Sunday, October 30, 2016

HillaryGate Redux!

Former Prosecutor Giuliani advises he could convict Hillary on at least eight counts

Back in our Spook days in the 1980s, we ran some highly productive operations for which we received kudos from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) and, privately from Senators Goldwater and Helms -- and also from former Director of Central Intelligence Vernon Walters.

However, we [in the newly formed (1983)] Defense Clandestine Service (DCS) continued to fend off attempts by CIA executives to undermine our operations, and to seize our newly recruited access agents.

This competition was long standing, and CIA had always been the bullyish [though incompetent] "older brother" to Military Intelligence over the years, seizing "operational control" (OpCon) of our best recruited assets.  Since the Director of CIA was also the Director of Central Intelligence, we routinely lost administrative battles for "OpCon"; which led to all the Military Clandestine Services joining together in 1983 to form the DCS with the power, unlimited resources, and budget of the Department of Defense providing and guarding our independence.

Still, the CIA was engaged in numerous Black Operations which managed illegal drug and arms operations which included the Iran-Contra fiasco and alliances with drug cartels (see Tom Clancy's "Clear And Present Danger").

Basically, the CIA in that era was filled with former ATF/DEA agents, highway patrol and street cops, who filled the Agency's Directorate of Operations stations around the world after the Agency's career case officers were purged by Stansfield Turner under Carter; these inexperienced operatives still thought and acted like cops managing low level snitches.  Some had brief military and spook training at The Farm, but many had no Military experience or Intelligence background, leading to many a headline grabbing SNAFU.

In one operation, we had recruited a fellow who was positioned in the inner circle of a foreign leader whom the US had tagged as a major threat to the United States.  We were quite pleased with this operation, particularly since it would open doors to not only information on sponsored terrorist operations worldwide, but, it tied directly to international arms and narcotic deals supporting "narcotics-traffickers" support for guerrilla groups trying to overthrow legitimate governments in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

But, on this particular asset, we hadn't counted on CIA opposition, which sought OpCon of this asset.  We had debriefed this asset outside the US since he had a US criminal record, and also because the Department of Justice maintained an open warrant for his arrest.

You may ask why we are giving you this history lesson here?  Why now?
Be patient, it will become more clear below.

To our surprise, our asset had been  [illegally] contacted and lured into the US with a promise of immunity by the CIA; and, upon his arrival, was arrested and turned over to a US Attorney for prosecution, trial, conviction, and incarceration in a federal prison where only the CIA had access.

[We learned later he had the goods on CIA involvement with drug cartels, and, mysteriously, he had been murdered in prison.]

We met with the Assistant Attorney General, who routinely reviewed -- and blessed- our operations conducted on US soil.  Our pleas to intercede and release this asset with the recalcitrant US Attorney were met with a sigh and  resignation since the Assistant Attorney General of the US advised that neither he nor the Attorney General himself could override, or even influence a US Attorney's prosecution according to the rules within DOJ.

In short, he could not interfere with a case brought by any US Attorney -- a measure to prevent political interference or intervention in a federal criminal case - an issue which bewildered us as we could not imagine such high level corruption in US politics.

Here's the grist of the story:
We were outraged that even the Attorney General himself could not override a lowly federal prosecutor -- and until this moment, with the HillaryGate, we could not appreciate the value of this restriction.  But, we'll pursue this issue below.

Now, all this is background information for the point we'll make today regarding the DOJ/FBI scandal involving the "investigation" of Hillary Clinton's Money Laundering operations and national security violations.

Former Bridgwater General Counsel -
serving the Clinton Foundation
Recently, [28OCT2016] FBI Director Comey announced to the House Oversight Committee that the investigation into Hillary's illegal activities was being reopened

-- after he had earlier testified to Congress that, in spite of a plethora of evidence indicating that Hillary had violated a number of national security regulations,
and that she had perjured herself,
and that she had clearly obstructed justice,

he advised Congressman Gowdy that he lacked sufficient evidence to proceed with the investigation.

Comey's change of heart to reopen the Hillary investigation, of course, raised the pucker factor among Hillary's immediate staff,  Hillary's State Department aides, and particularly Anthony Weiner, whose computer magically had all of Huma's emails on it, even those containing highly classified Intelligence information, to include eight classified at Top Secret or above [i.e., compartmented].

