Hurricane, moving up the US East Coast affecting 24 US States from the East Coast inland to Michigan and Wisconsin.

It too was bolstered by a secondary tropical storm which continued to feed it moisture as it journeyed inland.

Oddly enough, President Obama was running for reelection in 2012, and was rated then as the worst President since Jimmy Carter.   Even Obama expected to be defeated, and was astonished that the voting booths gave him a victory [well, we were all astonished].

But, you say, how can such weather anomalies occur!

We've pointed out the Chemtrails in the past as a Military weapon for weather control; the program was begun following the Battle of the Bulge, which was decided by a break in the weather, which allowed US aircraft to attack the Nazi army which had surrounded the US troops.  General Patton decreed that the Military needed to develop a tool to manage the weather, and some 40 years later, that plan was in full swing, headed by Army Lieutenant General John Roos.  We have to assume it's become somewhat more sophisticated in the nearly 40 years since then.

Scalia smothered himself to death

So, as we've commented repeatedly in the past, we expect Mr Obama is up to another of his schemes, this time to arrange to remain in office based on a National Emergency which would include the suspension of the Presidential election, tossing the resolution into the Supreme Court, which, following the murder of Justice Scalia while in the Bush "protected area", will be unable to resolve this Constitutional Conundrum.

In keeping with most Communist template schemes, there are several options for suspending the National Presidential election
1) Prosecute both candidates on criminal charges
2) Discover that Hillary is dead, and a body-double has been standing in for her
3) Assassinate Trump
4) Involve the US in a war with Russia or China -- or both

[Early on, the scheme involved Cruz as the GOP candidate, without challenging his citizenship; the rub would come in after Cruz might be elected, during which the Democrats would have successfully challenged Cruz's citizenship, thus pushing the US into an election chaos.

Fortunately, the American voters dispensed with Cruz as a candidate, although he did his best to derail Trump afterwards.]