Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Dropping Out?

Will Hillary's Seizures affect voter confidence?

Here's an interesting rumor [unconfirmed, as yet].

Problem #1:  
Hillary had what appeared to be a seizure [video attached] during a photo op on 21 July 2016.  She quickly recovered, passing it off as a "brain freeze" from her drink, while her staff said she was just making fun of people with seizures.

Noteworthy is the concern of foreign government intelligence analysts who scrutinize every word, every movement, every health indicator of world leadership candidates to interpret their health, and particularly their mental health.  In this case, Hillary's mental health falls into question, creating a serious breach of confidence in her possible role as a world leader.  
-- Will she be capable of handling that 3:00 am call if she's in the midst of a seizure?  
-- Will she make a rational decision with her thumb on the nuclear missile launch button?
-- Will she be able to talk on the Red Phone if she's stumbling around the Lincoln Bedroom?

Is she mentally stable?
Ask the Secret Service.

Problem #2:
Apparently all the "polls" the DNC has been publishing about how overwhelmingly popular Hillary is doing with potential voters of either Party have been as bogus as we've presumed.

Turn-out for Hillary event;
one busload works if you crop the image
As we've observed, we've seen very few wide angle shots, either still or video, of Hillary's campaign events.  

Each image or video has been closely cropped to show a bunch of people [rarely more than 20] jammed together behind her -- with many appearing to be completely bored [perhaps because their pay for attending is so little].

Astute reporters who have attended the airport rallies have noted that the only crowds awaiting Hillary's plane consisted of airport crews on-hand to service her plane, plus a limousine waiting to take her to meet with donors.  Other than that, the airfields have been empty  of "supporters".

Speculation has been that the voting stations through which she was awarded the number of delegates required for her nomination were equipped with Soros voting machines, which oddly, awarded Bernie a paucity of votes, with overwhelming numbers for Hillary.  

The bewildering aspect of that voting was that exit polls reflected overwhelming support for Bernie.  

Could those machines have been rigged?

Well, by golly; it appears there was more than just rigging going on, and the Wicked Witch of the South, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was outed on 23 July 2016 in the Wikileaks dump of damning emails.  Now, Debbie is under fire, by Bernie and many others, to resign; it couldn't happen to a more appropriate person.

Now, as for rigging, we've seen it at its best in northern Virginia where voting sites had two machines, one for GOP and one for Democrat voters.  Strangely, the GOP machine at many sites was not functional, so all GOP registered voters had to vote using the Democrat-designated machine, which had only circles for two candidates:  Hillary or Bernie.  Since all GOP ballots were read dead-center, only the two of the five GOP candidates whose names appeared in the center of the ballot received votes.

A poll watcher at one location advised that a Spanish speaker caught a "volunteer interpreter" handing out Democrat ballots, instructing Latin voters that they "... have to use this [Democrat] ballot, and vote for either one."  They were not offered the GOP ballot, even when they requested one.  [The other poll workers had the "interpreter" removed, and filed charges against her, but we have to assume this practice was not unusual in the Primary.]

But, now we come to an interesting juncture in the election process.

The DNC has been gauging how Hillary can fare in this election, and their estimates are pretty grim, particularly in light of Wikileaks publication of a massive number of Hillary emails [which were intercepted most likely by Russian/Chinese/Mexican/Serbian/German/British/French/Swaziland Intelligence services.

It appears they fear Hillary is easily the most hated and distrusted candidate in the 21st Century, and that her chances of winning the election -- until two days ago -- were moderate to slim.  

But then, there appears to have been an Act of God.  

In the midst of an interview, Hillary appears to have had an epileptic fit during which her eyes glazed over, her head twisted and bounced, and she looked a bit crazy, causing political observers to presume that this medical malady was not one we'd like to see in a President who had her finger on the Nuclear Missile Button.
[Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC Delegate) moves in from behind to perform damage control and get Hillary back into human form before the alien insider her becomes visible]

Rest assured that our potential adversaries, the Chinese and the Russians, ISIS, Mexico, and Swaziland, along with our current allies [we can't think of any nation we can still call an ally at this point though] would interpret this medical incident as a positive.  

They all like to know that the US President, who is capable of initiating World War 3, is of sound mind and body.

Some may recall Hillary's "covert action" a while back where she commandeered a Military Attache aircraft and directed it to fly her to a remote spot in Iran for a covert meeting with Iran's leader -- the purpose being for her to proclaim that she had reached a secret agreement favorable to the US, and on which she could later claim success and run for President.  

Unfortunately, the plane was shot down, with the entire crew killed or captured, to include a Navy SEAL officer  [Commander Price] escorting her [he was later listed as having committed suicide in Afghanistan].

No one is sure who shot her plane down; the Israelis or the Iranian opposition; in any event, she somehow ended up in an Israeli hospital while the State Department/News Media announced she had the flu, had fallen, and had a concussion.

Interestingly, the Israelis nursed her to health and shipped her back to New York where she was transferred to a local hospital to ".. treat her flu and concussion."

But, we digress.

The DNC conundrum now is that Hillary is damaged goods.  [And Wasserman is destroyed.]
Valerie Jarrett is rumored to be staging Hillary's withdrawal based on "health issues" and may even openly refer to "epilepsy" -- without mentioning the head injuries Hillary suffered in the plane wreckage.  

Shotgun Joe
The template here is that Hillary will gracefully withdraw as a "fallen warrior", exit Stage Left to pre-recorded cheers and adulation, after which the DNC will announce that Joe Biden will graciously accept the nomination in Hillary's place.

That, of course, has been the fall-back position for the DNC from the beginning of this campaign, since Joe can be counted on to do what he is told.  And the Trump campaign organization hasn't had time to gather the dirt on Joe the Clown.  But, make no mistake; Joe is no more stupid or incompetent than W was.  Both are bright, accomplished fellows, but both have operated under severe threats by The Establishment mechanism, which dictates policy to both Parties.

Nonetheless, the GOP would be ecstatic to have Biden as the DNC candidate it could quietly support him in order to keep Trump out of the Oval Office.  If the GOP can defeat Trump by quietly backing Biden, they can continue taking all the bribes and perks they can handle, and go back to the "same old, same old", the constituency be damned!
[Impossible! you say; well, for example, in the 2010 Nevada Senate election, the GOP actively campaigned for that Evil-Doer, Harry Reid, whom the GOP officially and publicly hated, but they nonetheless threw every resource available against Sharon Angle to reelect Harry.]

Of course, once in office, there's no telling what Joe might do; and he still carries a grudge against the Clintons for their sabotage and smear campaign against him in earlier campaigns.  

Why, Joe just might appoint an Attorney General capable of taking the FBI investigations and evidence and prosecuting both Hillary and Bill, and shipping them both off to prison for 25 years.

Stranger things have happened.
Could Joe win the election?

He'd be much harder to beat than Hillary.