Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trump's Cabinet

In the wake of Mr Trump's designation of his future Attorney General -- Trey Gowdy, we'd like to review the most desirable appointments to key Cabinet posts, with our rationale

[Disclaimer: we have no control over whom Trump selects]

President Trump, on assuming the Presidency, following a landslide victory not seen since Reagan's massive win against Jimmy Carter in 1980.  The voters, this time, demanded CHANGE -- i.e., throw out the rascals in the Oval Office and all of Obama's appointees an Socialist generals, and hopefully, evict all the Congresspersons and Senators who have allowed Obama and his cabal to run roughshod over the US Constitution, our citizens and our nation.

Secretary of State:  
Jim Webb
1)  Marine officer, awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star [for Valor], Purple Heart
2)  Law degree from Georgetown University and Instructor at the US Naval Academy
3)  Assistant SecDef for Reserve Affairs; Secretary of the Navy
4)  US Senator [Va-D]
5)  Will provide Trump expert advice on Military and Diplomatic issues
6)  Understands both the House and the Senate and how to move legislation through.
7)  Will restructure the State Department to rid it of Left Wing radicals and select professionals for all key positions, and promote deserving career diplomats for ambassadorships.
8  The worst nightmare for the DNC/GOP cabal if they attempt to assassinate Trump [as they did with Reagan].  Webb would nail each conspirator to the wall and restructure both the DNC and the GOP.
9)  Will draw the votes of Democrats who are disgusted with Hillary or Bernie, as well as undecided Independent voters.

Secretary of Homeland Security: 
Rudy Giuliani
1)  A national hero who took the lead in the 9/11 crisis.  Knows his way around politics and can be counted on to remain Conservative in Economics and on Immigration issues.
2)  A backstop in the event the Establishment attempts to kill Trump as they did with Reagan; he won't hesitate to prosecute corrupt Congressional Representatives and Senators; look out Ryan, Boehner, McConnnell, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, et al.
3)  He took on the mob, neutralized them, and somehow, he's still alive!
4)  Will eliminate the useless bureaucracy of 250,000 employees, cut the budget to realistic levels, and demilitarize DHS and eliminate its anti-American posture and redirect towards the external threat.
5)  Will eliminate DHS role in escorting illegals into the US, and reorient them to focus on neutralizing the illegal threat from within.

Attorney General:  
Trey Gowdy
1)  Demonstrated his intensity and tenacity in pursuing the Benghazi Hearings; fought off Boehner and Congressional pressure to force him to drop the investigation which would have revealed GOP complicity in the Administration's scheme.
2)  Can be counted on to pursue Hillary Clinton and the Obama Communist cabal, to include the Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the US Government.
3) Will indict and prosecute corrupt Congressional Representatives and Senators
[Look out Boehner, Ryan, Pelosi, McConnell, Boxer, et al.]

Secretary of Defense:
Allen West
1)  Former Congressman from Florida [Armed Services Committee]
2)  Army private, rose to rank of Colonel; Military Commander, deployed to Iraq Iraq [Desert Shield/Desert Storm
3)  Political Commentator
4)  Will purge political flag rank officers and promote combat-experienced officers to the highest ranks.
6)  Will restructure the Military into a realistic command structure rather than the Soviet-style Obama Military
7)  George Will hates him

Secretary of Commerce:  
Darrell Issa
1) Congressman [CA-R] Benghazi Probe
2) US Army Explosives Ordnance Disposal Specialist
3) US Army officer, rated as "Unlimited Potential"
4) Businessman, bought and turned around a failing car alarm company; started up Quantum Electronics for car security, coordinate with car manufacturers, and built his company into a highly profitable company.
5) Introduced [passed] the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act making federal expenditures transparent.
6) Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
7) Expected to be very supportive of small business