We presume that Huma, a bright young lady whose family currently plays a major role in the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood, anticipated that such terrorist linkage might eventually bring her under prosecution by the Feds -- particularly if Trump were to win, so she moved her files onto her hubby's computer for safekeeping and a possible "Get-Out-of-Jail-Free"  card for turning "States' Evidence" should Hillary throw her under the bus [an event which we gauge as imminent].

Comey's faux FBI investigation of Hillary succeeded in neutering the investigation.

His strategy included using hand-picked, non-career appointed "agents", and was sufficient to derail the legitimate investigation with the official [albeit illegal] destruction of evidence, and granting of blanket immunity to potential witnesses -- even though these aides/witnesses were clearly guilty of major criminal/felony offenses; their grants of immunity included no valuable testimony, but merely protected them from further investigation -- or prosecution.

Comey, of course, has been in Hillary's pocket for years through his employment as General Counsel for Bridgewater, the most powerful international financial management firms you've never heard of, but, which has interesting ties to the Clinton Foundation and processing/managing billions of dollars in foreign "donations", Sovereign Wealth, Pension AND Central Bank Funds.

Comey's Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, is unclean as well since his wife, Jill, was the recipient of Clinton Foundation largesse of nearly three quarters of a million dollars to fund her "instant candidacy" for Congress - displacing the existing Democrat candidate -- a retired Military officer of considerable accomplishment, and dare we say it - integrity, who had made it through the Primary selection/vetting process by actual voters.

But wait, the plot thickens, as we note Deputy FBI Director McCabe headed up the investigation into Hillary's national security violations
[i.e., illegal handling of extremely sensitive Intelligence information and, most egregious, operational data on Top Secret "Sources and Methods" which endangered hundreds of operational assets, support networks, and US case officers/Agent Handlers -- and ultimately cost the life of an Iranian engineer whom the CIA recruited to report on the Iranian nuclear weapons program.]

We can't be sure of how many other recruited assets were outed by Hillary's negligence, but we can reasonably assume there were many.

Now, no one in DOJ or the FBI hierarchy felt it necessary to force McCabe to recuse himself from this investigation into Hillary's criminal activities in view of the Clinton donation of nearly $1 Million to McCabe's wife's illegal political campaign.

And, Comey and McCabe clearly thought they had adequately derailed the Hillary investigation and were certain they themselves would never be charged with or prosecuted for obstruction of justice or destruction of evidence, or conspiracy for all their misdeeds.

But, then neither had counted on a rebellion within the ranks of career FBI agents and analysts -- which then led to leaks to a federal attorney whose ethics [and perhaps political ambitions] were/are unrestrained.

The FBI agents continued their investigation into the criminal activities of Anthony Weiner, Huma Abadin's derelict husband whose penchant for photographing and distributing photos of his private parts via social media to a variety of audiences, including non-adult girls had promoted him to celebrity -- and criminal status a while back.

And PRESTO, the agents "discovered" Weiner's computer on which resided Huma's entire stock of emails, many of which were between her and Hillary, or Obama, or Jarrett, or foreign agents, or Hillary's "donors".

We surmise the NYPD had earlier searched Weiner's computer, discovered these records, and passed them over to their friends at the FBI for subsequent investigation, knowing that the De Blasio Administration would not allow prosecution of a Democrat "sacred cow".

The FBI agents, witnessing the destruction of other evidence [e.g., computers and servers belonging to Hillary, her aides, Huma, and Hillary's inner circle], apparently decided to hold on to Weiner's computer as evidence "unrelated" to the Hillary investigation.

We assume that the contents have been downloaded and "star-fished" [i.e., providing evidence to many disclosure outlets in the event of the whistle-blower's 'death'] to guard against another evidence destruction binge by Comey.

But, the FBI agents couldn't mount a prosecution of Huma or Hillary on their own, so, it appears they contacted one of the few remaining federal attorneys with any degree of integrity in the Department of Justice.

US Attorney Preet Bharara 
Preet Bharara is the US Attorney in the Southern District of New York and has great success in investigating and prosecuting Wall Street/Hedge Fund executives for financial fraud.  To date, Bharara's Sikh heritage of duty and honor has kept him apart from internal DOJ corruption, making him one of the most respected, and effective federal attorneys in the US Justice system.

So, here's the twist.

