Thursday, May 19, 2016

Obama's Illegals Army

We'll be Obama's Army and we'll blow your white asses away!

President Obama's program, with GOP complicity, has been to allow illegal aliens to enter the US Military under a provision which creates "backdoor amnesty" to DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals].  Translated, that means DOD enlisting the "children" [mostly of Military age] we've seen streaming into the US under the auspices of DHS bus transportation to "FEMA Camps" guarded by US Marshals and credentialed and paid via after-hours Social Security office visits.

Now, normally, we'd think our Conservatives in Congress and the Senate would block such a huge gap in Military security, which would give illegals access to not only military weaponry and equipment, but also fully authorized uniformed status and rank which would enable them to direct Military action [e.g., firing upon] against US citizens the Government deems "... pose a potential threat" to the country.  Notably, in that status, they would be privy to the intelligence on US citizenry gathered by NSA -- stored and accessible now to DHS, and also to local law enforcement as well as the military.

Vets Had guns in Combat!
You'll recall that DHS has already declared our combat Vets "potential terrorists", it's certainly not a stretch to recall the litmus test a while back for the selection of general officers which included their agreement to
"... fire on US citizens, if ordered".

Our illegals in uniform most certainly would not hesitate to fire on US citizens, if ordered, since many of them have already engaged in violent assaults on, and murder of US citizens.  Give them an Army uniform and an M-16, and full authority, and they'll be more than happy to round up civilians and execute them.

North Korean Executions
Sound extreme?

For those of you who have browsed the history of Socialist and Communist countries [e.g., Cambodia, China, Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.] there are ample examples of precisely that type of government abuse.

Would I screw over US Soldiers?
So, how is this happening.

1)  We're electing corrupt Left Wing politicians to office without regard to their credentials; these include both Democrats AND Republicans [RINOs (Republican In Name Only).

2)  We are not questioning the actions of these turn-coats, or holding them accountable for their unconstitutional behavior [notably, Senator Cruz and House Speaker Ryan].

The methodology for this particular episode:

1)  Under the language of the NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act], a comprehensive Defense budget scheme funding everything from bullets to the transfers of weapons and equipment to DHS and local sheriffs, there is a provision now which authorizes the integration of illegal aliens into the US Military via the DACA.

Representative Paul Gosar
2)  Representative Paul Gosar [R-AZ] initiated an Amendment which would have blocked illegal aliens from enlisting in the US Military, and would have allowed only aliens LAWFULLY in the US, who had entered LEGALLY, to enlist, and whose "enlistment would serve the National Interest".
     a)  In 2015, the House Armed Services Committee approved a provision requiring the Pentagon to review the enlistment DACA illegals in the US Military.
     b)  Representative Mo Brooks [R-AL] won approval in the House to eliminate that provision.

So I cut your pay and benefits;
don't get huffy!

3) Gosar's Amendment this year was removed in "mark-up" [editing] by Speaker Paul Ryan and replaced by a "compromise" Amendment by Representatives Mac Thornberry [R-TX] and Ruben Gallego [D-AZ] that ENCOURAGES the Secretary of Defense to enlist DACA recipients into the Military.

4)  Speaker Ryan then placed the Thornberry-Gallego Amendment up for a VOICE VOTE, and was approved.

5) Reportedly, the House Rules Committee killed the Gosar Amendment;

We've listed, below, the Representatives responsible for the embrace of illegals
[notably, all were Republicans:

a) Pete Sessions          [TX-R]
b) Virginia Fox          [NC-R]
c) Tom Cole                [OK-R]
d) Rob Woodall          [GA-R]
e) Steve Stivers           [OH-R]
f) Doug Collins           [GA-R]
g) Bradley Byrne        [AL-R]
h) Dan Newhouse       [WA-R]
i)  Paul Ryan               [WI-R]   House Speaker
j)  Kevin McCarthy   [CA-R]   Majority Leader
k) Steve Scalise          [LA-R]   Majority Whip
l)  Cathy Rodgers      [WA-R]  Conference Chair

6) The backdoor process to integrating illegals into the US Military comes under the Obama program called Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest [MAVNI], which ostensibly opens a path for "immigrants with critical language and/or medical skills" to serve in the US Military.

Gosar pointed out that there was no provision for screening these immigrants, thus there was no barrier to illegals -- creating a serious security vulnerability in the process.
Representative Gosar's plea to the House Rules Committee to allow a Floor Vote on his Amendment was tabled by Chairman Pete Sessions [TX-R].
Gosar commented:

"It's time that we stop playing politics with the Defense Authorization
and ensure that a provision meant to allow military readiness isn't 
hijackedin order to provide backdoor amnesty to DACA aliens. 

"Sadly, open border advocates have once again put politics ahead
 of the needs of our men and women in uniform in attempting
 to enact President Obama's lawless immigration agenda." 

"There is no labor shortage and we are in the midst of eliminating 
160,000 uniformed personnel positions over a nine-year stretch.  
Given this fact, it is wrong for the Obama Administration to prioritize 
enlisting illegal immigrants over Americans and legal immigrants 
that want to serve our nation."

There is something inherently wrong with this picture.
We could rationalize all this if the culprits were Godless Democrats leading us to perdition.

But, these are REPUBLICANS, damn it!
Republicans we voted into office to counteract Obama's destruction of our Military, of our Constitution, of our NATION!

Who ARE these people!
We don't recognize them as Republicans, Democrats or any type of representation.
These politicians don't represent us; they are protecting The Establishment which seems intent on the destruction of the United States of America.

We cannot fathom why!

Replace them at the polls this November!