Secretary of Treasury:  
Newt Gingrich

1) Former Speaker of the House [1995-1999], led US voters to oust Democrat Congressional Representatives based on their profligate spending supporting Clinton programs.
2) Co-authored the Contract With America to cut wasteful government spending and balanced the budget.
3)  Restructured Welfare under the Welfare Reform Act and overrode Clinton's vetoes.
     a) Gave state governments autonomy over Welfare Delivery
     b)  Reduced federal government role in Welfare
     c)  Placed time limits on welfare assistance
     d)  Created stricter conditions on food stamp eligibility, and restrictions on immigrant welfare
     e)  Created work requirements for all welfare recipients
4)  Passed the Taxpayer Relief Act [1997]  which reduced taxes on capital gains [spurring private investment [Democrats today give Clinton credit for this act, which Clinton opposed]
5)  Passed the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 which subjected Congress to the same laws that apply to businesses and American citizens in general.
6)  Knows all the ins and outs of Capitol Hill and how to bring all Parties and partisans together in the national interest.  Trump could not have a better political advisor.
7)  Knows how to handle Media attack dogs and the Establishment pressure mongers.
8)  Knows where all the skeletons are on Capitol Hill.
9)  Understands the role of the Presidency, and particularly the Budget Process for streamlining federal expenses.
10)  Fully understands how to reform the US budget process and limit the powers of the Fed.

Secretary of Health & Human Services:  
Ben Carson
1)  Presidential Candidate
2)  Noted neurosurgeon; director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins
3)  Yale grad
4)  Trusted Trump advisor
5)  Will likely revamp ObamaCare to eliminate unconstitutional aspects.
6)  Will likely streamline HHS to eliminate useless bureaucracy and trim budget

Secretary of Transportation:  
Tom Davis

1) Former Congressman [Va-R] [Moderate]
2) Chair: Republican Congressional Committee [1998 - 2002]
3) Chair: House Government Reform Committee [2003 - 2007]
4) Investigated George Soros for his attempts to buy Washington Nationals [baseball team]
[Soros retaliated by launching a scandal campaign against Davis]
5) Promoted the rapid development of Metro Rail in Northern Virginia
6) Investigated federal response to Hurricane Katrina highly critical of Bush Administration
7) Heavily involved in infrastructure development and renovation.

Secretary of the Interior:  
Sarah Palin
1) Former mayor, former governor of Alaska [the largest US state]
2) Took on Exxon and the other oil companies operating in Alaska and forced them to stop polluting and also toreturn some of the profits to the citizens, effectively eliminating the state income tax.
3) Will likely review oil company operations in the US to ensure environmental responsibility as well as safe transport.
4) Will restructure Bureau of Indian Affairs to honor treaties with the Indian nations and provide assistance as needed to Native Americans.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs:  
General James Mattis
1)  Military professional
2)  Understands the needs of Veterans
3)  Has no tolerance for corruption or useless bureaucracy
4)  Will likely fire the top tier of VA administrators, promote professionals from within, and appoint professionals from the Military retired ranks.

Commissioner: Customs and Border Protection: 
Joe Arpaio
1) Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ since 1993
    a) Led the challenger against Illegal Immigration
    b) Brought law enforcement to a new level of effectiveness in
         his jurisdiction
    c) Developed a highly effective and admired prisoner
        incarceration program
    d) Under constant attack by the Obama Administration
        due to Arpaio's national popularity in law enforcement
2)  Expected to renew and solidify border enforcement and to back Border Patrol Police monitoring the whereabouts and activities of illegals in the US.

We will designate potential candidates for other Cabinet [and supporting posistions] as they emerge.  
We removed:
a)  Paul Ryan as a candidate for the Secretary of the Treasury after watching him bow and scrape to Obama and turn against US citizenry by promoting legislation which would increase taxes and government spending for worthless government programs.
b) David Petraeous as Secretary of State given his appearance as a key new player in the Bilderberg conference, indicating that he has sold out to the New World Order.

b) We added Newt Gingrich as Secretary of Treasury based on his accomplishment as Speaker of the House in balancing the budget and creating welfare reform.

c) We removed Condoleeza Rice as a nominee for Secretary of State as it appears she has sold out to The Establishment, being one of the "50 National Security Experts" who condemned Trump.  She's in bad company there since most can easily be labeled as "other than experts" based on their hand-in-glove and very profitable relationships with Establishment elements, 

Feel free to recommend.