As we noted above in our rather lengthy [but hopefully not boring] background discussion of the DOJ's administrative structure, we identified the restrictions in the Department of Justice in which a US Attorney cannot be manipulated or over-ruled by either the Director of DOJ or the Director of FBI.

In fact, this particular US Attorney has the legal power to extend his investigation into the illegal activities of the executives of the DOJ and the FBI [and the Oval Office] since they are linked to the money laundering operations (RICO Violations) of the Clinton Foundation.  We can assume that FBI agents, as well as NSA operatives will provide  [or perhaps already have] piles of precise evidence they have gathered while waiting for a prosecutor they can trust.

What might be coming down the road are multiple indictments for Hillary's and Obama's staffs, and for Hillary and Obama themselves.

In these cases, there will be no immunity granted, since the witnesses themselves will be indicted -- and prosecuted.

Weiner will be on top of the heap, providing as much insider information as he possibly can, to not only stay out of jail, but to protect himself from Hillary's Hit Squad, which has eliminated at least five witnesses against Hillary since May.

Huma: has evidence to convict Hillary of Treason
Next up is Huma, whom we can assume will be rolled under the bus by Hillary since she has the goods on Hillary for all the "Pay to Play" donations to Hillary while she was Secretary of State.

Huma will turn State's Evidence against Hillary in a heartbeat recognizing she could be prosecuted and sentenced to death for Treason.
[Huma's lawyers are currently in discussions with FBI agents.]

A $20 million dollar bribe from the Clinton Foundation would not a good substitute for execution for Treason by firing squad.

Mills will look nice in orange
And, we have Cheryl Mills, who has maintained a low profile, but is ripe for prosecution for Collusion, Conspiracy, Obstruction of Justice, and Destruction of Evidence, among other charges.

We figure she's already spilling her guts to a bona fide FBI agent as we speak since she doesn't want to chance a post-Trump win with consequent prosecution.

Then we have Hillary and Obama themselves, who are wide open for criminal charges, up to and including Treason.
[Both now have purchased properties in countries with which the US has no extradition treaties.]

Obama laughed off Impeachment threats a while back after he sent his thugs around to threaten the families of senators and Congresspersons -- and of senior Military officers.  And the threats of Impeachment disappeared, as did the group of Military officers who went to the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, a while back to present him with charges of Treason -- offering him the opportunity to resign.
[They presumed Obama would act with the dignity of Richard Nixon, but were unfamiliar with Chicago political thuggery.]

Oddly, the meeting date coincided with an assault on the Navy Yard by a "crazed DOD contractor" who smuggled past a gauntlet of security guards a bag containing pistols, automatic weapons, and shotguns.  Interestingly, this shooter was a religious bus-boy in a Texas roadside cafe -- converted to a crazed Defense contractor with a Top Secret security clearance conning his way into one of the most secure Intelligence facilities in the country.  Imagine that!

And, even more oddly, this crazed busboy morphed into multiple shooters of varying ages [early 20s to mid-40s], heights [5'6" - 6'4"] and builds [muscular skinny to plump], complexions [light skinned to very dark] and attire [military uniforms (dark blue or khaki), or casual civilian clothes], firing shotguns, pistols, and automatic weapons]; and miraculously, all the shooters ended up in a single corpse -- that of the "crazed contractor/bus boy".  The body bags containing the corpses of the Military officers were removed after the news crews departed.

So, ridding the country of a corrupt and treasonous President in a discreet and honorable manner met with disaster, serving as a warning to others more faint of heart.

And after years of criticism and suspicion  of this Administration and of Hillary by Conservatives, the Intelligence, and the Military Communities [but protected by the Press], it appears that a very minor cog in this wheel of corruption, Anthony Weiner, will bring down this House of Cards.

[Hillary's cabal (including the George W Bush camp) is attempting to block this process by saying there was no warrant.  However,
1.  The NYPD already determined probable cause, based on Weiner's use of the internet to solicit an under age girl;
2. The FBI, in turn, investigated on the basis that Weiner's criminal activity crossed state lines, giving them jurisdiction over an "interstate criminal offense";
3. Which, in turn, led to their investigation and "discovery" of "national security violations" which provided "probable cause" to review the entire computer file.
4. Bill Clinton's old defense of "It depends on what the meaning of IS is" won't fly here.
5. And, unfortunately, Hillary demanded before a national TV audience that Comey present his evidence to the nation.

As the old warning goes
"Be careful what you ask for; you might get it!"