Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Assessing Trump vs Hillary

Typical Trump Rally
Unlike Hillary's sparsely attended event

One of our old friends, a dyed in the wool Democrat, challenged Trump's candidacy by referring to him  as a "...  loose cannon, megalomaniac sociopath -- in the very clinical sense of those last wow words.  anyone that thinks his charismatic 'TV persona' is refreshing and entertaining does not understand the draw than an Adolf Hitler or Charles Manson can exert on the weak-minded.  Wake up people."

This overflow crowd required three more chairs to be set up!

We agree that Trump is bombastic, but in being so, he raised his visibility with the average American who has issues with the current Administration's bankrupt policies and total disregard for the Constitution, and who sees Hillary as a continuation of the "status quo", i.e., massive corruption in Washington, DC, and the absence of Congressional representation of the American People by either Party.   

Is he a Hitler, or a Manson?

Well, he has charisma, and a forceful personality -- but, if you use those descriptors, you'd have to include Teddy Roosevelt, General Patton, Ike, and JFK.  Trump speaks from the heart and resonates with "We The People" who are sick and tired of the Political Correctness that's been jammed down our throats, starting with Jimmy Carter's demands in the late 1970s; we are tired of massive unemployment; we're tired of the racial strife created under the Obama Administration; we're appalled at Obama's welcoming in hordes of illegals and pampering them with free housing, food, and medical care, plus giving them bundles of cash -- only to have these people assault US citizens.  

Ultimately, we're tired of seeing massive corruption in this Administration -- much of it carried out by political appointees such as Hillary, who used her position as Secretary of State solicit "contributions" from foreign leaders to her "Foundation" in return for political and business favors [which the FBI is currently investigating].

Thus, the massive turnout for Trump rallies, and the admission by the leading newspapers that Trump has a substantial lead over Hillary.
Outed by Hillary

Of late, we've been keeping track of Hillary, who has cancelled a number of events for lack of interest, her current events seem well-staged with her own people lest the "hoi polloi" and the Press disrupt the event with awkward inquiries. Notably, she seems prone [according to Secret Service agents] to psychotic fits of temper, not to speak of a total disregard for national security, not the least of which was discussing 

-- and outing -- in her unguarded emails, the identity and activities of a recruited Iranian agent, directly causing his arrest and execution.

And then we have that awkward Benghazi situation, where arms from the Libyan Military warehouses were being shipped to al Qaeda and the early elements of ISIS by CIA operatives. 

When Ambassador Stevens attempted to report these illegal transactions [which included Surface to Air Missiles to be used against US aircraft]. Most awkward was the assailant leader who shouted to the Libyan guard force

"Don't shoot! 

Morsi sent us!"

Hillary arranging Benghazi attack with Morsi?

This event followed Hillary's visit to President Morsi in Cairo, where she was the object of cursing and massive protests tied to her advisor, Huma Abedin, whose support to the Muslim Sisterhood and Muslim Brotherhood linked to Morsi's, causing outrage among the Egyptians.

Trump is a bit rough around the edges, but, many of us believe he is the only person who has not been bought and paid for by the Establishment. Ultimately, it is clear that both Parties are completely corrupt and can't be trusted to continue to run this country.

As for his being a loose cannon, virtually every charge he's made in this campaign has been borne out by fact, so, I'd say that perhaps we need that kind of "loose cannon" for a change of pace from Hillary's and Obama's chronic prevarication.

Is he charismatic?
Of course he is.

Is he intelligent and shrewd?
Of course he is; 

1) He built a $4 billion empire on the basis of a $10 million loan from his father, which he paid back.
2) His academic background includes Wharton, the most respected business school in the US.

3) And, he manipulated Hillary into admitting that she knew her emails contained classified intelligence information -- AFTER she denied knowing that was the case.

Trump projects = Economic Booms

Have some of his enterprises failed?

Of course, most successful businessmen have a few failures; but his success rate remains at better than 95%, which is better than that of the Fortune 50.  

His bankruptcies -- Chapters 11, involved putting his creditors on temporary hold while he reorganized the project to ensure workers got paid, and all the creditors received their fair payment.  

[Chapter 11 ensures creditors and employees don't get stiffed]

Is he the most qualified of the candidates to be President?
An overwhelming majority of voters seem to think so.

1)  He's negotiated with urban and national leaders in the US and dozens of countries throughout the world to create his projects.

2)  His enterprises have created tens of thousands of jobs in the US and abroad.

3)  He is a respected businessman in international commerce -- in spite of the negatives the DNC and GOP pander as negatives [they can't produce facts to support their allegations]

4)  His education is superb, with a degree from the Wharton School
     rated as one of the best schools of finance in the country.  
     [His transcripts and college records are available for review
      --  unlike Obama's].

5)  His track record, supporting the US Military and Veterans is exemplary, although he has not touted his actions for political purposes.  

Those he's assisted remember his largesse.  Here are two, of many, incidents,

  a) 1995:  Trump contributed $1 million to fund the 50th Anniversary NYC Veterans Parade
  b) 1991:  200 Marines were stranded after Operation Desert Storm.  
                  Trump flew them home

Will we see the Democrats try to manipulate the election through rigged machines and voter fraud?


The only question is whether they'll be able to pull it off.